Pressure washing is a sub-market in the cleaning industry that’s packed with opportunities since there are so many services you can provide with a pressure washer. You could clean side walks, drive ways, semi-trucks, cars, houses, and windows to name a few. Americans spend an average of six hours a week cleaning their homes, but not everyone has the time to do this work themselves. 

According to a 2015 report, it was estimated that the cleaning industry had about 875,000 businesses, employing some 3.5 million people in the United States alone. This makes the pressure washing industry a safe and dependable business idea that you can build and grow for the longterm. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to promote a pressure washing business, look no further. These marketing slogans and captions perfect way to promote this cleaning service through social media or direct mail advertising.

Pressure washer for deep cleaning of buildings.

Pressure Washing Company Marketing Slogans

  • Leave The Stains And Dust To Us.
  • Wash The Dirty Things Away!
  • We Offer Only The Best Pressure Washer In Town!
  • Experience A Cleaner Home Environment With Our Pressure Washer.
  • We Make Everything Clean Around You.
  • Our Goal Is Your Comfort.
  • We Are The Pressure Washer Experts.
  • Make Your Surroundings Squeaky Clean.
  • Healthy Life Comes From A Healthy And Clean Environment.
  • Remove Stain And Dust With Our Pressure Washer
  • For A Better, Much Cleaner Space.
  • Only The Excellent Pressure Washer.
  • The Expert In Dirt Removing.
  • Our Goal Is Your Satisfaction.
  • Better Technology Pressure Washer.
  • Use Pressure Washer For Your Dirt And Stain Problems.
  • Pressure Washer For Extreme Cleaning.
  • The Better, No-Hassle Way Of Cleaning.

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  • Live A Cleaner, Healthier Life.
  • Only The Best Pressure Washers.
  • The Master In Eliminating Dirt.
  • Low Price, Better Quality Pressure Washers.
  • We Clean Better Under Pressure.
  • Pressure Washing To Clean Your Mess.
  • We Provide Only Excellent Pressure Washers.
  • Only The Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers.
  • Quality Is Everything.
  • Enjoy A Much Cleaner And Healthier Life With Our Pressure Washers.
  • Clean Space, Healthier Life.
  • To Keep Your Space Neat And Clean.
  • Got Dirt? Try Our Pressure Washers.
  • Better Lose The Mop.
  • Our Goal Is Spotless Cleaning.

Pressure Washing Captions for Instagram and Social Media

Make your gardens extra clean.

  • This cleaning tool helps remove ugly stains, mold, mildew, dust and other kinds of elements built up onto the side of your home or business.
  • Cleaning never looked so satisfying!
  • Pressure washing is fun and very easy to use!
  • Check out this cool and easy way of cleaning!
  • Pressure washing your driveway, siding, and decks will keep your house looking amazing, and ready to host your next group gathering!
  • Pressure washing is so sickly satisfying.
  • Mold, dirt, mildew, algae? It doesn’t matter how dirty it is, we can make it squeaky clean!
  • Anyone needs their driveway or deck cleaned?
  • We can bring an old deck back to life. All you need is a pressure washer.
  • There is something uniquely satisfying about using a pressure washer.
  • Amazing what a little pressure washing will do.
  • Pressure washing—making the most of your cleaning potential.
  • We make sure to leave no stains.
  • Get it done fast with our pressure washer!
  • Is your home appearing dull due to dirt? Make it vanish! Give us a call today if you are interested in having your house looking extra clean.
  • Pressure washing—the most efficient way to clean the outside of your home.
  • The pressure washing company with the right cleaning equipment to restore the beauty of your own home.
  • Pressure washing is an excellent method for cleaning soiled, unclean surfaces.
  • Make your surroundings better through our pressure washing services.
  • We are the cleaning experts—leave stains and dust to us.
  • The grime will disappear before you!
  • Pressure washing is an effective strategy to restore your wood deck or fence.

Pressure Washing Hashtags

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  • #PowerWashing 
  • #PowerWashingServices
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  • #PowerWashingBusiness
  • #Cleaning 
  • #CleaningServices
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  • #CleaningTips 
  • #CleaningTools
  • #CleaningProducts

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  • #CleaningEquipment
  • #SatisfyingCleaning 
  • #HomeInvestment
  • #HomeImprovement 
  • #ProfessionalCleaning
  • #ProCleaning
  • #CleaningMotivations 
  • #CleaningVideos 
  • #AmazingCleaning 
  • #BeforeAndAfter
  • #HowToCleanDriveway
  • #DrivewayCleaning 
  • #Housekeeping 
  • #AmazingClean
  • #SatisfyinglyClean
  • #HomeCleaning
  • #MomsCleaning
  • #CleanWithEase
  • #HeavyDutyCleaning
  • #HeavyDutyWashing
  • #TilesCleaning
  • #CleaningTransformation 
  • #OfficePressureWashing
  • #ResidentialPressureWashing
  • #CleanHome
  • #HealthyHome
  • #CleanHomeHappyHome
  • #BestPressureWasher
  • #BestPowerWasher
  • #HighQualityPressureWasher
  • #HighQualityPowerWasher
  • #SuperClean
  • #SqueakyClean
  • #PathCleaning
  • #TrustTheCleaningProcess

Pressure Washing Quotes

  • “Depending on where you live and what surrounds your home, mold and mildew can settle in and on the surfaces outside your home. Mold and mildew are a common irritant for those who suffer from asthma and allergies, so being sure to pressure wash at least twice a year can be beneficial to easing some of those pain points.” — Brooke Cribbs

“Routinely pressure washing your home prevents the build up of things like mold, mildew, and dirt. If left on the surface of your home, over time this grime can cause your home’s building materials to deteriorate and need to be replaced instead of just repaired. Routine maintenance is key to keeping your home in tip-top shape.” — Brooke Cribbs

  • “Prior to the renovation of any exterior elements, you’ll want to pressure wash to save yourself a headache later on. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but if you read the labels on paint cans, sealant tubes, or bottles of stain, they’ll all tell you that a clean surface is necessary before application.” — AAAWINDOW Cleaning
  • “Prevent the growth of destructive mold, mildew, moss, and algae that can cause repair issues down the line. As you can see from this video, a pressure washer can easily erase mold that has grown onto the side of your home or business. Since pressure washing is such an easy solution, there’s no need for you to live with the damage and dinginess these kinds of growths can inflict on your house.” — AAAWINDOW Cleaning
  • “Siding, brick, and driveways aren’t the only areas that can benefit from a good power wash. Your patio or deck, any concrete surface, and even your outdoor furniture can profit from this spring cleaning task. You’ll think you have a brand new porch once the task is completed.” — AAAWINDOW Cleaning
  • “Ugly stains, mold, mildew, dust and other kinds of elements can take away the spectacular appeal of your property. Pressure washing helps you to restore this beauty by reaching those far-fetched areas and taking out any type of dirt present. With pressure washing, your property’s exterior, driveway, and parking will be as good as new; impressing your guests and clients alike.” — Griffs Services 

“When dirt, dust, mold, algae, and allergen materials accumulate in certain areas of your property, they will not only affect your property’s appearance, but also your family or employee’s health. You will notice that your property’s occupants will cough and sneeze more often, have watery eyes, or complain about other types of allergies that are often a result of these materials. Pressure washing helps you to keep your occupants safe in an easy and inexpensive way, and employee productivity can be on the rise simply by having a comfortable and healthy working environment.” — Griffs Services 

  • “A pressure washer doesn’t require the use of harmful cleaning substances. The chemicals in some cleaning solutions are harsh on the environment, humans, and pets. But pressure washing doesn’t release any harmful substances into the atmosphere.” — Architecture Ideas 
  • “Starting a pressure washing business or a cleaning company, in general, can almost never go wrong. It doesn’t require lengthy learning or certification, the upfront entry costs for equipment, gear and payroll are relatively low. The operational costs to run this kind of business are also low making it easier to turn a profit in a short amount of time.” — Denis Yankovsky

Funny Pressure Washing Slogans

Spot the dirty and clean part.

  • Another One Bites The Dust. 
  • Chill. We Won’t Make A Mess! 
  • We Are More Than Just A  Water Gun.
  • Your Dirt, Our Business. 
  • No Pressure Pressure Washing Service On The Go 
  • We Are Here In Case You Give Up On Cleaning Your Home Exterior.
  • Pressure Washer Is Every Woman’s Dream…After A Self-Cleaning House.

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  • Keep Calm. The Pressure Washing Service Is Here.
  • We Are The Grime Reaper.
  • We Are On A War With Grime!
  • The Cleaning You Had Never Imagined Before.
  • So Much Grim In The Grime.
  • You Know What Would Make House Cleaning Way More Fun? A Pressure Washer.
  • Life Is Too Short Not To Get Pressure Washing Services.
  • You Never Know What You Want Until…You See A Pressure Washer.

Pressure Washing Tagline

Cleaner roof, better home.

  • Pressure Washer With Highest Quality Results.
  • Pressure Wash With Us!
  • The Must-Have Pressure Washer.
  • The Faster, Easier Way Of Cleaning.
  • Cleaning Done Faster.
  • Pressure Washing, Spotless Way Of Cleaning.
  • Pressure Washing To The Rescue.
  • Deep Cleaning On The Go
  • The Satisfying Cleaning Process.
  • The Satisfying Way Of Cleaning.
  • Trust Only The Best In Pressure Washing.
  • High-Quality Pressure Washer.
  • Maximizing Your Cleaning Potential.
  • The Power To Maximize Your Cleaning Potential.
  • There’s Nothing You Can’t Clean With A Pressure Washer.

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  • Your Favorite Cleaning Tool.
  • Amazing What A Little Pressure Washing Can Do.
  • All You Need Is A Pressure Washer.
  • The Smartest Way To Clean The Grime.
  • We Provide The Best Pressure Washing Services In Town.
  • Excellent Value And Excellent Quality Pressure Washers.
  • Fantastic Value For Money.
  • Pressure Washing Comes To The Rescue.
  • The Most Effective Cleaning Method.
  • The Pleasurable Way Of Cleaning.
  • The Most Trusted Pressure Washing Services.
  • Rely On Us In Cleaning.
  • Cleaning Services That Produce High-Quality Results.
  • The Must-Have Cleaning Equipment.
  • No Hassle Cleaning Equipment.
  • Cleaning Made Faster and Easier.
  • Squeaky-Clean Method Of Cleaning.
  • Spotless Method Of Cleaning.
  • Pressure Washer That Leaves No Stains.
  • Trust The Cleaning Process.
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Cleaning.
  • Making the Most of Your Cleaning Potential
  • There Is Nothing That A Pressure Washer Cannot Clean.
  • The Most Preferred Cleaning Equipment.
  • The Pressure Washing Expert.

The cleaning industry is experiencing above-average growth of 10% in the US. Cleaning services are not a luxury any longer and are frequently used by middle-income folks. As a result, I believe pressure washing services will continue seeing high demand. If managed properly, the pressure cleaning business can provide a steady stream revenue by building a trusted name in your community.

When looking for a profitable service business idea, it’s important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Pressure cleaning is a smart option due to proven demand, low-cost to get started, and the potential for you to make good money beyond $100,000 in revenue per year. Pressure washing or power washing uses high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. There’s no shortage of cleaning opportunities if you own a pressure washer.  

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