The home repair industry is a whopping $407 billion dollar industry. You can grab your slice of that massive market by opening up a small home repair or handyman business in your hometown. Even for basic repairs, home renovation projects will be north of $1,000 for consumers. And with people spending more time at home than ever before, you’re in the right place at the right time.

A home repair service business involves correctly diagnosing and fixing problems around the home. And while some simpler jobs can be completed DIY with some help from YouTube, there are plenty of jobs that require professionals. Full kitchen remodel, plumbing, installation of blinds or shutters, electrical work, air-conditioning or heating system repair are a few that come to mind.

As a home owner myself, if you’ve ever tried to schedule one of these service businesses to come over you know how busy they are. It can take weeks to visit your home and give you an estimate for a kitchen remodel. This is the sign of a business that isn’t struggling to find customers.

So if you are thinking of starting out on your own as a professional home repair service or handyman business, take a look at our business name ideas that will have you looking like a pro.

Home Repair

Professional Home Repair Business Name Ideas

Whether you are a team offering professional home repair or solo handyman, you can’t go wrong with a business name that express reliability and professionalism. These names can help you to give your service business a solid foundation from a branding perspective.

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  • A Plus Home Repair
  • A to Z Handyman
  • A1 Home Maintenance
  • AAA Repairs
  • Accent Home Repair
  • All Home Repair
  • All Pro Fix It
  • All Seasons Professional Home Services
  • All Service Home Repair
  • All Type Home Improvement
  • Awesome Home Repair
  • Big Crew Maintenance
  • Boise Home Solutions
  • Boston Home Management
  • Credible Construction
  • Enigma Repair Company
  • E-Square Home Services
  • Evolution Home Repair
  • Foundation Repair
  • Golden Home Repair
  • Harmony Improvements
  • Home Helpers
  • Home Repairman
  • Home Work Remodeling
  • HomeFix
  • Homeline, Inc.
  • Homeowner Helpers
  • Kalamazoo Home Repair
  • Madison Home Fixers
  • Magic City Home Improvement
  • Minnesota Real Estate Repair
  • Power Pro Handyman
  • Pro Home Repair
  • Property Maintenance Experts
  • Quality Improvements
  • Relax and Repair
  • Reliable Home Servics
  • Seamless Home
  • Smart Home Maintenance
  • The Repairmen
  • To-Do List Handyman
  • Trusted Fixers
  • UpKeep Home Maintenance
  • USA Homes

Funny Home Repair Business Name Ideas

Logo for a home repair company.

A lighthearted name can also work for a small home repair business. There are plenty of plumbers and handymen that use this approach and it works well in the industry. Being a little clever with your name can also make your business more memorable.

  • A Fair Fix
  • A Guy, A Toolbox & A Truck
  • Applied Appliance
  • Bathroom Buddy
  • Chicks that Fix
  • Consider It Done Home Repair
  • Dudes that Fix
  • Fix Fixation
  • Fix it Fast
  • Fix it Friends
  • Fixed on Service
  • Fixit Solutions
  • Found and Fixed
  • Friendly Fix Its
  • Friendly Fixers
  • Full House Repair
  • Get Your Fix
  • Handy Dandy’s Home Repairs
  • Handy Home Repair
  • Home Sweet Home Repairs
  • Honey Do Home Repair
  • Laying Pipe
  • Mr. Fixit
  • Mr. Repair
  • Quick Fix
  • Rap’s Repairs
  • Regal Repairs
  • RePair Team
  • Repairs on the Run
  • Repairs4U
  • Spare Husband Mobile Repair
  • That Repair Place
  • The Fixician
  • The Home Hero
  • The Pipe Pros
  • The Repair People
  • Wallet Friendly Fixers
  • We Repair
  • We Repair it All
  • We’ll Fix Anything Co.

Professional Handyman Business Name Ideas

Plumbing requires years of training.

A handyman is a home repair professional that can do almost any minor repair and renovation job around the home. But identifying a specialty area of focus can help you attract the most lucrative home projects. You could specialize in kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, or even garage doors. So while it can be tempting to become a jack of all trades handyman that accepts any job, consider focusing on a single area of specialty as your business grows.

  • #1 Handyman Co.
  • 1st Service Handyman
  • 24/7 Handyman Services
  • AAA Handyman Services
  • Absolute Handymen
  • All American Handyman
  • Bob The Handyman
  • Boldman Services
  • Call Me Handyman
  • Copper Creek Handyman
  • DNA Handyman
  • Everlast Handyman Services
  • Extra Hand Handyman
  • Gold Star Handyman
  • Handy Dan
  • Handy Pro Handyman Service
  • Handyman 4 Hire
  • Handyman Connection
  • Handyman Experts
  • Handyman Matters
  • Handyman Network
  • Handyman Perfection
  • Handyman Pro
  • Handyman Pro-Services
  • Handyman Service Professional
  • Handyman Services
  • Handymen Services
  • HandyPro Home Services
  • High End Handyman Services
  • Home Fixology
  • Home Task Handyman Services
  • House Doctors Handyman Services
  • Maintenance Made Simple
  • Mr Fix All
  • Mr Handyman
  • Overhaul Handyman
  • Perfectionist Handyman
  • Project Handyman
  • Punchlist Handyman
  • The Golden Hammer
  • The Honey-Do Service
  • The Project Perfectors
  • The Trusty Wrench
  • Toolbox Handyman Services
  • Tri-county Handyman Service
  • Welcome Home Handyman
  • Your Handyman

Funny Handyman Name Ideas

Wrenches up!

A name that is a little more funny or pun-based, can be easier to remember. These suggestions offer a twist of humor for a handyman business.

  • Andy On Call
  • Builder Bob Handyman Services
  • Dandy Andy Handyman
  • Dr. House Handy
  • Fix-It Professor
  • Handy Andy
  • Handyman From Mars
  • Handyman From Olympus
  • Handyman Harry
  • Man with a Hammmer
  • Mr Handy Hands
  • Mr. Fix-it
  • Mr. Handyman
  • Odd Job Bob
  • One Man & A Toolbox
  • Real Handy
  • Rob the handyman
  • S.O.S Handyman Services
  • The Handy Bee
  • The House Dr.
  • The Man with a Plan
  • The White Van Handyman
  • Yellow Van Handyman

Handy Woman Name Ideas

A handy woman in overalls.

The term handyman is sexist. After all, can’t women be just as handy with a wrench or hammer? Using this approach in your marketing can help you stand out as well. For example, women would be more inclined if the handy-person was female. Check out our name ideas for this business below.

  • 1st Service Handy Woman
  • Budget Handy Woman
  • Call me the Handy Woman
  • Dr. Handywoman
  • Dream Home Handywoman
  • Fix Home Handy Woman
  • Fixin’ To Do
  • Fix-It Handy Woman
  • Floorboards to Lightbulbs Handywoman
  • Hands-On Handy Woman
  • Handywoman Connection
  • Handywoman Construction
  • Handywoman Home Repair
  • Handywoman Matters
  • Harmony Handywoman
  • Honey-Do Handywoman
  • House Hero Handywoman
  • In the Dust Handygirl Service
  • Just Right Home Handywoman
  • Kalamazoo Handywomen
  • Miss Fix It
  • Miss Handy
  • Miss Right Contractor
  • Mrs. Fix-all
  • Nailed It! Handy Woman Services
  • Perfectionist Handy Woman
  • Side Project Handy Woman Service
  • Small-Job Sarah
  • Stay Afloat Handylass Service
  • The Fixician Handywoman
  • The Perfection Connection
  • The Project Doc
  • Toolkit Tessa
  • We Can Do It Home Repair

Jack of All Trades Business Names

Can you do everything?

While home repairs specialize in house repair and renovation, a handyman (or woman) can do basic all-purpose home repairs and renovations. The Jack of All Trade’s person can do just about any job around the home or garden, and complete a broad range of tasks around the home.

  • 1st Home & Commercial Services
  • A-1 Home Repair
  • AAA Home Service
  • Absolute Value Home Repair
  • ACS Home Services
  • After-Hours Handyman Service
  • Any Job Handyman Co.
  • Anything Around the House
  • At Your Service Repairs
  • Build-a-Dream Handyman
  • Craft Work Home Remodeling
  • Dirty Jobs Handyman
  • Easyfix Services
  • Final Fix Mobile Shop
  • Handy Shack
  • Handyman Taskforce
  • Her Hammer Handywoman Services
  • Home Crew
  • Home Repair Specialist
  • Maintenance Chef
  • Metal box repairs
  • Mr. Fix-All
  • New Front Home Repair
  • New Looks Home Improvement
  • No Job Too Small Handyman Services
  • Nordic Services
  • One Call Fix All.
  • Professional Home Repair
  • Repairs by Women
  • She-pair Services
  • That’s What She Fixed
  • The Capable Handywoman
  • The Handy Crew
  • The Handywoman Agency
  • The I-Can Handyman
  • The Reliable Repair Service
  • The Repair Ladies
  • The Uptown Handywoman
  • We Fix Anything in the Home
  • Your Trusted Handywoman

Catchy Handyman Slogans

Handyman slogans.

Slogans and jingles are time tested ways to advertising your business. If you do it right, they can be even more memorable than your business name. Here are a few awesome slogans ideas for your home service business marketing assets.

  • Any job, any size, consider it done!
  • Available for handyman services
  • Building relationships one house at a time.
  • For speedy repairs
  • From attics to basements, and everything in between.
  • Half the price twice the deal!
  • Home repairs handled with care
  • Pay less for the best service
  • Quality repair, fair pricing.
  • Taking care of all your home’s needs.
  • The best handyman around
  • The best services for the best customers
  • The handyman that makes your life simple
  • The handyman you can count on
  • The quality you expect, the service you deserve!
  • We bring new life to broken things.
  • We exceed your expectations
  • We fix things around your house so you don’t have to.
  • We repair what your husband fixed.
  • We’ll Screw it up for you
  • Where nothing is impossible
  • Where reputation matters.
  • Why fix it yourself? Leave it to the pros.
  • Your local handyman
  • Your satisfaction is our goal
  • Your trusted handyman


Frequently asked questions about starting a home repair business.

Tips to Name a Handyman Business

One of the best ways to give your handyman business a great name is to actually use the word “handyman” in the name itself. This makes sure people know exactly what you can offer before they even ask. Having a clear name that explains your service is half the battle.

Using your own name can work too. People often prefer a personal touch when it comes to their home. By using your name you can demonstrate that you really care and are willing to put your name behind the work.

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Don’t forget to consider the names of other handyman businesses in your area too. Steer clear of a name that is too similar and could confuse customers. Do a little research in the phone book and online to find the names of your competitors. Any idea that is too similar to an existing business can be crossed off the list.

Ideally, the name should be short and memorable, easy to pronounce, flexible in case of expansion into related services (such as air-conditioning repair). The name and business tagline should help demonstrate confidence among potential customers.

Should You Include Your Personal Name for a Home Repair Service?

Generally speaking, personal names are commonly used in the home repair industry. Feel free to include your first or last name in the business. Examples of this approach include Pat’s Home Repair, Steve’s Handy Dandy Service, and Bobby Joe’s Residential Water Treatment.

Should You Be a Jack of All Trades or Specialize?

Being a jack of all trades does mean that you can cover all the aspects of home repairs and other jobs around the house that the owners don’t want to tackle. If you have a broad skillset, being a jack of all trades can be beneficial in the early stages of a startup business. If you’re looking for a little work on the weekends to supplement an existing income, an all-purpose handyman side-hustle is a perfectly find way to get started. You’ll begin learning a lot about working with customers and what it’s really like to operate this type of home service business.

Keep in mind thought that specialization in a certain field means typically means bigger jobs and a better reputation for craftsmanship. In many areas of home repair, you can specialize in one task and build a terrific business. One example of a task you could complete is blind and shutter installation for residential windows.

It took more than a week to schedule a consultation at my home for blinds and shutters. One quote came in at over $12,000 to install blinds and shades in my four bedroom house. When the installation experts came to my home, it took them about two hours to get everything installed and looking good. Even if the company paid 50% of the total price to the blind manufacturer, they would still walk away with about $6,000 net profit. This is for about 4 hours of total work between the sales process and installation. I see the same company in my neighborhood almost every week.

Just think about how much net income you could generate monthly with this business if you were only able to service one customer per day in your market? You’d be able to live comfortably pretty much anywhere you want. And after you’ve completed a few home installations, the process of working with customers would be extremely routine.

But there are all sorts of home service businesses like this. Overall, it depends on the type of business you’d like to build and the customer base of your local demographic. If you are going to be looking at working with larger companies, then being a specialist is a much better option. But if you are inclined towards the personal home repair market, then being a jack of all trades can certainly work too.

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