The self-storage industry is valued at $39 billion dollars a year in the United States with more than 45,000 facilities across the country. This statistic is even more surprising when you stop to realize these companies are not complex to operate or particularly innovative compared to other parts of the rental market. In many cases, you’re taking care of other people’s junk or toys like RVs.

Storage facilities are a great business to get into, and whether you decide to open managed or self storage, both are an appealing business opportunity for any startup business. Self-storage may be easier in terms of management and can be even more profitable when paired with basic technology to help manage storage sites. According to this report, around 92% of startup storage businesses in the United States succeed. Those are pretty good odds!

There are a number of types of storage facilities, from large furniture storage to small locker-type businesses where people can store more personal goods in a secure and low-cost location. Our lists of potential business name ideas are listed below to help inspire your storage startup brand.

Furniture Storage Company Name Ideas

Self storage facility.

For those moving into a new house, relocating, or a family member who needs furniture from their estate stored for an extended period, furniture storage is a niche service that can work. This specialty requires larger-scale units to contain the furniture items like beds, sofas, chairs, and more. Here you can find some of the best names available for your own furniture storage business.

  • A Budget Storage
  • AironPlex Storage Centers
  • All Inside Storage
  • AZ Storage 4 U
  • Burnet Road Storage
  • Callbox Storage
  • ContainIt Storage
  • Estate Planning Storage Co.
  • Tables and Chairs Storage Group
  • Cube Smart Storage
  • Depot Storage
  • Epic Space Storage
  • Finexpress Storage
  • Finosure Storage
  • Fintitle Storage
  • FirstTrust Storage
  • The Chair Storeroom
  • Grand Warehouse
  • The Furniture Storehouse
  • HappyHands Storage
  • Hide Away Storage
  • Hybron Storage
  • Iron Mountain
  • Just For U Storage
  • Life Storage
  • Lock & Leave Storage
  • Metro Storage
  • Midway Storage
  • Morningstar Storage
  • MY Storage Inc.
  • Neighborhood Storage
  • NorthPark Storage Co.
  • OpenBrook Storage
  • Pioneer Van and Storage Co.
  • Premier Storage Condos
  • Prestige Storage
  • ProFirst Storage
  • Right Space Storage
  • Bubba’s Storage Co.
  • Safe Haven Storage
  • Safe T Storage
  • SafeRest Storage Centers
  • Sofia Storage Centers
  • SouthEast Storage
  • Kitchen Storage Center
  • Stallion Storage Plus
  • Star Storage Containers
  • Steel Ace Storage Bins
  • Storage Etc.
  • Stockroom Mart
  • Storage One Inc.
  • Storage Sheds
  • Storage West
  • Storage Zone Storage
  • The Lock Up Storage
  • Trust Wish Storage
  • TurboTex Storage Co.
  • Vortex Storage

Cold Storage Company Name Ideas

Cold storage facility.

Cold storage or refrigerated warehousing is essential for the $291 billion frozen food business in the United States. Think about it. All those frozen foods like ice cream and pizzas need a place to be temporarily stored in a subzero environment before they arrive at grocery stores. Opening a cold storage business can be a profitable venture as there are always options for storing frozen consumables for local businesses. Of course the startup costs and complexity to operate will also be higher than operating a self-storage business.

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  • AblePrime Cold Storage
  • Ameuno Cold Storage
  • Assex Storage
  • Assure Cold Storage
  • Astral Cold Storage
  • Astro Cold Storage
  • Atlas Cold Storage
  • The Freezer Isle
  • BetterWay Cold Storage
  • BlueSky Storage
  • Grocer’s Friend
  • Butcher Storage Group
  • Meat Man Storage Group
  • Cold Center Cold Storage
  • ColdSense Storage
  • Dependa Cold Storage
  • Ennex Cold Storage
  • Expert Cold Storage Co.
  • FinenPro Cold Storage
  • FinoCity Cold Storage
  • Forthright Cold Storage
  • FundoTrack Cold Storage
  • Grande Lock Cold Storage
  • LoanForce Cold Storage
  • LoanZone Cold Storage
  • McQueen Cold Storage
  • MiddleTrust Cold Storage
  • RapidSafe Cold Storage
  • SafePixel Cold Storage
  • SafePro Cold Storage
  • Safevision Cold Storage
  • SafeZest Cold Storage
  • Standard Storage
  • TrueWave Cold Storage
  • TruMorg Cold Storage
  • Watchdog Cold Storage
  • Zest Cold Storage

Self Storage Name Ideas

Self-storage is where it’s at from an operation standpoint.

Self-storage is one of the most profitable of all the storage businesses as it requires less overheads in terms of management. More often than not a single employee can manage a location. Since the units are open for access by the tenants there isn’t a whole lot of service you need to provide. These are the best self-storage business names we could come up with.

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  • AAA Self Storage
  • Access Self Storage
  • Border Self Storage
  • Bracket Self Storage
  • Casitas Self Storage
  • Community Self Storage
  • Compass Self Storage
  • Cool Box Self Storage
  • Devon Self Storage
  • Discount Self Storage
  • Dollar Self Storage
  • Econo Self Storage
  • Economy Self Storage
  • Embero Self Storage Centers
  • Entrusted Self Storage
  • Fillmore Self Storage
  • Freedom Self Storage
  • Lone Star Self Storage
  • Magma Self Storage
  • Motivva Self Storage
  • Move It Self Storage
  • National Self Storage
  • OpenSite Self Storage
  • Paradigm Self Storage
  • Pro Guard Self Storage
  • SecuCare Self Storage
  • Self Storage World
  • Simply Self Storage
  • SmartStop Self Storage
  • SoCal Self Storage
  • South Shore Self Storage
  • Spacevelt Self Storage Plsce
  • Star Quest Self Storage
  • StorAmerica Self Storage
  • Store It All Self Storage
  • Store Right Self Storage
  • Storlot Self Storage Centers
  • StorQuest Self Storage
  • Stronghold Self Storage
  • SureEazy Self Storage
  • Tiger Self Storage
  • TitanPark Self Storage
  • Trustline SelfStorage
  • TwinOaks Self Storage
  • Uncle Bob’s Self Storage
  • Ventu Park Self Storage

Mobile Storage Name Ideas

A mobile storage container.

Similar to self-storage, mobile storage units are rented out to tenants, but are taken to the tenant’s location for storage on their own site. This is an interesting business opportunity because you won’t need to own or rent a large lot for storage in a good location. These businesses can be less costly to run since the storage is rented out to the tenant on their own property.

  • 190 Lot Mobile Storage
  • 247 Outside Storage
  • AnchorWave Mobile Storage
  • The Container Storage Co.
  • Big O Moving Storage
  • Bosses Den Mobile Storage
  • Cepell Mobile Storage Co.
  • Dream Mobile Storage
  • Emberro Mobile Storage
  • Feddox Mobile Storage
  • Genext Mobile Storage Co.
  • Lock and Unload Storage
  • Lot4Storage
  • Mobile Storage Co.
  • Mobile Storage Works
  • One Ninety Mobile Storage
  • Outdoor Travel Mobile Storage
  • Outdoors Storage Company
  • Outer Space Mobile Storage
  • ParkaLots Mobile Storage
  • Rent a Relief Mobile Storage
  • Revrest Mobile Storage Facilities
  • Royal Crypt Mobile Storage
  • SafeStreet Safe Storage
  • SafeTrust Storage
  • Secured Outdoor Mobile Storage
  • Security Recreational Mobile Storage
  • Sensoflex Mobile Storage
  • Skybox Storage Centers
  • Spexxa Mobile Storage Co.
  • Steelbyte Mobile Storage Co.
  • Storage Safety Hub
  • StorageShore
  • StowKnow Mobile Storage
  • Trustkey Storage
  • Upward Mobile Storage
  • Vroom Gate Mobile Storage
  • Waysafe Outdoor Storage

Top Storage Company Names

Big players in the industry.

With a huge number of storage companies already in operation around the country, you can always be inspired by the names that some have used to make them the most successful brands in the storage industry today. Here are the big players in the industry.

  • Access Storage
  • All Seasons Storage Centers
  • American Mini Storage
  • Archer Road Self Storage
  • Attic Pantry Storage
  • Ben White Mini Storage
  • Big Yellow Storage
  • Classic Mini Storage
  • Climate Control Storage
  • Cornerstone Mini Storage
  • Executive Mini Storage
  • Extra Space Storage
  • First Choice Storage
  • Gotham Mini Storage
  • It’s Not Junk Storage
  • Lifetime Storage
  • Lock N Roll Storage
  • MakeSpace
  • Manhattan Mini Storage
  • Manhattan Mini Storage
  • Medley Movers and Storage
  • Packers Mini Storage
  • Personal Mini Storage
  • Pond Springs Storage
  • storEDGE
  • The Storage Place
  • Toy Storage
  • Tuck It Away Self Storage
  • U Store It
  • US Storage Centers
  • Vertical Storage

Maximizing Profitability of a Storage Facility

If you want to start a storage business, you need to check out this in-depth series on self-storage profits from the Sweaty Startup. In the video below, Nick goes into detail on the operations of this type of business. You’re going to want to bust our your pen and pad for this one and take some diligent notes on this one.

Take note of the beginning of the video tour when Nick starts to explain the signup process for customers to gain access to the storage unit. They sign up and pay online to get an access code. The customer then enters the access code into a keypad at the facility. Then the door opens and customers utilize the storage facility. Did you notice anything interesting about this explanation? You don’t need to a full-time employee on-hand to manage the place. This cuts cost big time.

The facility you tour above is 11,000 square feet with 10×20 storage units and 5×10 units. On average this facility generates around $7,500 in cashflow per month. Nick discovered this storage facility for sale on the website Storage facilities in addition to many other commercial businesses are listed for sale here.

Here’s what the revenue / cost breakdown looks like for this particular self-storage facility in Pennsylvania:

Average Monthly Revenue: $7,500

Monthly Storage Facility Expenses: 

  • Property tax: $833.33
  • Utilities: $200
  • Software: $100
  • Bookkeeping / Accounting: $200
  • Maintenance: $250
  • Marketing: $250
  • Taxes: ???

This rounds out to roughly $90,000 per year in revenue and $22,000 per year in operating expenses. Nick paid $482,000 (including closing costs) to buy the storage facility. Nick expects to bring in $68,000 in net profit in the first year of owning this business.

As you can see there’s a lot to like with these numbers and it will only take you a few years to make back your investment. Additionally this is a business where you personally could manage a few different properties as an owner / operator. If you’re able to buy a facility at the right price this a good opportunity. We wish you the best of luck on your venture!

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