Yard sales are held annually to get rid of the hoarded junk that tends to accumulate in everyones home, attic, basement and garage. No one knows why we hoard these seemingly useless things for decades, but on average they prompt anywhere from 6.5 to 9 million yard and garage sales each year.

Don’t think hosting a yard sale is worth your time? Yard and garage sales produce around $4.2 million dollars a week in revenue from about 165,000 events each week in the United States.

Random stuff you might find at a yard sale.

Yard sales are not just for selling unwanted junk either. They can also be a useful way of socializing with your neighbors, making more space in the home, and hopefully getting some sunshine in the process.

For the buyers, getting a good deal on some piece of equipment, clothing, or collectors item is appealing. Some buyers make a side-hustle out of identifying a yard-sale treasures that can be flipped online for a profit. Here are some of the best slogans and sign examples to help attract more visitors to your yard or garage sale this summer.

Garage Sale Slogans

To make money from a garage sale, you’ll need two things. Stuff that people want to buy. This could come in the form of cookware, clothing, sporting equipment, and more. The second thing, you’ll need is a large group of buyers to visit your sale. To help attract these buyers, we’ve produced some of the best marketing slogans you can use to help advertise the garage sale.

  • A garage sale for young and old.
  • A garage sale of classy old stuff.
  • Bargain hunters welcome!
  • A garage sale unlike any other!
  • A soulful sale.
  • Everything must go estate sale!
  • The sports collectors yard sale!
  • An inexpensive version of a departmental store!
  • Build your own garage
  • Buy it now!
  • Cracking the deal is up to your skill.
  • Crap you may actually need!
  • Deals so rad, you can impress your dad.
  • Deals that conceal the finest antiques.
  • Get an item free with each thing you buy!
  • Get as you like it
  • Get beautiful porcelain crockery at my garage sale.
  • Get free beers with each thing you buy!
  • Get the best deal and also a free meal!
  • Give your home a historic look!
  • Hips may lie but my garage sale does not!
  • Hurry before the sale is over!

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  • I need money. You need cheap stuff. We have a deal.
  • I sell, you buy. The things are great, I cannot lie!
  • Keep calm and just buy what you want.
  • Let us bargain and see who gains!
  • Make it yours today
  • My rubbish is your new showpiece!
  • No drama, just buy it for your momma!
  • One man’s garage is another man’s treasure trove!
  • Only junk you need
  • Our loss is your gain.
  • Our Spring-time garage sale is here!
  • Parting with my spouse, parting with his stuff too!
  • Pay and take away!
  • Prices dropped like your jaw
  • Put our junk in your trunk!
  • Rich things at cheap prices.
  • Selling antique pieces at retro prices!
  • Selling stuff of my kids, let me hear your bids!
  • Selling the best for the least.
  • Slay this sale like a boss.
  • Spacious and affordable
  • Steal the deal without any ordeal!
  • The big daddy of all sales!
  • The finest kitchenware up for sale!
  • The garage sale that will have you come back for more.
  • The giant-est garage sale you have ever seen!
  • There is something for everyone in your family.
  • Things that are too good to be thrown away.
  • This sale has a great collection of antique furniture!
  • This sale in a garage is an oasis, not a mirage.
  • This Sunday, our garage is your marketplace.
  • Turn left for what is left in the sale!
  • Used but can still can be useful to you!
  • Useful crap sale this weekend.
  • We are moving out. We are moving out our things too.
  • We do not use them, but you may love them.
  • We profit. You benefit.
  • We unpack, you pack it up.
  • We will move and so we are sell our old things to you!
  • Your favorite sale

Yard Sale Slogans

Get your kids to help out with the garage sale. Cute kids are proven to increase sales!

Slogans can also be used for your yard sale so anyone living in your community or driving through the neighborhood knows you’re having a yard sale. Here are the best slogans to help your yard sale become a hit.

  • A bargain-hunter’s best dream come true.
  • A magical sale at magical prices.
  • A paradise for bargainers right up ahead!
  • A sale of the highest order.
  • A sale where everything is a steal!
  • A yard sale but the yard is not on sale!
  • A yard sale for all males and females!
  • A yard sale for the masses and the classes.
  • A yard sale full of the best relics of the past.
  • A yard sale that pales all other sales.
  • A yard sale too hard to miss.
  • All the junk is as good as a slam dunk!
  • Antique goods that are too good to be true!
  • Authentic retro wall hangings up on sale!
  • Back to the yard sale
  • Buy classic books at this yard sale!
  • Come and dive in!
  • Come empty-handed, leave with a car full!
  • Divorce sale! She is gone, her things should too!
  • Do not bail on this sale.
  • Do not keep clam! The biggest yard sale is tomorrow!
  • Do not let the sale go stale.
  • Do not miss a single thing!
  • Drive away with all you can buy!
  • Everything is up for grabs!
  • Feel the best deals at my yard sale.
  • Get freebies with every purchase!
  • Get it at amazing prices
  • Get your load and hit the road!
  • Halloween yard sale right around the corner!
  • Hop this way and state your claim!
  • I sell, you buy, give me at least one try.
  • In this sale, do not delay to slay the deal!
  • Making cash from my old stash!
  • Missing our yard sale will be like missing all the great stuff!
  • My crap and scrap is all you need.
  • My summer yard sale at hot prices!
  • Nail the sale before you fail!
  • New Year hi hi! Old stuff bye bye!
  • Not selling my yard but I am selling things in my yard!
  • Our junk is not your junk!
  • Our junk is your treasure!
  • Prices so slow that you will not be slow!
  • Selling old luggage so that I can go to college.

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  • Selling our crap for your benefit.
  • Take away the best of the rest.
  • The cheapest yard sale of the decade!
  • The junk is neat, the prices cannot be beat!
  • The prices are a steal but the goods are not stolen.
  • The quicker you pick, it will do the trick!
  • The yard sale of the century!
  • The yard sale that is too hot to handle.
  • The yard sale you all have been waiting for.
  • The yard sale you cannot miss!
  • This Independence Day, free us from our old stuff!
  • This sale will be sale-sational!
  • Thumbs up to the best yard sale in town!
  • Turn right towards a right decision.
  • We have all that you need.
  • What is better than a summertime yard sale!

Catchy Garage Sale Sign Examples

Nothing beats free.

Signage is everything in yard-sale advertising. Making sure your sign is catchy and memorable is an important aspect of advertising your yard or garage sale so that people will come. Here are a few suggestions that you can write on a cardboard sign with marker.

  • Cheating wife garage sale here today. Like her, it MUST go.
  • Come to the Going to Jail Garage Sale Today
  • Come to this garage sale and you’ll be like “Shut up and take my goddam money!”
  • Fabulous Crap and Glamorous Junk for sale here…
  • For all those whats-its and whos-its galore.
  • For the best garage sale, come to Carl’s Garage (garage not actually for sale…)
  • Hello, is it deals you’re looking for? Turn here…
  • I don’t usually go to yard sales, but when I do, I go here…
  • Independence Day Divorce Yard Sale This Way.
  • Is it a yard sale, or just a very cheap outdoor department store at the corner of West and Harris
  • Life is like a yard sale, you never know what you’re gonna get> So turn left here…
  • My husband is making me sell it all….

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  • My mom purged… Hoarder’s Paradise ahead…
  • Post-Divorce Yard Sale. Get it before he comes home….
  • The “Almost as cheap as dumpster-diving” garage sale is right around the corner
  • The “Come and buy great stuff or just watch me cry as I sell stuff that won’t fit in my new studio apartment” yard sale is around this corner…..
  • The “Our Husbands Are Making Us Sell Stuff” yard sale is right around the corner
  • The “Too Much Stuff” sale is THIS WAY =>
  • The Junk in your Trunk yard sale is right here…
  • This way for awesome crap
  • This way for awesome junk
  • This way for some classy crap.
  • This way for the best crap in any garage sale ever!
  • Turn here for at least 20 thingamabobs
  • Turn left, then right, then left, then left again, and then buy all the best bargains…
  • We are selling everything, except the wife and kids. Turn left for the best bargains
  • We’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, jut turn here
  • Yard sale here. Why you no buy everything?
  • Yarrrrd Sale, with lots of treasure buried on the corner of Watson St.
  • Yoda says “Stop at yard sale this must you”
  • You like big sales and you cannot lie, so turn right now…
yard sale infographic

Statistics about yard sales.

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