Awe… The annual summer camp. It’s the time when parents breath a sigh of relief and send their kids off for a week or more depending on the program. These camps help kids ease into independence and learn life skills. These camps are usually outdoors where they live in cabins and bunk beds and participate in activities. It’s also an opportunities for youngsters to experience the great outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you don’t have the right name for a summer camp just yet this list will help jumpstart the brainstorming process. Below are more than 200 summer camp name ideas you can use.

Summer Camp Name Ideas

Summer Camp

According to this article, more than 6 million kids sign up for summer camp each year. Summer camps can be day camps or overnight camps. Some even run for a few weeks. By the end of it, both counselors and campers will feel like they’re one big family and will hold their summer camp memories dear to their hearts forever. Check out these all-purpose summer camp name ideas below.

  • Camp Brave Hearts
  • New Beginnings
  • Fearless Scouts
  • Trail Blazers
  • Sunny Hills
  • Camp Victory
  • Summer Haven
  • Camp Yellow Trails
  • Bonfire Troopers
  • Blue Ridge
  • Wild Horse Acres
  • Aspen Vacations
  • Sunset Lagoon
  • Redwood Grove
  • Lavender Estate
  • Sunset Beach
  • Tranquil Sands
  • Camp Hawk Point
  • Cougar Creek
  • Peaceful Mountains
  • Green Woodlands
  • Helping Hands
  • Camp Happy Smiles
  • Falcon’s Nest
  • Camp Blue Rivers
  • Path Finders
  • The Fellowship Camp
  • Lake Freedom
  • Beaver Base
  • Crystal Rivers
  • Training Trek
  • Champions Village
  • Dragonfly’s Camp
  • Camp Zion
  • Camp Go!
  • Rocky Rivers
  • Camp Supernova
  • Magic Mountains

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  • Crazy Springs
  • Green Meadows
  • Camp Explorers
  • Panda Crew
  • West Woods
  • Sun Ville
  • New Adventures
  • Sunshine Valley
  • Golden Palms
  • Camp Salt Waters
  • Wild & Free
  • Wonder Fam
  • Golden Memories
  • Camp Discovery
  • Nature’s Academy
  • The Grizzlies
  • Little Big Troops
  • Firefly Valley
  • Mountain Homes
  • Summer Hideaway
  • Green Paradise

Cabin Name Ideas for Summer Camps

Here are the best cabin name ideas.

Campers are often placed in cabins with their age groups, interest, or some other criteria depending on the counselors. You can place names on cabins to remember each group too. Many camps encourage attendees to decorate their cabins or put up photos of their family so it feels like more of a home away from home.

  • The Secret Base
  • Ruby Lodge
  • Honey House
  • Aspen Shack
  • Hangout Cabin
  • Hero’s Base
  • Banyan Cabin
  • Moonlight Ridge
  • Rainbow Rock
  • Mahogany Lodge
  • Golden Peaks
  • Rabbit Lodge
  • Eagle Peak
  • Half Moon Perch
  • Blue Sky Point
  • Sandy Hut
  • Paradise Chalet
  • Misty Retreat
  • Dream Villa
  • Half Moon Harbor
  • Pelican Cliff House
  • Coastal Villa
  • Happy Hearth
  • Sunshine Retreat
  • Wildflower Garden
  • Barefoot Villa
  • Robin’s Nest
  • Spring Terrace
  • Daisy Hideaway
  • Salt Water Hut
  • Summer Sanctuary
  • Sandy Cove
  • Chipmunk Hut
  • Cherry Cabin
  • Dawn Valley
  • Fox’s Den
  • Black Ash Camp
  • Purple Haven
  • Dynamic Base
  • Camp Magnolia
  • Sea Academy
  • Lilac Lodge
  • Aurora’s Camp
  • The Badger House
  • Little Bean Camp
  • Tiger Cove
  • Tough Campers
  • Summer Bliss Lodge
  • Light Feet Academy
  • Camp Bobcats
  • Camp Eagle Ridge
  • Brave Cubs
  • Real Adventures
  • Camp Ajax
  • Cedar Grove
  • Young Dreamers
  • Camp Olympia
  • Phantom Lodge
  • Winding Woods
  • Summer Quest
  • Camp Wilderness
  • Happy Camp
  • The A Squad
  • Extreme Explorers
  • Camp Champs
  • Super Summer
  • Environmental Heroes
  • The Cheetah Gang

Camp Names for Counselors

March. March. March.

Even counselors have camp! This kind of camp focuses more on building counselors’ leadership skills so when summer camp starts and they’re working with kids. These camps can help develop good mentors and help communicate better with campers or resolve common conflicts. Here are some camp names to consider in this category.

  • Camp Full Force
  • Fearless Leaders
  • Camp Dream High
  • Leadership Camp
  • Follow Rangers
  • Camp Mortal Heroes
  • Summer Knights
  • Mind Muscle
  • Badass Leaders
  • Guidance Week
  • Show Runners
  • Counselor Supremes
  • Gladiators
  • Mind Benders
  • Dynamic Counselors
  • Camp Commanders
  • Camp Innovators
  • Leader Warriors
  • The Leaders League
  • Huckleberry Summit
  • Casa Monarch
  • Sunset Retreat
  • Camp Slayers
  • Mission Agents
  • Council Furies
  • Viper Camp
  • The Unstoppables
  • Risk Takers
  • Youth Inspiration Camp
  • Scene Directors
  • Goal Getters
  • Daredevils
  • Cosmic Camp
  • Real-life Influencers
  • Ace Camp
  • Cliff Divers
  • Camp Enlightenment
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Potential Nurtures
  • Team Above Average
  • Remarkable Counselors
  • Life Sculptors
  • King Camp
  • Big Impact
  • Mind Drillers
  • Awesome Counselors
  • Camp X-treme
  • Camp Boss
  • The Defenders
  • Camp Spark
  • Light Bulb Moments
  • Raging Thunders
  • Foundation Station
  • Camp Brain Zone
  • Mind Mappers
  • Giant Steps
  • Impact Formers

Inappropriate Summer Camp Name Ideas

Try to avoid these summer camp names if you can.

Some summer camp names are off-color and even inappropriate. Be careful with tongue-in-cheek name ideas for camps because it might put off parents who are footing the bill and looking for an educational experience. Even if the kids like it, parents may cringe. Here are a few summer camp names you might want to avoid.

  • Spunky Village
  • Camp Funtime
  • Ninja Hideout
  • Spring Blossom
  • Buzz Camp
  • Action Quest
  • Camp Castaways
  • Cobra Crew
  • The Tranquil Lodge
  • Happy Homes
  • Wander Inn
  • The Last Resort
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wolf’s Lair
  • Moose Tracks
  • Lazy Bear
  • Slipper Slope
  • Life’s a Hoot
  • Smoky Top
  • Slice of Heaven
  • Hell’s Mouth
  • Harvest Moon
  • Good Intent
  • Mosquito Flats
  • Old Man’s
  • Whiskey Rock
  • Grizzly Basin
  • Cookie Camp
  • Dragon Riders
  • Fauna Friends
  • Gecko Camp
  • Gizmo Gang
  • Camp Basics
  • Camper’s Point
  • Wolf’s Pack
  • Serenity Camp
  • Tall Oaks
  • Camp Nowhere
  • Bestie Base

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  • The North Star
  • Moose Camp
  • Lion Hearts
  • Camp Luna
  • Camp Legendary
  • Hilltop Escape
  • Distant Horizons
  • Youth Bootcamp
  • Happy Band Camp
  • Happy Campout
  • Camp Rock
  • YOCO (You Only Camp Once)
  • Summer Conference
  • Rainbow Adventures
  • Summer Academy
  • Posh Pines
  • Camp One Camp All
  • Scary Woods Camp
  • Summer Sizzle
  • Camp Art Attack
  • Bonfire Starters
  • Camp Shady
  • Silent Camp
  • Sunny Getaway
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Camp Minor
  • Grand Villas
  • Camp Green Leaf
  • Camp Us

Summer Camp Theme Ideas

Kayaking is a fun activity popular at summer camps.

Engage your campers in fun summer camp activities they don’t usually get to participate in. Below are a few theme ideas you can do with your counselors’ help to keep campers busy and happy.


Archery is a great activity for kids. It teaches them physical and mental strength. Kids will be able to practice how to be patient, will be able to build confidence, and learn how to focus on their targets. Be sure you have experienced guides to proper teach safety if you plan to offer this activity.


Take your campers out on an adventure with a hike in the great outdoors. Teach them how to use a compass, how to navigate tough climbs, and talk to them about the environment along the way. Make sure that the trails are safe and that you have a pair of counselors to better facilitate the safety of the campers.

Arts and Crafts

Get your campers to bring out their artistic side by engaging them in arts and crafts. Let campers paint pots and teach them how to plant. They can build simple furniture by using recycled plastic bottles. They can also make bird feeders or friendship bracelets. These activities can be done in groups creating organic socialization opportunities too.


If your camp is near a body of water be it the beach or lake, add in kayaking activities. This helps build muscle strength and gets your campers that healthy dose of Vitamin D instead of just being cooped up indoors. There’s no better way to spend a day on the lake.

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Teach your campers some life skills by having them cook outdoors around a campfire. This doesn’t have to be a difficult dish. Have them roast hot dogs over a fire and set a picnic table. Teach them how to barbecue meats and chop vegetables safely with a knife. By the time summer camp ends, they’ll understand the basics of food preparation.

Media Arts

With the emergence of social media these days, the interest in learning how to edit videos and photos is something more kids want to learn. Everyone wants to be a YouTuber. Teach them how to make a simple video and to take better photos with basic photography with the great outdoors as a backdrop. You might just inspire the next Hollywood director too.

Scavenger Hunts

Summer camps are the perfect place for scavenger hunts. Make use of the wide area by putting up challenges and trivia games for each stop until campers reach their goal. This builds healthy competition among peers. It’s a whole lot of fun too!

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course that can be done in teams. Make it tough but also achievable and safe. (i.e. No flaming fire pits to jump over.) This is fun, especially when done in a relay where you need to solve physical and mental obstacles.


Let your campers have fun by allowing them to go swim. If your camp doesn’t have a lake or beach nearby, you can schedule a day to take them swimming outside of camp at a pool. Just be sure it’s a safe place with lifeguards present to help watch over them.

Tug of War

This activity is a classic but continues to be an ideal activity for summer camp because it helps teach kids about teamwork.


Camps are usually located in the outskirts of the city making this the ideal place to appreciate the brilliance of stars at night. Teach the campers about the different constellations and phases of the moon. They’ll be able to appreciate the nightlife that nature has to offer. Purchase a camp telescope to enhance the experience.

Talent Show

Have your campers join a talent show where they get to perform for the rest of the campers by the end of the camp. They can sing, dance, and perform magic tricks for the crowd.

Make Tie-Dye Shirts

Teach kids how to make tie-dye shirts or have them paint on the shirts with a design that they like. These can be their souvenir shirts so they’ll have something from camp by when it’s time to go home.


Letting them play basketball or volleyball and even tennis or badminton is always a good idea. It helps build sportsmanship and allows them a taste of friendly competition. These games are also a good way to start camp as an ice breaker since these games are familiar to many students already.

Counselor Camps

Counselor summer camps are also a thing. This functions like a leadership training camp catered to grooming their abilities in helping others, become good decision-makers and have better social skills. They supervise kids in summer camps, become their mentors, and hopefully serve as role models.

Are you ready to host the best summer camp ever this year? Which names and ideas caught your attention? Let us know!

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