Aromatherapy got its start back in 1937 yet after a French chemist discovered the healing power of oil by accident. This  approach to improved wellness has continued to grow in popularity as more consumers look for ways to improve overall well-being with natural products. These oils, which are extracted from plants, provide therapeutic effects from their pleasing scents.

On a personal note, my wife Jessica has really gotten into essential oils over the last 12 months. Jessica regularly uses oils in our kids baths and bedrooms that help offer relaxation benefits. She uses these product relax after a stressful day with the kids and ease sleep issues too. Her sister is the exact same way.

We use essential oils with diffusers in our house every single day at this point. As a customer, I know how much you can invest into different essential oil products and the market opportunity. When my wife, visited the essential oil shop near our house last weekend she spent $167. Since essential oil is a consumable product, you need to keep going back and reordering more of it to maintain supplies.

Repeat purchases from a single customer is a characteristic of a great business. Industry reports backup my own households experience as the essential oil market is projected to grow from $4.8 billion in 2019 to $7.3 billion in 2024.

If you’re looking to start an essential oil brand, but haven’t found the right name yet look no further. I’ve got over 100 unique essential oil business name ideas you can use to jumpstart the brain storming process.

Essential Oil Name Ideas

essential oil

Essential oils usually come in small bottles like this.

Essential oils are known for the way they bring about relief to the senses. The touted benefits from giving you more energy while you’re working, helping migraines, and even ease you into a normal sleeping pattern you once had trouble getting back. Take a look at these name ideas you might want to consider for your essential oil business:

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  • Revitalize
  • Clean Living
  • Flower Power
  • Essential Drops
  • Breathe
  • Scentses
  • Oils Etc.
  • Invigorating Oils
  • The Power Essentials
  • Purity In A Bottle
  • Bliss
  • Bottled Peace
  • Therapeutic Essentials
  • Nature’s Love
  • Stress-free Living
  • Essential Elixir
  • Nature’s Necessities
  • Healthy Essentials
  • Essential Remedies
  • Daily Oils
  • Miracle Oils
  • Lovely Drops
  • From The Garden
  • Yours Truly
  • Life Extracts
  • Oil Gurus
  • Untroubled
  • Indulgent Oils
  • Simple Oils
  • Healing Essentials
  • Well-Oiled
  • Magic Oils
  • Wellness Essentials
  • Me Essentials
  • From the Ground Up
  • Liquid Gold
  • Bottled Essentials
  • Balanced
  • Mental Magic
  • Blooming Oils
  • Basics
  • Essential Plants
  • Flora
  • Herbal Care
  • Mental Wellness
  • Flower Shower
  • Mint Mayhem
  • Dandelion Moon
  • Natural Relief Oil Co.

Essential Oil Blend Name Ideas

smells trigger emotion

Lavender is a popular ingredient in essential oils.

Think of essential oil blends as cocktail. When you mix the right drinks, you either get that tropical vibe or that Friday Night Out sort of feel. With different oil blends, you can achieve a relaxing beach trip ambiance to a Sunday afternoon baking session mood. Not only do such blends make you feel at peace but they also rejuvenate the senses. Here are some name suggestions for these products.

  • Sleep Magic
  • Breathe Easy
  • Lavender Dreams
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Powered Up
  • Natural Glow
  • Green Garden
  • Adventure Time
  • Simply Citrus
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Fresh Mints
  • Delightfully Yours
  • Me Time
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Nighttime Wonder
  • Happy Healing
  • Tranquil Mix
  • Detox Goodness
  • Romantic Getaway
  • Focus
  • Alive and Awake
  • Health Boosters
  • Bye Bye Molds
  • Uplift
  • Moonlight Serenade
  • Sweater Weather
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Warm Hugs
  • Sunshine
  • Gentle Kisses
  • Inspired Mind
  • Inner Peace
  • Enthusiastic Living
  • Rest 101
  • Passionate Touches
  • Pick Me Up
  • Heart and Soul
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Date Night
  • Gentle Wind
  • Lemon and Lime
  • Summertime Fun
  • Sunset Lovin’

Essential Oil Shop Name Ideas

essential oil line

A line of essential oils.

Putting up an essential oil shop will bring in a great crowd filled with aromatherapy enthusiasts. With that said, it would be nice to have a name for the shop that’s on-brand with what you are selling. Below are some essential oil shop name ideas that would complement the products you’re selling:

  • Project Relaxation
  • Garden of Eden
  • Oil Masters
  • Plant Doctors
  • The House of Zen
  • Treasure Trove of Oils
  • The Essentials Palace
  • The Essential Oil Express
  • Essential Stash
  • The Wonder Makers
  • Food For The Soul
  • The Healing Garden
  • Nature’s Love
  • The Plant Oil Hub
  • Zenfull Living
  • Pampered You
  • Essential Oils To Go
  • The Brown Paper Bag
  • Herbal Paradise
  • Natural Escape
  • Me First
  • Elegantly Natural
  • Herbal Necessities
  • Opportune Moments
  • Going Natural
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Oils and Extracts
  • Essence Etc.
  • Herbal Jungle
  • The Essentials Lab
  • Green Living
  • Wellness
  • The Herbal Hub
  • Pure Life
  • Plant And Me
  • Nature’s Gifts
  • Bloom
  • Raw Essentials
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Herbal Values
  • Sweet Scents
  • Essential Necessities
  • Herbal Lovers
  • The Magic Essentials
  • The Herbal Miracle

List of Popular Essential Oils

essential oil shop

These products are available at spas, massage parlors, and online.

Each essential oil is unique wherein each scent offers different relief. Some claim to rid molds in your home thereby relieving you of allergies while another scent will help keep stress away. There are also oils that help you sleep better, ease your headaches, and keep you invigorated.

Here are some popular essential oils and what they’re known for:

  • Peppermint – Uplifts the senses. It is best used to cure headaches and freshens up the room.
  • Lavender – Calms the mind. It is used for relaxation.
  • Eucalyptus – Brings clarity to one’s mind. It is known to also boost the immune system.
  • Cedarwood – Known as the all around oil. It can be used as a deodorizer, a cure for hair loss, as cologne, and even helps ease anxiety.
  • Oregano – Helps purifies the air in your room and is a great oil to use for massages.
  • Patchouli – Fights depression and anxiety. May not be pleasing to the senses so it’s best to blend this with other oils.
  • Lemon – The perfect mood booster and is always associated with a happy and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Sweet Orange – Just like lemon, this scent helps brighten the mood in the room. The only difference is that it smells sweeter than lemon.
  • Cinnamon – Brings about the scent of autumn. It also relieves headaches and is commonly used with other oils such as lemon.
  • Rosemary – Helps in keeping the mind focused and relieves muscle pains. This smell is often paired with peppermint.

Tips for Naming an Essential Oil Business

Think about your future customers.

Essential oils are all about heightening the senses and providing relief so naming your essential oil businesses with names such as “Essential Necessities” or “Invigorating Oils” are very informative and helpful for your customers to be reminded of the oil’s benefits. Anything that has to do with providing peace and keeps the stress away can be used to inspire your business name.

Another tip to name your essential oil business is to keep the theme positive and personal. This is a way to reel in your prospective customers using essential oils to make them feel better in some way. Names such as “Clean Living” or “The Power Essentials” give one an idea of how essential oils bring a healthy lifestyle or help boost the mood throughout the day.

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You may also use your name if you’d like to focus on a signature line for your oils. For instance, you can use “Alexa’s Essentials” or “Yours Truly” to give it that personal and classic feel. This also provides the product the illusion of being small batch.

Essential oils are here to stay according to industry reports. There are an endless number of scent combinations to explore so don’t stop with the top ten list above. Explore more scents to add to your list of products so your customers have distinct options they can only get from you. With the list of names provided and this guide on how to name your shop, you can confidently move forward with this business.

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