While rice is a staple for about two-thirds of the world’s population, in the United States consumption of the food item is not as large. Produced in just four regions of the U.S. – Arkansas Grand Prairie; the Mississippi Delta; the Gulf; and the Sacramento Valley – each region specializes in a specific type of rice.

While Asia gives its rice different names, in the U.S., rice is referred to by the length of the grain; long, medium, and short. About 70% of the rice grown in the United States is long grain rice for general use.

While the U.S. doesn’t have the same diet as the East, average consumption is still reaching around 4.22 million metric tons a year. Rice is a growing market in the country and a legit business opportunity to market less popular variations of the food.

Aside from the most popular rice brands in the U.S., there are a good number of smaller brands on the market, as well as imported brands from Asia and around the world. So, to break into this market, you’ll need to have a name and brand that can be easily recognized and remembered. Here is our ideas for a rice brand with the potential to disrupt the industry.

Rice Brand Name Ideas

Rice is one of the most popular grains in the United States

Rice is one of the most popular grains in the United States.

Your new rice brand is the most important aspect of the whole business, and your brand name is the label by which customers will remember you. And if you can make your own brand popular, you may even hit the top 12 of rice brands, alongside Texmati and Uncle Ben’s.

  • ActiLife Rice
  • Adorn Rice
  • Affrin
  • Amella Rice Co.
  • Angelica love
  • Annie’s Natural Rice
  • Appleton Rice Co.
  • Aspire Rice
  • Brio Rice
  • Casaprime Rice
  • Crystenna Rice
  • Elitera Rice Co.
  • Ensura Rice
  • Ethicca
  • Evitas Rice Co.
  • Festiva Nature
  • Flourish Rice
  • Foodmate Rice Co.
  • Green Meadow Rice Co.
  • Hidden Valley Rice
  • Hopestone Rice
  • Majesticook Rice Co.
  • Marcuss Rice
  • Marvella Rice
  • Movion Rice Co.
  • Naturio Rice Co.
  • NorthLay Rice Co.
  • OllenPure Rice Co.
  • Orgafrench Rice
  • Pioneer Rice
  • Priopure
  • Rossells Rice
  • WhiteFiber Rice Co.
  • WhiteWay Rice Co.
  • Zossdale Rice Co.
  • Righteous Rice
  • Renegade Rice Factory
  • Forgotten Rice Fields
  • Epic Rice
  • Traditions Rice Emporium
  • Organic Rice Company

Instant Rice Name Ideas

Instant rice is one of the most convenient ways to cook small amounts quickly

Instant rice is ideal for quick single-serving meals.

Instant rice came about to cater to those without the time to cook a pot of rice every time they wanted to eat. In general, most people in the U.S. are not big rice eaters. Cooking one whole pot can take too much time, especially if you’ve got a family or full-time job. Instant rice is partially cooked to make cut down prep time from 20 – 30 minutes for a full pot to only 3 – 7 minutes in a microwave.

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There are several brands of instant rice widely available in supermarkets today and we believe this is a segment primed for disruption. Here are our best name suggestions in this category.

  • BisQuick
  • SuperoCook
  • Basmati Quick Cook
  • QuiCook Rice
  • Best Instant Rice
  • Micro-Rice
  • Insta-Rice
  • Ready Rice
  • RTE Rice (ready to eat)
  • Two-Minute Rice
  • Rice to Go
  • Fast Cook Instant Rice
  • Nuke’s Microwave Rice
  • Pot Rice
  • The Rice Pot
  • Heat n Eat
  • Cookit Kwik
  • Rice Dash
  • Rice Sprinter

Funny Rice Name Ideas

Making the name funny on your rice brand can help make you memorable

Rice to meat you! Now that’s comical.

Having an amusing name for your rice brand is one of the more unusual ideas in branding rice, especially in a market where there’s very little of it. This short but exclusive list of funny rice brand names will help make your brand appear more playful to consumers.

  • Rice2Go
  • The Rice of Life
  • Dragon Rice
  • Asia’s Best
  • Rice Up
  • Upricing
  • Wild Rice
  • Early Ricers
  • My God Given Rice
  • New Way to Wok
  • Rice and Shine
  • Rice Girls
  • Rice Out the Door
  • Rice to the Occassion
  • Rice To the Top
  • Rice Up Your Life
  • Rice Will Suffice
  • Yummiest Rice
  • Running Rice
  • Rambling Rice
  • Rice-a-Tony

Rice Brand Name List