Whether it is your breakfast pastry or your elevenses donuts, your pie for lunch or that birthday cake for the kids, or even your mother’s home-made meatloaf, flour is one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet. An industry that is worth more than $17 billion U.S. dollars a year. In spite of the sustained value of this industry, flour production and milling dropped 4.9% in the last five years despite increases in consumer spending.

To date there are only around 170 mills in the entire United States owned by only 45 companies. Opening up your own brand of flour that caters to restrictive diets or healthier consumers is an area we see white space. The trick is finding an appropriate name for your new business. Here, we have looked deep into the mills of America to come up with the best brand names and business names for an innovative flour business.

Organic Flour Name Ideas

Organic flour is healthier and more natural than general All-Purpose flour

Organic flour is a growing opportunity.

The rise in national consumer awareness of organic products has given rise to an increase in consumer spending on organic flour. Organic grain production increased 20% to meet this demand. Organic flour is a rapidly growing import.

Now is an ideal time to enter the organic as a differentiated, healthy baking brand. Coming up with a name can be troublesome, but you do have the option of using the word “organic” in the brand name. This gives you the edge straight away, as people will be able to easily recognize what your product is. Here’s our list of ideas that fit this theme.

  • Atta’s Organic Multigrain Flour
  • Backwood Aroma Organic Flour
  • Beautiful Bounty Organic Flour
  • Bush Grocery Organic Flour
  • Caring Life Organic Flour
  • Eco Balance Organic Flour
  • Focus Organics Flour
  • Go Organic Flour
  • Goodness Organics
  • Gram Organic Flour
  • Mother-Earth’s Organic Flour
  • Native Deal Organic Flour
  • Nature’s Own Organic Flour
  • Only Essentials Organic Flour
  • Organic Conditions Flour
  • Organic Garden Flour
  • Organic Magic Flour
  • Organic Opportunity
  • Organic Standards FLour
  • Organic Valley Flour
  • Pearl Organic Millet Flour
  • Planet Organic Flour
  • Right Choice Organic Flour
  • Rural Organic Flour
  • Sorghum Organic Flour
  • The Core Organic Flour
  • True Essence Organic Flour
  • Untouched Nature Organic Flour
  • Vital Foods Organic Flour
  • Wholesome Organics

Flour Mill Name Ideas

Flour Mills in the US are owned by just 45 major companies

Flour mills in the United States are owned by just 45 major companies.

Starting a large-scale flour mill won’t be easy. It will cost millions to open one of the modern facilities shown in the above photo. But there is still a place for artisan and local players to enter different markets and compete for share.

Opening a flour mill can give your brand a better edge by being local or using responsibly sourced ingredients. While there are many things to consider when opening a new mill, such as the right location and the correct licenses, the name can be just as important when it comes to selling your milled flour to grocery store buyers or direct to consumer.

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Make the name easy to remember when choosing your mill brand and descriptive of your product. The word “mill” is an effective way to accomplish this goal and “flour Co.” works well. It’s ok to use your name in the brand for your mill. It worked for Lindley Mills. Check out our list of names below to get inspired.

  • Abel Flour Mill
  • Addaxy Flour Mills
  • Akers Flour Mill.
  • Albers Flour Company
  • Amezia Flour Mill
  • Antilops Flour Mill
  • Apex Milling Company
  • Axis Flour Company
  • Barbosa Flour Mill
  • Charm Flour Mill
  • Copla Flour Mill
  • Cubin Flour Mill
  • Dipeas Flour Mill
  • Ereulin Flour Mills
  • Farmington Flour Mill
  • Femina Flour Mill
  • Fregga Flour Company
  • Fresh Feilds Flour Mill
  • Grasseur Flour Company
  • Greta Flour Mill
  • Happyway Flour Mill
  • Hathway Flour Mill
  • Hempshire Flour Mill
  • Imperra Flour Mill
  • Indora Flour Mill
  • JJ Brothers Flour Mill.
  • Kingman Flour Mill
  • Mandalive Flour Mill
  • Marriegold Flour Mill
  • Mirage Orre Flour Mills
  • Natureshine Flour Company
  • Nova Lake Flour Mill
  • Obbre Flour Mills
  • Optigga Flour Company
  • Ozzuni Flour Company
  • Pebble Flour Company
  • Prestige Flour Mill
  • Quaker Rhodes Mill
  • Rankshire Flour Mill
  • Springdale Flour Mill
  • Tasty Flour Company
  • Vertica Flour Mill
  • Wheater Flour Mill
  • Windsor Flour Mill

Brand Name Ideas for Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is the most common type of flour consumed around the world, except in Asia

Wheat flour is the most common type of flour consumed around the world, except in Asia.

Wheat flour is the most popular choice for American consumers and is the most flour type used in baking recipes. From your basic all-purpose flour to the more specialized bread flour, cake flour, or pastry flour, all of these come from basic wheat and vary depending on the gluten content. Here are the top wheat flour names we came up with in a recent brainstorm:

  • Abby Wheat Flour
  • Autumn Peak Wheat Flour
  • Daykist Wheat Flour
  • Dewlett Wheat Flour
  • Ernly & Figgera Wheat Flour
  • Farmswing Wheat Flour
  • Fasoosa Wheat Flour
  • Flyelle Wheat Flour
  • Fritz Wheat Flour
  • Fussio Wheat Flour
  • Goodnest Wheat Flour
  • Grand Farm Wheat Flour
  • Hebbet Wheat Flour
  • Hyfunn Wheat Flour
  • Joesto Wheat Flour
  • Kurious Wheat Flour.
  • Kylee’s Wheat Flour
  • La Feretta Wheat Flour
  • Melvinn Wheat Flour
  • Mesmerry Wheat Flour
  • Mishka Wheat Flour
  • Moon Harvest Wheat Flour
  • Mrs Natural Wheat Flour
  • natalia Wheat Flour
  • NatureBell Wheat Flour
  • Nutrimatrix Wheat Flour
  • Olipro Wheat Flour
  • Orbino Wheat Flour
  • Preserva Wheat Flour
  • Qwings Wheat Flour
  • Sandy Bloom Wheat Flour
  • Sheeba’s Wheat Flour
  • Sunkister Wheat Flour
  • Terby Wheat Flour

Popular Flour Brand Names

The Pillsbury Dough Boy, an emblem known around the world

The Pillsbury Dough Boy. Hoo hoo!

The infamous Pillsbury brand to Wheat Monata and King Arthur’s represent some of the most recognized brands in this industry. The big brands have mostly been around for for decades and in some cases more than a century.

This flour brand list can serve as inspiration for choosing your own business name. Here are some of the most recognizable brands you’ve no doubt seen in grocery stores nationally:

  • ADM
  • Arrowhead Mills
  • Baker Josef’s
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Gold Medal
  • Great Value
  • Harris Teeter
  • Heckers
  • King Arthur
  • Pillsbury
  • Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery

FAQs about Flour Mills

What is a flour factory called?

A typical water-powered flour mill from the 19th century

A typical water-powered flour mill from the 19th century.

The factory for making grain into flour is generally called a “mill”. The name derives from the old method of milling grain, or grinding it between two stone blocks into a powder that can be used for cooking.

Flour mills have been around for more than 8,000 years, and the first true commercial mills date back to the Roman Era.

What does a flour mill do?

Modern flour milling equipment

Modern flour milling equipment

Flour Mills are places where the grains from the farms are treated, cleaned, and turned into the flour that you buy in the supermarkets. The process takes the grans of wheat, barley, rice, or whatever type of flour you are milling, and cleans off the husk first, leaving just the clean grains ready for milling.

Some grains are treated, it depends on the type, but most are not, leaving them natural when milled. Milling takes the grains and grinds them up into a powder, sieving out any impurities or hard husk that may be left over in the milling process. The grains can be ground into coarse flour or fine flour, depending on what it will be used for. Some flours are fortified during the milling process, adding a premix to the flour to increase the micro-nutrient content and make it healthier.

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