Peanut butter is an amazingly versatile food and key ingredient in everything from protein bars to cereals to desserts. It’s a popular food, loved for its creamy texture, yummy taste, and not to mention, nutritional benefit. Yep, you heard that right, nutritional benefits, including a plant-based protein and carbohydrates

Due to its high nutritional benefits and of course taste, 299+ million Americans ate peanut butter last year. This figure is expected to increase to 307+ million by 2024. If you are a food entrepreneur looking to launch a peanut butter business, do check out these “spread-worthy” marketing slogan and tagline ideas. These are perfect for social media campaigns or printing on the side of a label. 

One of the most all-time favorite sandwich spreads!

Peanut Butter Marketing Slogans

  • The Delicious Peanut Butter Your Bread Needs.
  • Peanut Butter Makes Everything Better.
  • Your Bread Will Never Feel Lonely Again.
  • You Can Never Have Enough Peanut Butter.
  • Peanut Butter Me Up.
  • The Taste Of A Real Treat.
  • Peanut Butter For Life.
  • Peanut Butter Is My Therapy.

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  • Peanut Butter Turns Any Treat Delicious.
  • Can’t Stop Craving For Peanut Butter.
  • Only The Best Peanut Butter.
  • Your Favorite Peanut Butter Now Near You.
  • The Taste Of Peanut Butter Goodness.
  • Rich Peanut Butter Goodness.
  • Low On Carbs, High On Taste.
  • Fresh Peanut Butter For Your Bread.
  • The Peanut Butter That Keeps That Fat Level Down.
  • Taste Of Peanut Butter Worth Toasting For.
  • Your Health Is Our Utmost Priority.
  • Make Yourself Some Perfect Peanut Butter Snack.
  • Choose The Healthier Peanut Butter Option.
  • Peanut Butter To Keep Your Hunger Level Down.
  • How The Royals Have Their Peanut Butter.

Peanut Butter Taglines

  • The Peanut Butter Goodness You Can’t Resist.
  • Holy Peanut Butter, That Was Good!
  • Let’s Have A Peanut Butter Party!
  • Peanut Butter For Life.
  • Peanut Butter, Your Therapy For Happiness.
  • Same Rich Peanut Butter Taste For Generations.
  • Live The Peanut Butter Moment.
  • Your Jelly Needs a Friend.
  • Taste The Peanut Butter Nostalgia.
  • Peanut Butter Turns Anything Delicious.
  • The Peanut Butter That Soothes Your Soul.
  • The Peanut Butter That Pleases Your Taste Buds
  • Live The Peanut Butter Moments.
  • The Jelly Buddy.
  • Every Moment Deserves A Peanut Butter.
  • Nothing Else Will Do But Peanut Butter.
  • Your Favorite Peanut Butter Brand Is Here.
  • Made By The Best Peanut Butter Experts.
  • You Can Never Have Enough Of This Peanut Butter.
  • Keeping The Peanut Butter Tradition Alive.
  • The Best Dishes Stay Empty Without Peanut Butter.
  • You Deserve Some Peanut Butter Today.
  • The Peanut Butter Your Kids Will Surely Love.
  • The Smoothness You Just Can’t Deny.
  • Have A Richer Snack Today.
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter To Give You That Extra Taste.
  • The Peanut Butter Experience You Enjoy.
  • A Good Life Comes With A Good Peanut Butter.
  • Peanut Butter, Made With Love.

Peanut Butter Captions for Instagram

Peanut butter and banana combo.

  • This Peanut Butter Treat Is Perfect For Summertime Snacking.
  • Totally Underrated Peanut Butter!
  • Dreamy Treat Loaded With Nutty Goodness.
  • We’ve Gone A Little Bit Nuts.
  • Peanut Butter Overload.
  • Vegan And Gluten-Free Peanut Butter.
  • Turn Your Day Into An Extraordinary One With Peanut Butter.
  • Let’s Have A Peanut Butter Party!
  • My All-Time Favorite Peanut Butter.
  • Forever Dreaming Of These Peanut Butter Treats!
  • A Delicious Peanut Butter Snack That Packs A Protein Punch!
  • The Perfect First Date With Peanut Butter.
  • Starting My Day Off With A Bang With This Peanut Butter Treat.
  • Perfectly Good Peanut Butter!

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  • Peanut Butter Treat, Perfect For Breakfast Or A Healthy Snack.
  • Today Is Peanut Butter Day!
  • I’m Definitely A Peanut Butter Lover.
  • Peanut Butter Lovers, Where Y’all At?
  • Get Yourself A Peanut Butter Snack That Will Satisfy You!
  • I’m In A Relationship With Peanut Butter.
  • Peanut Butter Is Absolutely One Of My Favorites.
  • A Superb Breakfast Made With Peanut Butter.
  • I Love Adding Peanut Butter To My Every Snack.
  • If You’re Going To Treat Yourself, Treat Yourself With Some Peanut Butter Snacks.
  • A Classic For All The Peanut Butter Lovers!
  • Holy Peanut Butter, That Was Good!
  • Forever And Ever, Peanut Butter.
  • Peanut Butter Treats, Anyone?

Quotes About Peanut Butter

  • “I actually put peanut butter on my bagel. I really like peanut butter and I like to ruin the bagel. You know what’s even crazier that I do sometimes? I do cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter. It is really, really out there.” Evan Peters

“Man can not live by bread alone … he must have peanut butter.” Bill Cosby

  • “I’m going to live until I die, and everything in between is just another excuse to eat peanut butter.” Dana Gould
  • “To me, peanut butter is the breakfast of champions!” Greg Louganis
  • “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”  Charles M. Schulz
  • “I’m more of a smooth peanut butter kinda girl.” Selena Gomez
  • “You can spread jelly on the peanut butter but you can’t spread peanut butter on the jelly.” Dick Van Dyke
  • “If you can’t control your peanut butter, you can’t expect to control your life.” Bill Watterson
  • “Without peanut butter, I might starve.” Judy Blume

“Work without fun is like peanut butter without jelly.” Jase Robertson

  • “The trouble with remakes is that people fall in love with the original. It’s like peanut butter. If you try to change the taste of peanut butter, you’re in trouble.”  Sylvester Stallone
  • “Snacking is important. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a great example of a perfect snack. They can go a long way.”