Packaging is used in almost every industry and generates $500 billion globally each year. From fashion, cosmetics, and even industrial, packaging takes on an important role in these businesses. But packaging is probably most important and widely used in the food industry.

Not only does the food packaging need to help in the transportation of meals, but the product must also be safe. Take for example, canned goods made with BPA-free lining are becoming more important for consumers. BPA is a chemical used in bottling and canning where there’s evidence it could influence growth and development. Most consumers would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to food for their families.

Apart from protecting the products when being delivered to customers, packaging serves as a powerful branding tool to enhance customers perception of product.

How to two brands of pickles stand apart? It’s the packaging and labeling primarily that helps draw a distinction between products. Think about the last item you bought. Whether it’s a drink, shoes, or a bag, what did you feel about its packaging? Did it excite you? Or were you underwhelmed by its appearance and overlook the product all together?

Here’s a list of over 300 unique packaging company name ideas I’ve compiled for you to consider.

Packaging Company Name Ideas

Plating BBQ in styrofoam containers.

  • The Carton Hub
  • Packaging Depot
  • Express Packaging
  • Package & Labels Inc.
  • Sealed Packaging Deals
  • Label Co.
  • Sealed & Delivered
  • Quality Packaging For You
  • Packed & Sealed
  • Fast Packing
  • Packing Solutions
  • Pro Packers
  • Leaf Wrap
  • Protected Packing
  • Packing The Right Way
  • The Only Way We Pack
  • Packaging Done Right
  • Cartons for Good
  • Packaging
  • Packing Like A Pro
  • The Big Package Co.
  • Pack It Our Way
  • Packaging Master
  • Packing In Action
  • Cans of Hope
  • Packaging Kings
  • The Collective Wrap
  • Queen Of Packaging
  • Packaging Star
  • Power Packaging
  • Packaging Escape
  • Packing On Point
  • Sealed The Right Way
  • Wrapped & Sealed
  • Wrapped & Sealed Packaging Co.
  • SUPER Packing Pte Ltd
  • Perfect Fit Packaging Co.
  • Nature’s Bottles
  • Sturdy Package Group
  • Best Grip Packing Co.
  • Robertsons Bottle Company
  • Fine Packing
  • Urban Packing Co.
  • New Era Packing
  • World Wide Packing
  • Advanced Wrapping
  • Integrated Sealing & Wrapping Inc.
  • Constant Packaging 101
  • Will Travel Group
  • Alpha Packaging
  • Forefront Packaging Services
  • Integrated Packaging Services
  • Packaging 24/7
  • AutoPackaging Inc.
  • Package-Ready Co.

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  • Parcel Wrapping
  • Sealed Parcel Inc.
  • Wrapped Up
  • Safety Sippers
  • Packing Bros. Inc.
  • Gentle Packaging
  • Packaging Experts 101
  • Packed Today
  • Smart Packaging
  • Canteen Storage
  • May The Pack Be With You
  • Experienced Packaging
  • Fine Packaging Co.
  • Durable Packaging
  • DuraPACK
  • Supreme Packaging
  • All Wrapped Up
  • Camel Carriers
  • Sealed To The Finest
  • Seal It Today
  • Wrapped Forever
  • Wrap In All Ways
  • Sealed, Wrapped & Packed
  • SWP Packaging Co.
  • Crate BOXED
  • Crate Boxing
  • Crate Packaging
  • Crate Wrapping
  • SUPERHERO Crate Packaging
  • Boxed Match Packaging
  • Fine Press Packaging
  • Simply Wrapped
  • Magic Wrapping
  • Magic Packaging
  • MANIC Packaging Co.
  • Expert Packaging
  • Packaging Load
  • PayPackaging Inc.
  • Blitz Packaging Co.
  • My Packaging Business
  • Packaging Crate
  • Price Packaging Co.
  • Packaging MATRIX
  • Fully Packed Packaging Inc.
  • United Packaging
  • Simply Wrapped
  • Simply SEALED Co.
  • Mom’s Package
  • Package Creative
  • Packed Container
  • Make It Sealed
  • Cardboard Cut Outs
  • Wrapped ‘Til The End
  • Packaged For You
  • Optimum Packaging Services
  • The Packing Squad
  • Strength Packaging
  • Packaging Works
  • Pretty Little Packaging
  • Packaging Tribe
  • Tribal Packaging
  • Sweet Packaging Co.
  • Let’s Pack It
  • Pack It Nicely
  • Packaging Made Perfect
  • Package BEST
  • Fine Packaging Inc.
  • Wrap Bubble
  • Wrap Zone
  • Seal Zone
  • Package Zone
  • PWS Packaging Inc.
  • Packaging Made Possible
  • Always Ready To Package
  • Sealed All The Way
  • Sealed All Together
  • Sealed Business
  • Wrapping Business
  • Wrap It To-Go
  • Wood Rock Packaging
  • ABC Packaging
  • WorldHunt Packaging
  • Fire Wood Packaging
  • Spring Well Packaging
  • Trinity Wrap Inc.
  • Trifecta Packaging World
  • World Of Packaging
  • Two Worlds Packaging Inc.
  • Fine Line Packaging
  • Packaging Hours Inc.
  • Healthy Packaging Co.
  • Old But The Best Packaging Co.
  • Carton Magic
  • Parcel Love Packaging
  • Parcel UP
  • Packed To GO
  • Wraps All Around
  • Box MAX
  • Hefty Packaging Inc.
  • Parlor Co.
  • Air Pack

Cardboard packaging usually used in shipping is very sturdy and helps protect products from any damage.

Food Packaging Company Name Ideas

  • Make It Last Food Packaging Inc.
  • Preserved Forever
  • Food Packaging 101
  • Global Food Packaging Inc.
  • Food PACK
  • Make It Happen Food Packaging
  • Harvest of Plenty
  • Burrito Wrappers
  • Taste Packaging Inc.
  • The Steak Sticklers
  • Packaged Goods
  • Delightfully Packed
  • Tasteful Boxed Goodies
  • Sister’s Snack Packing
  • Food In A Box
  • Delightful Packaging
  • Victory for Veggies
  • Unlock Freshness
  • Wrapped Deliciously Co.
  • Tasteful Wrapping
  • The Fruit Label
  • Condiment Geeks
  • Food Wrap 101
  • Packaging Delights
  • Boxed Meals
  • Brothers Meal Partners
  • Label Me Grateful
  • Snack BOX
  • Snack PACK
  • Freshness Fighters
  • Meat Wrap
  • Foodie Pack To-Go
  • Crumbs Box
  • Freeze Wrapping LLC
  • Food Wrap
  • Fruit Friends
  • TasteSealed
  • Food Pack Hub
  • Food Wrap Depot
  • Sealed Food Warriors
  • Food Pack Suppliers

Customized paper bag with a rustic look.

Container Business Names

  • Flexing Crate
  • Shipping Gator
  • Box Unfold
  • RushCrate
  • MOVEment
  • BOXEDcrate
  • ValuSealed
  • Cargo Need
  • Ship Pioneer
  • Pack the Truck
  • Logic Best
  • Crate Co.
  • Boxed Movement
  • Global Container Shipment
  • All Star Container Company
  • Cargo On-The-Go
  • Cargo Shipment 101
  • Container Store Co.
  • Global Container Hall
  • Transfer Container
  • International Shipping Co.
  • Marine Container Inc
  • Boxified
  • Royal Container

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  • Cargo Daily
  • NAL Cargo Company
  • DRV Container MAX
  • ConPioneer
  • Cargo Daisy
  • Fine Cargo Shipment
  • The Carton Pal
  • Power Container
  • Premium Container 101
  • Cargo Space
  • Cargo Limit
  • SpaceSAVY
  • Space Cargo
  • Cargo Universe
  • World CARGO Co.
  • Container’s BEST
  • Fine Container Inc.
  • Container Love
  • Contain IT
  • Cargo Business
  • Container THINGS
  • Crate Business
  • Crate & Things Co.
  • Space Saving Crate
  • Crate Loving
  • Container Business Inc.
  • Cal’s Cartons
  • International Container Specialist
  • ACC – American Container Company
  • United Container Services Inc.
  • Container Shipping Inc.
  • Container Corporation
  • Stellar Container Inc.
  • Open Container Co.

Unique Names for a Packing Company

  • Let’s Get Rolling
  • Package Perfect
  • Package 101
  • The Ultimate Package Company
  • Brilliantly Packed
  • Precise Packaging
  • Parcel Perfect
  • Wrapping Done Right
  • Sealed Packaging
  • Sealed & Secured Packaging
  • Wrapped & Sealed
  • Packaging For You
  • Wrapped For You
  • Wrapped On-The-Go
  • Packaging Professionals
  • Our Packaging Won’t Let You Down
  • The Packing Mart
  • Packed Smart
  • Packaging International
  • Genius Packaging Co.
  • Packing Works
  • Packaging Express
  • The Clever Packaging Store
  • Packaging Global
  • Prime Packaging
  • Sincere Packaging
  • Packing Resolution
  • Wrapping Resolution
  • Packing Revolution 101
  • Packing Geek
  • Packing Nerd
  • Packing Genius
  • Genius Packing
  • Sealed Packaging
  • Packaging Holdings
  • Sure Wrap Packaging
  • Good Wrap Packaging
  • Packaging Possible
  • Hola Packaging
  • Excel Packaging
  • Brilliant Packing & Wrapping Services
  • Keeping It Wrapped
  • Keep It Sealed
  • Packaging Business Co.
  • Safe Wrapping Inc.
  • Package Freak
  • Package Academy
  • Sealed Co.
  • Big Box Buddy
  • That’s a Wrap
  • Fine-Closed Packaging
  • FinePACK Inc.
  • Packed For You
  • Packaging Blues Co.
  • Packaging Daily
  • Always Packaging
  • PackLab
  • Wrapping Pack
  • Wrap Master
  • Boxed Package In The Works
  • Make It Packaged
  • Boxed, Wrapped To-Go
  • EZ Packing
  • Packaging Made Easy
  • Open Packaging
  • Infinite Packaging
  • PackageWrap Sealed
  • Wrap It All
  • Wrap All-Around
  • Package Whenever
  • Package Quest
  • Superior Packaging
  • SuperWrap
  • Crafty Packaging

Plastic bags are very common packaging because they can store a variety of products like food, clothes, shoes, and many more.

What kinds of packaging options are available?

Packaging options aren’t exclusive to just plastic or carton. Let’s explore the most popular packaging options to better enhance both your product and customer experience.

1.) Paperboard Boxes

This is made of paper-based material and is one of the more popular options as it is lightweight, durable, and can be very customizable. Its characteristics make it ideal to be used in personalized packaging and it also comes in different grades, allowing different types of packaging requirements from SBS paperboard.

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2.) Paper Bag

A number of retail businesses opt for paper bags as packaging options thanks to their convenience and cost-effective nature. A lot of grocery stores also use paper bags to reduce environmental issues and brand themselves as eco-friendly stores. Paper bags can also be affordably branded with a log or website URL and double as a promotional asset.

3.) Poly Bags (Plastic)

More commonly known as plastic bags, poly bags are made of flexible, thin, plastic film fabric. You can find poly bags in different stores as it is one of the commonly used types of packaging that can carry a variety of items such as food items, books, clothes, plants, as well as waste, and many more.

4.) Bottle & Cap Packaging

Bottle and cap packaging is usually used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other small products in the market. This packaging is affordable when bought in bulk, reusable and customizable depending on the manufacturer.

5.) Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are more durable than paperboard boxes. This packaging option is used mostly for sharper products and is widely used in different industries including candles and paper clips.

dough boys pizza truck

Pizza boxes are required for pizza businesses of all sizes.

6.) Rigid Luxury Bags

This type of packaging is usually used in high-end retail and electronic stores because they were made to provide the most durable and best-looking packaging for products. Rigid boxes are made of condensed paperboard and are four times thicker than standard paperboard. I’ve noticed that the ghost kitchen concept company Crave! Delivery is using this form of bag to deliver meals in my area.

7.) Side Gusset Bags

You can find side gusset bags in cafes, bakeries, and tea shops because this type of packaging product not only protects it from the outside, it also helps prevent bacteria while maintaining product flavor. Side gusset bags are also a popular choice when it comes to bedding and clothing as it helps them stay secure and tight.

8.) Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes or what people commonly refer to as cardboard, are usually used for shoe and storage boxes as well as shipping. The ones you see in smaller subscription mail typically use corrugated materials to keep products safe during shipping.

Both big brands and small businesses need to step up their game by creating awesome product packaging that reflects their brand message. Another way companies enhance their product packaging by making sure package is either eco-friendly or can be recycled.

No matter how you look at it, the packaging industry has more to offer and is large enough for more competition to enter the playing field. If you’re thinking about opening a packaging business, you’ll need a unique company name that innovates or specializes in a distinct type of package to ensure your brand stands out and has the best chance of success. I hope that the packaging company name samples and packaging type options helped prepare for your own packaging business venture.

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