During my vacation in Manila, my friend who was giving me a tour had me try the famous lechon. I learned Filipinos enjoy lechon on special occasions like birthday celebrations, fiestas, Christmas Day, and New Year’s eve. And when I tried it, I understood immediately why this meal is enjoyed for celebrations as it was unlike anything I’ve had before.

It’s roasted pork, which we do have in the United States but there was just something about it that was extra special due to the unique lechon sauce that’s made with bacon fat, garlic, onions, liver paste, vinegar, water, and brown sugar. To me, it looked a lot like gravy. The closest thing I can compare lechon to in the United States would be a pig roast.

It also had me thinking how popular that pork dish would be if it was more broadly known in America. I can imagine my brother chowing down just like he does plates of BBQ. I even joked about opening a restaurant that sells only lechon. Maybe this will happen some day.

Kidding aside, I’ve compile a large list of lechon slogans and business taglines for anyone who’s considered serving lechon in their hotel buffet, restaurant, or bistro menu. I truly believe this is a food item that could take off in popularity stateside in the coming years if more people discover it.

Lechon Slogans

  • Crispy Skin, Happy Grin
  • Toast To The Best Roast
  • Binge On The Fat Then Burn It
  • The Best Pork For Every Fork
  • Heaven In Every Plate; Joy For One’s Plate
  • Tender Pork, Crispy Skin; What A Sure Win
  • Crave It. Eye It. Dig In. Indulge!
  • Can’t Do Without You, Nana’s Lechon.
  • Let Every Corner Have One Now
  • Be Reckless, Forget Your Diet!
  • Give In To Your Cravings
  • Mouthwatering Indulgence
  • Love Me And My Apple
  • Park And Pork It
  • Unforgettable Moment Of Pleasure
  • My Obsession, My Lechon
  • No Fork? Only Pork
  • Healthy? Delicious! Nutritious? Delicious! That’s My Lechon!
  • My Heart Goes For You Mr. Piggy
  • Feel Heaven With Every Bite

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  • Red & Crispy, Tender & Juicy
  • Stuffed, Glazed, Roasted To Perfection
  • Makes A Table Really Festive
  • Red And Crispy, Pinch And Eat Me
  • The Perfect Taste
  • Level Up. Lechon For Snacks!
  • Fragrant And Flavorful. Steve’s Lechon
  • Non-Stop Binging
  • Each Bite You Can’t Forget
  • Chunky Skin, Tender Meat. Perfect Combination
  • Enjoy Life! Have A Lechon
  • Cute, Fat, Yummy Lechon
  • Stuff Them Big
  • Fight For My Lechon
  • Lechon That Makes You Feel Good

Celebrations aren’t complete without lechon in the Philippines.

Lechon Captions

  • What a yummy stuffed pig!
  • Money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy lechon. So money can buy happiness!
  • The real star of any celebration! What people look for & line up for!
  • The ever mouthwatering lechon makes a table glow!
  • Piglets give more tender meat.
  • The sauce can make the difference
  • Can you see how succulent the meat is?
  • The crispiest skin ever. Have a bite!
  • Dig in and enjoy!
  • The best sight in any gathering!
  • Oven-roasted lechon. Why not?
  • Still the best, charcoal-roasted lechon!
  • My forever fave, Philippine lechon!
  • See that shiny orange-colored skin? Want to have a pinch?
  • Suckling pigs for the best results!
  • Tender, loving care from harvesting the pig to roasting it.
  • Stuff it with various ingredients for that delectable taste!
  • Roast them slowly over charcoal. Can’t wait?
  • Lechon and rice, the perfect combination!
  • Have a lechon to have a really grand celebration!
  • Taste the Cebu lechon and you’ll surely say, “Wow! No need for anything else!”
  • Laloma in Quezon City is referred to as the Lechon capital of the Philippines.
  • What a sight to behold!

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  • Skewed pigs on long bamboo sticks.
  • The perfect lechon is one with red and crispy skin.
  • I always count the days when we could celebrate and should have a lechon.
  • Forget your troubles. Fill up your tummy.
  • Feel sorry for the suckling pig? Of course not!
  • No need for anything else. Just lechon. Period.
  • Lechon ribs. My favorite!
  • At least once a week is enough! My forever Sunday lunch!
  • Lechon and beer. The best!
  • Check BP later. Have a grand meal first!
  • Look at that brown and crunchy skin!
  • Just one pinch, then another, and another, and another..
  • Wait, just another bite, please.
  • Is it a sin to eat such crispy skin?
  • This is the most fragrant and flavorful lechon I have ever tasted.
  • Filipinos and lechons make a perfect match!
  • No time wasted when lechon is in the menu.
  • Lechon for brunch? The perfect way to start a day!
  • Killing me softly with every bite. I don’t care!
  • Follow the scent. Fill your tummy.
  • Flavorful flesh, crunchy skin.
  • Find happiness in every crunch!
  • Filled my eyes first, then my tummy!
  • Nothing else but lechon ribs!
  • That smile of satisfaction!
  • Leave me here. I have to finish this!
  • I craved for you. Now I have you in my hands!
  • I love watching the lechon being slowly roasted!
  • Pork & charcoal are the best of friends!
  • Can’t wait! Roasted suckling pig!
  • Please pass the pork roast!
  • Lechon no more?
  • Leave it to me! I can clean everything!
  • My birthday sponsor, my greatest gift!
  • Let me have you now!
  • Slowly I can finish you up!

A mouthwatering serving of Lechon for dinner.

Lechon Business Taglines

  • Desiring, delectable, delicious.
  • Heaven in every pinch!
  • A dream come true!
  • Never full for you!
  • The greatest temptation of all!
  • Mind-blowing., mouth-watering Lechon
  • A taste of perfection!
  • Fill me up!
  • Soft and succulent! Sari’s Lechon!
  • Crunchy to the bite!
  • Hear the crunch! Taste the softness!
  • Pinch it! Dip it! Chew it and have a blast!
  • Savor the flavor!
  • Heaven on earth!
  • The best-tasting roasted meat!
  • Slowly glazed & roasted… Perfect for you!
  • Need satisfaction? Grab Sonny’s Lechon!
  • Nothing can match you! Mommy’s Lechon!
  • No frills needed! Fiona’s Cebu Lechon!
  • Extra rice for those extra bites.

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  • Me and my Perfect Mate, Mr. Piggy Maloney!
  • Not just a dream! Savor it!
  • Luscious and delectable. Lory’s Lechon!
  • Love that luscious taste!
  • Perfect pork, perfect life!
  • So succulent, so savory. Selina’s Lechon!
  • A taste of eternity!
  • Nothing can match you!
  • My forever fave, the flavorful Floyd’s Lechon.
  • Tummy’s love, Tommy’s Lechon!
  • Love that distinct taste.

Irresistible Lechon slices for lunch.

Lechon Quotes

  • “Best pig, ever!” – Anthony Bourdain
  • “The belly rules the mind.” – Spanish proverb
  • “I ate healthily, but there was no snacking, no drinking, no bread, no sugar, no smoking. Afterwards, I had a pork belly roast.” – Benedict Cumberbatch
  • “ Cooking certain dishes, like roast pork, reminds me of my mother.” – Maya Angelou

“To light a lamp as a source of light is about as wasteful of energy as to burn down one’s house to roast one’s pork.” – J. B. S. Haldane

  • “On Christmas Eve, we have a duck or roast pork, with caramelized potatoes, braised red cabbage and gravy. For dessert, we have ris a l’mande,  a rice pudding and whoever gets the whole almond in it wins an extra present. Then we dance around the tree and sing carols.” – Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
  • “Every Sunday we have pan-fried chicken and we will have an alternative meal, roast beef, roast pork, baked ham, something like that, keeping in tradition with our family.” – Eddie Smith

“Roast beef and yorkshire or roast pork and apple sauce, followed up by suet pudding and driven home, as it were, by a cuo of mahogany-brown tea, have put you in just the right mood… In these blissful circumstances, what is it that you want to read about? Naturally about a murder.” – George Orwell

  • “My faith does not lead me to think the Lord will provide us with roast pig, bread already buttered, etc,. He will provide us with the ability to raise the grain.” – Brigham Young
  • “If I could, I would hug you but your roast pork belly has slain me with joy.” – Andrew

Pig Roast Marketing Slogans

  • My #1 love!
  • Red and crunchy, soft but meaty!
  • Second to nothing!
  • My first, my last, my everything!
  • Fragrant, crunchy, tender…what else are you looking for?
  • Yes, to die for!
  • Fragrant and flavorful, fleshy and filling!
  • Craving satisfied! Tummy filled!
  • Smell it, taste it, and you’ll surely ask for more!
  • Nowhere else but here! Nothing else but this!
  • I’m roasting for you!
  • See, smell and taste to believe!
  • I got you under my skin!
  • Never, ever again will I look at somebody else, Mr. Oink-oink!
  • Love at first pinch!
  • Pig butts, my only love!
  • Stuffed and grilled! My pig roast!
  • Go all your way to get the best!

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  • Grilling party? Always with the best-roasted piggy!
  • Stuffed and roasted to perfection, my Mr. Piggy Roast!
  • Get the fork! Get the pork! Get the fork! Get the pork!
  • Crispiyicious! Tenderlicious!
  • Pig’s ears and butts, aren’t they the best?
  • Find me not only in your dreams!
  • Seasoned, stuffed, grilled, and roasted only for you!
  • The best invite – Pork Roast party!
  • Pig roast belly makes my legs turn jelly!
  • No matter how far you are, I should have you! Cebu Lechon!
  • I want the one with the apple!
  • Fall in line for the best!
  • The #1 roast on the coast!
  • Always the birthday sponsor!
  • See the new year with me!
  • The greatest feast day sponsor of all!
  • Leave your party to me!
  • The plate cleaner!
  • The best roast down the valley and off the coast!
  • Follow that crackling sound.
  • Every bite makes you want for more!
  • Red and crunchy for every pinch!
  • Follow your cravings!
  • Follow your whim!
  • Fit for a king! Fleshy and crispy!

Preparing the star of the party!

Pork Slogans

  • Wine and swine!
  • Pork in a fork! Perfect!
  • Pork & beans forever!
  • Pork-like crazy!
  • Roast pork with crackling skin…Whew! Mindblowing!
  • Pork on my left, pork on my right! Oh, the best sight!
  • My Christmas wish? Beer & perfectly seasoned pork!
  • Pork be with you!
  • Pork and bread! Pork and rice! Whatever!
  • Good mood = good food!
  • Pork + garlic + charcoal = Heaven
  • Let it pork, let it pork, let it pork!
  • My happy meal, pork, and rice!
  • Meet and meat!
  • Name it, we pork it!
  • Virtual hogs and kisses!
  • Pork and pork only!
  • The sweetest swine ever!
  • Pork in my heart forever!
  • Taste the richness!
  • Got pork?
  • Be bacon. Be calm. Be me. Be meat.
  • Zoom meat!
  • Google meat!
  • The sweetest swine ever!
  • Fork your way to happiness!
  • Meat me in the fork!
  • Smell and taste heaven!
  • Swine-searching, meat-driven!
  • Pork and eat!
  • Let’s meat and be happy!
  • Hog your neighbors!
  • Just for meat’s sake!
  • Pork is forever!
  • Pork is it! Always!
  • Porkin’ and loving it!
  • Beer and pork to grill..the best!
  • Pork and rice and everything nice!
  • Meat me in the morning, meat me in the evening, meat me any time of the day!
  • A joyous pork day to all!
  • Happy pork day to you! Happy pork day to you!
  • Till we meat again, my love!
  • Worth the miles!
  • Worth the wait!
  • Meat my wife!
  • Cravings satisfied!
  • Hungry? Run for your pork!

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