Knives have been around in one form or another since the earliest days of man. From the first stone flint blades of early man more than 2.6 million years ago to the first metal knives of the Bronze Age, knives have played an important part in human history. Not only as weapons, but also as tools and eating utensils. Today, sales of knives, from kitchen knives to combat knives, reach almost 100 billion dollars for the U.S. Anglers and hunters spend alone spend on around $65 billion dollars on knives annually.

Knife companies are a growing business in the U.S. thanks in large part due to growth of the cutlery market. While this is a growth opportunity, choosing a name for our knife brand can be challenging due to the number of existing competitors. With knives being sold commercially for literally hundreds of years, you’ll need to think hard to come up with a unique brand name and clear differentiators for your blades. Here are the best brand names we could come up with for a knife businesses organized by specialty.

Kitchen Knife Company Name Ideas

Kitchen knives come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on what they are used for

Kitchen knives come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on what they are used for

Believe it or not, the global kitchen knife market is valued at over $1 billion with annual growth projections expected through 2025. There are two categories of knifes used to make kitchen knifes: hand forged and stamped blades. The difference is that hand-forged knifes are heated, hammered and pounded from a single piece of steal to form the blade. Think of an old-school blacksmith hammering away at a knife and perfecting it’s shape. A stamped knife is formed from a single sheet of steel using something similar to a cookie cutter.

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Top brands such as Victorinox or Sabatier have been around for years, but you should be able to come up with a name that is as unique as your blades and memorable. Take a look at our edgy name ideas for a kitchen knife brand.

  • Black Bear Blades
  • Blade Runner Knives
  • Brussles Knives
  • Chopper’s Knives
  • Concorde Knives
  • Cookie’s Blades
  • Corbeau Knives
  • Coutelas Blades
  • Damascus Blades
  • Der Dolch
  • Erdolchen Kitchenware
  • Erstechen Knives
  • Kicha Knives
  • Kitchener’s Knives
  • Klinge Steel
  • Küche Knives
  • Kutsilyo
  • Le Couteaux
  • L’épée
  • Messel Knives
  • Messer Knives
  • Poignarder
  • Rocket Blades
  • Scharf Messer
  • Steele Blaydes
  • Talim Steel
  • The Kitchen Knife Co.
  • Tranchante Steel
  • Trebbona Knives
  • Wooden Handles Knifeware

Pun Knife Company Name Ideas

Take comfort in the fact that your knives are as sharp as your wit

Take comfort in the fact that your knives are as sharp as your wit

Knives are no joke, but that doesn’t mean you cannot come up with a good pun to use for your knife brand name. If the idea is short and memorable, then can help make your knife company more popular than it would otherwise be.

Consider knives and what they are generally used for and you can come up with dozens, maybe even hundreds of pun names for knife companies just like we did here.

  • Blade HQ
  • Beaming Blades
  • Blaydz
  • Candiru Blades
  • Centurion Blades
  • Cold Steel
  • Cook’s Cutters
  • Cutting Room Knives
  • Daggerz
  • Diamond Blades
  • Essencut KNives
  • Foodmelt Blades
  • Foramen Blades
  • French Fangs
  • Justcut Blades
  • Knivz
  • Metalfit Knives
  • Papercut Knives
  • Perfecto Blades
  • Praetorian Knives
  • Razor Sharp Knives
  • Samurai Steel
  • Sharp’s Knives
  • Shogun Blades
  • Slicerz
  • Steeldust KNives
  • Stone-Age Stabbers
  • The Pig Stickers
  • The Stabber Knives
  • Warrior Blades

Funny Knife Company Name Ideas

Just don’t let them laugh at your knives, they are cutting edge

Just don’t let them laugh at your knives, they are cutting edge

Having a funny company name does not necessarily make you a joke. It demonstrates you have a sense of humor. And if your funny knife company name makes people laugh, they will remember it better. This propels sales and faster growth. So check out our list of the funniest knife company name ideas. They are definitely a cut above the rest.

  • 1,000 Cuts
  • Backstabberz
  • Bill Cuttings Knives
  • Blades of Glory
  • Chopperz
  • Chucky’s
  • Damocles Blades
  • Deadly Weapons
  • Get the Point
  • Gravity Knives
  • Handheld Cutting Devces
  • Knife of the Living Dead
  • Knife Sentence
  • Knifestyle Items
  • Knifeway Stores
  • Knives For Sale
  • Manual Slicers
  • McStabbins
  • Need Stitches
  • Pack the Knife
  • Puncture Perfect
  • Switch Blades
  • The Circle of Knife
  • The Cutting Edge
  • The Edge Blades
  • The Sharper Image
  • The Shiv
  • Toothpick Knives
  • Very Good Knives
  • Well Blades

Combat Knife Company Name Ideas

Dangerous and deadly, combat knives are designed to kill and maim

Dangerous and deadly, combat knives are designed to kill and maim

Combat knives need to be tough and hard, ready to be put to the test in dangerous situations. While some may consider the knife to be a weapon of the past, this small and easily-hidden weapon has its place in modern combat situations. Quiet, deadly, and precise, combat knives have a dark and bloody history.

If your company is selling combat knives, then your brand should be as dangerous as your blades. Check out this list of deadly combat-knife company names, to help you stay ahead of the competition in this industry.

  • Balisong Blades
  • Bayonet Blades
  • Bloodletters Blades
  • Bloody Blades
  • Bowie’s Blades
  • Broadswords
  • Commando’s Knives
  • Dirk’s Daggers
  • Facón Flames
  • Flatiron Knives
  • Foils Finest
  • Hammerman’s Knives
  • Impaler Knives
  • Karambit Blades
  • Kukri Cutters
  • Longswords
  • Marines Blades
  • Miséricorde
  • Navaja Knives
  • Nextcraft Knives
  • Phoenix Knife Company
  • Rage Blades
  • Samurai Combat
  • Sanmai Daggers
  • Seaux Knives
  • Serkeaux KNives
  • Stryker Blades
  • The Fighting Knives
  • Trench Knives
  • Widowmaker

Knife Store Name Ideas

A knife store can help you get ahead in the cut-throat world of knife sales

A knife store can help you get ahead in the cut-throat world of knife sales

Retail knife stores tend to sell a wide variety of knives, including culinary and those that are appropriate for fishing or the outdoors. Kitchen knives and combat/hunting knives do tend to have their own dedicated following, so if your brand is one of those, consider giving your knife store a specialty name that resonates with your customers. Here are a few suggestions.

  • A Cut Above
  • A Hard Day’s Knife
  • Bladez
  • Everything Slashes
  • Fly-By-Knife
  • For the Knife of Me
  • Have a Knife Day
  • Knife Going
  • Knife in the Fast Lane
  • Knife of the Party
  • Knife Rider Store
  • Knife to Meat You
  • Knife Weather
  • Mack the Knife’s
  • Mr. Knife Guy
  • Not the Blunt Way
  • Points of Interest
  • Prime of Knife
  • Quality of Knife
  • See my Point?
  • Slash and Hack
  • Stab Store
  • Take a Stab
  • The Blade Runner
  • The End is Knife!
  • The Good Knife
  • The Knife Fantastic
  • The Stabbin Cabin
  • Three Dog Knife
  • Way of Knife

Marketing for Knife Companies

Identifying the type of knife you’re planning to sell is an essential first step in setting yourself up for success in this industry. After you determine the type of knife you’re making, you can work backwards to figure out how to market the product to consumers. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of niche opportunities to serve.

Here are the big three knife markets we’ve identified. Within each of these major markets there are numerous submarkets.

  • Household: This includes kitchen knifes for home cooks or cutlery like steak knives for the dinner table.
  • Commercial: This includes businesses like restaurants, catering companies and professional chefs.
  • Outdoors: This category touches all sorts of submarkets like fishing, hunting, and survival.

Once you figure out who you’re serving, it makes the marketing side infinitely easier. You’re able to figure out exactly where to get your message out and what the marketing should look like. If you cater to fishermen as an example, an angler fishing on a lake at sunrise is the ideal imagery to include in an advertisement.

kitchen knives

A variety of kitchen knives.

After you’ve identified who you serve, it’s time to figure out where your target market hangs out either online or offline. Here are a few proven places established brands go to reach their customers.

  • Facebook: This social network is the biggest catalogue of human interests ever created. With Facebook, you can show your ads to anyone with an interest that’s valuable to your business. For example, you can run ads to professional chefs. You can show your ads to survivalists or restaurant owners. This is one of the best places to start getting feedback on your product.
  • Industry magazines and websites: There are niche magazines and websites that publish content about all sorts topics that make sense for a knife maker to get involved in. The website you’re reading now serves people that are interested in starting a food business. If you’re going to open a food business, you probably need some sort of culinary or chef knives so this would be a valuable group of people to get in front of.
  • Trade-shows and live events: Cooking trade shows or outdoor fishing shows can be the ideal place to reach new customers. These events give you the opportunity to conduct demonstrations showing the flexibility and usefulness of your blade.

If you’re starting a knife company, don’t forget to download our free food business model canvas with template here. This tool can help you map out a detailed strategy for the promotion of your company.

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