You’d think with the huge number of fish out there in the ocean, naming your company would like shooting fish in a barrel. But the reality is this is an important business decision with lasting implications. You have to make sure your company name has all the elements to capture customer attention and showcase what you have to offer.

Fishing is a more than sport or recreational activity. It’s a way of life for thousands of years. No matter the approach you plan to implement for your company, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of our top ideas from a brain-storm sessions, we’ve organized by category below.

Best Charter Fishing Company Names

fishing boats

Ready to set sail with a fishing business?

When it comes to serious names for your fishing company, there are literally thousands you can choose from. You can start with your name, or your location, or even your dog, if you want to. Fido’s Fishing Charters does have a nice ring to it. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Charter fishing is a major growing industry in the US over the last six years, with an average industry growth of more than four percent per year, according to independent survey statistics. Here are our suggestions in this category:

  • The Charter Fishing Company (Yes, we did!)
  • Off The Dock
  • Bluewater Fishing
  • The Hook Fishing Co.
  • The Fishing King
  • The Big Fish Co.
  • Fish & Co.
  • The Fresh Fish Co.
  • The Fisher Kings
  • Kingfishers
  • Island Fishing Co.
  • Daily Fishing Co.
  • Freshwater Fishing Co.
  • Tuna Fishing Co.
  • Sharky’s Fishing Co.
  • Ocean’s Bounty Fishing Co.
  • Permier Fishing Co.
  • Aquatica Fishing
  • Aqua Fisher
  • Coastal Fishing Co.
  • Shoreline Fishing Co.
  • Salmon Fishing Co.
  • Trout Fishing Co.
  • Seabass Fishing Co.
  • First Catch Fishing Co.
  • Trident Fishing Co.
  • Atlantis Fishing Co.
  • Oceanic Fishing Co.
  • Pacific Fishing Co.
  • Atlantic Fishing Co.
  • Antarctic Fishing Co.
  • West Coast Fishing Co.
  • East Coast Fishing Co.
  • Prestige Fishing Co.
  • Marine Fishing Co.
  • Seasurf Fishing Co.
  • Dark Waters Fishing Co.
  • Blue Waves Fishing Co.
  • Surf Crest Fishing Co.
  • Whitewater Fishing Co.
  • Icewater Fishing Co.
  • Wild Waters Fishing Co.
  • Seven Seas Fishing Co.
  • Ocean’s Seven Fishing Co.
  • South Seas Fishing
  • Far North Fishing Co.
  • Arctic Waters Fishing Co.
  • Great Lakes Fishing Co.
  • Bermuda Fishing Co.
  • Caribbean Fishing Co.

Tackle and Bait Company Names

fishing hooks

A variety of multi-color fishing bait.

If you plan to start a bait and tackle shop we have a wide range of names you can use. Fishing tackle and bait gives you a vast vocabulary of terms you can utilize with a bit of creativity. There are any number of funny, amusing, or downright silly bait and tackle shop names you can spin up.

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the US with more than 49 million people going fishing each year, according to Statista. Whether you plan to start a brick-and-mortar bait shop or an e-commerce store selling supplies there’s an avid market of consumers ready to serve.

  • Stay Fresh Bait Co.
  • Hook, Line, & Sinker
  • Rod’s Reels
  • Bait-o-rama
  • Live n Kickin’ Bait Shop
  • Breadfish Bait Co.
  • Tickle my Tackle
  • Fishland
  • Baitland
  • Tackle Heaven
  • Bob’s Bait Shop
  • Buy-you Bait Shop
  • The Rusty Hook
  • All Things Angling
  • Fishaholics
  • The Master Baiter
  • The Stinky Bait Co.
  • Bobber Down Bait Co.
  • Darth Baiter’s
  • Man vs. Fish
  • The Bait House
  • Bait Galore
  • Best Baits Fishing Shop
  • Droppers and Poppers
  • Slash’s Bait n Tackle
  • Swimmers Tackle Shop
  • Baitworks
  • Billy’s Baits n Bobs
  • The Fishing Wizard
  • Bedabaits
  • The Rod Gallery
  • Tackle Treasures
  • Bait by the Barrel
  • Bucket-O-Bait
  • Top Tackle Shop
  • Tickler’s Tackles
  • Rod n Line
  • The Hot Line
  • Rivers and Gills
  • The Angling Center
  • On-Line Anging Shop
  • Weights & Floats
  • Weight And Sea
  • Total Tackle Fishing Shop
  • Jigaholic’s
  • Fishing Rod’s Tackle Shop
  • To Tackle the Bait
  • Intelligent Fishing
  • The Sea Bass Tackle Shop
  • Squid Ward’s Tackle Shop

Funny Fishing Company Names

fishing rod

Rod and reel.

Instead of being serious, you can always opt to go for the more amusing options when thinking up your fishing business. Who says it has to be serious? Fishing is a serious enough business for anglers, but they do like to have fun as well. And there’s no better way to capture someone’s attention than by being a little bit silly to help you stand out in the school.

  • Fishing For You
  • Still A Float
  • Float your Boat
  • Fish for Thought
  • Catcha Fish Co.
  • Reel Fishing
  • Something Fishy
  • Captain Codfish
  • The Catfish Catchers
  • The Friendly Fishing Co.
  • Captain Nemo’s
  • The River God
  • Bait Me
  • We’re Hooked
  • Hooked on You
  • Death Roe
  • Just Castin’
  • Flying Fish Co.
  • Hooked On Fish
  • Gotta Bite
  • The Rusty Bucket
  • Snapper Fishing
  • The Long Fin
  • Squidco
  • Jayar Hartlee
  • Eeley Dan’s Fishing Co.
  • Bigga Boats Fishing Co
  • Below Decks Fishing
  • Trawl n Hawl Fishing Co.
  • Findin’ Fishes
  • Fishin’ 4U
  • Bubblegum Shrimp
  • Crestofawave Fishing Co.
  • The Catfish Fishing
  • Fishing4Fish
  • The Mighty Minnow
  • Blue’s Marlins Fishing
  • Ten Little Fishes
  • Catch A Fish Alive
  • Plenty of Fish in the Sea
  • The Gold Fish Co.
  • The Slippery Fish Co.
  • Captain Codfish Fishing Co.
  • Baby Shark Fishing Co.
  • Fish Out Of Water Co.
  • Bigger Fish to Fry
  • Catching Nemo/Dory
  • Billy the Fish Co.
  • Jellyfish Fishing
  • Ace of Bass Fishing

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How to Name your Fishing Business


A pair of anglers.

While naming your company is a business decision, it’s also a personal decision. There are some things that can only come from your location, sense of humor, or specialty.

First, if you are planning on going online to advertise or set up a website to give your business visibility then consider something short and explains to consumers exactly what you do. The most obvious names will be claimed, but there’s still plenty of quality brands waiting to be brought to life.

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Using your own name can work too especially when it comes to advertising. Insert your name + Fishing Company or Charter Company can give people a sense of personal service. And personal service is exactly what avid anglers want when hiring out a service like this.

Think about the specific services you offer and find a way to build a brand around it. If you’re a charter fishing business for example then having a name that conveys this is brilliant.

If you are a bait and tackle shop business, your options are endless, and you can use the possible puns and play on the words a little to make the name more attractive. John’s Tackle may not be as inviting for anglers as John’s Bait and Tackle Shop, but the pun makes it more fun, not to mention more memorable. Just try not to make the double-entendre’s too blatant.

Use your hometown or location of the fishing if you can. It can be a good idea to advertise where they will be fishing, to give the customer an idea of where they will be going. You don’t want to be called Pacific Fishing if your port is in Florida. Similarly, you can name your tackle shop after the lake or river which you are situated closest to. This approach creates an immediate association with your brand, even if it’s the first time in your tackle shop.

These are just a handful of proven ways to develop and original brand name. What type of fishing business do you plan to start? Let us know in the comments below.

fishing company name ideas

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