In 2019, 19.6 million jobs were made possible by food-related businesses and agriculture. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), organic acreage more than quadrupled over the past few decades. As customers preferences for healthy foods grown responsibly increases, the organic industry is going to bring with it even more career opportunities.

And while food sells itself, you’ll still need an enticing marketing slogan to promote your family farm or agricultural company. Below are more than 200 taglines you can use to market your organic farming, urban farming, and other agriculture business organized by theme.

Organic Farming Marketing Slogans

Live an organic life.

Advocate for clean and green fruits and vegetables with these slogan ideas:

  • Farming for a better future
  • Keeping it natural
  • It’s the healthy way
  • Our healthy pursuit to a better life.
  • Natural farming is our passion
  • Passionately natural
  • Taking the farming experience to a healthier route
  • Taking care of the planet with organic farming.
  • Every day is a good day to go organic
  • Respect the planet. Go organic.
  • Feeding the world organically
  • Clean. Green. Respectable.
  • Our way of caring for the future
  • If it’s good for the planet, it’s good for you too.
  • Harvesting goodness
  • Feeding the world with naturally delicious good food
  • Keeping the natural state of things.
  • Producing healthy eats for everyone
  • Treating the environment with care
  • We’re a community that cares
  • Farming organically for a healthy lifestyle
  • Organic farming is responsible living
  • The real fruits of the earth
  • Simply naturally delicious
  • Planting and harvesting the natural way
  • Providing an organic filled world

Slogans for Agricultural Companies

Promote your local agriculture business.

  • Sharing nature’s gifts
  • Good health comes from good soil
  • The best food comes from a farmer’s harvest
  • Harvested with love
  • We know our own produce
  • Where everything is grown with patience and care
  • Proudly sustainable. Proudly local.
  • Where everything starts
  • Harvesting a better living
  • Planting for a better tomorrow
  • Where people and nature co-exist in harmony

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  • Feeding the world one crop at a time
  • The leaders of agriculture
  • Providing the world with nature’s gifts
  • Because good food comes from caring hands and a rich soil
  • From the good farm
  • Bringing you the finest products
  • Sharing the goodness of nature
  • When we care for the soil, the soil gives back.
  • We harvest love
  • Let’s turn to nature for the future
  • Experience the earth’s goodness
  • Nature at its best
  • Providing your natural needs
  • Choose nature today
  • Improving lives with fresh produce

Farming Taglines

Support small farmers.

  • Your friendly and reliable farmer heroes.
  • Promoting food sustainability.
  • Nutritional food is the way.
  • Fresh produce made possible with caring hands.
  • We’re one with Mother Nature.
  • Handling the soil with love and care.
  • The natural choice.
  • We hold the future in our hands.
  • Plant now. Harvest later.
  • We are third generation family farmers.
  • Saving the world with one crop at a time.
  • Adding more greens to your daily lifestyle.
  • Better farming makes better food.
  • Pulled by hand from the Earth.
  • Making the world truly a better place to live in.
  • Farming: An intimate Relationship With Earth.
  • Harvesting abundant happiness.
  • We’re all about feeding the future.
  • We cultivate with love.
  • Tending to all things with utmost care and love.
  • Proud to provide natural eats.
  • Keeping the world well-nourished.
  • Always moving towards the future.
  • Sharing nature’s treasures all year round.
  • What real heroes do.
  • Nature’s gifts in our hands.
  • Providing many with clean, green, and fresh produce.
  • Cultivating the soil for a wonderful tomorrow.
  • We are foods caretakers.

Agricultural Taglines

From farm to table.

  • Solving hunger.
  • Healthy living starts here.
  • The agricultural way is our past, present, and future.
  • Making a better world through healthy eats.
  • Feeding the future.
  • Handling the goodness of nature.
  • We make healthy living possible.
  • Life is better through agriculture.
  • Feeding the world for a better future.
  • Teaming up with nature for a beautiful tomorrow.
  • Because the finest products come from caring hands.
  • Nature is our boss.
  • The leaders of nature.
  • Filling the land with joy.

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  • Delicious and sustainable crop alternatives.
  • Feeding people since time immemorial.
  • Knowing our roots.
  • All things natural.
  • Connecting you to Mother Earth.
  • Producing nourishment for the body and soul.
  • Sharing food to the world.
  • Agri living is the best living.
  • Making clean and good food possible.
  • We know the best ways to love the earth.
  • The core of life.
  • Cultivating new ideas.
  • Planting quality.
  • Socially responsible plant growers.

Slogans about the Importance of Food and Agriculture

Eat clean and green.

  • It is in the food we eat that we get to nourish both the body and soul.
  • Agriculture is a timeless practice that will continue on in the future.
  • Farming is both waiting and working.
  • The world will always need farmers.
  • Plant faithfully for you will harvest bountifully.
  • Civilization exists because of the help of agriculture.
  • Your pursuit of healthy living starts in agriculture.
  • Good food leads to a healthier future.
  • A farmer’s hands are precious.
  • Sharing food strengthens a community.
  • A bright future means a strong agriculture.
  • Agriculture today makes tomorrow possible.

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  • Experience the wonders of nature.
  • Feeding the people means caring for the world.
  • Inspire others to live a clean and green life.
  • Farmers are true quiet heroes.
  • It is in farming where one learns about patience.
  • Clean and green food makes for a clean and green community.
  • Supporting local food means supporting local farmers.
  • In a loving relationship with Mother Nature.
  • Sustainable eats come from selfless hearts.
  • The spirit of innovation lives in agriculture.
  • Let the earth thrive in the goodness of humans’ hearts.
  • Nature is generous for one harvest can already feed so many.
  • Strengthen agriculture and build communities.
  • Sow. Reap. Share. Repeat.

Urban Farming Slogans

Urban farming practices.

Urban farming or urban agriculture is the practice of growing products in the big city for commercial activity. This differs from home gardening where the products you harvest are meant to be sold rather than for personal consumption.

Urban farms are already supply products to over 700 million city residents. If you’re looking to be in the business of urban agriculture, these slogans will help you market your business get noticed.

  • Letting food travel within the city
  • Spread fresh produce
  • Locally grown produce in the big city
  • Fresh produce within your reach
  • Feeding the world one city at a time
  • Bringing freshness closer to the city
  • We farm anywhere
  • Green produce even in the city
  • Bringing the farms closer to you
  • Even fresh produce grows in the concrete jungle
  • Farming is possible anywhere
  • Making urban living clean and green
  • The front line of the city’s food system
  • Making urban living feel great again
  • Mission urban farming possible
  • Fresh produce just a block away
  • Bringing healthy food production accessible near you
  • Involving the community with urban farming
  • Food security through urban farming
  • Pursuing the passion for agriculture near you
  • Be educated. Start urban farming.
  • Locally-grown and sustainable eats right in the city
  • Reuse and recycle through urban farming
  • Urban farming: the next best thing
  • City living just got even more interesting
  • Endless possibilities for clean living right in the heart of the city

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