Believe it or not city slickers. Cattle ranching remains an essential business with almost 27 billion pounds of beef consumed each year. All that ground round needs to be fed by someone.

There are more than 6 million head of cattle on ranches in the top-three beef producing states: Texas, Nebraska, and Kansas. There are more more than 14 million head on cattle across the United States. As you can see from the data, there are plenty of bovine mouths to feed.

If you’re thinking about entering this industry, our experts organized some of the best cattle feed company name ideas still available. Click the category link below to jump the section that best aligns with the vision for your brand.

Cattle Feed Brand Name Ideas

Yum…. Cattle feed.

Cattle feed brand names need to compete in a market where the competition is well entrenched and building loyalty with generations of ranchers. As a result, you’ll need a brand name that stands out from the herd.

  • Cattle Carry Cattle Feed
  • Cool Feeds Cattle Feed
  • The New Open Range
  • Cornerstone Cattle Feed
  • Thick Cattle Fodder
  • The Steakhouse Provisions
  • Raging Bull Grub
  • Johnson’s Cow Food
  • Curious Cows Feeds
  • Ever Feed
  • Dairy Dex Cattle Feed
  • Feed Breeders Feeds
  • Cattle Barley
  • Patriot Fodder
  • Grass & Grub
  • Freddie’s Feedbag
  • FoodSpots Cattle Feed
  • GreatMade Cattle Feed
  • Green Hills Cattle Feed
  • Happy Horns Cattle Feed
  • Fat Fodder
  • Harness High Herd Feeds
  • Health Star Cattle Feed
  • The Fat Cattle
  • Healthy Trail Cattle Feed
  • Hillgrazers Cattle Feed
  • Hillside Ranch Feeds
  • Longhorn Cattle Feed
  • Muddy Moos Cattle Feed
  • Big Cattle Feed
  • RoundFeed Cattle Feed
  • TruRanch Distributors
  • Verbal Vista Cattle Feed
  • Able Feeder Cattle Feed
  • Big Daddy Moods Cattle Feed
  • Feed Thy Cattle
  • Fine Choice Cattle Feed
  • FreshVille Cattle Feed
  • Black Bull Grains
  • Healthy Heifer Feed
  • Miss Ration
  • Scottish Highlander Rations
  • Superior Cattle Feed

Organic Cattle Feed Company Names


Just like food for humans, organic livestock feed is becoming more widely available as well. This feed will cost a bit more, but using this type of feed also offers ranchers the opportunity to pass the cost along to their customers by positioning the beef as a premium to other farms.

  • Farmers Organic Cattle Feed
  • Good Earth Cattle Feed
  • Green Corral Cattle Feed
  • Health Direct Cattle Feed
  • Healthy Harvest Cattle Feed
  • Hearty Harvest Cattle Feed
  • LoveGreen Cattle Feed
  • Mighty Grass Cattle Feed
  • Mighty Green Cattle Feed
  • Morning Bounty Cattle Feed
  • Natural Nurture Cattle Feed
  • OurSoil Cattle Feed
  • Prairie Food Cattle Feed
  • Aspire Organic Cattle Feed
  • BetterLand Cattle Feed
  • EarthJoy Cattle Feed
  • EnviroMart Cattle Feed
  • Eternal Organic Cattle Feed
  • FarmBounty Cattle Feed
  • Fresh Hills Cattle Feed
  • Fresh Origin Cattle Feed
  • Golden Meadow Cattle Feed
  • GoodGreen Cattle Feed
  • GreenTwist Cattle Feed
  • Nature harvest Cattle Feed
  • Northern Organic Cattle Feed
  • Pure Soil Cattle Feed
  • Super Organic Cattle Feed
  • Tulips Organic Cattle Feed
  • Urban Eden Cattle Feed

Livestock Feed Business Names

Chicken feed is another option to provide ranchers.

General livestock feed businesses can produce fodder for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, and even pets. The wider the range of food means much larger sales and revenue potential. Just make sure the brand name matches the segment you intend to serve. Here are some ideas.

  • Beautiful Chicken Feeds
  • Betterox Feeds
  • Poultry Dinner
  • Feed Collective Feeds
  • ZefariQ Feeds
  • Acrebees Feeds
  • AnimalPokes Feeds
  • BrownWave Feeds
  • Daily Select Feed
  • DailyBuy Cattle Feed
  • Oink Oink Animal Feed
  • Direct Mart Feeds
  • Fighting Feeds
  • Five Friends Feeds
  • Freshway Feeds
  • Harvest Moon Feeds
  • Level Feeds
  • Lucille White Feeds
  • Make Mill Feeds
  • Momma Feeds
  • Mr Feathers Feeds
  • Nature Fresh Feed
  • Nature Way Feed
  • Poultry World Feeds
  • Premier Mart Feeds
  • PrimoSpace Feeds
  • Roswell Feeds
  • SpringMart Feed
  • Urban Feeds
  • Urban Move Feeds
  • Urban Orchid Feeds

List of Top Animal Feed Companies

These are the established companies.

There are thousands of small and corporate livestock feed companies around the world. Here are the top 30 feed companies from the United States (in no particular order) to inspire your venture.

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  • Archer Daniels Midland Company
  • Because Animals
  • Bimeda
  • De Heus Animal Nutrition
  • EASME – EU Executive Agency for SMEs
  • Embark Veterinary
  • Embion Technologies
  • Fane Valley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Hargol FoodTech
  • High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • Hygain Holdings
  • Kima Ventures
  • La Coop fédérée
  • Land O’ Lakes
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Manna Pro Products
  • Planktonic AS
  • Polaris Partners
  • Pond Technologies
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Shelterluv
  • SOSV
  • SV Angel
  • Y Combinator
  • Ÿnsect
  • Zinpro Corp.
  • FoodFul
  • Whitefest Made
  • The Humane Society of the United States

Cattle Feed Company Name Ideas in India

Cattle in India.

India actually has a very few cattle feed manufacturers and this is a fairly open market with gaps to be filled. So if you’re considering opening up a cattle feed company in Indian, we have a list of catchy name options.

  • Agronyl Cattle Feeds
  • Bio Stix Cattle Feeds
  • Biofeed Feeds
  • Bionfet Cattle Feeds
  • BioVita Cattle Feeds
  • Brebb Feeds
  • Bypron Cattle Feeds
  • Cattshakti Feeds
  • East India Cattle Co.
  • Dexx Cattle Feeds
  • Feedmix Feeds
  • Goldstrong Cattle Feeds
  • Klentt Feeds
  • Massmix Feeds
  • North India Cow Company
  • MetaFood Feeds
  • Milkana Cattle Feeds
  • Milkovita Feeds
  • Mysteva Cattle Feeds
  • Nirtexx Cattle Feeds
  • Nutralyn Feeds
  • Nutripurna Cattle Feeds
  • Orgafeed Feeds
  • Predicta Feeds
  • Probust Feeds
  • Roddent Cattle Feeds
  • Sollon Feeds
  • Superova Cattle Feeds
  • Truefeed Cattle Feeds
  • Vitawill Feeds
  • White Ace Cattle Feeds
  • Wholefeed Feeds

Is the cattle feed business profitable?

Two hungry cows.

There are literally thousands of cattle feed companies operating around the world. In the United States alone, the cattle feed market is valued at $74 billion. This is a legitimate industry that isn’t going anywhere as long as humans continue consuming beef, chicken, and other animal protein.

Of course if you really want to make money in this industry it comes down to scale. While the revenue of these companies is impressive, these businesses only make sense if you’re able to scale to sell tens of thousands bags of fees annually to turn a respectable profit after expenses.

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Take for example a 50 pound bag of Producer’s Pride Cattle Cubes from Tractor Supply Co. sells for $12.49 at the time of writing. While it’s impossible for us to know exactly what the profit margin is per bag, you can bet that it’s low. We’re talking well under a dollar per bag low. This means you’ve got to think about starting a feed business with enormous volume for this to be a viable venture.

As with any other farming-related industry, it has its off seasons, but in general, if you can produce and store the feeds, and include Green fodder grown vertically via hydroponics. This can help increase yield up to seven times. This can help you manage to produce quality feeds even in dry spells.

Cattle feed industry statistics

Up close and personal.

The cattle feed industry is worth $ 74 billion in the United States alone. The global feeds market produces around 47.52% of the world’s animal feeds and is mostly located in China. The United States only produces 12.87% of the world’s livestock feeds, but consumes the majority of beef.

More than 74 million tons of feed is consumed by cattle each year in the United States. These herds are fed by 5,715 mills that produce livestock feeds across the country.

Responsible for some 944,000 jobs in America today, the industry is responsible for paying over $56 billion in wages every year and accounts for $22.5 billion in local, state, and national taxes, according to the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA).

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