A bake sale has always been a great way to raise funds for schools, churches, social clubs, and other worthy causes. As awesome money-making ideas with little to no capital required because the goods are normally donated, few things can beat bake sales to help bring people together and support a worthy cause.

Christmas is also the ideal time to host this type of charitable event. It’s a celebration of giving and putting others needs ahead of your own. Not only are people already getting into the Christmas spirit, but the process of baking cookies, cakes, pies, and muffins is the ideal way to spend time together.

The benefits of hosting a Christmas bake sale are many, but coming up with a catchy name for the event isn’t always easy. If you’re planning a bake sale, check out these awesome festive name ideas available for use below.

Christmas Bake Sale Name Ideas

Christmas bake sale banner.

Christmas is the perfect time to support those in need. For those running fundraisers for the holiday season, a Christmas bake sale is the ideal opportunity to raise funds while connecting with others. Here are some of the best names ideas we could come up with.

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  • Night Before Christmas Bake Sale
  • The Xmas Bakery
  • Santa’s Cookie Fundraiser
  • Xmas Lights Bake Sale
  • Christmas Delight Bake Sale
  • Christmas Gift Bake Sale
  • Christmas is Coming Bake Sale.
  • Christmas is Here Bake Sale
  • Christmas Miracle Bake Sale
  • Christmas Mood Bake Sale
  • Christmas Wishes Bake Sale
  • Come Santa Bake Sale
  • Cristmus Wave Bake Sale
  • Dreamy Santa Bake Sale
  • Free Santa Bake Sale
  • Funny Santa Bake Sale
  • Guaranteed Christmas Bake Sale
  • Just in Time for Christmas Bake Sale
  • Only On Christmas Bake Sale
  • Santa Batches Bake Sale
  • Santa Cartel Bake Sale
  • Santa Cloud
  • Santa Dive
  • Santa Love Bake Sale
  • Santa Wishes Bake Sale
  • Santa Wood Bake Sale
  • Santa’s Bake Sale
  • Satisfied Santa Bake Sale
  • Secret Santa Bake Sale
  • Take The Cake Bake Sale
  • Time Of Christmas Bake Sale
  • Traditional Christmas Bake Sale

Christmas Bake Sale Name Ideas for School

Schools are a popular place for holding a bake sale to help pay for the Christmas parties or support community members that have hit hard times.

Finding the right name for a Christmas bake sale can be troublesome, but our selection of names should give you an idea of what you can use. We believe the school name is often the best and lowest effort option here.

  • Academy Christmas Bake Sale
  • College Christmas Bake Sale
  • Cypress University Christmas Bake Sale
  • Foundations Academy Christmas Bake Sale
  • Green Sprout Christmas Bake Sale
  • Kinderhaus Christmas Bake Sale
  • Learning Tree Christmas Bake Sale
  • Maple Ridge School Christmas Bake Sale
  • Martin Luther King University Christmas Bake Sale
  • Oakwood Grammar School Christmas Bake Sale
  • Passion Education Christmas Bake Sale
  • Ravenwood High Christmas Bake Sale
  • Secondary School Christmas Bake Sale
  • Technical School Christmas Bake Sale
  • University Christmas Bake Sale
  • Westview Kindergarten Christmas Bake Sale

Holiday Bake Sale Name Ideas

The bake sale name does not actually need to be for Christmas time specifically. There are other holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanza celebrated during this time of year. There are others that don’t want to associate events with a specific religious holiday in an effort to avoid leaving people out.

  • A Christmas Party Bake Sale
  • A December to Remember Bake Sale
  • Annual Goodwill Bake Sale
  • Annual Snow Ball Bake Sale
  • Bay Ridge Christmas Bake Sale
  • Bella Christmas Bake Sale
  • Blitzen’s Ball Bake Sale
  • Classy Christmas Bake Sale
  • Festive Fiesta Bake Sale
  • Frosty Fest Bake Sale
  • Happy Holiday Christmas Bake Sale
  • Holiday Hoedown Bake Sale
  • Holly Holiday Bake Sale
  • Jingle Ball Bake Sale
  • Jingle Bell Bake Sale
  • Jolly Jamboree Bake Sale
  • Merry Little Christmas Bake Sale
  • Mistletoe Mania Bake Sale
  • Rudolf’s Rockin’ Reindeer Bake Sale
  • Santa Soiree Bake Sale
  • Silent Night Bake Sale
  • The Christmas Palace Bake Sale
  • The Holly Leaf Bake Sale
  • The National Christmas Bake Sale
  • Tidings & Tinsel Bake Sale
  • Winter Wonderland Bake Sale
  • X-mas X-citement Bake Sale
  • Yuletide Magic Bake Sale

Christmas Bake Sale Slogan Ideas

Having a slogan for your bake sale at Christmas can help the event stick in the minds of church members or school mates. After all, most folks are busier than ever during the holiday months as they shop, wrap presents, and attend parties. People recall slogans. Check out this collection of ideas below.

  • A cake for everyone.
  • Make the world a better place.
  • Our cakes are your first choice.
  • We bake for your joy
  • We bake it; you eat it.
  • We bake with love and care
  • Add some sparkle to Christmas
  • Big Blowout Sale
  • Christmas Hot Sale
  • Christmas wishes DO come true
  • Come get ready for Christmas
  • Create a moment with us.
  • Don’t Miss our December Sales Event
  • Get into the spirit of the season
  • Happy Holiday Season
  • Naughty Is the New Nice
  • One out of control Christmas sale!
  • Our bells are jingling!
  • Perfect for your Christmas
  • Sugar and spice make Christmas nice!

Christmas Bake Sale Recipe Ideas

When it comes to bake sales, the selection of cakes and biscuits or cookies are wide ranging and delicious. At Christmas, however, the selection more holiday with decorations and recipes that only come out at certain times of the year. Here are some of the most popular recipes that could be baked and sold at these events.

  • Christmas Star Biscuits – Easy-to-make cookies with a star shape and icing decoration these are very popular with kids. The decorations can include balls, sprinkles, and whatever else you fancy on this cookie to make it unique.
  • Christmas Tree Edible Decorations – Cookies, biscuits, and other goods can be shaped like a tree to be appropriate. Add green frosting or sprinkles to decorate the tree. Simple sugar cookies seem to work best for this.
  • Ginger Bread – Easy to bake gingerbread men are always a hit this time of year. You can decorate these cookies to look like elves, Santa, or snowmen.
  • Melting Snowman Cookies – Drop biscuit mix onto a tray and add a round head before baking. These cookies can be iced and decorated to look like a melting snowman at the start of spring. A taste of things to come and reminder that spring is right around the corner.
  • Rudolph Buns – This idea uses a traditional cupcake recipe with chocolate coating on the top, icing for eyes (with a choc-drop in the middle), and a big red cherry for Rudolph’s nose. It’s the perfect way to take a bite out of Christmas.
  • Spiced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – A little more tasty and festive, these spiced up cookies are an idea partner for a glass of eggnog at Christmas. Filled with raisins, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves this treat that will fill your mouth with spices and warm on a cold winter day.
  • Vermont Maple Cookies – Made with pure maple syrup these classic cookies from Vermont are a unique idea. Coated with maple syrup glaze, and packed with pecans and white chocolate chips this is a more ambitious product to sell at a bake sale.

We wish you seasons greetings and a successful bake sale this year. What’s your favorite item to make for a bake sale? Let us know in the comments below and we can offer an even broader list of suggestions to readers.

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