A unique fundraising activity that used raise money for charities and other good causes, the bake sales has been a major part of Halloween celebrations for decades. Often held by small non-profit organizations, including schools, clubs, and charities, they are normally set up in the weeks before Halloween. Outside high school sporting events or a church is the ideal locations for these sorts of benefits.

With donated baked goods from all kinds of people in the community, the bake sale is a fun way to raise a few hundred dollars for a worthy cause. While these events do require some coordination to organize, they are certainly worth the effort. These awesome Halloween bake sale names and ideas are just a few examples of the types of themed events you can try to raise money for your favorite charity or school this pumpkin season.

Scary Halloween Bake Sale Name Ideas

Scary Halloween Bake Sale Posters

Creepy Halloween Bake Sale Poster Example.

Spooky names are the most logical approach for a Halloween bake sale. There are an abundance of name suggestions you can choose from in this vein. From the ancient legends of Halloween from around the world to the gamut of horror stories and movies that had us on the edge of our seats the last fifty years, the list of potential name combinations is almost endless.

From Freddy Kreuger’s spiky knife glove ideas to Frankenstein’s cake creations, the use of any scary and well-known horror figure or Halloween favorite is a sure-fire way to get noticed.

  • A Bone Chilling Graveyard Bake Sale
  • A Grave Affair Bake Sale
  • A Nightmare on Cake Street
  • All Ghouls Gala Bake Sale
  • Attack of the Zombie Bakers
  • Blood Ball Bake Sale
  • Blood Spattered Cakes
  • Cakes of the Thirsty Dead
  • Dance Macake-bre
  • Dance of the Dead Bakers
  • Fang-tastic Fiesta Bake Sale
  • Fright Night Bake Sale
  • Ghouls’ Night Out
  • Halloween House of Cakes
  • Halloween Party III: The Cakening
  • Hang Around for a Spell
  • Killer Halloween Cake Sale
  • Night of the Baker Spirits
  • Night of the Damned Cakes
  • Night of the Living Cakes
  • Poltergeist Bake Sale
  • Psycho X: The Cake Knife
  • Spine-Tingling Sale
  • The Backyard Bake Sale of Death
  • The Bake Sale on Elm Street
  • The Black Cat Bake Sale
  • The Bloodsucking Cannibal Party bake Sale
  • Time for a Coffin Break
  • Vampire Blood Cakes
  • Voodoo Bake Party

Funny Halloween Bake Sale Name Ideas

Funny Halloween Bake Sale Posters

Funny Halloween Bake Sale Posters

Instead of being scary, you can always make the name funny. This approach works especially well if you plan to hold the bake sale at a school or church.

So if you’ve got haunted buns, creepy cakes, or vampire donuts (with the strawberry jelly oozing out of the sides) then try out these post-humorous name ideas to give your bake sale a silly twist.

  • A Bump in the Night Halloween Bake Sale
  • A Haunting on Bake Avenue
  • A Haunting We Will Go
  • Bats in the Belfry Bake Sale
  • Batty Cakes
  • Blood and Cakes Bake Sale
  • Cakes and Cauldrons
  • Carnival of Horror Cakes
  • Creepy Crawly Bake Sale
  • Dead Bakers Bake Sale
  • Fang-tastic Feast Cakes
  • Frank N Stein’s Bake Sale
  • Frankenstein’s Fungus Cakes
  • Haunted Buns Bake Sale
  • Hell-oween Donut Monsters
  • Mad Masquerade
  • Night of the Costumed Cakes
  • Slightly Batty Halloween Bake Sale
  • Smilin’ Pumpkins Bake Sale
  • The Bake O’ Lantern Jamboree
  • The Cake Monsters
  • The Witch’s Brew Cake Sale
  • Webbed Cakes Bale Sale
  • Which Witch Bake Sale
  • Wickedly Witchy Halloween Bake Sale
  • Witches Oven Bake Sale
  • Zombie Cakes R Us
  • Funny Pumpkin Bake Sale

Halloween Bake Sale Ideas

Having a bake sale with Halloween-themed cakes is great fun

Who wouldn’t want to sample an eyeball cupcake or spider bite?

While a normal bake sale will sell normal cakes, it should come as no surprise that a Halloween themed sale will need to sell some more unusual and creepy delicacies. If you want to be a success, and make your event more popular by offering one of a kind creations like wandering vampires, spider bites or eyeball cupcakes.

Thanks to websites like Pinterest you’ll never need to worry about lack of creativity in what you sell. Here are some of the best baked goods that you can make at home for the holiday:

If you’re aren’t a master baker fear not! There are all sorts of easy recipes you can make for this holiday. Some of these ideas like a Halloween Punch or Easy Halloween Pretzels don’t even require turning on the stovetop.

Of course, if you are an experienced baker this is your time to shine! Decorating cakes is another way to turn that simple sponge into a Halloween work of evil art. Spiders and webs can be a popular option for decorating cakes, or you could make it bleed using red food coloring in the white icing, with a vampire scene on the top. Or how about using the top of the cake as a graveyard, complete with crumb soil and cookie tombstones? You’re only limited by your own imagination here.

Ice pops are popular too and can make a nice smaller treat for kids. So why not make pops from cake crumbs, mixed with buttercream frosting, and coated in melted chocolate with scary designs on the outside? Or even strawberry jelly to run out when you bite into it. Or you can turn those chocolate cupcakes into miniature graves, complete with your tombstone cookies, or wrap the tops in vanilla “bandages” with two mummified eyes peeking out from the folds.

And then you have the whole pumpkin range of baked goods to play with, which is a much cuter option. Either in the form of traditional pumpkin pies and flans or with scary and spooky decorations that make them even more freakishly frightening than ever.

No matter what your cause, the Halloween bake sale is a great way to raise awareness and money for a worthwhile cause. Not only is it a fun way to connect with others, but it can make a different positive change in your community.

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