Candy Shops have been around for centuries, and are one of the most amazing stores you can own. Seeing candy shops on the street corner always takes me back to my misspent childhood, filled with chocolate and sherbet, liquorice bootlaces and sugar-coated cola bottles, and those unforgettable wine gums, soft chewy candies that were meant to taste like a variety of wines and liqueurs. But I digress!

Candy shops generate around $19.6 billion dollars a year in the United States according to industry research firm Grand View Research. And the confectionary industry contributes over $44 billion to the national economy every year.

No other consumer product has the universal appeal of chocolates and candies, according to the National Confectioner’s Association report for 2020. There are still thousands of candy shops across the country, and many still sell those delicious treats we devoured as kids.

And the fact that they sell candy gives rise to a wide range of naming ideas for a sweet shop or candy store. Here is our list of delicious naming ideas for your own candy store, chocolate shop, or sweet shop.

Sweet Shop Name Ideas

sweet shop

A sweet shop buffet.

Naming a sweet shop should be an enjoyable experience. You can really let go when choosing a name for a sweet shop, as there are so many wonderful ideas that can relate to sweetness, sugar, and any number of ways you can integrate the familiar taste into the name. Our long list of store suggestions gives can inspiration that fits this theme.

  • The Sweete Shoppe
  • Sweets for my Sweet
  • Lollipops and Gumdrops
  • The Lolly Pop
  • Pop’s Lollies
  • Sweeter than Sugar
  • Sinfully Sweet
  • You’re Sweet
  • Sweet Satisfaction
  • The Sugar Bowl
  • The Sugar Rush
  • The Sweet Tooth
  • Bee Sweet
  • The Sugar Shack
  • The Lollipop Shoppe
  • Sugar Buzz
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sucre Bleu
  • Sweet Symphony
  • Sugarman’s Sweets
  • Sweet to Taste
  • Sugarfina
  • World of Sweets
  • Land of Sweets
  • Sweet Country
  • The Jelly Bean
  • Sweet Retreat
  • Bubble’s Gum
  • Sweet Sensations
  • Just Sweets
  • Sweet Temptations
  • Treat Time
  • The Sweet Box
  • Sweetie Jar
  • Sweet Options
  • Sweet Academy
  • Sweeter than Sweet
  • Sweet Mania
  • Sweet Oasis
  • Sounds Sweet
  • Sweet Reminders
  • Sugar Daddy’s
  • The Sweet Joint

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Funny Candy Store Names

heart candies

Classic candy hearts.

Candy stores, the wondrous places where you can find almost every kind of candy, chew, sweet, gobstopper, and lollipops available. And you can really have some fun with naming them, since most of your customers are going to be kids that love weird and funny names. This can be a effective way to capture the attention of passers by and draw new customers into your store.

  • Too Sweet for Words
  • Gummy Bears
  • Sickly Sweet
  • Chew It Over
  • Gum-Tastic
  • Jimmy’s Chew’s
  • Super Candylicious
  • Nibbles And Nuts
  • Grow a Jelly Belly
  • Rocket Fizz
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Revenge is Sweet
  • Sweet Smell of Excess
  • Mouthful of Sweets
  • YUMMY!
  • Bags of Fun
  • Munchables
  • Chox Rox
  • Toffee Blox
  • Truly Scrumptious
  • Sweet and Sticky
  • Treatz n Candeez
  • Dandy Kandy
  • Cheap & Sweet
  • The Sweet Suite
  • Toot Sweet
  • Chew Chew
  • Chewtastic
  • Allsorts
  • Tooth Ache
  • The Bob Stopper
  • Oh! Nuts
  • Lollyworld
  • Beary Chewy
  • Gumdrops Galore
  • Fudge It!
  • Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Taste Budds
  • The Best of Lick
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Wild n Gooey
  • Kids Konfections
  • Krazy Kandies
  • Kickin’ Candy

Chocolate Shop Name Ideas

chocolate dessert

Chocolate muffins!

Chocolate shops are a little more discerning, usually. But branding your chocolate shop does not always mean you have to choose some artsy name for it.

You can still have some fun naming your chocolate shop, and you can even make it a little more “international” by using translations for “chocolate”. In German it is schokolade, in Italian it is cioccolato, in Swahili it is chokoleti, and in Gaelic it is seoclaid.

Or you can go for more traditional styles, for the more discerning clientele. Think about who your main customer base is going before making your final selection.

  • The Chocolate Shop
  • Choco-style
  • Choc-Full
  • The Chocolate Bar
  • Chunka Chocolate
  • Choc-o-Lot
  • Chocolate Street
  • Chocolate City
  • Chocolate Confessions
  • Choklet and More
  • We Love Chocolate
  • The Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocoholic’s
  • River of Chocolate
  • Chocolate Dreams
  • Choco Pops
  • Gourmet Chocolates
  • Choccy Road
  • Naughty but Nice
  • Sensual Pleasure
  • Dark and Milk
  • The Chocolate Box
  • Chocolate Heaven
  • Gobblers Chocolates
  • One Stop Choco Shop
  • The Chocolate Fixer
  • The Chocolate Haus
  • The Best of Choc
  • Divine Chocolates
  • Simply Divine
  • The Cocoa Nut
  • 50 Shades of Chocolate
  • Ganache It
  • Choctogo
  • Heaven or Hell Chocolate Company
  • The Chocolate Café
  • Choco-latte
  • Tasty Truffles
  • The Chocolatier
  • Swiss Delight
  • Chocolate Bliss
  • Chocopedia
  • Choc ‘n Chuckle
  • Indulgence
  • Tsokoleyt

Candy Shop Name Ideas

cake pops

Cake pops are a favorite.

Candy stores almost always use some form of candy-related naming convention. And what better way to brand your candy shop than to showcase your products in the name?

If funny names are not your thing, you can always go the more traditional route. The great thing about looking for a name for your candy shop is that, when i