With milk tea is taking the world by storm and expected to reach $4.3 billion in value by 2027. It’s not difficult to understand why: it’s refreshing, delicious, and comes in a wide variety of flavors. As an added bonus, you get to enjoy a dozen or so soft, slimy tapioca balls added to each beverage.

If you’re a milk tea lover or boba drinker, you can use these captions and quotes on social media to show just how much you love this “queen of drinks.” If you own a boba shop or coffee shop serving milk tea, you can use any of these captions as taglines to promote the business.

Frothy Boba Pearl Milk Tea

Frothy Boba Pearl Milk Tea

Boba Captions

Let’s start off with some basic but cool boba tea captions.

  • Bad day? Have a boba.
  • Here, it’s bobalicious!
  • Bobbly happiness in a glass.
  • Boba love!
  • We have the biggest straws for your boba.
  • Drink and chew.
  • Softer bobas here.
  • Bring your boba friends.
  • This is the favorite place of Bobba Fett.
  • Bobastic!
  • When sad, have a boba.
  • We’ll take care of your boba.
  • It’s true! Our bobas are huge.
  • Try our boba and cheesecake combo.
  • Bob a boba.
  • We love you from the bottom of our bobas.
  • So good you’ll take the last boba.
  • Best served with happiness.
  • The bobas of tomorrow.

Boba Hashtags

Use these boba hashtags so people can find your post easily on social platforms.

  • #bobatea
  • #bobalife
  • #bobamilktea
  • #bobaislife
  • #bobafun
  • #bobalove
  • #itsallaboutbobas
  • #bobafresh
  • #bobaaddict
  • #bobalover
  • #iloveyoboba
  • #bobatealover
  • #bobaholic
  • #bobadrinks
  • #brownsugarbobamilk
  • #bobaflavors
  • #bobadrink
  • #nicheyboba
  • #coolboba

Bubble Tea Captions

bubble tea interest

Bubble Tea Interest Over time according to Yelp.

Everyone loves bubble tea. Show how good by using these captions in your bubble-tea photos and videos.

  • Bubbly inside and out.
  • The chewy bubbles.
  • Good life is in the bubbles.
  • Got troubles? Drink a bubble tea.
  • We’ll make you feel bubbly.
  • Double up on our bubble tea.
  • You’ll love our big, bubbly cups.
  • Life is all in the bubbles.
  • Bubbles of the future.
  • We serve goodness that bubbles.
  • Bring your crew, try our bubble teas.
  • Let the sun shine with each sip of our bubble tea.

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  • Bubble tea breakfast? Why not?
  • Life is not all about iced coffees. It’s also about bubble teas.
  • Burst your bubble.
  • Included in this drink are pearls of love.
  • How do I love bubble tea? Let me count the ways.
  • Bubble tea is a refreshing drink for hot, summer days.
  • Welcoming autumn with a lovely bubble tea.
  • This drink has a bubbly attitude.
  • Strawberry syrup and a dollop of honey on bubble tea are heaven in a glass.

Milk Tea Captions

Ah, it’s hard to resist a cool glass of perfectly made milk tea. And it’s even harder to resist if you describe your milk tea—or how you feel about that beautiful drink—with these captions.

  • Real men drink milk tea.
  • You’re a cute-tea.
  • Your best-teas are welcome here.
  • Before going on your own personal adventures, have a milk tea.
  • The healthy goodness of milk and tea combined.
  • Hot or cold, this milk tea is awesome!
  • Become a milk tea mogul.
  • Milk tea—a hundred times better than the best wine.
  • This is how much I love milk tea.
  • Drinking milk tea is sexy.
  • Playful bubble tea.
  • A big glass of milk tea is equal to a huge serving of happiness
  • Milk tea on a cruise? Definitely!
  • Will someone give a Nobel Prize to the inventor of milk tea?
  • Whoever conceptualized the idea of milk tea is the father/mother of all inventions.
  • Wash down what you eat with delicious milk tea.
  • Drinking milk tea allows me to beat all odds.
  • I drove a hundred miles to enjoy the best milk tea in the world.
  • I don’t mind spending too much on an excellent milk tea.
  • This delicious milk tea should be the drink of billionaires.
boba across America

Boba shops opening across America per Yelp.

Bubble Tea Hashtags

Let your followers find bubble tea videos, photos, and content easily with these hashtags.

  • #bubbletea
  • #ilovebubbletea
  • #bubbleteaislife
  • #bubbleteaadventures
  • #addictedtobubbletea
  • #bubblybubbletea
  • #iheartbubbletea
  • #bubbletealover
  • #refreshingbubbletea
  • #bubbleteatime
  • #relaxingwithbubbletea
  • #bubbleteashop
  • #nationalbubbleteaday
  • #tinybubblesteatime
  • #thaibubbletea
  • #healthybubbletea
  • #bubbleteafun
  • #bubblemilktea
  • #bubbleteawithafriend

Milk Tea Hashtags

These hashtags enable your users to find your milk tea-related posts faster and easier. They’re perfect for branding as well.

  • #milkteaboba
  • #milkteaforhealth
  • #milkteaforlife
  • #creamymilktea
  • #sweetmilktea
  • #pearlmilktea
  • #absolutelymilktea
  • #royalmilktea
  • #ilovemilktea
  • #milkteawithfriends
  • #tapiocamilktea
  • #steamedmilktea
  • #milkteatime
  • #matchamilktea
  • #milkteanation
  • #theultimatemilktea
  • #milkteatreasure
  • #milkteaislove
  • #milkteagodsdrink

Milk Tea Quotes

What do people have to say about milk tea? Check out these quotes.

  • “A cup of pearl tea is happiness.”
  • “You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy milk tea. And that’s the same thing.”
  • “It’s Friday! Time to par-tea!”
  • “S, M, L, or XL—all milk tea sizes are delicious!”
  • “Today, I want to sit, drink milk tea, and forget the world.”
  • “Everything is better with good milk tea.”
  • “Milk tea and friends make the perfect blend.”
  • “Milk tea awakens your spirit and improves your day.”
  • “Good people drink tapioca.”
  • “Milk tea first. Everything else second.”
  • “Drown your troubles in bubbles.”
  • “Spread positivi-tea.”
  • “Meet your matcha.”
  • “I swear to tea, the whole tea, and nothing but the tea.”
  • “It’s tea-reffic!”
  • “I love you so matcha”
  • “Life is full of possibili-teas.”
  • “Tea makes everything better.”
  • “Tea time is a chance to slow down and appreciate the world.”
Boba Pearl Milk tea in a Glass

Boba Pearl Milk Tea.

National Bubble Tea Day Caption Ideas

National Bubble Tea Day is celebrated on April 30. Use these captions for your social media posts on how much you’re bubbling over your love for milk tea during this special day. If you’re running a milk tea establishment, you can use these captions as taglines and greetings.

  • Today, boba is bae.
  • It’s a wonderful tea day today.
  • The day the entire country celebrates the goodness of bubble tea.
  • A bubble tea today keeps reality at bay.
  • Relax and enjoy serene-tea.
  • Let’s get the par-tea started.
  • The more you drink bubble tea today, the better you become.
  • Powering up every successful person is a glass of fresh, creamy bubble tea.
  • There’s another world for world peace. It’s called National Bubble Tea day.
  • Give me a boba tea today. Then nobody gets hurt.
  • Today, bobas get special treatment.
  • Today is quite bubbly, yes?
  • Don’t be grumpy. Have a bubble tea today!
  • Learn the anatomy of good bubble tea today.
  • All you need today is bubble tea.
  • Bubble tea lovers, unite!
  • Today, bubble tea should be taken after each meal.
  • What a lovely day! It’s National Bubble Tea day!
  • Every glass of bubble tea is worth it.

Strawberry Milk Tea Captions

Strawberry milk tea is among the most popular flavors of this beverage.

  • Strawberries, milk, and a beautiful day.
  • When we boost strawberries or milk.
  • Strawberries, milk, and tea—it’s triple the fun.
  • Best of three worlds.
  • What’s happiness? A perfect cup of strawberry milk tea.
  • More than just your usual milk tea.
  • I love the balance of citrusy and milky flavors.
  • Fruits and milk—what’s not to love?
  • Where can you find everything good? In a glass of perfectly made strawberry milk tea.

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  • Even kids love this pretty drink!
  • More than strawberries, more than milk, more than tea.
  • What’s better than a strawberry cake? A strawberry milk tea.
  • Tip: when feeling down, drown yourself with strawberry milk tea. Trust me, it works.
  • Don’t bother looking for love. Look for strawberry milk tea instead?
  • Goodbye boyfriend/girlfriend. Hello, strawberry milk tea!
  • Strawberry milk tea, you’re my first and only love.
  • When strawberry, milk, and tea come together, it’s like the whole universe imploding.
  • Strawberry milk tea with your sweetie in front of a fireplace. How romantic.
  • Keel calm and drink strawberry milk tea.

Milk Tea Captions for Summer

An ice-cold milk tea is a tasty and refreshing drink during the hot-hot summer.

  • Beating the summer heat with a huge serving of milk tea.
  • Hot? Time for a milk tea break.
  • It’s for me—a sweet summer child.
  • A glass of milk tea in a special summer place.
  • No amount of sun can heat off a refreshing milk tea.
  • I’m dying for a cold milk tea.
  • If I die of this terrible summer heat, give me some refreshing milk tea.
  • I don’t mind if I stay under the hot sun as long as I have huge servings of milk tea.
  • Cold milk tea is a perfect summer drink.
  • Whatever flavor, milk tea is a savior during the summer season.
  • Summer—the season of awesome milk tea.
  • Forget soda. Forget juices. But don’t forget milk tea.
  • Summer traveling in search of the perfect milk tea.
  • Summer afternoons are best enjoyed with a glass of milk tea.
  • Sipping milk tea during a hot summer is nature’s way of cooling you.
  • Cool down with a glass of perfectly prepared milk tea.
  • This milk tea is a real balm for the summer heat.
  • Don’t forget to drink milk tea after you “sting like a bee.”
  • It’s summer! Time to have a milk tea party!

What are the Top Boba and Milk Tea Flavors?

Which boba tea or milk tea should you try out? Well, it really depends on your taste preference. But we’ll give you some ideas. These are some of the most ordered milk teas in various milk tea sellers across the country and around the world.

  • Cookies and Cream Milk Tea
  • Chocolate Milk Tea
  • Strawberry Milk Tea
  • Taro Milk Tea
  • Coffee Milk Tea
  • Almond Milk Tea
  • Thai Milk Tea
  • Honeydew Milk Tea
  • Matcha Milk Tea

If you’re posting photos of your delicious milk tea or sharing a boba addiction on social media then use these captions. These messages are sure to tempt followers to get out there and enjoy a milk tea or boba drink of their own.

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