Growing up in the Midwest, I rarely had the opportunity to eat avocados. In fact, one of my friends from Wisconsin once asked me (in a non-sarcastic way I might add), “What do you do with avocados?” To which I responded, “Where do I begin?”

After moving to California post college, I discovered what a staple food item these fruits can be. Yes, I looked it up. Avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable. Avocados contain more potassium than bananas and are loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Eating avocados can even lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Oh my!

As promised, here are some ingenious avocado quotes and funny puns you can use for social media and Instagram. Whether you’re looking for a clever caption to stick on an avocado toast photo or a catchy tagline for a marketing campaign, I’ve got you covered.  

Avocado Quotes

140+ Ingenious Avocado Quotes and Funny Puns For Social Media.

Avocado Quotes and Funny Puns.

  • “My name is Avocado. I’m a fruit, not a vegetable. I am a rich source for folate, potassium and Vitamin . I also contain useful amounts of Vitamin B12, C and E as well as minerals such as iron.”
  • “The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise” – David Fairchild
  • “The avocado is native to the mexican state of Puebla, which helps explain why it’s so popular in mexican cooking.” – Marcus Samuelsson.
  • “If you have nothing but love for your avocados, and you take joy in turning them into guacamole, all you need is someone to share it with.” – Jason Mraz
  • “I love things that are indescribable, like the taste of an avocado or the smell of a gardenia.” – Barbra Streisand
  • “People who put avocados in the fridge are basically saying, ‘I want to eventually experience something less amazing.” – Gregor Collins
  • “You can’t make everyone happy… You’re not an avocado.” – Goodzing

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  • “I suppose there are people who can pass up free guacamole, but they’re either allergic to avocados or too joyless to live.” – Frank Bruni
  • “Avocados, it’s a food that ain’t worth injuring yourself for. If it’s a hassle to get into, leave it to the experts.”
  • “Not only does the summer bring warm weather and tons of summer activities, but it also yields a fresh crop of increasingly useful avocados!”
  • “Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re free salsa. You are Guac, baby girl. Guac.”
  • “I eat an avocado every day. It’s amazing for your skin. It’s one of the superfoods, and I’m just so into eating properly and healthily.” – Joan Collins
  • “I feel old and vulnerable. I now realise that I knew nothing and know nothing, but back when my career was beginning, I thought I was a man when, in fact, I was a dewy-eyed boy who’d not seen an avocado or eaten a tomato.” – James Nesbitt
  • “English muffins with avocado is one of my favorite breakfasts.” – Mia Hamm
  • “Her mother rolled an avocado back and forth on the spotless tabletop. The floor and the tabletop and the walls were all the same clean color, and everything was equally clean and unused. The avocado was, of course, fake, as all avocados were.” Joseph Fink

Avocado Toast Quotes

You're the avocado to my toast.

You’re the avocado to my toast.

  • “Only the sound of good foaming milk breaks the morning quiet. There’s avocado toast with walnut oil and fresh lemon juice at my place. “Skye Warren”
  • “I’m an avocado toast critic, I’m very critical when I don’t have avocado toast.”
  • “Sometimes the short poems are the hardest change one word and the whole poem avocados”
  • “Don’t talk to me. I haven’t had my avocado toast yet.”
  • “I think my soulmate might be avocado toast”
  • “We go together like avocado and literally everything”
  • “I’m an avocado toast critic. Whoever takes my avocado toast ends up in critical condition.”
  • “You’re the avocado to my toast.”
  • “Let’s avocuddle.”
  • “Avocados are good fat like fish.”
  • “Yesterday, I really wanted avocado toast. Now, I’m eating avocado toast. Follow your dreams.”
  • “Can I have your last avocado? Avocadon’t you dare.”
  • “The best way to end a day is with avocado toast.”
  • “Avocado toast all the way, bar none.”

Funny Avocado Jokes

  • Guac ‘n roll!
  • This is the avocado of this world!
  • Thanks for being my other half.
  • What do you call a fruit with many legs? Avocatterpillar.
  • What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job? Bravocado!
  • What’s an avocado’s favourite kind of exercise? Avocardio!
  • What did the avocado say before the rabbit disappeared? Avocadobra!
  • What do you call young avocados? Avokiddos!
  • What does a duck that’s made of avocado say? Guac.
  • What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job? Bravocado!

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  • How do you say “four avocados” in Spanish? Um, avo-cuatro?
  • What do you call an avocado after a priest blesses it? Holy guacamole.
  • What did the tortilla chip say to the guacamole? You are all I avo wanted.
  • Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet, eat me now, too late. – Avocado
  • What do you call a fruit bird? Avocadove.
  • What do you call a fruit that irrupts? Avolcano.
  • You can’t judge any avocado until you guac-a-mile in his shoes.
  • I got a promotion at my job at the avocado farm. It was a move in the ripe direction.
  • He might be small and green, but he is an avocado.
  • I went for a drive with an avocado but he was going really slow so I told him to guac-celerate.

Avocado Puns

Avo a great birthday!

Avo a great birthday!

  • Forget weights, it’s avo-cardio day.
  • You have an avo-can do spirit!
  • Bravocado!
  • I’m avocontrol!
  • Avo good one!
  • And they lived happily avo after.
  • Avocadon’t get me started.
  • You’re everything I avo wanted in my life.
  • Avo a great birthday!
  • I avocadon’t care.
  • I know I’m extra.
  • guac-a-mile in my shoes.
  • The avocadove flew in the sky.
  • Avocadobra! Ching! (vanish)
  • The avolcano just erupted.
  • What did the priest say? Holy Avo-camole.
  • Bravocado! you did your great job.
  • Where are those avokiddos playing?

Avocado Love Quotes

  • “Buy me an avocado and tell me I’m pretty.”
  • “All you need is love and an avocado.”
  • “Spread love as thick as you would avocado.”
  • “I love you like I love avocado.”
  • “I do not feel complete without avocado.”
  • “You are avo-ry special person to me.”
  • “What does the half avocado say to the other half? You complete me.”

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  • “Relationship status: Avocado”
  • “Life without love is like an avocado tree without fruit.”
  • “Love is an avocado flower which turns into a fruit at marriage.”
  • “True love is the ripe fruit of a lifetime.”
  • “You’re the avocado of my life.”
  • “Balance, peace, and joy are the avocado fruit of a successful life.”
  • “How do you end a love story? A they lived happily avo after.”
  • “Avocado: You’re the one one I avo love.”
  • “I’m lonely, let’s avo-cuddle.”
  • “I love avocados like I love you.”

Avocado Shake Quotes

Relax and drink avocado shake.

Relax and drink avocado shake.

  • “When you’ve been dreaming about avocado shake all night.”
  • “Get in my belly avocado shake.”
  • “It’s a good day when avocado shake is involved.”
  • “I can’t imagine my meal without avocado shake.”
  • “You had me at avocado shake.”
  • “Breakfast seems incomplete without avocado shake.”
  • “Sorry for what I said before I had my avocado shake.”
  • “Relax and drink avocado shake.”
  • “Avocado shake would always be part of my menu.”
  • “Avocado makes everything better.”
  • “I work to support my avocado habits.”
  • “Everything in moderation. Except for avocado shake.”
  • “Nothing beats starting a day with Avocado shake.”

Avocado Marketing Slogans

Die Hard Avocado Lover.

Die Hard Avocado Lover.

  • We go together like avocado and literally anything
  • Eat your avocado, drink your water, grow, love yourself, and trust your intuition.
  • When in doubt, put some avocado on it.
  • Avocado queen
  • Timing is everything when eating avocado
  • Your future is bright, when avocado is ripe.
  • Share moments, share avocado.
  • Next level avocado.
  • Avo-ry special moment with avocado.
  • Hungry? Avocado got you covered.
  • It all starts with avocado.
  • Feel alive with avocado.
  • Come to life, come to avocado.
  • Avocado, the smart choice.
  • Avocado – the best appetizer.
  • For a change, try avocado.
  • Avocado soothes your nerves.
  • Make every avocado count.
  • Try avocado, any time of the day.
  • Powered by avocado.
  • Avocado addict.

Avocado Pick Up Lines

Please let me know how these pick-up lines work in the real world. ;)

  • An avocado a day keeps the weight away.
  • What’s avocados favorite musical theater song? “It’s Hard Guac Life.”
  • What did the taco say to the guacamole? Avocado crush on you.
  • Don’t be an avocadhoe.
  • Who do you call for trouble? Avocadoctor
  • What do you call a tasty periodic element? Avocadorium
  • What do you call a carnivorous bird? Avo-vulture.
  • Ripe avocado comes to those who wait. 
  • What’s the hardest substance? Avo-diamonds.
  • Go where the winners go. Avo here for you.
  • What do you call an avocado addict? Avocadorific.
  • Avocado for me, avocado for you.
  • The science of avocado? Avo-101
  • Avocados make your day.
  • Always believe in avocados.
  • Avocado is everything you need.
  • Die hard avocado lover.

Avocados also known as a butter fruit, the versatile avocado is the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Avocados are a naturally nutrient-dense food and contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals no matter what way you decide to prepare them. Sometimes, I eat avocados alone without seasoning. That’s just how much I enjoy them. 

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