Since entering the market in 2009, Venmo has acquired by PayPal family and grown into a widely used mobile payment service with more than over 50 million active users.

Aside from the convenience it offers, Venmo’s public tabs that keep people drawn to the app. If you’re not familiar, before sending or requesting money through Venmo, one must add a caption before the transaction can be done. This is intended to be a short note describing the reason for sending money.

If you’re looking for some witty Venmo captions to get your best friend to pay for your morning coffee or shame a roommate into paying for the weekend’s drinks, here are some witty Venmo captions categorized based by all sorts of common situations like food, alcohol, coffee, and more.

Funny Venmo Captions for Friends

Venmo captions for your friends.

  • Flying bucks.
  • Pesos swimming.
  • All mine to give.
  • I forgot how good McDonald’s is.
  • I might be my friends main source of income.
  • What’s yours is mine.
  • Forgot my debit card. But I don’t want to forget to pay you back.
  • Save all for me.
  • Here’s my rent payment for December. You’re a good friend.
  • Besties pay for each others lunch. Don’t forget it.
  • No Starbucks, please.
  • Here’s payback for the concert tickets. I love Rickey Martin.
  • Did you change your account?
  • Sending pounds.
  • I’m avoiding the ATM fees and sending the money this way.
  • Receiving pounds only.
  • Throw cents to the wishing well.
  • Coins in the fountain.
  • Always foot the bill.
  • Pay since I’m younger.
  • So generous when drunk.
  • One-day millionaire.
  • Thank you for the expensive wine.
  • You will not be forgotten.
  • Make me love you more.
  • Fill my wallet and my tummy.
  • Transfer fee is high.
  • I’m looking for friendship in all the wrong places.
  • Check millions sent.
  • Not a single penny received.
  • Pay half then hide.
  • Account hacked.
  • Here’s my broke boyfriends contribution to the meal.
  • Zero balance, friend.
  • Need your inputs, please.
  • Make my balance grow.
  • Out of mind, out of cash.
  • Split it up or spit it up.
  • Thanks for saving me.
  • Thanks for paying for all our drinks.
  • Money lasts an hour only.
  • A true friend forgets your debts.
  • Thank you for making me furious last night.
  • Thank you for washing my feet.

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  • The most expensive date I ever had.
  • Saw the stars and the heavens last night.
  • For all the funny stories.
  • With this, our friendship is strengthened.
  • I will be hungry from now on.
  • Let’s enjoy life everyday.
  • Seeing you is worth spending all my savings.
  • All my savings gone.
  • Feed me starting tomorrow.
  • No more funds.
  • Shopping at its best.
  • Give discounts on next sale.
  • You really made me gorgeous.
  • Loved every moment spent with you.
  • Please send the official receipt tomorrow.
  • This will be the last.
  • Never again with you.
  • For the cutest earrings I have ever bought.
  • Till our next hang-up
  • Waiting for our next escapade.
  • Did you arrive home safely?
  • Does your car still have 4 wheels?
  • Tip for our forever taxi driver.
  • Gas up always.
  • To the highest mountains on our next journey.
  • You are the only one I can rely on.
  • Thank you for always having extra funds.
  • I can really rely on your generosity always.
  • Eat less from now on.
  • The ATM at the restaurant charged $5.00 to get $20.00. Here’s my Venmo instead.
  • Back to basics.
  • My boyfriend forgot his wallet again. Sorry!
  • You’ll never see me again.
  • Wishing you luck every payday.
  • Wheels of fortune going your way.
  • Am free again tonight. Are you?
  • Date me. Why can’t my boyfriend ever afford to pay?
  • Enjoy life with me.
  • Sending cents and kisses.
  • Friends make your day extra special.
  • Wondering what life is without you.
  • Worry-free again.
  • Debt-free once more.
  • All settled.
  • Debts settled because of you.
  • Your help made me through life’s ups and downs.
  • Still staying in my condo, thanks for your help.
  • In the finishing touches, thanks for the money.
  • Always thankful for your help.
  • With this goes my love.
  • The next time my dog pees on your bag, you’ll pay me.

Ted… It’s time to pay!

Venmo Captions for Food

  • For the hangover soup. I really needed it.
  • Thank you for feeding the entire household.
  • I’d like to cover the office pizza party. I’m the boss after all.
  • I’ll serve the best gourmet meal on our next meeting.
  • The spicy food last night gave me a bellyache. But we should do it again soon.
  • This is for the extra snacks. I really needed those potato chips and hummus.
  • Cookies baked with love are really the best. I’ll surely order again.
  • For the cheesiest and creamiest Mac & Cheese I ever had.
  • Dinners are always delicious when ordered from you.
  • Every time we’re together, I’m ordering food.
  • I usually don’t buy food for Tinder dates. But I’ll make an exception for you.
  • Can you believe those mozzarella sticks were more than $10? Highway robbery.
  • I didn’t realize I ate all your onion rings. Here’s the payback.
  • Sending this to pay for the chicken wings we ate.
  • Salads make my day.
  • Sorry I couldn’t download the cash app. Here’s an alternate payment method.
  • That crunchy pork belly made everyone line up for more.
  • Meals on wheels make life easier. Thank you.
  • Food whims and cravings all satisfied.
  • Your delicious cooking made our party a success.
  • Keep the change. You surely know how to make our guests satisfied.
  • For last night’s dinner. Or have I already paid?
  • Grocery shopping has never been great. Thanks to you.
  • For the dog treats you sent. Till my next order.
  • Your food is not only tummy-filling. They are also pleasing to the eyes.
  • Fix me another great meal when you’re around.
  • I hope you’ll give me permission to send $8 for the hot chicken wings we enjoyed.
  • Breakfasts have never been so enjoyable. Should I really pay my share?
  • For the bacon, and the eggs, and the bread, and the bananas.
  • For the freshest crabs and shrimps in this world.
  • Your meals are always the highlight of our birthday celebrations.
  • We really go nuts with your donuts.
  • Fresh goat milk is really a go-go.
  • Till out next party. Can’t wait.
  • Trays of chicken and chips gone with one blow. Thank you.
  • Our buffet table was at its best last night.
  • Till our next burger splurge.
  • Chewy chocolate cookies only from your store.
  • Finding your glorious meals has made our celebrations unforgettable.
  • A toast to the best roast in town.
  • On our next food trip, I will be the one to pay. 
Tequila, Lime, and Salt.

It’s time to pay for the tequila.

Venmo Captions for Alcohol

  • For half the bottles we had last night.
  • For keeping our drinking spree a secret.
  • I’m here to support your trendy liquid diet.
  • Thank you, my ever-loyal drinking buddy.
  • For listening to my endless stories.
  • I love wine. But you already knew that.
  • Thank you for buying me new clothes after I threw up.
  • Spending hours down to the last shot with you is the best.
  • Thanks for giving me permission to get totally wasted last night.
  • Save me again when I get drunk.
  • Haven’t I given my share for the drinks last night?
  • You might have forgotten that I have paid since you were drunk.
  • Alcohol is the best when drunk with you. Here’s my share.
  • Tonight again? I didn’t get drunk last night.
  • Next time, I will pay for all the booze we’ll have.
  • Take this or else… I’m not anymore drunk.
  • For half the taxi fare of two drunk friends.
  • Next time, please wake me up so you won’t have to carry me.
  • Me, drunk? Yes, since I’m paying you now.
  • Three ice cold Budweisers at happy hour? Permission granted.
  • Was I noisy last night? Blame it on the beer.
  • To my one and only drinking buddy. Let me foot the bill.
  • Send me 10 soju bottles.
  • I’ll be waiting for another bottle of wine.
  • For each gulp.
  • Fix me a martini again, please.
  • Let’s do it again tonight. Booze and nuts.
  • I will support you when I’m drunk.
  • Payment for all the laughter.

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  • Alcohol really makes you cute.
  • Alcohol really makes you funny.
  • I didn’t drink so much last night. Am still in my right senses now.
  • Paying for all the fun and the drinks we had.
  • Finding time to pay for all the beer bottles we had.
  • Did I drink that much to pay this much?
  • Never again will I drink.
  • I will never touch a beer bottle again.
  • Red or white wine? I can’t remember everything we drank.
  • Bring me a case of beer now.
  • I might just love wine more than him.
  • Thank you for taking me home.
  • Let’s meet up to have more beer.
  • Soju really makes me sleep at once.
  • Blame it all on the beer.
  • My friend, drunk or not.
  • To drink or not to drink, that is not the question.
  • Drinking has never been that great.
  • I will never forget the laughter and the wine.
  • Hard liquor can make you handsome.
  • You’re a friend who’s hard to find just like hard booze.
  • Let’s toast the night again.
  • Money for our next drinking spree. I might forget my credit card again.
  • For half of what we drank. And all of what we ate.
  • Payment for your precious moments spent with a drunk friend.
  • Paying $30 for cleaning after me. Don’t anymore let me drink soju.
coffee drive thru

Get that Starbucks money back.

Venmo Captions for Coffee

  • For the coffee I spilled.
  • Who says there’s no such thing as free coffee? This one is on me.
  • Payment for yesterday’s cappuccino.
  • Thank you for our Starbucks date, but why am I paying?
  • Paying for the fun part. You paid the coffee we had.
  • I will just fix you a drink next time. When did coffee get so expensive?
  • Making time for me was great. See you in same café tomorrow.
  • Problems forgotten when I have coffee with you.
  • Let me pay for tallest coffee drink next time.
  • Our coffee date made my day.
  • To my cute barista.
  • Make me a mug next time, please.
  • I can buy bags of coffee beans with this.
  • Make mine grande on our next visit.
  • For coffee with my hottie.
  • That ice-cold Americano really woke me up the whole day.
  • Paying for that coffee mug. Or should it be mugs?
  • Smoothly blended coffee was just the right fix.
  • Coffee and you and nothing more.
  • Free coffee next week? Thanks in advance.
  • Let every Monday be our coffee day.
  • To our next coffee road trip. I will pay for the gas next time.
  • Toast to the best coffee roast.
  • I have not had a wink. Thanks to our coffee rendezvous.
  • Here’s to the best coffee buddy in the world.
  • Coffee or beer? Coffee, of course. Let me pay all.
  • Coffee in winter is the best. Let me pay the rest.
  • Breakfast again tomorrow? Coffee there was the best.
  • Paying $30 for ruining your new coat. Did you wash off the coffee stain?
  • Looking forward to our next coffee date.
  • Let me have my coffee free on our next day out.
  • Coffee is best when free.
  • Friends are the best when they buy you coffee latte.
  • Why do friends let you pay for your coffee?
  • I can’t believe I am paying for the coffee I had. I thought it was your birthday treat.
  • On my birthday, you will never pay a single cent for your cafe breakfast.
  • Coffee sealed the day. Really had fun. But should I pay?
  • Missing the days when you treat me with coffee latte.
  • When can I have a free cup of hot cappuccino again?
  • That coffee frap was the best had it been free.
Mobile bartenders go wherever the party takes them

Birthday party Venmo captions.

Venmo Captions for Birthday Party

  • We partied like its your birthday. Here’s money for that.
  • Wasn’t it your birthday treat? Why am I paying my share?
  • Happy birthday even if I have to pay for half of what we ate.
  • The party was great. It could have been greater if all were free.
  • My 50% contribution to the birthday pizza party. That pepperoni was epic!
  • Here’s $50 so you can buy a new carpet and not need to clean it after all the fun at your birthday party.
  • Payment for the surprise birthday party we gave our friend.
  • Payment for the birthday treat for our pal.
  • Celebrate your birthday the happiest way you can.
  • Party all night long. Happy birthday.
  • Party like there’s no tomorrow. Happy birthday.
  • Have fun, cheers. Make your birthday the best you’ve ever had.
  • Wake up and start planning on how you’ll spend your birthday. Have a party.
  • Invite the entire neighborhood.
  • Invite all cats and dogs to your birthday party.
  • For the balloons you’ll tie on each chair. Happy birthday.
  • For the cupcakes and your huge birthday cake. Happy birthday.

Venmo Quotes

  • “We will not rest until the wooden stake is punched through the heart of the Enron lawsuit against us.” – Maria Cantwell
  • “I want enough time to be in love with everything…” – Marina Keegan

“There are smiles and smiles; learn to tell the dark variety from the light.” – Ray Bradbury

  • “There is no limit to the good you may do. If” – Ellen G. White
  • “Dream disfigurement, then, turns out in reality to be an act of censor.” – Sigmund Freud
  • “My headless shadow fell across the warm painted metal, disappearing off the edge, and into the sky.” – Kami Garcia

Funny Venmo Captions for Girlfriends

  • Please pay for the mansion we are building.
  • Payment for the house on the hill, please.
  • For a lesson in love.
  • No free lessons in love.
  • Sending this to cover your Netflix account in March.
  • My time is so precious. $100 per hour.
  • No gifts are free nowadays.
  • Three months ago I took a candy bar out of your purse. Here’s the payment for that.
  • Wishing you the best on your birthday. You can buy a hanky with this.
  • Take time off. Buy me a gift.
  • Sending $20 and free kisses.
  • I’m only generous today. Take advantage of the situation.
  • No funds for the expensive bracelet you saw. Just go to the toy shop.
  • Throw me kisses and I will send more.
  • For a day in your favorite salon. But don’t forget to buy me a gift first. It’s my birthday tomorrow.
  • Fix yourself and buy a new dress after baking for me. 

Will her boyfriend pay her back?

Funny Venmo Captions for Boyfriends

  • For gas for the ride home. Are you a taxi driver?
  • Wake up and buy me flowers. It’s our anniversary.
  • Why can’t all boyfriends have enough money to treat their girl?
  • Make yourself presentable or else, I will knock on my cute neighbor’s door.
  • Don’t ever forget your part in this payment process. Be generous, too.
  • My share for our castle, my prince. Half of what you give.
  • Stop drinking with your friends. Let’s meet and pretend that you’re treating me.
  • My responsibility stops here. From now, pay for the rent, and the internet, and the groceries.
  • I could be generous once in a while. Pray that this happens often.

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  • Be a good guy always. Don’t look sideways.
  • Look good in front of my parents.
  • Make them proud of you.
  • I don’t care how much the candy costs. I need more.
  • Buy a new pair of shoes. Yours look pretty worn out.
  • Here’s money so you can shave that awful beard.
  • Your car is gross. Have it cleaned.
  • Do you have 5 sets of that blue coat you have been wearing everyday? Buy 3 new ones.
  • Have a haircut. They have been asking if my boyfriend is Tarzan.

Venmo Captions for Chinese Food

  • I can still taste those noodles and fried dumplings.
  • I can never forget that hotpot, but I can forget paying for my share.
  • Chow mien all the way next time. It will be my treat.
  • A toast to the best roasted Peking Duck.
  • I will pay now before I forget with those delicious steamed Vermicelli rolls we had yesterday.
  • Pork at its best when cooked Chinese style.
  • Sweet and Sour Pork with Wonton noodles for our best professor.
  • Treat us next time to a Chinese restaurant. We will forever cherish you as a friend when this happens.
pineapple in the ocean

Pineapple in the ocean.

Venmo Captions for Groceries

  • This is for the junk food. Pay for all the meat and other stuff.
  • Here is all my money for the supermarket.
  • Mark me as paid with this. I will send the next grocery share next month.
  • Please don’t buy junk food with this.
  • Don’t forget to follow my grocery list on this trip.
  • Where are all the groceries we bought?
  • Why should I pay for something I have not seen? You eat everything.
  • Please stick to the grocery list this time.
  • Let me share with the groceries only because I have the funds now. 
  • Remember: I don’t like broccoli.
  • In isle 9 you’ll find my favorite pasta sauce.
  • My monthly Trader Joe’s payment.

Drinks with friends.

Venmo Captions for Drinks

  • This is for all the drinks we had last night. I am generous now so take advantage of my current mood.
  • Payment for one coke can only. That’s what I only drank.
  • Pay for the pizza. I will pay for the drinks.
  • The gin tonic you made was great. It would have tasted better if you paid for everything.
  • My share for the vodka. But this is only for one shot.

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