For parents, twins are the epitome of familial blessings. For twins themselves, an identical sibling often means a forever best friend. Some parts of the world even view twins as a type of lucky charm.

No matter how you think about twins, here are some messages you can send on their birthday. Just add “Happy birthday,” “Best wishes,” or any traditional birthday greeting together with any of the example messages below. How will you say happy birthday to a twin?

twin boys

Twin baby boys.

Birthday Messages for Twin Girls

If you’re a parent, relative, or friend of twin girls, you can send messages through text, email, greeting card, or even a personal chat these days. Here are some happy birthday messages that are twice as nice.

  • You are identically awesome ladies!
  • Mutually amazing girls!
  • One is already amazing! Then, there are two of you.
  • Another great year coming for you.
  • Ladies, drinks are on us!
  • Double beauties who become even more beautiful with each passing year
  • Happy birthday to two girls with an unbreakable bond.
  • Double the girls, twice the fun!
  • Whether you’re together or apart, you two are stunning pieces of art.
  • One beautiful spirit in two gorgeous girls
  • The world needs another kind and beautiful lady. That’s why there are two of you.
  • There are lots of pretty twins all over the world. But you two are the finest of them all.
  • If you two were in a beauty pageant, it would be impossible to pick a winner.
  • You two have grown more beautiful with each year!
  • How lucky you are! You both have the same birthdays! That’s double the fun on one special day.
  • The world is more beautiful with you two—stunning twin sisters—around.
  • May your loving bond go stronger every day.
  • We bought a double-sized birthday cake for you.
  • My, my! How you’ve become almighty gorgeous over these years!

Birthday Messages for Twin Boys

Twin boys are double the fun. Let them know how special they are by sharing these messages on their birthday.

  • You two could be mistaken for a double. But your souls are truly unique.
  • These two handsome boys will rule the world someday.
  • The great thing about being twins is that you are born best friends.
  • Birthday wishes to the best twin guys ever!
  • You are a special kind of friend, bro.
  • Guys, birthday cheers for you!
  • An amazing soul inside two handsome boys.
  • The good thing about being twin brothers? No one understands each other better than us.
  • You guys deserve the best in life on your special day.
  • When are birthdays twice as fun? When it’s a twin brothers’ birthday! A birthday like yours.
  • Double the birthday, double the laughter, double the love, double the fun!
  • Congratulations! You two have become more handsome with each passing year.
  • Two twin boys—twice the blessing!
  • I wish you both all the happiness, steak, and beer in the world.
  • Friends by choice, brothers by blood.
  • Boys win! Happy birthday, twins!
  • May your bond grow stronger with each passing year.
  • I can’t tell you guys apart. So I love you equally.
  • The best thing about having a twin brother is that you’ll always have a best friend.

Birthday Messages for Brother and Sister Twins

Twin brothers and sisters make a special pair of siblings. Greet them on their birthday with any of these messages.

  • Life is best when you have someone to share your birthday with.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have expensive things. Having each other is priceless!
  • Best twins ever! And each year, you guys become even better.
  • Sending great wishes, amazing fortune, and warm love times two!
  • A protective twin brother. A twin sister who loves cuddles. What more could you ask for?
  • Do you know what’s best about being twins? We’re best friends always!
  • I think you two are so loveable that one of you is not enough.
  • Having two hyperactive twins may sound like trouble! But we view it as fun.
  • You know the nice thing about you guys? You read each others’ minds. That’s so cool!
  • Birthday wishes to the most outrageous twins ever!

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  • Here’s to another triumphant year for twins who deserve that victory.
  • Mom and I can’t decide whether we want a girl or a boy. But we have you both!
  • Love, bliss, and happiness for the two of you on your birthday.
  • May your wishes come true on your special day.
  • The good thing about being twins? You help each other out in whatever way, whatever the situation.
  • Problems are easier solved when you have a twin brother or sister around.
  • Twins? On this special day, you’re twice as blessed.
  • Happy natal day for the cutest twins in the world.
  • Special treat for a special day for a special brother and sister.
twin girls

Twin girls.

Birthday Wishes for Twins from Parents

Twins know that mom and dad love them. But if you’re a parent of twins, they would definitely be thrilled when you articulate that love through any of these birthday messages.

  • Such a blessing having the two of you.
  • The two of you are one of a kind.
  • We feel like superheroes as parents of birthday twins!
  • What a blessing to have two identical bundles of joy.
  • You grew up to be amazing twins! We’re very proud of you.
  • Seeing you grow up to the men/women you are makes us feel massively awesome!
  • Here’s to great growing through all these years!
  • It’s such an honor to take care of you!
  • Aren’t we lucky parents to have you as our sons/daughters!
  • A lot of parents wish for twins. That’s why with you, they’re envious of us.
  • The good thing about having twins like you is we only spend on one birthday party each year!
  • Oh, what a blessing to have beautiful twins such as you.
  • We can’t tell you apart. It doesn’t matter as our love for you is equal at maximum.
  • Beautiful smiles and gorgeous curls! We love you!
  • We got twice the blessings when you two were born.
  • Happy natal day to the quirkiest twins ever.
  • We wished for a son/daughter! And we have more than that—we have twins!
  • As you grow together, we wish you’ll be with each other forever.
  • Our love for the both of you knows no bounds.

Birthday Wishes for Mothers of Twins

A caring mother of twins deserves all the love in the world. Show mom how much the two of you appreciate her love through these messages.

  • Two of us in your womb? That is unimaginably awesome!
  • Thank you for raising us to be responsible identical individuals.
  • Hey mom, we never asked for two of us. But you gave us more than what we wanted! You’re awesome!
  • Mom, we know it’s not easy raising twins. But thank you for everything.
  • Mom, you brought joy to our lives. Best wishes on your special day!
  • You, mom, are the reason why we’re the best twins in the world.
  • We give you double the love, mom!
  • The great thing about being a mom to twins is that you can’t tell us apart.
  • Twins are better than everything. That’s why we’re thankful to you, Mom!
  • They say moms of twins are blessed. For us, it’s us who are blessed to have a mom like you.
  • You say we are the brightest twins. But actually, that title belongs to you, Mom.
  • My, you’re definitely lucky to be the mom of sweet twins.
  • Today, we celebrate the birthday of the bearer of two beautiful twins, two bundles of joy.
  • You hoped for a girl. But fortune gave you two….and twins at that! And that’s special!
  • Happy birthday! Thank you for taking care of two super-duper loving twins.
  • Without you, your twins won’t be the successful men/women they are today.
  • Super twins are the sons/daughters of supermoms like you!
  • Happy birthday to our real-life Wonder Woman! You, mom!
  • Cheers to your twin’s mentor, teacher, and friend—their Mom!

Birthday Wishes for Dads of Twins

Dad is most often a silent type of guy. But his love knows no bounds. He will do anything to support your family. Let him know how special he is through these birthday messages.

  • My twin brother/sister would like to say Happy Birthday to a fantastic dad!
  • You’re Superman, Dad. We’re the Wonder Twins.
  • An energetic dad and two cool rascals—what more could you ask for?
  • For my twin brother/sister, you are our greatest gift!
  • You have the best gift in the world—a pair of stunning twins!
  • Birthday greetings to the coolest dad! From your coolest twins!
  • By having twins, you receive twice the love, Dad!
  • For us, our dad is the ultimate rock star.

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  • As my twin and I grow more beautiful/handsome, you Dad become more awesome!
  • We could never ask for a better Dad than you.
  • On your special day, know that we are incredibly grateful to you as our Dad.
  • Funnest—not funniest—Dad ever!
  • Happy birthday to our provider, mentor, and protector—our awesome Pops!
  • Every time this year, we are reminded of just how loving a Dad you are.
  • With a great Dad, we live in a beautiful world.
  • We know you’re dealing with two energetic rascals. But we can’t thank you enough for bearing with us.
  • Our Dad is the true hero in our lives.
  • May health, prosperity, and love come to you in abundance this year, Dad!
  • Dad, you’re the tree. We are the fruits. We can’t live without you.

Birthday Wishes for Aunts/Uncles of Twins

Loving uncles and aunts can be kind of like second parents to twins. Make them happy during their birthday by sending them any of these messages.

  • Having twins as nephews is actually good fortune.
  • Next to our parents, our aunt/uncle is our best friend.
  • Happy birthday to our loving second parents.
  • Aunt/uncle, you’re an integral part of our lives. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the wisest uncle/prettiest aunt in the world!
  • You are our second parents to us. Happy birthday!
  • May the world smile upon you, uncle, auntie!
  • We are thankful for every ounce of support you gave us.
  • We grew to be great twins because of a special person, you!
  • Love and kindness run thickly in your veins. Thank you, aunt/uncle!
  • We’re lucky to be twins! We’re even luckier to have an aunt/uncle like you.
  • Wishing you an exciting, adrenaline-pumping birthday.
  • A full year of fortune and happiness awaits you, uncle/aunt.
  • You’re Mom and Dad—part two! Happy birthday!
  • We’ve always wondered how you keep up with us. Nevertheless, you, aunt/uncle, are wonderful.
  • When we grow up, we want to have a beer with you on your special day, uncle!
  • When we become older, we want you to be our chaperone, auntie.
  • Our twin life wouldn’t be as colorful without your laughter.
  • Uncle/Aunt, you are the light of our twin life.

Twin girls are special.

What Can You Say to a Twin on Your Birthday?

You share the same birthday with your amazing partner—your twin brother or sister. Send any of these uplifting birthday greetings.

  • You are incredibly amazing!
  • Best of luck and fortune to the best twin sister/brother!
  • I hope we’ll stay best friends forever.
  • Nothing and no one can stop us of we’re together.
  • Amazing birthday to my best friend, protector, mentor, and teddy bear.
  • Proud to have a twin with a strong heart and mind!
  • Life hasn’t been a smooth journey. But know that I’m always with you all the way.
  • I may be annoying at times. But you can always depend on me whenever you need me.

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  • I knew it. You need me. Happy birthday!
  • Best wishes to the best and most caring twin sister in the world!
  • Let me know if you’re carrying the world on your shoulders. I’ll help you carry it.
  • Just remember, bro/sis. I’m here. You’re not alone.
  • May you find golden success in everything that you do. Happy birthday, my lovely/handsome twin!
  • You’re handsome/pretty because I’m handsome/pretty. Happy birthday, my equally gorgeous twin!
  • Nothing lasts forever except our bond. Blessed birthday to you!
  • Here’s another great year for both of us!
  • You always turn my sorrows and fears into joy and laughter! Thank you twin bro/sis!
  • It’s amazing thinking about the things we do together!
  • Happy birthday, bro/sis! Let’s do more amazing things together this year!

Do you have a twin brother or sister? Are you parents, relatives, friends, or colleagues of twins? Let them know that they’re doubly special with these happy birthday messages.

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