Have a son, daughter, or friend about to turn 30? I’ve organized more than 200 messages you can include in a birthday card or post on social media to celebrate them.

Turning 30 is a weird age. You’re still young. But there’s this imagery line in place where society expects you to have everything figured when reaching this point. The expectation is that you’ve got things mostly figured out from a career and relationship standpoint. Of course the reality is, most of us don’t have everything figured out when we hit the big 3-0.

Do you have a loved one, friend, or colleague who’s about to celebrate his or her 30th birthday? Use the suggested slogans and captions that are most applicable to your birthday boy or girl.

30th Birthday Slogans for Him

Don’t keep quiet about your 30th birthday.

 He might be a protective brother, spouse, supportive colleague, or encouraging friend. Here are a collection of messages that can be used to celebrate the special guy in your life.

  • Happy birthday for the man of the hour!
  • Man up! But hey, you’re already up! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! You’re now a man!
  • A special day for a special guy.
  • Today’s your moment! Happy birthday!
  • Like fine wine, you get better with age. Happy birthday!
  • Getting old means you’ve become more distinguished.
  • Thirty is the new twenty. Happy birthday!
  • You’re not getting old. You’re getting wiser.
  • Welcome to the new age. Happy birthday!
  • You’re a brand new man!
  • 30. It’s better than 20 and 40.
  • Celebrate on your special day. Not everyone reaches your age.
  • Let a new adventure begin! Happy 30th birthday!
  • Happy 30th birthday! You’re at the best time of your life!
  • And just like that, you’re 30! And that’s awesome!
  • The world needs more 30 year olds. Welcome to the club! Cheers, have a glass of cold beer, and enjoy your 30th birthday!
  • Welcome to a new, better chapter of your life! Happy 30th birthday!
  • You’re 30! You have another year to make a worldwide impact!
  • 30 years! Don’t they go by in a blink? Enjoy your special day!
  • Today, you’re 30 steps closer to your dreams!
  • Do something cool, crazy, or insane! No one can stop you! This day is yours!
  • If I was a genie, you’d get 30 wishes! Unfortunately, I’m a dork.
  • You’re not 30. You’re 29.90 plus tax.

30th Birthday Slogans for Her 

A gaggle of 30 year old guys.

Your lady’s 30th birthday is special so take care in sharing the right message in a birthday card, e-card, or cake. Everyone of these slogans should make her smile.

  • You’ve become even prettier and lovelier! Happy 30th birthday!
  • To the most stunning woman in the world! Happy birthday!
  • Wishing your special day is as special as you are.
  • You deserve the best 30th birthday gift—me!
  • Party, travel, drink, have fun, go crazy! This day is yours!
  • Wish you were 18? Girl, 30 is the new 18!
  • You don’t get old. You get better! Happy 30th birthday!
  • You aren’t just pretty. Your soul is beautiful. Happy 30th birthday!
  • Be happy! Remember that you scored 3 perfect 10s!
  • You’re 30! That means, you’re fabulous and you’re awesome!
  • Look at you! I never knew 30 looks so stunning.
  • You’re Agent Triple-X! Now, you feel better? Don’t feel old! Happy 30th birthday!
  • Why so serious? Take it easy! It’s your birthday today!
  • You’re forever 29. You’re just paying the interest.
  • You may be 30, but you’re still flirty!

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  • 30 means you’ve reached the age of perfection. Happy birthday!
  • You’re not young anymore, you’re not old enough. Welcome to the best years of your life!
  • Experience the best things in life at 30!
  • You’ll reap the rewards. Remember, your first 30 years of existence are the hardest.
  • Be excited for the new you on your 30th birthday!
  • Look on the bright side. You’ve reached a third of your life. Happy birthday!
  • Forget being 30. Think of it as a yearly anniversary of 29.
  • Turning 30 may not be your piece of cake. But you’re definitely wonderful. Happy 30th birthday!
  • I’m excited on what you will do with your next 30 years!
  • Close another chapter of your life, and say hello to new adventures! Happy 30th birthday!

30th Birthday Captions for Social Media 

Cheers to turning 30!

Each of these birthday captions is the perfect length to share on social media websites like Instagram.

  • Here are some short captions you may want to post on their timeline during their birthdays.
  • Happy birthday (tag the person’s name)! Keep on (insert a sport, activity, or hobby that he or she is passionate about).
  • Cheers to an awesome 30th birthday! You’re an awesome (dad, brother, friend, partner, etc.)
  • You’ve grown to be an amazing person! Happy birthday!
  • Don’t think you’re turning 30. Just look at today as 20 with a bonus.
  • You’ve been through 30 years of tough challenges. The following years should be a piece of cake.
  • You know when you’re 30 years old when teenagers look like kids to you!
  • May you be cool, crazy, and merry as you turn 30.
  • Hey, today is yours! All yours! Happy 30th birthday!
  • Know that in the past (number) of years, you have changed my life! Cheers to an awesome birthday!
  • At 15, it was an insight. At 25, it was practice. Now at 30, it’s game time! Happy birthday!
  • Long live the new 30 year old!
  • Hey, no worries! You still look like a teen!
  • Have a great 30th birthday! Continue touching lives!
  • You’re like fine wine and exquisite cheese, getting better with age. Happy birthday!
  • You’ve become older, but you’ll always be the coolest guy/girl I know. Happy 30th birthday!
  • If you’re the celebrant, you may want to broadcast to the world that it’s your birthday. Here are some creative ways in doing it.
  • I may be 30, but I’m still 18 at heart.
  • You’re all invited to party in your own home during my birthday!
  • I may already be 30, but damn I still look great!
  • I’ve become too old for nonsense.
  • I ain’t old. I’m young but a little bit wiser.
  • Don’t laugh. You’ll reach 30 too.
  • Here’s to 30 years of contributing my own way to the world.
  • I’m 30! Looking forward for more years of beer, steak, and fun!
  • As what this famous archeologist said, “It’s not the age, it’s the mileage.”
  • Turning 30 is the best thing that happened to me.

30th Birthday Hashtags

Hashtags are common labels used in social media platforms. These tags are used to help users find specific information or theme of content.

  • #happy30thbirthday
  • #30isthenew20
  • #happybirthdayat30
  • #30thbirthday
  • #youngat30
  • #dirtythirty
  • #partyingat30
  • #30BirthdayGirl
  • #30BirthdayBoy
  • #30years
  • #letspartyat30
  • #wiseat30
  • #imnowat30
  • #perfectat30
  • #30isbeautiful
  • #30isyoung
  • #ilovebeing30
  • #30timesmorefun
  • #30isjustanumber
  • #filledwithloveat30
  • #feelingyoungat30
  • #stunningat30
  • #lovely30
  • #welcometoanewlife
  • #lifereallybeginsat30

30th Birthday Sayings for a Cake 

birthday cake candles

Birthday cake messages.

Here are some birthday statements that will fit on a cake.

  • Happy 30 years of awesomeness!
  • You can have your cake—and eat it too! Happy 30th birthday!
  • What’s a 30th birthday without a sweet treat?
  • If you can’t blow out these candles in one blow, you’re really 30!
  • Look who’s 30? You. You’re 30.
  • Here’s to more years of fun and good health!
  • Turning 30 is like this piece of round cake!
  • Thinking 30 sucks? Have a slice of this cheesecake.
  • You’re 29 years old! Hahahahaha!
  • 30 years old is never too old for this awesome cake!
  • Eat this cake. Next year, you’ll eat another cake!
  • Thank you for 30 years of fun and inspiration!
  • You’re older but wiser.
  • You’re as sweet as this cake.
  • Have a sweet 30th birthday!

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  • Birthday treats for you.
  • Heck, you look great! Have a great birthday.
  • Like this cake, you’re definitely someone sweet!
  • Have an amazing birthday!
  • Wishing you the best on this most special day.
  • Take a slice of happiness! Happy 30th birthday!
  • 30 is just the number of candles in this cake.
  • You’re a wonderful (friend, brother, father, etc)! Happy 30th birthday!
  • I placed exactly 30 frosting designs here!
  • Eat this cake, drink beer, enjoy the chips!

30th Birthday Wishes for Son 

Is your special guy turning 30?

If you have a son who just turned 30, you can use these greetings to celebrate their birth.

  • Happy 30th birthday, young man!
  • For my favorite son in the world!
  • May you have the best stuff in the world!
  • You’re not a boy anymore! Welcome to real manhood!
  • Let’s drink to good health and great fortune! Happy 30th birthday!
  • Make 30 wishes on your special day. They’ll all come true!
  • 30? You look 25!
  • Happy 30th birthday! Here’s a brand new (gift item) for you!
  • On this special day, your wish is my command!
  • You deserve something special on your special day!
  • Happy 30th birthday! Check your room for a really cool surprise.
  • I remember you said you want to have a Mediterranean Cruise when you turn 30.

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  • 30 is the new 20! So I gave you a 20-something gift.
  • How about a (dream gift) today?
  • You are the perfect evolution of a man! Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for 30 years of making the world a better place!
  • 30 years of love and happiness with you!
  • Your drinks are on me! Happy 30th birthday!
  • The world is yours on this very special day!
  • You’re especially special to me! Yes, the redundancy is real!
  • That wish is for your birthday. My love is for the entire year.
  • Thank you for 30 years of love and inspiration.
  • 29 years ago, you could fit in my arms. Look at you now!
  • How amazing you’ve grown! Happy 30th birthday!
  • You’re not older. You’re classier. Happy 3rd decade!

30th Birthday Wishes for Daughter 

Here are some cool birthday greetings for a daughter who just turned 30. Time flies!

  • Happy 30th birthday, young lady!
  • For my favorite daughter in the whole world.
  • Best woman in my life!
  • You’re wonderfully beautiful at 30!
  • I wish your birthday is as special to you as you are to me.
  • Young at heart, beautiful in spirit.
  • No matter what they say, you’re beautiful!
  • Happy birthday! Thank you for showing us how to live and love.
  • 30 years of beauty, love, and happiness!
  • Forever grateful to have you as my (mother, sister, best friend, etc.)!
  • What’s your 30th birthday wish? It’s my treat!
  • You were such a cute baby! Now you’re a beautiful lady!
  • If anyone deserves a whole special day, it’s someone as amazing as you.
  • Let your 30th birthday be the most amazing day in history!
  • May your special day be filled with fulfilled wishes.
  • 30 is when your fondest dream will come true. Happy 30th birthday!
  • A gorgeous soul like yours deserves recognition on this special day.
  • Let’s make your 30th birthday celebration one you’ll never forget.
  • Best birthday wishes to the most gorgeous woman I know.
  • Happy birthday! You just gained more than 30 wishes!
  • You age like fine wine!
  • Be ready for another year of adventure! Happy 30th birthday!
  • Don’t count the candles on the cake. Look at the lights they give. That’s you!
  • Happy 30th birthday! A fine day for a brand new start!
  • Wishing you a day of magnificence and joy! Happy 30th birthday!

Famous 30th Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday quotes.

Finally, there are classic quotes that you can use as greetings.

“Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday!”
“Hope your special day brings you all your heart desires! Wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises!”

“Sending your way a bouquet of happiness to wish you a very happy birthday!”

“Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.”
“Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” – Pope John XXIII
“May you live all the days of your life.” – Jonathan Swift
“Age is a high price to pay for maturity” –  Tom Stoppard
“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” – Lucille Ball
“Let us respect gray hairs, especially our own” – JP Sears

“The great thing about getting older is you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.” – Madeleine L’Engle

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” – William Shakespeare
“Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.” – Brigitte Bardot
“You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” – Bob Hope
“You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.” – John P. Grier
“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.” – Robert Frost
“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” – Mark Twain

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake” – Edward Morykwas
“Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.” – Sammy Hagar
“I’m not getting old. I’m getting better.” – Shirley Bassey
“I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn’t have one. So I got a cake.” – Mitch Hedberg
“Well, that’s life. What can I tell you” – Anthony Hopkins as William Parrish in “Meet Joe Black”
“It takes a long time to grow young.” – Pablo Picasso
“I hope you had the time of your life.” – Green Day
“Live long and prosper.” – Mr. Spock in Star Trek

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