Feel like you were meant for something bigger? Is there an idea or vision pushing you toward an alternative reality beyond your current situation?

Entrepreneurship inherently involves a certain degree of uncertainty and risk. Due to the uncertainties of starting and growing a business, founders often find themselves reflecting on their destiny and meaning of work. If everything works out, the long hours and risk taking will result in a positive outcome and some level of success. I hope you’ll use these quotes and slogans will inspire you to push forward and create your own destiny in business and life. I’ve used these in my own entrepreneurial journey and found them helpful.

Destiny Slogans

155+ Inspiring Quotes about Destiny in Business & Life.

Inspiring Quotes about Destiny.

  • Destiny in finance isn’t just earning, but learning to give life value beyond numbers.
  • In relationships, destiny is less about finding the perfect person and more about nurturing perfect moments.
  • Love’s destiny is a journey of understanding, patience, and growing together in unison.
  • Health is a destiny written daily through choices that nurture both body and mind.
  • The destiny of starting a family is crafting a legacy of love, lessons, and laughter.
  • Career destiny is not just achieving goals, but finding fulfillment and purpose in your work.
  • In education, destiny is not determined by grades, but by the thirst for knowledge and growth.
  • Personal growth’s destiny is a mosaic of experiences, challenges overcome, and wisdom gained.
  • Spiritual destiny is finding peace within and spreading kindness without.

Destiny in adventure and travel is discovering not just places, but new perspectives and connections.

  • The destiny of creativity is expressing the soul’s language in countless forms.
  • In leadership, destiny is not about leading the way, but empowering others to find their paths.
  • The destiny of joy is found in appreciating the small moments and cherishing the simple things in life.
  • Destiny in overcoming adversity is the story of resilience, hope, and the strength of the human spirit.
  • Friendship’s destiny is a tapestry woven from threads of trust, support, and shared memories.
  • The destiny of wisdom is the culmination of life’s lessons, shared to enlighten others.
  • Financial independence’s destiny is built on discipline, foresight, and the courage to take smart risks.
  • In art, destiny is creating something that resonates with hearts and survives through time.
  • Physical fitness is a destiny carved out of dedication, discipline, and respect for one’s body.
  • Emotional well-being’s destiny is fostered in self-awareness and nurtured through self-care and compassion.

Destiny Sayings

Destiny is a conflicting idea. Some will say you are in full control of your destiny. Others will claim everything in your life is predetermined. I tried to acknowledge these conflicting belief systems in this section.

  • Forge your destiny with actions, not wishes.
  • Is destiny a path we follow, or one we create?
  • Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.
  • Some say destiny is written in the stars. Maybe we’re the ones holding the pen.
  • Take the reins of your destiny before fate ties them up.
  • Destiny is a guesswork; the true journey is in our steps.
  • They say destiny calls, but sometimes it’s just a whisper.
  • If destiny is real, why does effort matter?
  • Destiny: a comforting lullaby for the undecided.
  • Our actions are the compass to our destiny.
  • Is destiny a roadmap or just a fanciful tale?
  • Carve your destiny with the chisel of perseverance.
  • Do we meet destiny, or does it follow us?
  • Destiny may be written, but who’s to say we can’t edit?
  • In the dance of destiny, be your own choreographer.
  • Destiny is a journey, not a destination – pave it with your choices.
  • Destiny whispers, but actions shout.
  • Who writes the story of destiny if not us?
  • In the tapestry of life, are we the weavers or the threads of destiny?
  • Chase your destiny, but don’t run from your reality.
  • Destiny is the question, life is the answer.
  • If destiny is fixed, why do our choices feel so important?
  • Our destiny is not always a straight path, but a winding road full of lessons.
  • Destiny’s door may be unlocked, but you must turn the handle.
  • Are we players on destiny’s stage, or the playwrights?
  • The map of destiny is drawn with the ink of our actions.
  • Destiny’s mirror reflects our choices, not just our faces.
  • Is destiny a guiding star or just an illusion in the sky?
  • Destiny is a book. Do we read it, or write it?
  • The seeds of today are the destiny trees of tomorrow.
  • In the garden of life, do we plant destiny or discover it?
  • Destiny’s puzzle: are we the pieces or the puzzle master?
  • If destiny is predetermined, is hope just a dreamer’s folly?
  • Destiny might set the course, but we steer the ship.
  • Are we marching to destiny’s drum or playing our own tune?
Our actions are the compass to our destiny.

Make the action to reach your destiny.

Funny Destiny Slogans

Here are some humorous takes on ways destiny can play tricks on you.

  • You make plans and God laughs… and sometimes even snorts!
  • I told Destiny my plans and it replied with That’s cute.
  • Planning for the future is great until Destiny decides it’s more of a plot twist fan.
  • They say you can make plans, but God has other ideas. I think God’s a bit of a prankster.
  • I had a chat with Destiny. It said, Keep making plans, I need a good laugh!
  • You plan, God laughs. I’m starting to think the universe is the original stand-up comedian.
  • I carefully laid out my life plan. Destiny saw it and said, Hold my beer.
  • Plan all you want, but remember, Destiny’s the one with the eraser.
  • I make plans. Destiny changes them. I think Destiny’s just winging it, honestly.
  • My destiny likes to play surprise with my plans. Spoiler alert: It’s never a party.
  • Planned to be a millionaire by 30, Destiny thought ‘broke artist’ sounded cooler.
  • I plan, Destiny laughs, I reroute.
  • Told my Destiny I’m an early bird; it turned me into a night owl.
  • Plans are just rough drafts, Destiny’s the editor.
  • My destiny must be a chef; it loves cooking up surprises.
  • I said I’d be a serious adult. Destiny handed me a whoopee cushion.
  • Every time I make a plan, Destiny yells ‘Plot twist!’
  • I planned to be graceful. Destiny thought ‘clumsy’ was more my style.
  • Destiny saw my plans and decided it prefers improv.
  • I’m convinced my destiny has a sense of humor. Just look at my dating history.

Made a plan. Destiny threw it a surprise party… without me.

  • I planned for success, Destiny subscribed me to ‘Trial and Error’ monthly.
  • Thought I’d be rich by now. Destiny must’ve mailed my checks to the wrong address.
  • I told Destiny I hate surprises. It seems to find that hilarious.
  • Planned to be fit this year. Destiny introduced me to Netflix binges.
  • I plan to be early, Destiny loves traffic jams.
  • My five-year plan became Destiny’s ‘Let’s see what happens’ saga.
  • Told Destiny I’m a cat person, it gave me dog allergies.
  • Planned a quiet life, Destiny threw in a plot twist with twins.
  • I planned on being organized. Destiny laughed and gave me kids.
  • Thought I’d travel the world. Destiny had other plans: a couch and snacks.
  • Planned to be spontaneous. Destiny said, ‘Let’s schedule that.’
  • My destiny’s got jokes; it turned my plans into a comedy show.
  • I plan to save money; Destiny introduces unexpected expenses.
  • Thought I’d be a chef, Destiny made me a microwave expert.
  • I planned to stay young forever. Destiny introduced me to birthdays.
  • Planned on a big house. Destiny said, ‘How about a quirky apartment?’
  • Every plan I make, Destiny adds its own twist. Like a bad DJ.
  • I planned to be cool and aloof. Destiny made me a lovable dork.
  • I planned for a peaceful day. Destiny thought a lost phone was funnier.

Business Destiny Slogans 

  • Destiny in business is not predetermined, it’s carved out through relentless pursuit and unwavering vision.
  • The tapestry of destiny is woven with threads of innovation, persistence, and calculated risks.
  • For every entrepreneur, destiny is a canvas painted with the colors of ambition and hard-earned success.
  • In the symphony of business, destiny plays to the tune of perseverance and adaptability.
  • Destiny favors the bold in business, those who turn challenges into opportunities.
  • The road to destiny is built on the milestones of failures, learning, and eventual triumphs.
  • Entrepreneurial destiny is not a stroke of luck but a masterpiece of commitment and strategic thinking.
  • Business legends don’t wait for destiny; they architect it with their vision and actions.
  • Destiny in commerce is authored by those who dare to challenge the status quo.
  • The fabric of business destiny is stitched with innovation, leadership, and enduring passion.
  • In the arena of entrepreneurship, destiny is a journey, not a destination.
  • The signature of destiny in business is often found in the resilience to overcome the impossible.
  • Destiny bows to the entrepreneur who weaves success out of challenges and setbacks.
  • In the chess game of business, destiny crowns the strategist, not the spectator.
  • The narrative of destiny is rewritten by entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and act bigger.
  • Business destiny is not found but forged in the fires of determination and foresight.
  • The blueprint of destiny in business is drafted with the ink of innovation and resilience.

Entrepreneurial destiny thrives at the intersection of passion, persistence, and strategic prowess.

  • In the lexicon of business, destiny spells out opportunity seized, challenges surmounted, and visions realized.
  • Destiny in the business world is a mosaic crafted from pieces of failures, successes, and continuous learning.
  • The chorus of destiny in entrepreneurship sings of risk-taking, relentless pursuit, and transformative ideas.
  • For the visionary entrepreneur, destiny is a horizon ever-expanding with possibilities and potential.
  • In the landscape of business, destiny is shaped by those who plant seeds of innovation and nurture them with perseverance.
  • The rhythm of destiny in entrepreneurship dances to beats of creativity, adaptability, and undying ambition.
  • Destiny in business is not a waiting game; it’s an active pursuit by those who dare to lead and innovate.
Business destiny is not found but forged in the fires of determination and foresight.

It is forged in the fires of determination and foresight.

Life Destiny Slogans

  • Life’s script is written in moments, not regrets.
  • Destiny calls at every major crossroad: marriage, birth, and beyond.
  • With every birthday candle, destiny carves a deeper story.
  • In the dance of destiny, graduation is just the beginning.
  • Marriage: where two destinies weave a single tapestry.
  • Every wrinkle tells a story of a destiny embraced.
  • The birth of a child: destiny’s most beautiful curveball.
  • Achievements are destiny’s milestones, not the final destination.
  • Retirement: when destiny says the adventure is just starting.
  • In life’s symphony, every age has its own melody.
  • Regrets are but shadows in the brilliance of life’s journey.
  • Each anniversary marks a shared destiny, beautifully unfolding.
  • Destiny isn’t written in the stars, but in life’s every decision.
  • Graduation caps in the air, destinies taking flight.
  • At retirement, look back not with regret, but with stories to tell.
  • The birth of a child – where destiny begins anew.

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  • Life’s true achievement: embracing destiny at every turn.
  • In the quiet of aging, listen to the whispers of destiny.
  • Marriage vows: the pledge to walk a shared destiny.
  • With every regret, remember: life is about chapters, not just pages.
  • Graduation: where destiny turns a page, not closes a book.
  • Destiny isn’t just the big moments, but the small steps in between.
  • As years pass, let destiny be your guide, not your burden.
  • In the journey of life, cherish the destinations and the detours.
  • Retirement: a time when destiny unfolds in leisure and reflection.
  • Life’s journey is measured not in steps, but in heartbeats and moments.
  • From the first cry to the final goodbye, destiny weaves its tapestry.
  • Embrace each wrinkle, they’re the roadmap of your journey.
  • Destiny is not just in milestones, but in the moments in between.
  • In the theater of life, every act, from birth to retirement, counts.
  • Graduation: a stepping stone in the river of destiny.
  • Marriage, a dance where two destinies become entwined.
  • With each child’s birth, a new chapter of destiny unfolds.
  • Retirement: When the clock stops ticking and starts singing.
  • Life’s regrets are simply detours on the road to destiny.
  • Every anniversary, a celebration of shared journeys and intertwined fates.
  • Growing old is not just aging; it’s living a full story.
  • Achievements are the landmarks in the map of life.
  • Destiny’s greatest gift is the surprise in every new beginning.
  • The fabric of life is stitched with threads of joy, sorrow, and love.
  • Every birthday marks not just age, but a new horizon in destiny.
  • In the melody of life, each note, from youth to old age, harmonizes.
  • The first steps, the first words – destiny’s tender beginnings.
  • Life’s twilight years: a time to reflect on destiny’s journey.
  • The birth of a child: life’s way of saying the story goes on.
  • At life’s milestones, pause to admire the view of your journey.
  • Every graduation gown is a cape of aspirations flying towards destiny.
  • In the gallery of life, each age is a masterpiece.
  • Destiny is the silent partner in life’s grand enterprise.
  • In the flow of life, every moment is a drop in the river of destiny.

Destiny and Success Slogans

Success is not just in wealth, but in the richness of life lived.

Success is not just about wealth.

Success looks different for different people. Maybe financial success is your goal. Maybe raising kids with values or getting a higher level education is your version of success. No matter what success looks like, here are slogans about success and destiny.

  • Success is destiny’s reward for courageously following your heart.
  • In the story of life, every chapter of success is penned by perseverance.
  • True success: when destiny applauds at the end of your journey.
  • Financial success is just one chapter in the book of destiny.
  • For some, success is a loving family; for destiny, it’s a fulfilled soul.
  • Climbing out of poverty: a success story written with resilience.
  • Destiny smiles when education becomes the key to unlocking success.
  • Success is not just in wealth, but in the richness of life lived.

Breaking the chains of debt – a triumphant chapter in destiny’s book.

  • Every diploma is a ticket to a destiny of success and discovery.
  • Success in life is measured not just in gains, but in growth.
  • Destiny’s greatest success story: turning dreams into realities.
  • Success: when the chapters of struggle lead to pages of triumph.
  • For many, success is a house full of laughter and love.
  • Escaping poverty, one determined step at a time – destiny’s victory.
  • Success isn’t just about what you achieve, but who you become.
  • In the narrative of life, true success is finding purpose and joy.
  • The journey from debt to financial freedom: a tale of triumph.
  • Every successful family is destiny’s masterpiece of love and commitment.
  • In the pursuit of education, every lesson learned is a success.
  • Destiny crowns those who turn obstacles into stepping stones of success.
  • The greatest success is overcoming the fear of failure.
  • Building a life free of debt: a silent, steadfast victory.
  • Success is the music of destiny played to the tune of hard work.
  • In the spectrum of success, every shade of achievement counts.

Destiny Quotes

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

  • Meaning: This quote emphasizes the power of personal choice in shaping one’s destiny, suggesting that our decisions, more than any predestined path, determine who we become​​.

Barack Obama: “Our destiny is not written for us, but by us.”

  • Lesson: Obama’s words highlight the concept of self-determination, implying that our actions and choices are the primary authors of our destiny​​.

Jack Welch: “Control your own destiny or someone else will.”

  • Meaning: Welch is emphasizing the importance of being proactive in life. If you don’t take charge of your own path, others will make decisions for you, ultimately controlling your destiny​​.

Anthony Robbins: “Your biography is not your destiny, your decisions are.”

  • Lesson: This quote suggests that your past does not determine your future. It’s the choices you make that shape your destiny, not your background or history​​.

T.D. Jakes: “Destiny is the push of our instincts to the pull of our purpose.”

  • Meaning: Jakes is saying that destiny is a combination of our natural inclinations and the greater purpose we feel drawn to. This teaches you to find a balance between internal desires and external goals​​.

Henry Ford: “Luck and destiny are the excuses of the world’s failures.”

  • Lesson: Ford implies that blaming destiny or luck for failures is an excuse. Success and failure are the results of one’s actions rather than fate​​. This one was powerful for me.

Alan Cohen: “Our history is not our destiny.”

  • Meaning: Cohen’s quote tells us that our past experiences do not dictate the future. We have the ability to change and shape our destiny regardless of what has happened before​​.

Stephen Curry: “Control your own destiny! Control your own destiny!”

  • Lesson: This emphatic statement from Curry underlines the importance of taking active control over your life’s direction, rather than leaving it to chance or external circumstances​​.

William Shakespeare: “Hanging and wiving goes by destiny.”

  • Interpretation: This quote from Shakespeare implies major life events, such as marriage (wiving) and perhaps even our manner of death (hanging), are influenced by destiny.

French Proverb: “He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned.”

  • Meaning: This proverb suggests that destiny has a preordained path for everyone. If someone is destined for a particular end, they will reach it regardless of the dangers they encounter​​.

Destiny and Fate Quotes 

Your destiny is shaped by the person you choose to be.

Your destiny is shaped by the person you choose to be.

Jean Nidetch: “It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.”

  • Meaning: This quote emphasizes the power of personal choice over chance or fate in shaping one’s destiny​​.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

  • Lesson: Emerson highlights that our destiny is not predetermined, but rather, it is shaped by our decisions and the person we strive to become​​.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.”

  • Meaning: Goethe’s quote suggests that even in times of barrenness or difficulty, there is always the potential for renewal and growth, much like a fruit tree in winter that eventually blossoms​​.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”

  • Lesson: Roosevelt implies that it’s not fate that confines us, but rather our own thoughts and beliefs. We have the power to free ourselves by changing our mindset​​.

Deepak Chopra: “Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined.”

  • Meaning: This quote reflects on life’s unpredictability, suggesting that no matter how much we plan, unforeseen events can shape our destiny in unexpected ways​​.

William Shakespeare: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

  • Lesson: Shakespeare emphasizes that destiny is not determined by external forces like the stars, but rather by our own actions and decisions​​.

David O. McKay: “Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.”

  • Meaning: McKay suggests that our thoughts play a crucial role in shaping our destiny. Positive thinking can lead to positive outcomes​​.

Seneca: “Fate leads the willing and drags along the unwilling.”

  • Meaning: This quote implies that fate moves us all, but our experience of it depends on our willingness to embrace it. Those who are willing find the journey easier than those who resist​​.

James Woods: “The bottom line is to be in control of your own destiny.”

  • Lesson: Woods stresses the importance of taking control and being proactive in shaping one’s own destiny, rather than leaving it to chance​​.

Has your destiny been written yet? I’m over 40 years old and I don’t believe my story is fully told. I want to take advantage of the next few decades of my life to build a business of significant size and wealth so my family is setup for the future.

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