It’s almost turkey time! Not only the Thanksgiving holiday a day to reflect on the blessings of the preceding year, but it also marks the start of the holiday season. It’s impossible not to feel happy and excited during Thanksgiving.

You can use any of these catchy email subject lines to promote a Thanksgiving sale, extend a Thanksgiving greeting to your team, or simply wish your customers and business partners a great Thanksgiving. If you’re hungry for marketing ideas these should fill you up.

Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

roasted turkey

A roasted and well seasoned turkey.

Let’s start off with some simple yet interesting Thanksgiving subject lines.

  • Happy Thanksgiving From Us To You!
  • Make Your Thanksgiving Extra Special!
  • We Make Your Thanksgiving Super Special!
  • Be Ready for a Super Thanksgiving!
  • You Deserve the Best This Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Now, Go Shopping!
  • The Best Thanksgiving For You!
  • This is the Thanksgiving You’ve Been Waiting For!
  • We Have Something Special for You This Thanksgiving!
  • More Thanksgiving to You!
  • Thanksgiving Surprise Coming Your Way!
  • It’s Our Thanksgiving Bonanza!
  • Food coma? These deals will wake you up.
  • Where Will You Be This Thanksgiving?
  • We’re Ready for Thanksgiving!
  • Click and Get a Thanksgiving Surprise!
  • The Start of the Holiday Season Shopping Is Here!
  • Have a Head Start This Thanksgiving!
  • This is Our Way of Thanking You!
  • We Have a Thanksgiving Treat For You!
  • Put on your game face this Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving is Everything!
  • Have an amazing Thanksgiving from (name of your establishment/business)
  • (name of your establishment/business) Wishes You a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • (name of your establishment/business)’s Treat!
  • Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us in (name of your establishment/business)

Funny Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

How about Thanksgiving email subject lines that will make your reader grin?

  • Let’s Talk Turkey.
  • Leaves aren’t the only thing that’s falling. So are our prices.
  • Thanksgiving Is Savory.
  • I Won’t Be Surprised if You Gained Weight on Monday.
  • Finger Lickin’ Thanksgiving.
  • Gobble up these deals while they last.
  • Grrr! The Turkey is Dry.
  • You’ll like this email message more than gravy.
  • Preparing Spicy Pumpkin Soup.
  • Don’t Shiver This Thanksgiving.
  • Gobble the Turkey.
  • Tired of leftovers? Dine on our newest deals instead.
  • Be Wary of that Fireplace!
  • Remember That Leftovers Don’t Last Long!
  • Turkey or Die!
  • No More Money on Christmas Day Because of Thanksgiving!
  • First Give Thanks. Then Give.
  • Thanksgiving Starts In the Oven!
  • Turkeys, Pies, and Wine.
  • Why Won’t You Invite Us for Thanksgiving?
  • Baked Turkey, Here I Come!
  • Devour These Deals with a side of Stuffing.
  • Say Goodbye to the Cash In Your Wallet This Thanksgiving!
  • Empty Wallets But Happy Heart This Thanksgiving!
  • Bring Out That Pie, Pumpkin, and Turkey!
  • Expecting a Visit from Pilgrim?
  • Even Ghosts Would Want a Bit of Pumpkin Pie.
  • You’ll Love the Smell of Turkey.
  • No Such Thing as Thanksgiving Blues.

Thanksgiving Sale Email Subject Lines

Use these catchy email subject lines to invite people to take advantage of your establishment’s Thanksgiving sale.

  • We’re Taking (discount) Percent Off on All Items this Thanksgiving.
  • This Thanksgiving is the Best Time For You to Buy Gifts for Yourself and Your Loved Ones.
  • Enjoy (discount) Percent off this Thanksgiving.
  • Discounts are on Us This Thanksgiving.
  • Gobble Gobble. Open up for savings.
  • We’re Inviting You to Our Thanksgiving Sale.
  • Start Your Holiday Shopping Season this Thanksgiving.
  • Take Advantage of our Thanksgiving Price Cuts.
  • Special Thanksgiving Sale.
  • Thanksgiving wonder! (discount) Percent Off!
  • Your Wallet Shall Not Weep This Thanksgiving!
  • Wallet-friendly Prices for You This Thanksgiving!

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  • Wild Thanksgiving Discounts Here!
  • Discounts, first! Turkey later!
  • Our Way of Saying Thank You! (discount) Percent Off!
  • (discount) Percent on All Items! Thanksgiving Can’t Get Any Better Than This!
  • A Special Thanksgiving Sale For You!
  • Joyous Thanksgiving! Take (discount) Percent Off!
  • Let’s Start the Holiday Shopping Spree Early!
  • Save Up to (discount) Percent this Thanksgiving!
  • Cool Savings and Great Deals this Thanksgiving!
  • We’re Giving You Our Thanks with These Fabulous Price Cuts!
  • Thanksgiving is a Happy Day for Your Wallet!
  • Get What You Want at Half the Price This Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving Price Busters Coming To You!
  • Huge Savings on Turkey, Wine, and Cheese This Thanksgiving!

Before Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

Here are some email subject lines that work just ahead of Thanksgiving. Make sure to send these emails before November, 24th.

  • Your Thanksgiving Wish Is Granted.
  • A Lineup of Thanksgiving Surprises For You.
  • A Few More Days and Its Happy Thanksgiving.
  • You’ll want to open this before November, 24th.
  • See You This Thanksgiving.
  • May Your Upcoming Thanksgiving Be a Happy One.
  • Watch Out For our Thanksgiving Surprise.
  • Countdown to Thanksgiving.
  • Where Should You Begin This Thanksgiving?
  • The Thanksgiving Genie Will Grant You a Wish!
  • Naturally Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and everything else on your Thanksgiving dinner list.
  • Are You Ready for the Thanksgiving Day of Your Life?
  • Be Ready for a Thanksgiving Gift
  • Excited about Thanksgiving?
  • You Have Every Reason to be Excited This Thanksgiving.
  • Open for Thanksgiving Recipes from my Grandmother.
  • Let’s Bring Up Your Excitement Meter this Thanksgiving!
  • We’ll Bring You a Lot of Excitement This Thanksgiving!
  • We Have Something to Show You This Upcoming Thanksgiving.
  • Wait for this Thanksgiving! You’d be Glad You Did!
  • Happiness Will Come in a Thanksgiving Package!
  • Just a Few Days More!
  • Watch Out for a Surprise This Thanksgiving!
  • For You This Thanksgiving!
  • The Perfect Thanksgiving Present Awaits You!
  • We Have You On Thanksgiving!
  • Twas’ the night before Thanksgiving.

November Email Subject Lines

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner.

November is an exciting month. It’s the month that signals the start of the holiday season, the happiest season of the year.

  • Waking You Up When November Starts!
  • It’s November! It’s Thanksgiving!
  • November 24 is the Official Start of the Holiday Shopping Season!
  • November! One of the Happiest Months of the Year!
  • Aren’t You Excited It’s November?
  • Countdown to the 24th of November!
  • November Hype is Real!
  • The Fun Begins In November!
  • November—Summer Season for Shopping!
  • November Sings Happiness!
  • Do You Know What Awaits You in November?
  • November Surprises Coming Up!
  • The Shopping Season is Drawing Near!
  • We Can’t Wait for November!
  • November Morn, Finally!
  • At Last, It’s November!
  • Two Months of Nonstop Shopping!
  • November and December Are Shopaholics’ Months!
  • Peak November!
  • The Holiday Shopping Season Is Here!
  • Welcome, November!
  • Welcome to a Great Holiday Start!
  • Be Ready for the Thanksgiving Spree!
  • Exciting November! Ready Your Wallets!
  • Everything Is More Beautiful and Exciting in November.

Thanksgiving Hours Email Examples

Let your employees spend and enjoy Thanksgiving with their loved ones by allowing them to work shorter hours.

  • Note that we will be closing early during Thanksgiving.
  • The news that you’ve been waiting for! We’ll be leaving the office early.
  • The office will close early this Thanksgiving so you could spend time with your family.
  • No more burnt turkeys! We have shorter hours during the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • We’ll open early the next day for Thanksgiving!
  • Our Thanksgiving treat to you? You’re going home 2 hours earlier!
  • No work on Thanksgiving! Spend your time with your family!
  • Aside from shorter hours, we’ll be giving you a special Thanksgiving treat!
  • Bye, take care, and have a memorable Thanksgiving!
  • You’ll be working shorter hours this Thanksgiving!
  • We know this is an important holiday. So, we’ll be closing our office 2 hours early.
  • Extending the joy of Thanksgiving by shortening our operating hours!
  • One hour from now, you’ll be home enjoying your freshly roasted Thanksgiving turkey!
  • Do you want to go shopping for Thanksgiving? Well, we’ll just work for half a day!
  • A half-day treat for everyone this Thanksgiving!

We’ll be closing early this Thanksgiving to give our staff time to celebrate the holidays with their families.

  • Because we want you to be with your families this Thanksgiving, there will be no work on Thanksgiving.
  • Release the employees! We will be closed to observe Thanksgiving on November, 24th. We hope you’ll visit us the day after when we resume regular business operations.
  • We’re cutting off office hours this Thanksgiving!
  • Be with your family this Thanksgiving!
  • Go ahead and enjoy the turkey and wine.
  • Thanksgiving is time off for our employees! Go and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner!
  • At Thanksgiving, we don’t delay. We send our employees away.
  • Away with you this Thanksgiving!
  • Our best gift for this Thanksgiving is to let our awesome workers go home earlier!

Email Sign off Examples for Thanksgiving

Use these clever Thanksgiving sign-off phrases in your emails.

  • See You This Thanksgiving!
  • We’re Waiting For You!
  • Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Family!
  • Have an Awesome Thanksgiving!
  • Too Much Turkey? No Problem!
  • Have a nice turkey!
  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Don’t forget to baste the turkey!
  • Be safe this Thanksgiving!
  • See you after Thanksgiving!
  • Make your Thanksgiving a beautiful one!
  • Bring leftover turkey on Monday.
  • Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration!

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  • Start the holidays right!
  • See you next week! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Let the warmth of Thanksgiving flow through your home!
  • Your heart belongs at home this Thanksgiving.
  • Wine, turkey, and cheese galore!
  • Time to bring out that pumpkin cake!
  • Be ready for Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving is your life!
  • Let Thanksgiving begin!
  • Rejoice! It’s Thanksgiving!
  • Glory be to Thanksgiving!
  • Hugs to your family this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Email Signature Ideas

Finally, ignite the spirit of Thanksgiving with these unique email signatures.

  • Light the fireplace! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Joyous Thanksgiving to you!
  • Let your thanksgiving be a happy one!
  • Amazing Thanksgiving!
  • Wondrous thanksgiving!
  • Enjoy the turkey and the wine!
  • Say Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving ahoy!
  • Be happy this Thanksgiving,
  • Yours on Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving Yours,

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  • Safe Thanksgiving.
  • Have a Magical Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving in our hearts.
  • Let our souls soar high this Thanksgiving.
  • Warm Thanksgiving to you!
  • Thanksgiving is upon you.
  • May this Thanksgiving be the best one.
  • Are you ready for this Thanksgiving?
  • Best wishes this Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving filled with hope.
  • May your Thanksgiving be filled with love.
  • Lovely Thanksgiving.
  • Giving you a big Thanksgiving hug.

Tips for Writing an Email Subject Line for Thanksgiving Holiday

make this day great

Make this day great.

Here are some great tips for making subject lines that increase click-through rates around the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Use terms, phrases, and words associated with the holiday to make your subject headline relatable.
  • Utilize cultural references such as turkeys, pumpkin pies, pilgrims, family togetherness, cooking, taking a nap, loving leftovers and more.
  • Write the headline as if you’re actually talking to your reader. Avoid second person sentences; use first person sentences instead when possible.
  • If you’re advertising a holiday sale, instill a sense of urgency in your email subject. Entice people to act by using phrases such as “Hurry!,” “What are you waiting for?” or “the Thanksgiving sale is only here for one day.”
  • Make sure you deliver on the promise mentioned in your email subject line within the content of the email. You never want to over promise and under deliver or you’ll lose trust and increase unsubscribes.

In addition to marketing your business, I hope you get some time to take a break this Thanksgiving and reserve a few moments to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for. Personally, I’m thankful for my health, family, and the opportunity to publish these tips for you. Rewind the clock a decades and a little publisher like me would have never been able to earn a living writing. I’m grateful for this opportunity that didn’t exist with previous generations.

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