Believe it or not, your networking event or upcoming webinar may not be at the top of prospects minds. Don’t take offense to that statement. After all, folks have busy lives and lots of things competition for their attention like work or family responsibilities.

To help prospects remember they have a training or upcoming webinar these subject lines will grab their attention. From email to text messages, I’ve got a message you can use for your followup campaign.

Event Reminder Email Subject Lines

Remind email subscribers about a live networking event.

  • Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  • (name of the event) tickets are almost sold out.
  • [Event Name] registration is almost full — Reserve your place now!
  • {Event Name} is selling out!
  • {Product Name} is selling out!
  • Are You Ready for {Event Name}
  • Don’t forget to attend a meeting on Tuesday, at 2 PM!
  • Don’t miss [Event Name]! Get tickets before it is too late!
  • Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  • Event Tomorrow | Register today!
  • Exclusive Event to Show our Appreciation
  • Following you up for the Small business Expo
  • Free Coffee for Marketing Advice?
  • Free for lunch Thursday? Join our Lunch and Learn!
  • Get your free early bird pass from here
  • Grab your VIP tickets to watch [Performer Name]
  • Grace’s reminder for [event name]
  • Have a moment? Share your thoughts on [Event Name]
  • Hi {Name}, free {Date}? Join us at {Event Name}!
  • Hurry up! [Event Name] ticket sales are open for 2 more days
  • Invoice no. 987 is two weeks overdue
  • Join all major influencers of [topic] at [Event Name]
  • Last chance to see {Event Name} live at {Event Name}
  • Last chance to see your favorite actor
  • Live Performance: Join [Artist’s Name] in his/her first virtual show
  • Make a reservation for [Event Name] today
  • Meet us at [Location] for [Event Name]!
  • Meeting Today: {Date} {Location}
  • Meeting tomorrow! Provide your confirmation right away
  • Please confirm your presence for an emergency meeting later at 3 PM
  • Please join us
  • Registration is almost closed for [Event Name], save your spot!
  • Reminder for Introduction to Project Management Workshop
  • Reminder: Seth’s Birthday Safari!
  • Reserve your spot at [Event Name]
  • Subscribe to [Event Name] until [Date]
  • The advanced digital marketing summit
  • The countdown to {Event Name} is on!
  • Want to meet you. I would like to negotiate prices
  • You don’t want to miss {Event Name}

Event Reminder for Text Message

Remind subscribers about a live event via text message.

  • #SmallBizConference attendees: A reminder that the networking lunch begins in 1 hour in the Roosevelt room!
  • Attention Whitewater center season pass holders: the center will be closed temporarily due to tornado warnings in the area. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Bloomenthal VIP members: Be sure to snag your tickets before they sell out! Hamilton is coming back into town October-Nov. Lottery opens 8am on Sept.1
  • Exclusive Gray Theater offer: BOGO large popcorn with any purchase of 2 or more Avengers Endgame tickets!
  • Filmore team- please make sure you’re in opening stations. Doors will be opening in 2 minutes!
  • Hey Ali! Thanks for attending the Chris Rock show last night. If you have two minutes would you mind filling out a quick survey about your experience?
  • Hi [Candidate Name]. [Name] from [Business Name] here. Your interview is scheduled for [Time, Date]. We look forward to meeting with you. Please confirm that the time and date work for you by responding CONFIRM to this message. Thank you.

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  • Hi [Customer Name], [Name] from [Business Name] here. This is a reminder that you have an appointment scheduled with [Attendee Name] for [Day, Date, Time]. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I wanted to confirm that you’re available for our meeting scheduled for [Date, Time] and share our office address: [Address].
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I wanted to confirm your appointment scheduled with us for [Day, Time]. If you’d like to confirm the appointment, please use the following link to make the payment with a debit or credit card: [Link] Please respond to this message once you’ve made the payment. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Thanks.
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I wanted to inform you that [Consultant] will be attending to you on [Day, Date, Time] for the appointment you’ve scheduled with us. Please be aware that: [Instruction #1] [Instruction #2]
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I’m reaching out to confirm your appointment for [Day, Date, Time] and let you know that we’ll need the following documents to [Action Item]:

Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. Thank you for booking a 30-minute consultation call with us. Here’s the link for our video chat on [Date, Time]: [Link] Please respond to confirm or reschedule the appointment.

  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. Thanks for booking an appointment with us. I wanted to confirm that [Day, Date, Time] still works for you. Please respond to this message to confirm.
  • Hi [Customer Name], it was a pleasure having you at our office earlier this week. I just wanted to remind you about your next meeting with us scheduled for tomorrow. Please respond to this text to confirm the appointment.
  • Hi [Customer Name], we’ve canceled your appointment per your request. If you’d like to reschedule, please respond with a date and time.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Consultant Name] from [Tax Consulting Company Name] reaching out to confirm our appointment scheduled for [Time] on [Day, Date]. Please fill out our intake form and upload documents at [Link] so your tax professional can prepare. Please send your confirmation by responding CONFIRM to this text message.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Counselor Name]’s [Assistant]. I wanted to confirm your appointment scheduled for [Time] on [Date]. Please respond CONFIRM to this text to confirm or CANCEL to cancel your appointment. Note that cancellations are subject to a $[Number] cancellation fee.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Business Name] and we’re excited to show you [Listing address] on [Day, Time]. Please text this number if you have any questions. Thanks.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Cleaning Service Name]. Thank you for booking our services. Please confirm that [Time] on [Date] works for you by responding CONFIRM. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Clinic Name]. Your appointment with Dr. [Dentist Name] is scheduled for [Time, Date]. Please note that [Prerequisites]. Respond CONFIRM to this message to let us know the time and date work for you.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Event Management Company Name]. I just wanted to confirm you’re available for our appointment to discuss the pricing for your [Event] at [Time] on [Date]. Please respond to this text to confirm or reschedule. Thanks.

Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Pest Control Service Name]. I just wanted to leave a reminder about the pest control service you’ve booked for [Date, Time]. We’ll need [# of Hours] to complete. Please make arrangements accordingly. Respond CONFIRM to confirm the time and date works for you. Thank you.

  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Repair Shop Name]. Your appointment for [Vehicle] is scheduled for [Time, Date]. Respond CONFIRM to this text message to let us know you’re available for the appointment. Thank you.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Salon Name]. Thanks for booking [Service #1] and [Service #2] with us on [Day, Time]. Please respond CONFIRM to confirm your appointment or CANCEL to cancel it. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Veterinary Clinic] reaching out to confirm [Pet Name]’s appointment with [Dr. Name] on [Time, Date]. Please confirm that the scheduled time works for you by responding CONFIRM to this text.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Personal Trainer Name] from [Gym Name]. Our training session starts at [Time] on [Date]. Please confirm the appointment by responding CONFIRM to this message. Respond CANCEL if you’d like to cancel or reschedule the appointment.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. You’ve scheduled an appointment with [Dr. Name] at [Business Name] for [Day, Time]. Please respond to this text to confirm or reschedule the appointment.
  • Hi [Customer]. [Business Name] handyman [Handyman Name] will be at [Customer Address] at [Time, Date]. Please remember [Business Name] requires at least 24 hours notice with all cancellations. To reschedule, call [Main Office Number].
  • Hi [Participant Name]. This is a friendly reminder to [Task] before our appointment tomorrow as part of phase 2 of our study. Please respond to this message if you have questions. Thank you.
  • Thank you for entering Grand Rapids raffle to win tickets to the sold out Backstreet Boys concert. Winner will be notified 4/1.

Webinar Reminder Email Subject Lines

Remind subscribers about a webinar.

  • Are You Joining us Tomorrow at {Webinar Event Name}
  • [Webinar Name] – Don’t miss it!
  • A cheat sheet to dominate your next webinar
  • A free training you don’t want to miss!
  • A sneak peak at what’s coming up on the webinar
  • Are You Excited About {Webinar Event Name}?
  • Are you free this Thursday at (time)? [Webinar name]
  • A-Z of online marketing: From SEO to social media
  • Can’t Miss Webinar: How to Grow Your Business with Social Media
  • Can’t wait to see you at the webinar!
  • Exclusive webinar: How to 10x your business in 2019
  • Grow your email list 10X faster through attending our Webinar (date)
  • Guess what? you will love this, a gift! {unwrap Webinar ticket inside}
  • How to [Webinar subject] Webinar
  • It’s not too late to register for our webinar!
  • It’s not too late to register for the webinar!
  • It’s not too late to register for tomorrow’s webinar!
  • It’s time to get registered for my webinar!
  • Join us for a free webinar on online marketing
  • Join us for a webinar on [topic]
  • Join us tomorrow for a webinar on [topic]!
  • Join us tomorrow for a webinar on how to get more leads!
  • Just 2 days left to register for our webinar!
  • JUST ADDED: The 5Ps of Preparing for a Webinar
  • Largest webinar in {Location}: {Event Name}, Register Now!
  • LAST CHANCE to register for our webinar!
  • Last chance to see {Speaker} live at {Webinar Event Name}
  • Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
  • Meet the Speakers at {Webinar Event Name}!
  • Please confirm your presence {{Webinar Name}} at {{Time}}!
  • Please confirm your presence for a webinar at 3 PM.
  • Register for this upcoming December 26th Webinar
  • Register now for tomorrow’s webinar!
  • Reserve your seat for (webinar name)
  • Webinar Today: We need you to join us later today!
  • Webinar tomorrow at 9 AM, please provide your confirmation right away
  • Webinar tomorrow: How to get 10x more leads
  • Webinar tomorrow: Please provide your confirmation right away
  • You’re invited to our next webinar!
  • Your issues related to ( webinar subject), solved!
  • Your seat is reserved for tomorrow’s webinar!
  • Your seat is saved for our upcoming webinar!

Training Reminder Email Subject Lines

Reminder: You have an upcoming sales training.

  • [Event Name] Training is selling out!
  • Click here to reserve your Training spot.
  • Don’t miss out the chance to meet with your favorite cricketer.
  • Don’t miss out this football event.
  • Follow Up Re: Your Training Plan.
  • Free workshop on winning marketing strategies.
  • Free workshop to master CRM tool.
  • Free workshop: intro to Salesforce.
  • Here is the marketing budget template that we have discussed.
  • Hi {Name}! We have new courses for you!
  • Free during lunch? Inbound sales training today.

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  • Join me this week for free workshop to enhance your communication skills.
  • Join us today for international educational seminar.
  • Just few workshops seats left.
  • Meet our keynote Trainers — New behind the scenes Video!
  • Meet the Trainers at [Event Name]!
  • Meet with the renowned trainers.
  • Registration for Training is now open.
  • Reminder: Complete Required Annual Training.
  • Reminder: Training for a Mission.
  • Reserve your spot for free workshop.
  • Training invitation: [Name of training course]. Save the date!
  • Training Reminder: Hi {Name}! Sales Training tomorrow at 9. See you!
  • Workshop Reminder: How to Build a Resume.
  • You have a class coming up!

Formal Reminder Email Subject Lines

  • {Event Name}, {Date}
  • {Name}, don’t forget about your report due on Friday.
  • 15% off for you and a friend.
  • Are you ready to present your reports this Friday?
  • Do This Right Now to Get an Exclusive Gift.
  • Don’t miss out the 6th Event Management conference.
  • Event Reminder: An Evening with Ray LaMontagne.
  • Follow Up RE: Overlooked Proposal.
  • Get on the road to code. Free class this Sunday.
  • Good morning, please review:
  • Grace’s reminder for {Event Name}.
  • Have you booked a hotel?
  • Hey {Name}! Please don’t forget to confirm your orders.
  • Hey {Name}, please send your final reports to Betsy Greene by April 1.
  • Hi! Any Update On Your Report due this Friday?
  • Hi, {Name}! You haven’t confirmed your booking yet.
  • How’s the report due on Friday Going?
  • Join and meet with all the major influencers.
  • Just a reminder about this exclusive event.
  • Just a reminder to join us.
  • Last chance to order on [Special] Day!
  • Please don’t forget to submit your report about {Topic} on Friday.
  • Remember to subscribe now!
  • Reminder for Women’s March in NYC.
  • Reminder to Register for the Annual {Event Name}.
  • Reminder, join us at [event name].
  • Reminder: 50% Off Sale- Last Day Tomorrow.
  • Reminder: Event Submission Deadline is Dec. 2nd for #SMWNYC
  • Reminder: You have 48 hours to send me all your money.
  • Response Required: Overdue Invoice.
  • The outreach marketing virtual summit registration ending today.
  • The sun will come out tomorrow, Thursday at 6pm, in New York.
  • Tuesday: English speaking club 5 PM at the Golden Park.
  • We’re just a week away from [major upcoming event]!
  • You are Invited to {Event Name} – Register Now, Limited Slots Only!
  • You promised you’d come! …and we’re counting on it.
  • Remember: Your order is being processed today.
  • You’re about to miss out on a perfect opportunity for an amazing experience.

Survey Reminder Email Subject Lines

Reminder: Take this survey about your customer service experience.

  • We want to hear what you think, {Name} (and give you 30% off)!
  • [recipient name] – take our survey, earn 30% off.
  • Be honest – what do you think of our new {Product Name}?
  • Be honest – what do you think of your new [product]?
  • Cast your vote! Win up to 40% off!
  • Heads or tails? Would you rather have: (accompanied by a choice of perks in the body of the email).
  • Help improve [business name].
  • Help out the underdog! Vote for [company name].
  • Help us improve! Please give us your honest feedback in this short survey.
  • Hey {Name}! Take our survey and earn 25% off on your next purchase!
  • Hey {Name}, We want to know your opinion {Topic} with us and get 30% off.
  • Hi [recipient name], can we talk?
  • Hi [recipient name], how does your new [product] fit?
  • Hi, {Name}! Take our survey and earn 50% off on your next purchase!
  • How can we improve your experience using {Product Name}?
  • How can we make [service] work for you?
  • How can we make {Product Name} better for you?
  • How likely are you to recommend [company] to a friend?
  • How was your recent airport experience, [recipient name]?
  • How was your recent experience with us, {Name}?
  • How was your stay at our place?
  • I want to know what you think, {Name}!
  • I’m so excited to know what you think about the new {{Product Name}}
  • Let’s keep our conversation going.
  • Make our newsletter even better.
  • Take this survey to help us improve [Event Name].
  • Tell us more about the [product] you bought yesterday [recipient name].
  • Want to share your point of view?
  • We know you must be excited about our new {Product Name}!
  • We need feedback from YOU: what do YOU think?
  • We want to hear you (and give you 50% off)!
  • We’re listening! (accompanied by a 20% discount for completing a survey email).
  • What is our plan to improve the user experience of {Product Name}?
  • You have a [product]. And an opinion.

Gentle Reminder Email Subject Lines

  • Hi! {Name}, We haven’t received your payment for the overdue amount.
  • [Name], we haven’t seen you in a while.
  • [Name], your [Product] trial is almost over. Update now!
  • {Name} not sure if you saw this?
  • {Name}, today is the day for {important milestone or meeting}
  • {Name}, your discount coupons are about to expire! Use them NOW
  • A Gift For You: Happy Birthday, {Name}!
  • A quick heads up!
  • Knock, knock. Are you home?
  • BIG BIG Christmas discounts are our holiday gift to you!
  • Did you download your free copy of our e-book?
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Register now for an online course.
  • Don’t let Your 10% off and FREE shipping birthday offer expire!
  • Don’t miss out [Event Name].
  • Don’t miss out! Make sure to register {Event Name}.
  • Gift Yourself with the Christmas Vacation You Truly Deserve.
  • Happy Birthday {Name}! Here’s 15% off.
  • Hello, (Name), it’s your turn to make the decision.
  • Here’s a Holiday Gift Guide with Exclusive Coupons Just For You.
  • Hey {Name}, {Event Name} is selling out!
  • Hi [Name], I hope this email finds you well.
  • Hi {Name}, Just a friendly reminder about your remaining balance.
  • Hi {Name}, you still have $300 worth of unused credit.
  • Hi! {Name}, You may have overlooked paying your bill.
  • If you got a gift card, remember to use it!
  • Its [Insert Name of Event] Day! Don’t forget to check out.
  • Just checking in to see how you’re doing.
  • Last chance to see [Speaker] live at [Event Name]!
  • Meet the speakers at {Event Name}!
  • Remember to try out our new summer menu.
  • Reminder: Event Submission Deadline is [date]
  • Renew your membership today to get a sweet treat from us and {your subscribers’ favorite treat or donut shop}.
  • The countdown is on!
  • We miss you!
  • We noticed you’ve been a little distant lately.
  • We’re starting in 3 hours!
  • We’ve missed you!
  • Your [Product] Trial ends in [number] days.

Invitation Reminder Email Subject Lines

  • [Event Name] is almost sold out. Get your tickets now!
  • {Event Name} Starting tomorrow!
  • {Name}’s Reminder for {Event Name}
  • 3 Things you need to bring to {Event Name}
  • Are you excited for {Event Name}?
  • Are you ready for the largest {Event Type} in {Place}?
  • Bring a friend to [Event Name]
  • Bring a friend to {Event Name}
  • Do you want to boost your sales? Invited for the free workshop
  • Don’t get lost on [date]
  • Don’t forget to come to our office party later! -Friend
  • Don’t forget to mark your calendar for {Date}
  • Get ready for {Event Name}!
  • Hey {Name}, are you joining us on Wednesday at {Event Name}?
  • Hi ( name), your invitation is here ( name of the event)
  • Largest agricultural expo in New Delhi. Duly invited
  • Last chance: Book your early tickets now

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  • Mark your calendar for {Event Name}
  • On {Date} don’t get lost!📍
  • Reminder — You’re Invited! Book Party with Lori Weitzner
  • Reminder, Are you ready for {Event Name}
  • Reminder, don’t forget to join us and bring a friend to {Event Name}
  • Reminder, join us at {Event Name}
  • Secure your spots
  • Special Invite for Loyal Customers
  • We’re expecting to see you at {Event Name}
  • Workshop reminder: How to approach recruiters. Cordially invited
  • Don’t forget about this. You are invited to an exclusive dinner.
  • You are invited for Gummi Bears party.
  • You are invited for this great event. Your gift card is expiring.
  • You are invited to Future of email marketing summit.
  • You are invited to our International summit.
  • You are invited to startup success breakfast.
  • You’re Invited to Startup Success Breakfast.

How can you politely send an email reminder?,

Reminders are there not to push people into buying or paying, but simply remind them about an upcoming event. Stick to the facts in these emails. What is the event about? What will attendees learn? What time does the presentation start? Where’s the link or directions to attend?

There’s no need to overthink these messages or make the content longer than necessary. Make sure your content is actually relevant and your email will come across as friendly.

Personally, I appreciate reminders like this. I can think of more than one occasion when I completely forgot about a Zoom meeting that I really wanted to attend because I was writing an email or putting together a presentation. I just plain old got distracted and forgot an event even though I planned to attend.

What information should be included in a reminder email?

As a recap, include the following information in a reminder email:

  • Date / time of event.
  • How do you attend? Add directions if this is a live event or login instructions if this is a virtual training.
  • Explain the benefits of attending briefly. Will there be networking with leadership? Free food and drinks?
  • Feel free to include any frequently asked questions as well if there is a cost or age restriction with the event.
  • Instruct people to add the event to their Google Calendar. This will make sure they are reminded on their cell phone with a push notification.

Bottom line, keep the content of these emails short and simple.

How often should you send reminder emails?

It’s not always easy to know when to send a reminder email, or even how many times. Send it too late and it may appear unprofessional, and send too many and you will come off as pushy or overly demanding. Generally, it depends on the reminder subject as to how long to wait and when to send.

If you are reminding someone about a late or missed payment, it is actually appropriate to remind them before the bill becomes due. You can follow up every week or so if the payment is not submitted.

If you are following up on an event or occasion that does not have a due date then it is generally considered to be good manners to wait a little longer say a week at the first reminder. Don’t send reminders too far in advance of the date, especially if it’s a virtual event. You don’t need to send an email reminder for a webinar a month in advance of the presentation. I’ve seen marketers do this before and recipients will never remember a reminder that far in advance.

Email marketing relies heavily on event reminders to bring in those last minute customers and clients, but you need a subject line that is designed to encourage people to open your email reminder with an enticing headline. Fortunately, you’ve got a massive list of examples you can use right here.

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