Believe it or not, your networking event or upcoming webinar may not be at the top of prospects minds. Don’t take offense to that statement. After all, folks have busy lives and lots of things competition for their attention like work or family responsibilities.

To help prospects remember they have a training or upcoming webinar these subject lines will grab their attention. From email to text messages, I’ve got a message you can use for your followup campaign.

Event Reminder Email Subject Lines

Remind email subscribers about a live networking event.

  • Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  • (name of the event) tickets are almost sold out.
  • [Event Name] registration is almost full — Reserve your place now!
  • {Event Name} is selling out!
  • {Product Name} is selling out!
  • Are You Ready for {Event Name}
  • Don’t forget to attend a meeting on Tuesday, at 2 PM!
  • Don’t miss [Event Name]! Get tickets before it is too late!
  • Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  • Event Tomorrow | Register today!
  • Exclusive Event to Show our Appreciation
  • Following you up for the Small business Expo
  • Free Coffee for Marketing Advice?
  • Free for lunch Thursday? Join our Lunch and Learn!
  • Get your free early bird pass from here
  • Grab your VIP tickets to watch [Performer Name]
  • Grace’s reminder for [event name]
  • Have a moment? Share your thoughts on [Event Name]
  • Hi {Name}, free {Date}? Join us at {Event Name}!
  • Hurry up! [Event Name] ticket sales are open for 2 more days
  • Invoice no. 987 is two weeks overdue
  • Join all major influencers of [topic] at [Event Name]
  • Last chance to see {Event Name} live at {Event Name}
  • Last chance to see your favorite actor
  • Live Performance: Join [Artist’s Name] in his/her first virtual show
  • Make a reservation for [Event Name] today
  • Meet us at [Location] for [Event Name]!
  • Meeting Today: {Date} {Location}
  • Meeting tomorrow! Provide your confirmation right away
  • Please confirm your presence for an emergency meeting later at 3 PM
  • Please join us
  • Registration is almost closed for [Event Name], save your spot!
  • Reminder for Introduction to Project Management Workshop
  • Reminder: Seth’s Birthday Safari!
  • Reserve your spot at [Event Name]
  • Subscribe to [Event Name] until [Date]
  • The advanced digital marketing summit
  • The countdown to {Event Name} is on!
  • Want to meet you. I would like to negotiate prices
  • You don’t want to miss {Event Name}

Event Reminder for Text Message

Remind subscribers about a live event via text message.

  • #SmallBizConference attendees: A reminder that the networking lunch begins in 1 hour in the Roosevelt room!
  • Attention Whitewater center season pass holders: the center will be closed temporarily due to tornado warnings in the area. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Bloomenthal VIP members: Be sure to snag your tickets before they sell out! Hamilton is coming back into town October-Nov. Lottery opens 8am on Sept.1
  • Exclusive Gray Theater offer: BOGO large popcorn with any purchase of 2 or more Avengers Endgame tickets!
  • Filmore team- please make sure you’re in opening stations. Doors will be opening in 2 minutes!
  • Hey Ali! Thanks for attending the Chris Rock show last night. If you have two minutes would you mind filling out a quick survey about your experience?
  • Hi [Candidate Name]. [Name] from [Business Name] here. Your interview is scheduled for [Time, Date]. We look forward to meeting with you. Please confirm that the time and date work for you by responding CONFIRM to this message. Thank you.

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  • Hi [Customer Name], [Name] from [Business Name] here. This is a reminder that you have an appointment scheduled with [Attendee Name] for [Day, Date, Time]. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I wanted to confirm that you’re available for our meeting scheduled for [Date, Time] and share our office address: [Address].
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I wanted to confirm your appointment scheduled with us for [Day, Time]. If you’d like to confirm the appointment, please use the following link to make the payment with a debit or credit card: [Link] Please respond to this message once you’ve made the payment. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Thanks.
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I wanted to inform you that [Consultant] will be attending to you on [Day, Date, Time] for the appointment you’ve scheduled with us. Please be aware that: [Instruction #1] [Instruction #2]
  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. I’m reaching out to confirm your appointment for [Day, Date, Time] and let you know that we’ll need the following documents to [Action Item]:

Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. Thank you for booking a 30-minute consultation call with us. Here’s the link for our video chat on [Date, Time]: [Link] Please respond to confirm or reschedule the appointment.

  • Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Name] from [Business Name]. Thanks for booking an appointment with us. I wanted to confirm that [Day, Date, Time] still works for you. Please respond to this message to confirm.
  • Hi [Customer Name], it was a pleasure having you at our office earlier this week. I just wanted to remind you about your next meeting with us scheduled for tomorrow. Please respond to this text to confirm the appointment.
  • Hi [Customer Name], we’ve canceled your appointment per your request. If you’d like to reschedule, please respond with a date and time.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Consultant Name] from [Tax Consulting Company Name] reaching out to confirm our appointment scheduled for [Time] on [Day, Date]. Please fill out our intake form and upload documents at [Link] so your tax professional can prepare. Please send your confirmation by responding CONFIRM to this text message.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Counselor Name]’s [Assistant]. I wanted to confirm your appointment scheduled for [Time] on [Date]. Please respond CONFIRM to this text to confirm or CANCEL to cancel your appointment. Note that cancellations are subject to a $[Number] cancellation fee.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Business Name] and we’re excited to show you [Listing address] on [Day, Time]. Please text this number if you have any questions. Thanks.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Cleaning Service Name]. Thank you for booking our services. Please confirm that [Time] on [Date] works for you by responding CONFIRM. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Clinic Name]. Your appointment with Dr. [Dentist Name] is scheduled for [Time, Date]. Please note that [Prerequisites]. Respond CONFIRM to this message to let us know the time and date work for you.
  • Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Event Management Company Name]. I just wanted to confirm you’re available for our appointment to discuss the pricing for your [Event] at [Time] on [Date]. Please respond to this text to confirm or reschedule. Thanks.

Hi [Customer Name]. I’m [Name] from [Pest Control Service Name]. I just wanted to leave a reminder a