Throughout different points in your life, you’ll encounter a few extraordinary people that help guide you through challenges, doubts, and difficulties. These teachers may help in a variety of aspects of life like finance, leadership, mindset, relationships or entrepreneurship.

These individuals often light the way to your dreams. They share anecdotes that make life easier and encourage. They may even go to great lengths to help you without you knowing it.

Giving a proper message of thanks to let a mentor know how much you appreciate them is the right thing to do. Doing so will warm their hearts and demonstrate gratefulness for their time.

The mentor / mentee relationship is a sacred one.

Thank You Messages for Mentors

Let’s start off with some simple, heartwarming messages to mentors.

  • What you taught me changed my life. My personal finances are in check and I’m scheduled to be debt free within 3 years. Thank you!
  • I could never thank you enough for the lessons you’ve taught me about mindset. I was in my head and always doubting myself previously. You made me see the good in almost everything.
  • Thank you for teaching me life lessons that were never taught in school. You showed me around the Kitchen and I’m going to be launching a YouTube cooking channel soon.
  • Because of your sound advice, I finally achieved my own financial freedom and a career I can feel good about.
  • Knowledge is the greatest treasure of all. I’m grateful you shared yours with me.
  • You’re an outstanding mentor. I’m honored to have worked with you. I’ve become a better sales professional than I ever imagined was possible.
  • You showed me the right path and taught me how to find my true self. With that, I thank you.
  • Because of you, I’m not afraid to dream big and take risks.
  • You are my greatest inspiration. Thank you for that positive energy.
  • Your mentorship was the key to the success I’m enjoying now.

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  • You’re a wonderful friend, teacher, and guide. Where would I be without you?
  • The mental and emotional support you’ve given me is more than all the money in the world.
  • I thought there wasn’t any hope at all until you came along. You’re awesome!
  • Financial literacy was way beyond my understanding. Or so I thought until I met you. Thank you for being my money saver.
  • I’ve always applied the life skills you taught me. You made me rise above myself. Thank you for lifting me up.
  • I never thought I’d need someone to guide me. Then you came and made me even more than what I dreamed of becoming.
  • Thank you for assuring me that failing is okay. My first restaurant failed, but that doesn’t mean my second one will.
  • Thank you for being a positive role model. You took the time to listen to me when I really needed someone to work through my feelings with.
  • I know I’m a difficult person to work with. But you never gave up on me. I’m incredibly thankful for that.
  • You’re the person who encouraged me to become better than who I am today. I’ll be forever grateful for your guidance.
  • A million “thank you”s is not enough to show my gratitude for your mentorship.

Business mentorship can be virtual.

Thank You Letters to Mentors

These letters can be sent via email or a hand-written note for a greater expression of sincerity.

  • I’m so thankful that you’ve seen and nurtured my potential. I’m writing to let you know that you’ve changed my life.
  • Thank you for giving me the motivation I need to improve myself. I suffered from an extreme case of self-doubt before you came along. I’ve leveraged your confidence in my own life.
  • It’s such a blessing that you’re my personal and professional mentor. You believed in me and that’s the thing I needed most.
  • I never knew I could reach these levels of success until you encouraged me and taught me how the wheels turn. With that, my sincerest thanks.
  • You have changed my life for the better. I owe it all to you coach.
  • Thank you for not giving up on me even if I was on the brink of giving up on myself. You’ll pulled me off that ledge and now I see the sunshine.
  • Thank you for the fuel for my passion—-your encouragement and determination to mold me into someone better.
  • Through your mentorship, you taught me how to analyze things in a logical, scientific way, not ruled by emotions.
  • I’ve learned so many things with your tutelage. Thank you for all your teachings.
  • You made a huge difference in my career and, ultimately, my life.
  • The lessons you taught me are hard. But you know that’s the only way of getting my life and career together.
  • Thank you for your faith and confidence in me.
  • Thanks to you, I became more confident in my abilities and myself.
  • I owe immense gratitude to you for steering me back to the right path.
  • I’d be lost without your guidance.

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  • In just 6 months, you taught me life lessons that could take years to develop. You are that effective of a teacher.
  • Thank you for showing me a new and more positive perspective in life.
  • You steered me in the right direction to happiness, personal success, and self-confidence. For that, I thank you.
  • Thank you for sharing your many years of experience.
  • Your knowledge and experience truly catapulted me to achieve my dreams.
  • You are an awesome role model, and I wish to follow in your footsteps.

Take your mentor out to dinner.

Funny Thank You Messages for Mentors

Here are some messages that should put a smile on your mentor’s face. Just make sure your mentor can take a joke.

  • I thought you said my success was about more than money. So, you don’t want my money? Hahaha!
  • Thank you for being my mentor. Now, let’s have a beer.
  • The best thing about you being my mentor is that you’re handsome/beautiful.
  • With your guideship, you made me do a John Wick on myself.
  • You can’t possibly expect me to do that. But heck, it’s your advice and I trust you. So, let’s go!
  • Thank you for being my unpaid mentor. Thank you for settling on my adoration of you.
  • Your lessons make me smile from ear to ear.
  • I’m sending you a generic “thank you” to prove to you that you taught me good manners.
  • You see, I’d be a millionaire if my thanks for your mentorship were paid with 1 cent for every moment of thanks.
  • When you bail me out of depression and uncertainty, you always end it up with “Boy, that was fun!”
  • Don’t worry, it will be my turn to teach you something in the future.
  • My thanks for you can be measured from my head to my toe.
  • You’re so inspiring that I would follow you to a lion’s den.
  • I’d like to tell you you’re the greatest, but you keep telling me I’m the greatest.
  • It’s a miracle that you were able to give life to a lump of dumb rocks—me.
  • I love cheese. And I’m truly grate-ful to have you as my guide and mentor.
  • Your knowledge and willingness to help me are only exceeded by my good looks.
  • You know what? You’re more thoughtful than my own mom.
  • Thank you for putting up with me. But I ain’t that difficult, right?
  • Thank you for being older than me when times get rough.
  • I know you love funny stuff, but I don’t have anything funny to say. But thank you for your guidance.

Thank You Letter Examples for Mentors and Friends

Your closest friends can also be your mentors. Let them know how much you value them.

  • You guys are my world. Thank you for accepting me with your friendship and guidance.
  • Thank you for your friendship. It’s worth more than the best coffee in the world.
  • The best thing about you, guys? You are role models, not just friends.
  • I’ve always considered you to be my mentor although officially, we’re good friends.
  • Thank you, my friends, for being there for me when I feel like the world is tumbling down.
  • I know I’m the odd man out, but you still accepted and mentored me. Thank you!
  • You guys are the epitome of true friendship.
  • While things may not be as smooth as we expect them to be, you guys never gave up on me. Thank you for your friendship.
  • You’re my crew who inspires me to work hard and dream big.
  • Very soon, I’ll make up for all the amazing things that you’ve done for me.
  • I feel lucky that I have such supportive friends like you.
  • Our friendship has been elevated into mentorship. I can’t thank you enough.
  • Huge gratitude to friends who laugh and cry with me.
  • You’re the crew who helped me put my life back together.
  • Thanks for sticking by me, guys. And thanks for all your advice.
  • Introducing me to your gang has been the best thing that happened to me.
  • You guys are some of the few people who made a huge difference in my life. You’re not just my friends. You’re my mentors.
  • Good friends and mentors like you are truly a blessing.
  • I hope I can repay you guys for all the guidance and shared life lessons.
  • The good thing about frugal friends like you? You taught me the value of money.
  • With a group of friends like you, nothing is impossible for me.

Write a thank you note for your mentor.

Appreciation Messages to Mentors

Let your mentors know how they changed you for the better.

  • I had committed so many failures I felt destined to repeat them forever. Thanks to your advice, I see each set back as a step stone to success.
  • I can’t remember the time when you started mentoring me. But I can definitely remember the time when you finally showed me how to stand on my own two feet.
  • I’ll always be thankful for all your teachings, guidance, and even reprimands.
  • You were really tough on me. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be the brave and confident person I am today.
  • Your inspiration, guidance, and tips in life made me stand up on my two feet.
  • Every time you cook with me, I stand a little taller and a little stronger.
  • Where there’s you, there’s hope and inspiration.
  • You might think your experience is trivial. But for me, your wisdom is your greatest treasure. Thank you for the lessons.
  • It’s truly an honor to be on your team. I wouldn’t exchange this opportunity for anything else.
  • You’re the best manager, mentor, and friend that one could have. We’re extremely grateful to you.
  • We want you to know how much we appreciate you. Thank you for bearing with hard-headed folks like us.
  • I know that I can sometimes be hard to handle. But I want you to know that I take into heart every tip, suggestion, and reprimand.
  • I can’t thank you enough for bearing with a slow learner and habitual complainer like me.
  • A teacher like you is hope and inspiration personified.

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  • It’s been an amazing and enlightening experience under your tutelage and mentorship.
  • You’re the wind. Yes, like the song “Wind Beneath My Wings.”
  • I’m definitely proud to be working under a man/woman of wisdom—you!
  • I thought that investing in a mentor was a waste of time. I couldn’t be more wrong. Thank you for coming into my life.
  • You are my favorite mentor. I hope you’ll never leave me.
  • I always hold you as my mentor close to my heart.
  • Has anyone thanked you for the positive energy you bring to the team? If not, let me be the first one to thank you.

Thank you messages don’t need to be complex.

How Do You Say Thank You to a Mentor?

Mentors are some of the kindest and most generous people in the world. Most only have the goal of paying forward the blessings they’ve received in the past. And true to their character, they often do not ask for monetary or in-kind rewards in return for advice. A simple “thank you” is often sufficient.

Small gestures of appreciation work too. A hand-written note explaining how you’ve been helped. A gift card to their favorite coffee shop. A bouquet of flowers. Expressions are thanks are always most sincere when you understand a bit about your mentors personality, likes and dislikes.

But the best way to thank a mentor is to let them watch you thrive in life, business, or career as a result of implementing their teachings. Seeing you succeed, beat challenges, and accomplish your dreams and returning the favor to someone new is the best form of thanks possible.

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