Throwing a party? Whether you’re planning a birthday, office party, or casual get-together with friends, let your guests know they’re invited and need to safe the date in advance.

If you’re planning to host a party but don’t know what to write in your invitation, I’ve compiled a list of more than 200 catchy party invitation messages you can use. These can be sent by text message invite or mailing hand-written party invites to guests. You’ll never be left wondering what to write in an invitation again.

Party Invitation Messages

Launch party

You’re invited to the launch party.

  • I’m throwing a party this weekend and it would be more fun if you were there too! Please join us and let’s have a great night!
  • As the light of the party, I can’t imagine throwing one without your presence. Come at your best party attire this coming Saturday at 7 PM, at my place. See you there!
  • You know I can’t party without you, right? Show me your best party face and outfit this weekend! See you on [date], 6PM at [location].
  • Hi there! I’d like you to know that I’m throwing a party this Saturday at [location] and would love you to come!
  • How about catching up over drinks and good music? If you’re ready to party, please come with your best party-self at 7 PM! See you at [location]!
  • I can never throw a party without inviting the queen of parties! I hope to see you this Friday! Drinks on me!

We still know how to party, right? Let’s prove to them that we are the original party people! Get ready to have a good time with us this Friday! See you at [location], 6 PM!

  • Sending you an invitation to the hottest party in town! I know you can’t resist this. Can’t wait to see you!
  • I declare this weekend to be a party weekend! I know you’re excited about this! See you at my place, 7 PM!
  • I know you miss partying just as much as I do! So, we are throwing a party for all the single ladies! Join us and you’re sure to have a great time!
  • We hope you can join us this Saturday as we put our party hats on and throw the best party in town!
  • Get your party boots ready to roll because we’re set to have the best party ever this coming weekend! We’ll be waiting for you!
  • Let’s bring back the good old times, shall we? If you’re itching to party just like us, meet us at 6 PM on Saturday! Head over to [location]!
  • Prove us you still know how to party like a rock star! See you with your best party clothes on!

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  • We’re not yet too old for partying, right? Let’s show the kids we’re still hot for drinks as they are! Come by my place and expect to have a great time. See you at 8 PM!
  • We decided to throw a party on [date] and it wouldn’t be possible without your presence! Can we expect you there? My place, 8 PM! Hope to see you there!
  • I hope your body still knows how to party because we are having a get-together this Friday to bring back the good old days! Bring your favorite party hats, too!
  • We wanted to pay back the holiday weekend you prepared for us so please accept this invitation for Saturday night as we prepare the hottest party in town.

Get yourself ready to party this Friday night! Hit me up if you’re going because we’d appreciate it if you’d come!

  • A simple party is awaiting special friends like you this Saturday so we’re hoping you would come. See you at 6 PM, [location].
  • Hey party girl! We miss you! We’re throwing a party to celebrate the weekend and were hoping you can come and join us! We’d be stoked if you do! See you at [location], 8 PM!
  • Ready to party? I know you are! Please join us this Friday for a fun girls’ night out! It will not be complete without you.
  • It’s never a fun party without you! Please grace us with your presence this Wednesday night! See you at [location], 8 PM!
  • I’ll be throwing my birthday party next Wednesday! Please be there! I need your presence for it to be a complete celebration!
  • My birthday party will not be a fun, vibrant one without your presence. I’m really hoping you can attend it!

My sisters and I are planning a surprise birthday party for our mom at [location]. We are inviting everyone close to her including you so we’re hoping you can come and join us. See you at [location], 7 PM.

  • A party is never without the presence of someone like you! Hoping you can join us as we celebrate a night of partying, drinks, and friends on Saturday, 7 PM at [location].
  • Parties have always been our thing and will never be the same without you. I’m hoping you can come and party with the whole gang on Tuesday night at [location]. Party starts at 8 PM!
  • Hey [name], I’m sending you an invite to my birthday party on Friday. You can bring a friend if you want! Hope to see you there!
  • It’s my birthday on Wednesday and I am throwing a party to celebrate with my closest friends! If you’re free, I’d love to see you there!
  • Hi [name], hope you can make time to drop by and join us at my dad’s surprise birthday party on Wednesday at [location], 8 PM. See you there!

Dinner Invitation Messages

jelly donut

Did he get an invite?

  • Dinner and booze on me. Are you game for that? I hope to see your bubbly face this weekend!
  • I will make my specialty roasted beef recipe for the special people in my life. I hope you can make it this weekend!
  • We’d appreciate it if you could come to our humble home and enjoy a wonderful dinner with our family. Dinner starts at 7 PM. See you there!
  • We are hosting an intimate dinner for our closest friends. We hope that you can attend it as we would be happy to enjoy your presence this Saturday.
  • Dinner and drinks just like the old times! We hope to see you this Saturday for an intimate dinner with our closest friends.
  • We are inviting you this Saturday, 7 PM at [location], for a simple dinner celebration! We hope to see you there!
  • Because partying is too tiring for us, we thought it would be better to enjoy a simple dinner as a way to thank you for the years of friendship!
  • Good food and company go so well together. We hope you can make it this Saturday as we host a dinner party for our closest friends.
  • Let’s catch up over good food and stories. See you at 6PM on [date], [location]!
  • I really appreciate all the help and support you’ve shown me this past month so I’d like to pay back the kind deed by inviting you to dinner this Friday. I hope you can make it!

I wanted to celebrate getting a promotion by inviting my best friends to dinner this Friday. See you at 7 PM, my place!

  • Let’s have dinner before you leave next week! I’m inviting everyone else. Hope to see you this Friday!
  • I hope you still have time to meet us for dinner this Saturday. We’d love to see you before your flight next week.
  • We have something to announce and we want you to be one of the few people to know! Please save your Friday night for us because we will have an intimate dinner with our close friends.
  • Let’s bring back our monthly dinner dates