Planning a marketing campaign around New Year’s Eve? This time of the year is marks a time not just for celebration, but also for reflection and looking ahead to what’s possible. Yeah, there’s a lot going on this time of year.

To make sure your marketing email actually gets opened, you need a compelling subject line. Here are a whole bunch of “ball-dropping” New Year’s Eve subject that make readers curious and open up more of your emails.

New Year’s Eve Subject Lines

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve With A New You
  • Start The New Year With A Bang!
  • The Only New Year’s Eve Sale You Should Go To
  • A Happy New Year’s Eve For A Happy 2023!
  • Start 2023 In Style
  • Soar High On New Year’s Eve
  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Us
  • Party With Us This New Year’s Eve
  • Welcome 2023 With The Hottest Outfits
  • Fill-Up Your Tummies As You Cheer On New Year’s Eve
  • Kiss 2022 Goodbye; Hug & Welcome 2023 Warmly
  • Feel The Excitement Of This New Year’s Eve
  • A New Year’s Eve You Won’t Ever Forget
  • The Most Fastidious New Year’s Eve Ever
  • How To Start The Year Right
  • Want To Wine & Dine In Style On New Year’s Eve?
  • Welcome 2023 With A Memorable New Year’s Eve Party
  • Fireworks With Wine This New Year’s Eve!
  • Add The Works This New Year’s Eve
  • For An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Countdown
  • Have A Glorious Feast On New Year’s Eve For A Prosperous 2023
  • Start Making Happy Memories On New Year’s Eve
  • When The Clock Strikes 12, Begin 2023 With A Bang
  • Ring In The New Year With Your Health-Conscious New Year’s Resolutions
  • Want A Romantic Toast On New Year’s Eve?
  • At The Stroke Of Midnight, Let Your Heart & Eyes Aglow
  • Have An Unforgettable New Year’s Start
  • A New Year, A New Life, A New You
  • So Excited To Start 2023?
  • New Dreams To Achieve This 2023
  • Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023
  • Be Good To Me 2023
  • Feel The Excitement Of 2023
  • Kiss On The Eve & You’ll Kiss The Entire 2023
  • Biggest Sale Ticking Off As The Year’s Ending
  • Look Forward To 2023 With The Grandest New Year’s Eve Celebration
  • A Different New Year’s Eve Celebration
  • Be In The Grandest Couture In The New Year Countdown
  • Want A Unique Way Of Welcoming The New Year?
  • Cheer & Be Merry On New Year’s Eve
  • Celebrate & Dine With Us For A Happy New Year’s Eve Feast!

The right subject line can significantly increase open rates.

Happy New Year Email Subject Lines

  • Welcome 2023 With Great Markdowns.
  • Excited This Coming Year? Here’s something to look forward to.
  • Can’t Hide My Excitement For The Year To Come.
  • Make Big Waves This New Year.
  • What’s In Store For You This 2023?
  • Make 2023 Full Of Excitement & Surprises.
  • Happy New Year, Happy New Space.
  • Remodel Your Home This Coming Year.
  • The Best Surprises In 2023 Just For You.
  • A Fruitful New Year Ahead For You.
  • How Can I Make 2023 A Fruitful Year?
  • A Better Me In The New Year.
  • A More Determined You In 2023.
  • Shouting With Glee In 2023.
  • 2023 Is My Year, My Happy Year.
  • Starting To Fulfill My Resolutions On New Year’s Eve.
  • For A Bold But Happy New Year.
  • Wake Up The Creative You In 2023
  • Be Happy & Motivated This New Year.
  • Happily Explore The World This Coming Year.
  • Feel That Spark Of Excitement As The Year Starts?
  • Be Blessed, Be Strong In 2023.
  • Follow Your Dreams This New Year.
  • A Bright Tomorrow Ahead For You.
  • Step Into The New Year With A New You.
  • Open Your Doors To Let Good Luck Enter.
  • New Horizons Welcome You This 2023.
  • Bright Hopes & Fulfilled Dreams In The New Year.
  • Start The Year Right With Big Discounts You Can’t Refuse.
  • A Happy New Year For That Happy, Healthy You.
  • Bring In Prosperity With These Sure Steps.
  • How To Make The New Year A Fruitful One.
  • Ways To Make 2023 Magical & Divine.
  • Starting Up The New Year With The Right Steps.
  • A Good Promise Ahead of the New Year.
  • A Bright Future For The Studious You In This New Year.
  • Overcome Challenges This New Year With A Wiser You.
  • Look Into The New Year With Great Expectancy & Wisdom.
  • Feel The Heat & Excitement Of The Coming Year.
  • New Trends For A New You In This New Year.
  • Love Yourself More In 2023.
  • Start The Year Right With This Expensive Gift.

New Year’s Day Email Subject Lines

  • Choose To Stand-Out On New Year’s Day.
  • Claim All The Goodness Of The First Day Of The Year.
  • Day One Of The New Year, Day One Of The Great Sale.
  • 365 New Gifts For All The Days Of The Year.
  • New Year’s Day Flash Sale.
  • Deals Of The Century Only On New Year’s Day.
  • Be First To Purchase Our First Grand Offer On January First.
  • Rock & Be Free With Our Freebies From Today.
  • Spend Like Crazy, Save Like Crazy On New Year’s Day.
  • Shopping For Your Home Today?
  • Santa’s Still Spending For You On New Year’s Day.
  • Great Offers In Store On January 1!
  • New Coupons For The First Day Of The New Year.
  • A Delightful Shopping Spree On New Year’s Day.

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  • New Year’s Day Is Full Of Promises.
  • What? 70% Off?
  • Let Your Soul Run Free.
  • A New Year’s Day Spending Spree Sale.
  • A Sure Catch On New Year’s Day.
  • Bring Spice To Your Life.
  • Let Your Romance Bloom.
  • High Stakes On Hand In New Year’s Day.
  • A Chance To Play & Win On New Year’s Day.
  • What are you going to change this year?
  • Seamless Bounty Awaits You This Day.
  • Free Shipping Only Today.
  • Big Boxes Of Surprises Await You.
  • Wake Up The Creative You On New Year’s Day.
  • Paint To Your Heart’s Delight.
  • New Releases From Today, New Year’s Day.
  • Exciting Deals Ahead.
  • The Best Of Luck For The New You.
  • Looking For The Best Home This Year?
  • Why Buy Your House & Lot From Us.
  • Wishing You All The Best From Today, New Year’s Day.
  • Camping Out On New Year’s Day?
  • Cooking Gourmet Meals On New Year’s Day?
  • Best Kitchen Help On New Year’s Day?
  • Serious Kitchen Business On New Year’s Day.
  • A Sale Like No Other On New Year’s Day!

Must open email.

End of the Year Subject Lines

  • Dress Up In Style As You End This Year.
  • The Tastiest Meals For New Year’s Eve.
  • Preparing Your Table For New Year’s Eve Celebration.
  • New Year’s Eve Galore Unfolded.
  • Just 7 Days Left For The Grandest Sale Ever.
  • Santa’s Corner To Close At The End Of The Year.
  • How To Say Goodbye To Your Insecurities.
  • Preparing Yourself For A Fresh Start.
  • Unbeatable Discounts Until New Year’s Eve.
  • Want To End This Year Right?
  • Be Ready To Welcome 2023!
  • Creating Opportunities In The Last Week Of The Year.
  • Fill Your Pockets With Sweet Surprises.
  • Stay-Tuned For The Hottest Sale Of The Year.
  • End The Year With Style & Magic.
  • Dress Up Your Home In Style For New Year’s Eve Celebration.
  • Additional 10% Off Per Day Until End Of This Year.
  • End Of Year Sale Madness.
  • Clearance Sale Up To The Last Day Of The Year.
  • Wake Up To A Beautiful You Until New Year’s Eve.
  • Buckets Of Wisdom Await You.
  • Is Your Closet Clear Of All The Old Stuff As The Year Is About To Close?
  • As The Year Ends, No More Dust Under The Bed?
  • Have Your Pets Be Groomed To Perfection At 50% Discount.
  • Stop, Look & Listen Then Throw Away Things You Don’t Need.
  • Just A Few Hours Left & Behold…
  • Urgently Needed! End-Of-Year Shopping Addicts!
  • Deadline … Run To Your Nearest Store!
  • Step On The Gas Now! Last Days Ahead!
  • Don’t Miss This Sale Madness Till Year End.
  • Work Your Way To Us & Be Rewarded.
  • Stay On The Right Tracks Up To End Of This Year.
  • Last Few Minutes: Shop Till You Drop With Amazing Discounts.
  • The Boldest Sale Ever This Year End.
  • Born To Shop Till Year End.
  • Your Last Chance To Give A Helping Hand.
  • Reach-Out To The Needy Now.
  • Finish This Year With Big Memories.
  • Buy Your Precious Gifts From Our Health-Conscious Stores.
  • Enjoy The Last Days Of The Season With Us.
  • Do these 5 things before the ball drops.

New Year’s Sale Subject Lines

  • Shop At Discounted Prices Till New Year’s Eve
  • Welcome The New Year At 50% Off
  • Grab Your Wallets For These New Year’s Day Shocking Prices
  • Add To Cart Now & Pay At Discounted Prices On New Year’s Eve
  • Want A Cheap Stay Up To New Year’s Day?
  • Flash Sale With Fireworks In The Sky
  • Low, Low Prices On New Year’s Day Only
  • Shop All, Save More Until New Year’s Eve
  • New Year Brings New Shopping Experiences
  • That Unbeatable Clearance Sale Up To Year-End
  • Prices You Can’t Refuse Until New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day Shocking Low Prices In Our Online Shop
  • Spend Wisely With Big Discounts
  • For That Thrifty Someone, This is Heaven Until End Of This Year
  • Mark Our New Year’s Sale On Your Calendars
  • Outfits At The Lowest Prices Ever On New Year’s Day
  • Buy With Pleasure In Our Corner Stores
  • Our Prices Will Make You Smile Till Year-End
  • That Magical Word: Sale
  • Sales Are Heaven-Sent
  • Spend To Be Happy
  • Buying Is My Pleasure
  • Now Only, Only Now: New Year’s Day Sale
  • Kiss The Discounted Prices Goodbye On New Year’s Day
  • The Loneliest Countdown: Our Sale Countdown
  • The Clock Is Ticking; Run & Shop Till You Have Time
  • Low Prices Only Until The Clock Strikes 12 MN Today
  • Believe In Magic When You See Our Prices
  • Going Crazy With Our Prices? Wait Till You See Our Next Promo
  • Happy New Year Buying & Stocking-Up
  • Note To Self: Shop Whenever There Are Sales
  • New Year, New Discounts, New Happiness
  • Looking Forward To The Grandest Sale In History
  • Wake Up To Shop Till New Year’s Eve
  • This Sale Is Until The New Year’s Eve Only So Hurry
  • Hurry & Be Merry, Shop Like Crazy Until New Year’s Eve
  • We Make History With Our Prices; Shop Up To New Year’s Day With Us
  • Be Up & Early On New Year’s Day For A Shopping Galore
  • Start 2023 At The Right Path; Follow The Path To Our Sale
  • New Arrivals Await You At Low Prices Only On New Year’s Day

New Year’s Email Greeting Examples

  • Hoping that this coming year will be a fruitful one for you. May you achieve your goals in life.
  • Happy New Year. Thank you for being a part of our business.
  • Have a wonderful year ahead. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude for being with us despite all of the hardships you have encountered.
  • May this coming year be a blessed one for you and your family. Stay happy and safe.
  • I’m praying that the new year would be a glorious one for you. Enjoy God’s blessings.
  • May God shower you with His grace all the days of 2023. Be happy.

Thank you for your support all these years. May you forever be by our side, especially in this coming year when we will need you the most.

  • The changes in our business have brought us closer together. May this year find you peace and contentment.
  • Thank you for appreciating my efforts. Have a wonderful year ahead.
  • Have a blessed 2023, sir. Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors.
  • Our projects would not have been that successful were it not for you. Thank you for your excellent work in this company. Happy New Year!
  • Though we have not seen each other for years, I hope and pray that you will be safe always. May this year be a wonderful one for you.
  • Thank you for being a reliable supplier of our company. Please always continue striving for perfection. Happy New Year!
  • May this year be a successful one for you and your family. Happy house-hunting.

Searching the best subject lines to increase open rates for a New Year’s Eve promotion.

New Year’s Eve Marketing Email Examples

  • We are very grateful for the support you give to our products. Rest assured that we will continuously work for our products’ improvement and to give you new items that you’ll surely love. Happy New Year!
  • This year has been a very successful one for us, only because of you, our dear customers. Keep in mind that we will always be innovative for your pleasure.
  • As the year ends, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have shown your support to our company. May the year to come be beneficial to all of us.
  • We would like to thank you for being there for us. We can never achieve these heights were it not for your continuous support. Please stay tuned for the new items we will be introducing to the market next year.

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  • In behalf of the heads of our company, I would like to let you know how we appreciate your support. Although there has been a stiff competition in this industry, you have remained to be loyal to us. We would never forget this. May you have a prosperous new year ahead.
  • Seeing all that you’ve contributed to the company makes our heart jump with joy. Thank you and have a happy new 2023.

We are so thankful to have loyal customers like you who are willing to shell out extra money to buy our products that are expensive but speak of 100% quality. Please be assured that next year, we will continue to provide you with products that will make your life of value.

  • Despite all of the hardships we have encountered this year, we are so grateful that you have maintained to be our loyal customers. Have a blessed 2023!
  • Here’s to another year full of wisdom and success! Have a beautiful new year, our dear customers!
  • Still rushing for the last-minute gifts? Drop by our stores & find what you’re looking for. Have a happy shopping extravaganza!
  • New products just for you this coming year. Try them soon and see the difference!
  • Can’t wait to start the new year with our brand new services only for you, our beloved customers.

New Year’s Eve Email to Employees Example

  • Thank you for being one of the best employees in this company. May you have a wonderful new year.
  • The success of our company is highly dependent on its employees. Thank you for being a very dependable employee. May 2023 bring you great joy.
  • We are very happy to have employees like you who share the company’s mission and vision. Happy New Year.

I’m proud to say that our team is the best in this company, and this is all because of you who are willing to work late at night to accomplish our goals. Thank you and may 2023 be a year filled with God’s blessings.

  • As you celebrate the coming of the new year, may you find profound love and peace in your hearts. Employees like you are one-of-a-kind. Happy New Year!
  • With the festivities on New Year’s Eve, seek God’s presence and all will be well. Happy New Year to all of my employees who have contributed to making this business a success.
  • Your enduring efforts to meet our goals are outstanding. No words can fully express how thankful I am to have employees like you. Happy New Year!
  • Wishing you all the best this New Year’s Eve and all throughout the coming year. May we always have employees like you who are so hardworking and pro-active.
  • Happy New Year to my co-workers whom I consider as my family. May you have the strength to conquer all the challenges in life.
  • To my loyal and supportive employees, Happy New Year! I pray that you will be enveloped by God’s love and blessings all throughout the new year, and may you find peace in your hearts.
  • Happy New Year to my co-workers who have strived so hard to make this company competitive.

Crafting subject lines are just as important as writing the perfect email.

Tips for Crafting a Catchy Email Subject Line for the New Year 

Emails are still one of the effective and affordable ways to reach people. After all, email is available at the push of a button on everyones phone. Companies use emails not only to communicate with their employees but also to provide information about sales, hours of operation, or even new products to valuable customers.

Below are tips for crafting catchy email subject lines that readers actually want to open:

  • The subject lines have to be exciting to make the reader curious and read the email (for example, “Grab Free Coupons Only Until New Year’s Eve” and “Your Voucher Expires This Weekend” or “Guess What’s Happening on Tuesday.”).
  • Customers prefer when the email is somewhat personalized, like when the subject uses the pronoun “You” (for example, “We’ve Surely Missed You”) or even uses the receiver’s first name (for example, “You Deserve The Very Best Things In Life, Maria”).

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  • Emails regarding sales should specify the subject discounts offered so that the reader will know how he can benefit from the transaction (for example, “Last Day For Lander’s One Dollar Sale”).
  • Subject lines should also be attractive and intriguing (for example, “Definitely No Tricks, Only Travel Treats”).
  • If the email is regarding an urgent matter, the subject line should show a sense of urgency so the reader can act on it immediately and also indicate what the problem is (for example, “Your Credit Card Has Been Put On Hold” and “Security Alert: Your User ID Was Used…”).

If your subject line doesn’t give users an idea of what they can expect in your email or doesn’t entice users to open your email, they will never actually do so. In fact, according to studies, 47% of people open an email based on the subject line. That means, if your subject line is not convincing enough, people are not going to open it.

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