Do you remember what it felt like when you got a birthday email from your company or a brand you’re following? Even if the contents of the email where blah, I bet you opened it. After all, we’ve been trained to open these emails for limited time discounts, free cups of coffee, and coupons.

This is a simple marketing strategy, but it still works. What’s better than celebrating the birthdays of your customers by buying one of your products or services? The open rates of these sorts of emails are staggeringly high as well. It’s not uncommon for a birthday message to be 40% or higher. Especially if you tease a free gift or valuable coupon in the headline.

birthday cake candles

Birthday cake candles.

In this article, I have listed more than 150 happy birthday email subject line samples proven increase open rates. Scroll down and let’s get started.

Birthday Email Subject Lines

  • I heard it’s my favorite customers birthday.
  • Here’s a special treat for a special person.
  • Open this before your birthday ends.
  • Free coffee on your birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you!
  • Open for a birthday present.
  • A free snack for your birthday.
  • You deserve the best. Happy birthday!
  • Did you think I forgot your birthday?
  • We’re ready to celebrate with you
  • A rockstar birthday party for you!
  • It’s the superstar’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • We have a little gift for your birthday today!
  • Your birthday coupon is here.
  • A gift for the birthday girl. Happy birthday!
  • SURPRISE! We got you a present! Open to find out!
  • Blow the candle and make a wish!
  • From your favorite cupcake store, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • More sweets and happiness for the birthday girl!
  • We hope you’re having the best day ever
  • To make your birthday more special, we have a gift for you
  • A gift for the birthday girl!
  • The ultimate birthday gift set made especially for YOU
  • Today is all about YOU. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! A special gift is waiting for you!
  • Enjoy a discount on your birthday!
  • Unwrap your git by opening this email!

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  • May you have the happiest birthday ever!
  • We have a surprise for you!
  • Birthdays are better with a gift from US!
  • EXTRA cash for the birthday girl!
  • Birthday discounts are up for grab today!
  • Our birthday sale awaits YOU!
  • We’re a sucker for birthdays! Have a good one!
  • Make a wish with these lucky birthday candles!
  • Happy birthday! Here’s a 2-days 1-night coupon to use with your loved one!
  • Enjoy 25% off your favorites! Happy birthday!
  • It’s your birthday. Click this email for your treat!
  • Happiest birthday to you! We got you something nice!
  • Here’s a treat for the birthday girl!
  • We know you like presents! Open to find some!
  • We prepared something for you, birthday girl!
  • Open this email to find out what we prepared for your birthday!
  • Celebrate your birthday with us! Here’s a $30 gift certificate you can enjoy!

How many candles are on this birthday cake?

Funny Birthday Email Subject Lines

  • Did we forget your birthday?
  • It’s good to be alive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • We made this email extra fun for your birthday!
  • Open to discover the surprise. Happy birthday!
  • Getting old is okay, at least you get a discount from us!
  • The fun just started. Click for more!
  • We hope you’re having a blast!
  • Birthdays are best celebrated with an email greeting!
  • Don’t tell anyone we prepared a gift for you!
  • Today’s the day you can thank your mom she had you!
  • You finally have an excuse to wear something nice today!
  • Don’t worry, 50 is the new 20. Happy birthday!
  • We heard it’s your birthday. Don’t forget to treat us!

Promotional Birthday Email Subject Lines

  • Shop for your birthday OOTD! Discounts await!
  • Get $5 OFF when you shop on your birthday!
  • Our exclusive offer ends today!
  • Your birthday offer is waiting for you!
  • Your birthday treat is on us! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! We didn’t forget your present!
  • Ready to celebrate? Click to get your discount code!
  • Here’s an extra DISCOUNT for the birthday boy!
  • Splurge a little today. Enjoy $5 OFF when you checkout!
  • Don’t let our birthday offer expire! Shop NOW!
  • We can’t let your birthday pass without a GIFT!
  • Celebrations are just starting. Click to see our GIFT!
  • Give yourself a special gift! Enjoy 15% OFF on your purchase TODAY!
  • Reward yourself with a little shopping spree!
  • Enjoy a 20% discount on your birthday!
  • Birthdays aren’t complete without a shopping spree!
  • Get a 15% discount for your BIRTHDAY BONANZA!
  • We heard it’s your birthday so we sent something special for you!
  • Here’s a little gift for the birthday boy!

The right headline will increase open rates of an email.

Personalized Happy Birthday Email Subject Lines

  • We hope you have a good one! Happy birthday [NAME]!
  • Happy birthday [NAME]! Here’s a little gift for you!
  • Today is all about you, [NAME]. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, [NAME]! Drinks are on us!
  • You deserve a special gift on your birthday. Happy birthday [NAME]!
  • You know we can’t forget! Happy birthday [NAME]!
  • You deserve this treat. Happy birthday [NAME]!
  • It’s your special day! Happy birthday [NAME]!
  • Of course we wouldn’t forget. Happiest birthday to you [NAME]!
  • [NAME], it’s time to get the party started! Happy birthday!
  • Here’s a discount card just for you. Happy birthday [NAME]!
  • May all your wishes come true. Happy birthday [NAME[!
  • Wishing you love and happiness. Happiest birthday [NAME]!
  • Bags and shoes sound like a good idea. Happy birthday [NAME]!

Employee Birthday Email Subject Lines

  • It’s our ace’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • You get time off this Friday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • All work and no play is not fun. Have a day off. Happy birthday!
  • No need to work on Friday. Happy birthday!
  • Drinks are on us. See you Friday! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to our best employee!
  • We are lucky to have you. Happy birthday!
  • Don’t work overtime today. Happy birthday!
  • We heard it’s your birthday. Happy birthday!

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  • Happy birthday! Don’t forget your $30 gift card.
  • We’re so happy you were born. Happy birthday!
  • You’re excused for today’s meeting. Happy birthday!
  • Here’s a 20% OFF gift card. Use it tonight!
  • You won’t believe what we got for your birthday!
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!
  • We got you what you wanted for your birthday!
  • You can afford to take a vacation. Happy birthday!
  • Please enjoy a fun birthday celebration. You deserve it!
  • Don’t open this email if you don’t plan on celebrating your birthday.
  • Happy birthday! You have an excuse to be late tomorrow.
  • We’re giving you a restaurant coupon to celebrate your birthday!
  • To the best employee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Birthday Email Subject Lines about Free Gifts or Coupons

  • Birthday coupons await you. Happy birthday!
  • Free gifts for the birthday girl. Happy birthday!
  • You have free gifts to claim today! Use them wisely!
  • Start your birthday shopping with these coupons!
  • 50% OFF coupons are all yours. Happy birthday!
  • Treat yourself to something nice with these coupons!
  • Free gifts await you today. Happy birthday!
  • Enjoy a shopping spree with these coupons. Happy birthday!
  • Here’s a $50 gift card for you. Happy birthday!
  • We got you a $200 gift card for your birthday. Happy birthday!
  • Enjoy a 20% discount when you go shopping today. Happy birthday!
  • Here’s a 50% discount card for your birthday shopping spree.
  • Celebrate your birthday with a new bag. Enjoy $30 gift card today!
  • Buy yourself a birthday dress with our 50% discount coupon!
  • Happy birthday, beautiful! Here’s a $30 gift card you can use today!
  • Everyone loves free gifts. Here’s one for you, our birthday girl!
  • We make birthdays happier with our free gifts and $40 coupons!
  • You made a wish and we made it happen. Here’s a 20% discount coupon!
  • Complete your birthday with our free gifts!
  • Because birthday girls deserve free gifts and discount coupons!
  • You know you deserve it! Here are free gifts and discount coupons for you! 

Hit send on that birthday email.

Birthday Month Subject Lines

  • Start your birthday month with good food!
  • Your birthday month just got better with these exclusive deals!
  • Birthday month is shopping month. Here’s a 40% discount for you!
  • March smells like a good month to dine and shop!
  • Redeem special discounts and freebies for your birthday month!
  • Celebrate your birthday month with style!
  • Happy birthday month, gorgeous! Here are a few surprises just for you!
  • Hey babe! We heard it’s your birthday month. We have some things for you!
  • Birthday month is treat yourself month! Advance happy birthday!
  • Birthday month has never been this festive! Enjoy these discounts!
  • Celebrate your birthday month with a FREE drink from us!
  • We know you love shopping. Here’s a discount code for your next shopping spree!
  • Happy 20% OFF all our products to celebrate your birthday month!

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  • Your birthday treat is waiting for you!
  • Guess who has a 50% discount on all our products??
  • Celebrate NOW with $20 OFF our cakes and cookies!
  • A surprise deal to start your birthday month!
  • Birthday month is off to a good start with these discounts!
  • Expect everything great during your birthday month!
  • We know it’s your birthday month so we got you some presents!
  • Birthday month is rocking thanks to these discounts!
  • Here’s to celebrating your birthday month! Open for a surprise!
  • Time to party and celebrate your birthday month!
  • Birthday month starts with great discounts and freebies!
  • Let us be the first to celebrate your birthday month
  • Here’s a little something for your birthday month!
  • We are celebrating your birthday month too! Click the email to find out!

Customers who receive birthday emails are more likely to open it than receiving promotional emails

Do birthday emails still work for marketing as a marketing tool?

Birthday emails are a simple marketing strategy that helps strengthen the relationship of subscribers or customers. It’s also a very important and useful marketing tool that helps boost sales. It’s been reported that birthday emails generate a 481% higher transaction rate compared to promotional emails and have 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails.

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What should you include in a birthday email message?

Birthday emails should be warm and friendly. Aside from it being a wonderful way to maintain your relationship with your customers, you can also use it as an opportunity to offer more products or services. These don’t need to be long either. Wish your recipient a happy birthday and give them the free gift or coupon. Keep it simple.

A birthday email should include a fun, personalized greeting with the name of your subscriber or customer. Attach a coupon, free gift, or discount that your customer can enjoy. This is a way to show gratitude to your customers while offering highlighting products or services.

What should you send in an employee birthday email message?

Employees help you run a business or company should get a birthday message too. They’re an integral part of the team that dedicates their time and effort to run your business. Sending an employee birthday email is showing your gratitude to your employees.

Of course, birthday emails to employees should be personalized more. Work with the employees manager or colleagues to find a message that will resonate with them.

Aside from your greeting, you can include sending a gift, coupon, or gift card for them to enjoy. It’s an important token of appreciation and helps build a better working relationship in your company and improve morale.

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