In business, the term unicorn describes a privately held company with a valuation over $1 billion. One such example of a business unicorn is Stripe, a company helps entrepreneurs accept payments safely online currently valued at $95 billion. The term can also describe a person you find particularly interesting, unique, or remarkable.

If you’re looking up unicorn names for yourself, a unicorn-themed birthday party, social media handle, pets, or for your characters on a sci-fi book you’re writing, you’ve come to the right place. We know how difficult it is to think of names so we’ve done the brain storming for you. Below is a list of more than 300 names you can choose from to satisfy your cascading unicorn fantasies.

Funny Unicorn Name Ideas

Make your friends laugh out loud with a funny unicorn name.

Aside from being cute and majestic, funny unicorn names are way for people to remember you. It’s also a great conversational starter and can make you seem more approachable, thereby reeling in more friends. Below are some funny unicorn name ideas you can use.

  • Magic Bubble Gum
  • Mystic Rainbow Tail
  • Princess Candy Sparkles
  • Starlight Twinkles
  • Cosmic Hooves
  • Diamond Aura
  • Periwinkle
  • Berry Sugar Cup
  • Happy Star Dust
  • Fluffy Marshmallow
  • Orange Ice Pop
  • Sweet Summer Dreams
  • Glitter Star Magic
  • Happy Custard Puff
  • Majestic Cloud Pony
  • Nutmeg
  • Crystal Pop
  • Dancing Sparkles
  • Mystic Bubble Pop
  • Princess Fairy Dust
  • Shining Luna
  • Sapphire Blue Tails
  • Daisy Yellow Pony
  • Flora Enchanted
  • Glowing Pearl
  • Celestial Moon Bright
  • Nectarine Blossoms
  • Lovely Rainbow Wings
  • Sunny Angel Glow
  • Strawberry Petal
  • Sweet Star Butterscotch
  • Twinkle Lollies
  • Cassie Fluffies
  • Jolly Ginger Naps
  • Pudding Pop Princess
  • Ruby Rose
  • Sweet Tooth Snowflake
  • Merry Lily
  • Cool Ice Jelly
  • Dainty Clover
  • Velvet Cherry Cake
  • Vanilla Fluff Magic
  • Razz Berry Julie

Unicorn Name Ideas for Instagram

Get on social media with these unicorn user names

There are over 15 million posts under the #unicorn hashtag on Instagram. They comprise of several things from artworks to unicorn drinks, cake designs, hair color, nail arts, and more. The unicorn theme has been so popular because of how beautiful the colors that represent these mythical creatures.

If you’re not convinced, try searching up the tag #unicorn on Instagram and you’ll be greeted with colors of blue, pink, purple, and even rainbow colors. If you’re thinking of making a unicorn-themed Instagram page, here are some unicorn name ideas you can use.

  • Lovely Luna
  • Sparky Daydreamer
  • Fancy Peaches
  • Valiant Vanessa
  • Bright Cassiopeia
  • Shimmering Sally
  • Sweet Frosted Pony
  • Amazing Shammy
  • Giggly Grace
  • Enchanted Moon Beam
  • Marshmallow Rainbow Pony
  • Merry Twilight
  • Twinkle Sunshine
  • Saccharine Susie
  • Mystic Sunburst
  • Joyous Jake
  • Snowflake Iris
  • Nightwind Starburst
  • Majestic Meteor
  • Pinkish Diamond
  • Sweet Milky Way
  • Jolly Julie
  • Fancy Buttercup
  • Samantha Sugarplum
  • Delightful Moonbeam
  • Adorable Lucy
  • Sugar Melon
  • Cheerful Mona
  • Blissful Zane
  • Opal Eyed Beauty
  • Bella Buttercup
  • Dainty Darla
  • Prancing Sunshine
  • Bubbly Jamie
  • Lady Night Moon
  • Silly Muffin
  • Sparkling Dawn
  • Dainty Lemon Drop
  • Bashful Tamara
  • Sassy Sky Dancer
  • Fluffy Butter Milk
  • Lady Cream Puff
  • Sweet Althea

Unicorn Name Ideas for Stuffed Animals

Here are unicorn stuffed toy name ideas

Plush toy sales have reached $1.25 billion in 2020 and there’s room for unicorn stuffed toy sales to fly even higher. If you’re thinking about selling stuffed unicorn toys in particular, here are character name ideas for you to consider.

  • Cuddle Wuddles
  • Fluffy Pony
  • Soft Little Pony
  • Cheery Hugs
  • Cozy Plushy
  • Fantastic Fluffy
  • Little Miss Giggles
  • Mr. Cotton
  • Happy Huggy
  • Precious Fluffles
  • Cream Puffs
  • Rainbow Waffles
  • Fluffy Honey Buns
  • Fluffy Pookie
  • Nomnom Sugar Plums
  • Bubble Puffs
  • Fluffy Buttercup
  • Love Bug
  • Missy Pony
  • Boo Boo Puffs
  • Love Bubbles
  • Angel Puff
  • Pony Boo
  • Honey Pony
  • Love Nugget
  • Take Flight Young Pony

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  • Butterscotch
  • Cuddle Pony
  • Apple Pie Cuddles
  • Dewy Bubbles
  • Doobie Huggy
  • Honey Nut Poney
  • Goofy Pony
  • Huggy Buns
  • Jelly Puffs
  • Lala Pony
  • Lovely Cuddles
  • Jolly Jammy
  • Sweet Peaches
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Chubby Huggy
  • Sweet Fluffles
  • Snuggle Bug
  • Sugar Cuddles

Adopt Me Unicorn Name Ideas

Be ready for a unicorn name when you stumble upon this rare pet on Adopt Me!

The unicorn is a legendary pet in Adopt Me!, a multiplayer online game by Roblox where the unicorn is considered a rare pet that a player can only get by hatching an egg. Check out this list of Adopt Me! unicorn names for your pet.

  • Sunny Summer
  • Buttercup Baby
  • Glittery Princess
  • Magical Day Dreamer
  • Lotus Sweetie
  • Faith Starflower
  • Queen Carat
  • Sentimental Aurora
  • Princess Onyx
  • Moonlight Bella
  • Lavender Dreams
  • Mystique Madness
  • Hopeful Tina
  • Peppermint Mallows
  • Winter Hope
  • Spring Charms
  • Black Diamond Rocky
  • Gentle Clementine
  • Andromeda
  • Spunky Cloudberry
  • Princess Amethyst
  • Legendary Miss Bubbles
  • Jada
  • Misfit Blossom
  • Cocoa Dream Puff
  • Golden Galaxy Prancer
  • Melody Marigold
  • Candy Star Bright
  • Athena
  • Bubble Blossoms
  • Coco Coconut
  • Dainty Blue Bell
  • Penny Rose Sweetheart
  • Jasmine
  • Jade Star Berry
  • Gracious Sun Flower
  • Magenta Marvel
  • Peggy Confetti
  • Button Nose Georgie
  • Frosty Wee Pony
  • Sugar Bliss Berry
  • Angel Crumb Princess
  • Mia Magic

Types of Unicorn Names

Widen your imagination with these unicorn types.

Let your imagination run wild when dreaming up different types of unicorns. There can be ones that fly, ones that can gallop on water, and ones that can even sing.

Check the unicorn names below depending on their type and see if any of these are to your liking.

  • Aqua Pearl (Water)
  • Gliding Pink Puff (Air)
  • Green Dash Pony (Land)
  • Berry Blue Mystique (Space)
  • Peppy Electra (Electric)
  • Hush Hannah (Quiet)
  • Roaring Ryan (Loud)
  • Melody Star (Singing)
  • Red Blaze (Fire)
  • Lady Tough Love (Fighting)
  • Whispering Magnolia (Fairy)
  • Crystal (Ice)
  • Larkspur Lovely (Grass)
  • Calypso (Psychic)
  • Dreamy Cherish (Sweet)
  • Breeze Berry (Flying)
  • Delicate Delphin (Water)
  • Zoe Zinger (Loud)
  • Mighty Rocky (Land)
  • Rhythm Ryan (Singing)
  • Pyro Pony (Fire)
  • Growling Gale (Storm)
  • Blue Berry Smile (Invisibility)
  • Gentle Goliath (Strength)
  • Doc Cuddle Fizzle (Healing)
  • Silent Sally (Telekinetic)
  • Phantom Coco (Speed)
  • Moon Shine Charlie (Nocturnal)
  • Rubble Bubble (Rock)
  • Honey Cord Gum Drop (Singing)
  • Raspberry Clarity (Wind)
  • Lady Green Weed (Plant)
  • Pony Tron (Electric)
  • Snoozy (Hypnosis)
  • Atlantica (Water)
  • Bravo Blue (Fighting)
  • Pretty Flare Pony (Fire)
  • Dew Drop Sicles (Ice)
  • Prince Hive Berries (Plant)
  • Hard Core Pony (Rock)
  • Esther (Psychic)
  • Bora (Wind)
  • Grey Bolt Berry (Speed)

Dark Unicorn Names

These ones are for the fans of dark unicorns.

Not all unicorns are sparkly and shiny. If you believe unicorns can be dark then you’ll like these names.

  • Draco Nocturne
  • Lycan Tails
  • Helios Spot
  • Mighty Malik
  • Lightning Eyes
  • Scarlett Joy
  • Little Jynx
  • Fierce Kali
  • Lucifer
  • Midnight Star Gaze
  • Thunder Heart
  • Sebastian Brave Heart
  • Silver Mane Pony
  • Ghost Neo
  • Lady Luna
  • Garnet Prancer
  • Fiery Dante
  • Crimson Flora
  • Stealthy Kira
  • Nyx Strong Heart
  • Black Gloom
  • Night Wing
  • Stallion Lou
  • Ethan Bolt
  • Wild Circe

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  • Gentle Chaos
  • Rouge Bara
  • Quiet Poe
  • Cloud Mara
  • Twilight Shadow
  • Randy Smokes
  • Exo Thorne
  • Pretty Clover
  • Sly Xander
  • Briar Mighty
  • Fiery Carmine
  • Ruby Moon Star
  • Auburn Dawn
  • Lady Willow
  • Ginger Mina
  • Victor Russell
  • Esme Fury
  • Jade Breaker

Cute Unicorn Name Ideas

Unicorn statues.

In the end, unicorns are associated with being cute, strong, and adorable creatures. The media’s depiction of them is grand and legendary. Check out these cute unicorn names to see which suits your taste.

  • Great Pegasus
  • Abloom Arabella
  • Ollie Snickerdoodle
  • Sweet Ginger Lolli
  • Choco Butter Puff
  • Dashing Kimberly
  • Silly Mika
  • Snowy Mane Sasha
  • Fabulous Andromeda
  • Witty Astra
  • Ivory Bubbles
  • Powder Daisy
  • Porcelain Blanca
  • Wondrous Blue Bell
  • Knockout Celeste
  • Cute Cornelia
  • Cinnamon Honey Bun
  • Sappy Dahlia
  • Macaroon Delphine
  • Evelyn Butter Milk
  • Hazelnut Fluffles
  • Frosty Tingle Cakes
  • Jewel Love
  • Lemon Nibbles
  • Sweet Amber
  • Marmalade Madeline
  • Little Apple
  • Miss Blush
  • Bubble Gum
  • Plum Coral
  • Amelia Periwinkle
  • Bailey Mulberry
  • Princess Raisin Cup
  • Gabriella Sky
  • Azure Delilah
  • Radiant Isabella
  • Sapphire Hope
  • Mint Jane
  • Sophie Hickory
  • Penelope Peanut
  • Cloud Nova
  • Dynamic Ivy
  • Lime Butter Bree

How to Find Your Unicorn Name.

Here’s how to choose your unicorn name.

Thinking of unicorn names for a game you’re playing or for a book you’re writing is a fun way to encourage kids, and even grownups, to build their imaginative power. One way you can work out your creative muscle is to come up with a unicorn name. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a creative to come up with something unique by following our proven approach to names.

Start by writing down a list of words that represent unicorns that are cute, adorable, and magical. These words can be:

  • Bubble Gum
  • Periwinkle
  • Auburn
  • Frosty
  • Bubbles
  • Brilliance
  • Magnitude
  • Hungry

Once you’ve got a list of descriptive names them down, list some personal names you may want to use. For instance:

  • Susie
  • Grace
  • Jane
  • Ryan
  • Michael

You may also list down your own name if you’re comfortable with it.

With the list that you’ve made, try to combine it to form a unicorn name such as “Bubble Gum Susie” or “Periwinkle Grace.”

You may also add words that include feelings. For example:

  • Lovely
  • Precious
  • Bubbly
  • Sappy
  • Electrifying

Then combine it all so you may get “Lovely Bubble Gum Susie” or “Precious Periwinkle Grace”. You may also use the names we provided above. Just scroll through that list and check to see if there’s any name in there that suits your fancy.

The more adorable sounding your unicorn name is the more magical it seems, living up to your imagination. Kids also have a wide imagination so let them help you make up a unicorn name too.

Was this guide helpful? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you and know more about the unicorn name you came up with.

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