Owning your own tow truck business is a big opportunity with the industry expected to reach $7.1 billion in revenue in the United States. According to interviews we conducted with independent owners, it’s not uncommon to make $50,000 – $200,000+ per year operating a single tow truck according to ZipRecruiter. If you’re able to scale the amount of trucks, drivers, and dispatchers in your fleet this can quickly become a million dollar revenue business opportunity.

This business has proven resistant in good times and bad too. In times when employment is strong, you could concentrate your efforts on roadside assistance services to commuters that incur a breakdown or accident. In challenging economic times, you may be called on to impound vehicles that missed too many payments.

If you’ve got the idea to start a towing company, you’ve stumbled across a practicable service that will always be in demand as long as we have vehicles on the road. Here are some business name ideas and tips for operating this type of service business.

Towing Company Name Ideas

Towing Company

Whenever people get into trouble on the road, towing companies there to offer assistance. These drivers work in dangerous situations each day safely removing cars and other autos from the roadside.

An essential roadside rescue business, however, does need a good name and be easily recognizable in this industry where competition is high. Typically a name that describes your service (towing) with a descriptive word about speed or reliability is the most common approach taken to name this business. Here are a few suggestions to kick off the search for your brand.

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  • Apollon Towing
  • Auto Hitch
  • Auto Rescue
  • Auto Savers
  • AutoTrance
  • Autow Support
  • Bear Towning
  • Bull Towing
  • Car To Tow
  • Care Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • City Towing
  • Day Savers Towing
  • Dream Road
  • East Towing
  • Easy Tow
  • Efficient Towing
  • Elefant Towing
  • Express Tow
  • F1 Towing
  • Family Towing
  • Fast Towing
  • Fire Towing
  • Friendly Towing
  • Frontex Towing
  • Full Tow
  • Green Towing
  • Hands and Tows
  • Hands On Towing
  • Happy Hitches
  • Happy Towing
  • Helpful Hands Towing
  • Helping Tows
  • Hometown Towing
  • King of Towing
  • Main Street Towing
  • MobileTowing
  • No More Auto
  • Off The Hitch
  • On The Hitch
  • Planet Towing
  • Premiere Pull
  • Pro Tow
  • Pull Up Towing
  • Rapid Towing
  • Ready Rescue
  • Ready Riggs
  • Ready Road Towing
  • Reliable Retrieval
  • Removal Ready
  • Rescue Towing
  • Rock Towing
  • Smooth Ride Towing
  • Speed Towing
  • Speedy Service
  • Speedy Streets Towing
  • Streetside Towing
  • Strength In Towing
  • Sun Towing
  • Super Strength
  • Take a Tow
  • Team Towing
  • Terrific Towing
  • The Tow Co.
  • The Town Tow
  • Tiger Towing
  • Tip Top Towing
  • To The Rescue Towing
  • Tom’s Towing
  • Tommy Tower
  • Toned Up Towing
  • Top Notch Towing
  • Total Towing
  • Tough Luck Towing
  • Tow and Co.
  • Tow And Transport
  • Tow Express
  • Tow In Town
  • Tow Pros
  • Tow Takers
  • Tow The Row
  • Tow To The Rescue
  • Towing Bros
  • Towing Club
  • Towing Force
  • Towing Guru
  • Towing Professionals
  • Towing Support
  • Towing Troopers
  • Town Hall Towing
  • Tracked Tow
  • Trust In Towing
  • Trusted Towing
  • Urban Towing
  • UrbanHook
  • Velvon Towing
  • Zeus Towing

Creative Towing Company Name Ideas

Broken down car being towed onto flatbed tow truck

You can get as creative as you want with your towing company name, and the sky really is the limit here. So pick a name that you think is going to be remembered, and create your ideal brand name.

  • 24-7 Towing
  • 2Fast 2Furious Towing
  • A1 Towing
  • Ace Tow Truck Services
  • All Aboard Towing
  • All Day Towing
  • All Towed Up
  • Always Emergency Towing
  • Anytime Anywhere Towing
  • At Your Request Towing Service
  • Auto & Truck to the Rescue
  • Auto Ambulance
  • Be There Towing & Recovery
  • Big Towing
  • Call Bella Towing
  • Call Clint 24/7 Emergency Services!
  • Collision Masters
  • Compliant Towing
  • Dr. Truck
  • Dr. Tug
  • Fast Track Towing
  • Fort Knox Towing
  • Gold Star Towing
  • Grim Towing
  • Guaranteed Towing
  • Haul & Deliver
  • Highway to Heaven Towing
  • In It for the Long Haul Towing Company
  • Joe’s Towing
  • Just Haul’er
  • Just Like New Towing
  • Mobile Towing
  • Moving Day Towing
  • Mr Towing
  • Mr. Towing
  • No Parking Zone Towing
  • Non Stop Towing
  • OnCall Vehicle Assistance
  • Peace of Mind towing
  • Pit Stop Towing Company
  • Pop’s Power Tow
  • Premium Service Towing
  • Reliable Towing
  • Roadside Rescue Towing
  • Safety Towing Co.
  • Sunshine Towing
  • The Car Emergency Center
  • The Emergency Towing Co.
  • The Right Hook Towing
  • The Roadside Rangers
  • The Winch Wizards
  • Tow & Recover
  • Wreck & Recovery

Funny Towing Company Name Ideas

Big wheels to take you off road.

Being memorable is essential if you want to take on the biggest roadside assistance companies. Having a funny names, such as Norma Jean Towing or Big Joe’s Hook and Toe is one way differentiate your business.

Giving your name a funny spin can help to make you more memorable, like the famous Camel Tow in California. So try some of our laugh out loud names that will help people remember your business the next time they’re in need.

  • A Tow Z
  • Any winch way
  • Big Camel’s Towing
  • Black Tow
  • Carry on Towing
  • Crack-a-tow-a
  • Drag Queens
  • Draggin’ Wagon
  • Getting Hitched
  • Hard Tow Handle
  • Haul & Totes
  • Hauler Back
  • Head to Tow
  • Here Tow Help
  • Hi Ho Tow
  • Hitch Em Up
  • Hitch It Up Hikers
  • Hooker’s
  • Hookin’ You Up
  • Incogni-tow
  • Jack’s Carjacking
  • Main Line Hooker Service
  • Missle Tow
  • One Tow Three
  • Pinky tow
  • Potat-Tow
  • Pulling People
  • Quickie Tugs
  • Quid pro tow
  • Rainy Day Hitchers
  • Tai Kwan Tow
  • The Toe Trucks
  • The Tow Man
  • The Towaway
  • Tic Tac Tow
  • Tow be or not tow be
  • Tow Business
  • Tow Far, Tow Good
  • Tow good to be true
  • Tow Jam
  • Tow the Rescue
  • Tow Tow Tow
  • Towkyo Drift
  • Tow-rantula
  • Towriffic towing
  • Towtal Support
  • Tow-tally Reliable
  • Tow-To-Tow
  • Towy McTowface
  • Tow-ya-Home
  • TurboTow
  • Vertigo Towing
  • Vincent Van Towing
  • Well Hitched
  • Where Tow?
  • Winches of Eastwick

Towing Company Industry Analysis

Towing away a car after a wreck.

Before you get into this business, it is important to understand the costs of starting up, how much you can make on average and the general income streams of this business.

If you’ve never worked in the towing industry yourself, we always recommend getting a job in the industry first. Whether you are a tow truck driver or dispatcher working in an office, you’ll get paid to understand what it takes to operate this business.

If you pay attention, you’ll start to see themes in customer problems and identify the market channels that work best to drum up business. With the exception of companies that have been around for decades, Google Search or Google My Business is often the best place to start marketing the business. This search engine allows you to advertise in front of people searching for things like “car towing service” at the precise moment they need your help.

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Startup costs of this business depend on the location in which you are operating. On average, according to the Anderson Transportation Consulting report, annual revenues can usually be in the range of $100,000 to $200,000. You’ll also need to take into account costs like gas, insurance, oil changes, and other regular maintenance. You may also need to lease a space to park the tow truck if you don’t have space on your property.

The Motor Towing Industry in the United States generally averages around $7.5 billion a year and is growing at the rate of around 4.7% per annum, meaning you’ve entered growing market.

On average, start-up costs for a tow truck business range from $150,000 to $200,000 with higher monthly expenses if you choose to buy a brand new truck from the outset. Financing is the most popular way to pay for new trucks and there are several specialist companies to choose from to get your loan.

We always recommend shopping around for rates to get the best deal possible. Be sure to check your credit scores before contacting any loan company to ensure you get the best rates possible.

What Should You Charge for Storage Fees?

Vehicles about to be impounded.

Storage fees are one of the main income streams in the towing business, charging customers for the storage of their vehicles, whether because of damages to towed vehicles or vehicles towed for being parked illegally. Most impounds will charge $200 – $400 to retrieve a vehicle after it’s been claimed.

How much to charge for storage usually depends on the laws in the location where you are operating, as all states and federal jurisdictions have regulated these storage charges.

The trick is to stay competitive with the other towing services in the area. For a full list of the costs you can charge for storage of towed vehicles, you can check with your local courthouse for the maximum state storage cap limits.

Towing illegally parked cars can be one of the more shady practices of a towing business. As an example, there was a company in my college town that was fined for towing away cars that weren’t parked illegally. Companies like this are incentivized to drive around shopping centers or city streets that may be zoned for no parking on certain days. It can be fair-game to pick up a car that’s illegally parked, but some businesses have been known to push these boundaries to make a quick buck.

As a consumer, once your car is towed and locked up at an impound you have little choice, but to pay the fees. You either pay or they keep the car. Those are the only two options.

We hope this guide has helped you on the early stages of your journey to start a towing business. If you’ve got experience driving tow trucks yourself and understand the basics of operating a small business this can be an extremely profitable small business that helps the residents of your town get out of a jam.

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