Shuttle services in the United States are a great way to get from A to B without using public transport or your own vehicle. Mostly used by corporate businesses for client transport and by the general public for airport transfers, these shuttles are usually small vans with multiple seats that allow passengers to travel in style.

For most shuttle services, private shuttles come under the heading of taxis, but can’t be hailed from the sidewalk and generally used for city transport and airports. In fact, airport shuttle services alone generate more than $1.1 billion U.S. dollars a year. As you can see this is a legitimate business opportunity for entrepreneurs that can acquire the appropriate business licensing, insurance, and a shuttle van.

A growing industry, shuttle services have increased in operation over the last five years by an average of 1.8% per annum. Naming your shuttle service, be it private or airport based, means finding the ideal name that will make your brand more recognizable and trustworthy.

Airport Shuttle Name Ideas

Airport shuttles run regularly from the city to the airports for private and corporate clients

Airport shuttles run regularly from the city to the airports for private and corporate clients.

Airport shuttles have been around for decades offering transportation from your home or hotel to the local airport for both the general public and for corporate clients.

Finding the right name for your airport shuttle service means considering all the factors involved, including, which airports you serve. Here are some suggestions to spark inspiration.

  • 24/7 Transfer Company
  • ABC Airport Shuttles
  • Across the Skies
  • Air Care
  • Air Shuttle Plus
  • Air Traffic
  • Aircated Co.
  • Airport Link
  • Airport Portable
  • Airport Solutions
  • Airport Transfer
  • Airport Transfer International
  • Airportable
  • AirportConnect
  • Airported
  • AirTrans
  • Allied Air Transfer
  • A-Transfers
  • Direct Transfers Co.
  • Greetport Transfer
  • Ground Control
  • Headed Airport Transfers
  • Intercontinental Airport Transfer
  • Level Landing
  • Major Airport Transfer
  • Making Airwaves
  • Metropolitan Transfer Co.
  • Port Report
  • Port to Port
  • Precious Cargo
  • Prepared Airport Shuttles
  • Sky Source
  • Skylux shuttle
  • Skytouch shuttle
  • SpanAmerica Shuttles
  • Suitable Airport Trans Co.
  • Take Off Connection
  • Terminal Transfer
  • The Airpicked Transfer Company
  • The Airport Transfer Exchange
  • The Driven Airport Transfer Co.
  • The Only Airport Transfer Company
  • Touchdown shuttle
  • TransAir
  • TransCare
  • TransSkies
  • Travel Transfer
  • Tried and Transferred
  • Trusted Transfer
  • Trusted Travel

Private Shuttle Service Name Ideas

Private shuttles offer comfortable transport between destinations for a variety of clients

Private shuttles offer comfortable transport between destinations for a variety of client types.

A private shuttle service is ideal for those companies that want to transport clients around the city. Some examples include from a hotel to a corporate office or shopping mall. Here are some ideas in the private sector that could give you an edge in this segment of the market.

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  • 806 Shuttle Service
  • Abraham’s Transportation Services
  • Access Shuttle
  • Ace Shuttles
  • Advantage Services
  • Ajax Shuttles
  • Alphonse Shuttles
  • Alpine Transportation
  • American Shuttle
  • AtoB Taxi
  • Blue Giraffe Express
  • Blue Light Shuttle
  • Blue Shuttle
  • Bluebird Express
  • Checkpoint Services
  • Classic ride
  • Comfort Shuttle
  • Deloitte Shuttles
  • Easy Shuttle
  • Exquisite Shuttles
  • Fast Shuttle
  • Flex Shuttles
  • Frenchie Shuttles
  • Happy Destinations
  • Jiffy Shuttle
  • Lone Star Executive Shuttles
  • Master Shuttle
  • MetroShuttles
  • Minute Shuttle
  • Mover Shuttles
  • Mullins shuttles
  • Odyssey Shuttles
  • Perfect Shuttle
  • Prestige Shuttles
  • Redrock Express
  • Royalty Conveyers
  • Secure Shuttle
  • Shuttle and Relax
  • Shuttle Express
  • Shuttlebolt
  • Simple Shuttle Services
  • South Valley Shuttle
  • Sunny Destinations
  • Sunny Shuttle
  • Sunnyvale Shuttle Group
  • Seattle Shuttle Company
  • Tailwind Express Shuttle
  • The Spotted Van
  • Victoria Shuttles
  • West Valley Shuttle
  • Yellow Dot Shuttle
  • Zippy Shuttle

How do you start a shuttle service?

How to start a shuttle transportation service

Learn how to start a shuttle transportation service.

Starting your own shuttle service can be daunting, especially when you consider the cost involved. The shuttles have to be well-maintained in order to be safe and you need to consider other aspects such as drivers, insurance, communications, and advertising.

But if you have a good understanding of what you are trying to build and are able to establish a trustworthy brand then you can create a transportation business that stands the test of time.

The first thing to do is choose your business structure and consult with insurance companies on the liability insurance you’ll need. Then visit the local county clerks office or online through the government website to obtain business licenses and any local permits you may need.

You’ll also need to inquire about airport permits for those interested in starting an airport shuttle business. Depending on where you plan to operate the business, this may not be a required step, but worth investigating.

Within your market area, identify the airports you may need to service, as well as the amount of private hire transportation currently available in your area. This gives you an idea of how far to travel around the area and what competition you are likely to come across. Be sure to charge more for people requiring transport outside the service area. Otherwise gas costs and time requirements could cut too far into profitability.

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Be strict when establishing your own operational area of service. Determine the geographic area within which you can provide transport services that are reliable and feasible. Identify the major destinations that people look for transport services to travel. You should also consider the variation in times it takes to reach specific destinations at different times of the day like rush hour or during sporting events. This will allow you to offer a good estimate of the customer’s expected travel times. It will also help with identifying your own pricing packages, for both public and corporate customers.

Then you need to obtain your vehicles, which is the major cost of any shuttle business. Be sure to keep maintenance records for all your vehicles that shows when regular oil changes and safety checks have been conducted. It’s best if this maintenance is conducted by a third-party for improved documentation that you’re taking care of vehicles.

If you want to grow, you’ll need to hire drivers to operate them too. When you begin hiring drivers, you’ll soon find the business becomes increasingly complex. At this point you start to take on more risk and need to establish formal operating procedures.

Unless you are planning on making it a family-based business outside-sourced drivers should be professional and trustworthy to maintain the quality of service you offer your customers. Make sure to build safety and customer service training for your drivers so they know how to appropriately serve clientele.

And finally, you need to market your shuttle service to the public and corporate clientele you are expecting. This means advertising and marketing. If you’re just starting out word of mouth will make and break the business. Recognize that every customer you bring in is another opportunity for referrals. Outside of word-of-mouth, advertising on social media or Google My Business is by far the best opportunity you have when starting out in this business.

Another time-tested approach to starting a transport business is to identify what sector of the market you serve. Here are a few proven transportation shuttle-services you could offer:

  • Transportation for senior living communities.
  • Rides to the local casino.
  • Travel to colleges or sporting events.
  • Travel from a hotel to a corporate office.
  • Rides to breweries or wineries.

How much will it cost to start a shuttle service?

Cost is a major factor in starting a new shuttle transport service business

Cost is a major factor in starting a new shuttle transport service business.

The costs involved in starting a shuttle service depend on how large you are starting. If you are beginning with just you as the driver of one shuttle then the cost could be under $50,000. Most startups establish their headquarter from a home address until they can build up the business. This reduces the startup costs for those with limited capital.

If you’re really struggling for cash, you could begin operating this business on weekends or in the evenings to gain traction. Overtime you can save cash and reinvest into the business for expansion.

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