It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think online publishers now hold 90%+ of consumer attention. In spite of the digital transformation of all content from written word to video, print media is far from dead. According to Publisher’s Weekly, sales of books have continued to grow increasing 10.8% over five years leading up to 2017. The publishing industry is still valued at more than $12 billion a year.

For anyone who wants to break into this industry, whether in books, cookbooks, blogging, or general publishing, print remains the most popular format in the United States with book sales reaching whopping $650 million in 2020. If you plan to start your own publishing business, take a look at our best name ideas organized by category below.

Publishing Company Name Ideas

A stack of magazines.

To start any type of publishing company, you’ll need to identify a brand name that isn’t taken first. With thousands of small online and print publishers in the market, this could prove to be more challenging than you might think. Here are some of our best ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • 24 Hour Publishers
  • All IndieLit
  • Andrew’s Storyhouse
  • Best Progress
  • Big Idea Publishers
  • Black Papers
  • The Endless Magazine
  • Blue Bird Publishing
  • Bound and Found
  • The Cookbook Publishing Group
  • Brainy Publications
  • Case Bounded
  • Editorial Transformations
  • Reckless Writer’s Inc.
  • Elephant Company
  • Express Your Shelf Press
  • The Keto Press
  • Fresh Prince Prints
  • Get Lit Press
  • Golden Hour Publishing
  • Impressive Presses
  • Ink n Paper Press
  • Insert & Delete
  • The Raw Read
  • Jazzy Publications
  • Life Moments Press
  • Literate Ladies
  • Literary Wonder Prints
  • Lost and Bound
  • Miami Beach Press
  • The Fresh Fit Press
  • Paperweight Publishers
  • Pen2Paper Press
  • Penny’s Publishing Place
  • Pensive Lines
  • Peter’s Printing House
  • Pittsburgh Paper People
  • Prime Publications
  • The Book Spine Publishing Co.
  • Profound Printings
  • Publishing Experts
  • Radical Publish Shop
  • Sunny Day Press
  • The Epic Man Journal
  • The Dancing Pages
  • The Fleurons
  • The NovelZone
  • The Publishing Gurus
  • Travel Publishing
  • Turn the Page Publishers

Book Publishing Name Ideas

Print books.

Book publishers are different from modern media companies that might produce written, audio, and visual content for their audience. Instead, you’ll be laser focused on producing books in print or digital formats. As mentioned earlier, people still buy and read soft and hard cover books. If you offer higher-ticket item services like conferences, master minds, or consulting services this approach is a no brainer as a way to attract more buyers for these goods or services.

  • Adventure Time Narratives
  • Alliteration Literature
  • Awesome Books
  • Beach Reads Publishing
  • Disruptive Narrative
  • Before Time Books
  • Better Bound Books
  • Beyond Books
  • Book Bindings
  • Book Expert
  • Book to Book Publishing
  • Book Worms
  • Bookmarked
  • Thought Provoking Books
  • Books T. Washington
  • Bookventurer
  • Bookworm Publishing House
  • Eloquent Tales
  • Fanciful Fiction Books
  • Good Global Reads
  • Grand books
  • Literary Glitter
  • Literaturation
  • Lovely Literature Publishers
  • Mercury Books
  • Moving Books
  • Mysterious Monocle Prints
  • Petite Printers
  • Prospect Park Books
  • Quippy Quill Press
  • Rare Bird Books
  • Reading Frenzy Press
  • Riveting Novels
  • Sky High Novels
  • Stories for Centuries
  • Storyline Books
  • Textured Text
  • The Books Master
  • Voyager Books
  • Wisdom Park Books
  • Wordsmith Literature

Cookbook Publishing Name Ideas

Cookbook sales remain a bright spot for publishers.

Publishing cookbooks is still a big business is one of the bright spots in this industry with more than 18 million cookbooks being sold each year. Many people appreciate the utility of keeping cookbooks in their kitchen as a reference. Cookbooks also make great gifts for birthdays or other holidays.

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  • Publishing Flavors
  • American Cookbook Press
  • Blue Chef Publishers
  • Canal House Cooks Publishing
  • Chef’s Clan Publishing
  • Cookery Queen Press
  • Cooking & Catering Press
  • Cooking Passion Publishing
  • Cookwise Publishing
  • Eat Your Way Publishing
  • Eating Life Publishers
  • EZ Gourmet Publishers
  • Flora Cookbook Publishing
  • Food Fiesta Publishing
  • Food for Thought Publishing
  • Food is Life Publishing
  • Food of God Publishing
  • Food Therapy Publishing
  • Great Food Publishing
  • Kitchen Publishing
  • Marinated Press
  • Wild Edge Cooking
  • OatBerries Publishing
  • Six Flavors Publishing
  • Spice Toast Publishing
  • Spices Publishing
  • Taste Experience Publishing
  • Taste Edge Publishing
  • Tasty Table Publishing
  • The Century Cookbook Press
  • The Fannie Farmer Press
  • Cutting the Recipe Inc.
  • The Flavor Publishing
  • The Lost Chef Publishing
  • The Sacred Meal Publishing
  • The Vegan Press
  • Well Fed Publishers
  • White Jacket Publishing

Music Publishing Name Ideas


The music publishing industry continues to be valued at more than $21 billion in 2019. Alt