The Ultimate List of Food Truck Infographics

Today, I decided to create an organized list of the best food-truck infographics I could find from across the internet. And in case you’re not familiar with what an infographic is, it’s essentially an online poster that provides a lot of statistics / data about a certain topic in a visually appealing manner.

Surprisingly, you can learn a lot about the industry just by browsing these different graphics. For example, did you know that street food is consumed by 2.5 billion folks every single day? Or that the average hotdog stand costs about $2,000? Or that the busiest day for the typical food truck is a Monday? Fascinating stuff.

I learned each of these figures from the Food Trucks and Social Media graphic at in case you’re interested.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve organized links to my top picks below. Also, if you’ve got any recommendations with graphics I’ve missed, feel free to email me directly to support -AT- I want to make this the most comprehensive list available online. I hope you enjoy it!

Latin Americans and Street Food


Facts About DC Food Trucks

 What The Truck Is That?

What the Truck is That? [Infographic]
Infographic Created by Hengehold Trucks

More Resources

How to Open a Food Truck: You’re only 10 steps away from opening your own concession vehicle thanks to this graphic. This is an excellent high-level overview to launching a mobile cuisine business.

The Rise of the Social Food Truck: Go way back to the year 2008 in this infographic that covers the historical love affair of social-media marketing and mobile restaurants.

Boston Food Trucks, Past, Present & Future: This is the creation of Boston food blogger, Megan Marrs. She keeps tabs on the mobile food scene in New England and has a unique voice so be sure to check out her blog.

Good Luck, Truck: This graphic explores that harsh realities of operating this type of business. Like any other business opportunity, many wanna-be entrepreneurs will fail.

Survey of Food Truck Preferences & More: Thirty five folks were interviewed about their personal preferences when dining at a mobile restaurant. While 35 people probably doesn’t make for a scientifically significant preference experiment, it does provide food for thought.

Street Food Revolution: The mobile cuisine industry isn’t restricted to North America. It’s worldwide baby! Learn more about the global interest in street food here.

2014 Food Truck Facts – Awesome PDF developed by NCR Silver packed with data about the food truck industry.

I hope you found this resource valuable. Got more quality infographic recommendations? Email me or hit me up on social media with the link.

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