Made with animal matter, manure, and vegetable matter, organic fertilizer is a big business in the United States now that’s approaching $1 billion in annual sales. Due to lockdowns across North America, we anticipate swifter growth of sales to support home gardens than previous projections over the next two years.

With some fertilizers being made from such as animal wastes including meat processing, peat, manure, slurry, and guano, the selection available is wide ranging and covers every niche need for commercial and home gardeners.

Valued at $952 million dollars in 2019 in the United States, the natural fertilizer remains an emerging growth sector. According to reports, China is the number one producer of fertilizer with nearly one third of global fertilizer being produced in the country. This could also create an opportunity for producers in the United States to create an All-American branded product.

If you’re struggling to identify a brand name for your fertilizer or compost business, look no further. We’ve organized some of the best available name ideas in this industry below.

Organic Fertilizer Name Ideas


If you’re considering a general fertilizer business then you can be less specific in the naming process. Try selecting one of these great names and try it on for size. You might find something that helps your business grow.

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  • Blissful Gaia
  • BotanECO
  • Earth Organics
  • Earthly Rooted
  • Ecocrops
  • Ecogenesis
  • ecoNrich
  • Ecoplantek
  • Ecoverde
  • Ferganic
  • Fertiganic
  • Forever Fields
  • Garden Greatness
  • Greenpost
  • Greenpro
  • NatuOrga Fertilisers
  • Orgaleaf Fertilisers
  • Orgalizer
  • Organeco fertilizers
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Organic Matters
  • OrganiSoil
  • Organtrex Fertilisers
  • Ever Grow
  • Home Grown
  • Epic Growth
  • Abundant Fields
  • High Yield Farmer
  • Record Yield
  • Natural Feed
  • Super Yield
  • Fortified Harvest
  • Heck of a Harvest
  • Happy Harvest Fertilizers
  • All American Fertilizer Company
  • Boston Fertilizer Group

Compost Company Name Ideas

Compost provides nutrients that helps plants grow. If you concentrate on compost, whether from animal or plant matter then your naming should be specifically tailored to your brand. Here are some of our best ideas in this category.

  • Green Acres Compost
  • Natural Compost
  • Great Growing Compost
  • Topbase Compost
  • NutriGrow Compost
  • Meloxa Compost
  • Nitri Miller Compost
  • AgriFlex Compost
  • Supreme Grow Compost
  • Gatarilo Compost
  • Hydro Compost
  • NutroRich Compost
  • Wild Compost
  • GreenBuzz compost
  • GeenPanther Compost
  • natureHealing Compost
  • GreenSphere Compost
  • GoldenGreet Compost
  • Agriculture Compost
  • GreenGlame Compost
  • Nature Vibe Compost
  • Nature Ethics Compost
  • Compost Pile
  • Grow Guano Compost
  • Backyard Fertilizer
  • Deep Green
  • Demure Manure
  • Fertisol
  • Golden Growers
  • Goodwaste Ltd
  • Greengrowth Fertilizer
  • Grovit Fertilisers
  • Guano Grow
  • Natugrow Fertilisers
  • Natural Material Fertilizer
  • NatureEdge Fertilisers
  • natureNest Fertilisers
  • NatureStay Fertilisers
  • Plant Feeds Fertilizer
  • Plant Power Fertilizers
  • Plant Sense Fertilizer
  • Raw And Steamed Natural Fertilizer
  • Soil Meal Inc
  • Grandpa’s Compost
  • Compass Compost
  • California Compost Company
  • Molly’s Green Matter

Bio Fertilizer Name Ideas

Bio-fertilizers are the next big thing. This product contains micro-organisms that help make the soil more fertile. There are many types of creating a bio-fertilizer including prevention of pathogens, cost effectiveness, and get results in semi-arid environments. The market remains reletively new and competition is limited at the moment making this business an opportunity.

  • Organisoil Fertilizers
  • Emerald Manure
  • Versailles Manure
  • Plant To Plant Manure
  • Gardener’s Manure
  • Couture Manure
  • Cloro Manure
  • Nutry Growy
  • Matters Of Organic
  • Growvilla Fertilizers
  • BioBrett Manure
  • Grovit Grow Fertilizers
  • SolidNature Fertilizers
  • Rich bacterox Fertilizers
  • CrazyNatures Fertilizers
  • Era Organic
  • Edge Of Nature
  • Organobeats Fertilizers
  • Bio Fertilizers
  • Nutriroots Fertilizers
  • Earth Organic Fertilizers
  • EcoPlanet Fertilizers
  • Orga-neco Fertilizers
  • Ecogenesis Fertilizers
  • Botaneco Fertilizers
  • Terramate Fertilizers
  • Go with Organic
  • AgriFlex Biofertilizer
  • Agropro Biofertilizer
  • Allgrowth Fertilizer
  • Bio Trance
  • BioBrett Fertilisers
  • BioCollo Fertilisers
  • BioProx
  • BioProx Fertilisers
  • Enerlayer Biofertilizer
  • GreenArena Biofertilizer
  • Growbilla Biofertilizer
  • Mediavine Biofertilizer
  • NatuElite Biofertilizer
  • NatuMexa Biofertilizer
  • PlantOptiva Biofertilizer
  • Primest Biofertilizer
  • Progro Biofertilizer
  • Pure Manure
  • Terraboost Biofertilizer
  • The Lure of manure
  • WestCoastBio
  • Bio Growth
  • Bio Green Company

Leaf Fertilizer Company Name Ideas

This is a specific kind of organic fertilizer made only from plant leaves. This is one of the most natural of them all and can also be appealing to consumers who don’t want to use animal waste products to grow their garden. This is a smart way to transform leaf waste into an in-demand product.

  • Abundance Fertilizer
  • All Natural Fertilizer
  • All Organic Inc
  • Fernleaf Fertilizer
  • FertiEssence
  • Flourishing Fields
  • Garden Fresh Fertilizer
  • Green Nutrients Inc
  • GreenGram
  • GreenHexa
  • GreenMagic
  • Into Leaf Inc
  • Natural Growth Fertilizer
  • Onplants Ltd
  • Plant Juice
  • Plantkind Ltd
  • Sprouting Seed
  • Leaf Life
  • Turning a New Leaf Fertilizer
  • Organic Leaf Co.

Name for Fertilizer Shop

Having a fertilizer shop means having retail premises to sell fertilizers. These shops often sell home gardening or farming equipment too. These require a catchy brand name to make the location memorable. These shop names are designed to be appealing to gardeners, farmers, and commercial landscape companies alike.

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  • CropVille Fertilisers
  • Fervent Fertilizers
  • Five Star Fertilizers
  • Fresh ‘N Safe Fertilizers
  • Garden Growers
  • Gardener’S Choice Fertilizers
  • Gracious Garden
  • Growfast Fertilizers
  • Haute Couture Manure
  • House Of Plants Fertilizers
  • Liberton Fertilisers
  • Meloxa Fertilisers
  • New Age Fertilizers
  • NutriGrow Fertilisers
  • Root Family Fertilizers
  • Soil Fixes Ltd
  • SuperMate Fertilisers
  • The Fertilizer People
  • The Gardener’S Fertilizers
  • Topbase Fertilizers
  • The Local Fertilizer Shop
  • Pete’s Compost Shop

Ways to Differentiate Your Brand

apple orchard

An abundant apple orchard.

You might think all fertilizer is pretty much the same. But that’s not the case at all. One of the easiest ways to get recognized in a market is to provide something a little bit different than the competition. This means niching down and finding a subset of customers that truly love using your product.

The worst thing you could do while entering this market is to start an all-purpose fertilizer company. One major competitor is Potash Corporation (POT). This company does billions in sales every year and has a broad transportation and logistics network. This is not someone you want to go head to head with.

Instead, consider modeling your enterprise after Moo Doo, a compost and cow manure blend that’s made in Vermont. This product is sold at independent home gardening centers and online. This company has been able to create a superior small-batch product that’s used by serious home gardeners. The fact that the company brands themselves and local and uses a unique blend of fertilizer ingredients is an approach that you can model too.

Here are a few ways to make a unique fertilizer product: 

  • Find a unique source of fertilizer. Cow manure is a well-known ingredient, but lesser known sources like chicken litter could also be tested. As an example, researchers discovered poultry waste produces higher yields for cotton crops. Exploring ways other animal waste could be utilized to grow certain crops.
  • Highlight specific nutrients. Different nutrients will benefit certain plants more than others. As an example, flowers require more phosphorus and potassium to grow. By making a fertilizer that’s high in these nutrients you could create a specialty fertilize that serves this subset of the market.
  • Test unique blends. In many markets, you don’t need to create something that’s 100% unique. Instead you could develop compost and fertilizer blends that aren’t widely available in stores.
  • Support local. An increasing number of consumers want to support local companies and families instead of massive corporations. One of the easiest ways to differentiate a company would be to call it North Dakota Fertilizer Co. as an example. This also makes that product appear more high-end and small-batch. Both of these are appealing elements that will allow you to charge more than competitors for a similar product.

We hope this article has provided some food for thought with your agriculture business. What type of fertilizer are you planning to produce and how much? We’d love to learn what you’re planning in the comments below.

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