Handmade crafts, also known as handicraft, is a hobby or profession that requires the skills to create something by hand. Often these skills are mastered over years or even decades among dedicated individuals with a passion in their area of expertise. Examples of this craft work include crocheting, embroidery, knitting, tapestry, wood making, jewelry making, pottery and glass blowing.

In the traditional sense, craft making depicted items of cultural or religious significance. Without television or modern media, cultures relied on drawn photos or trinkets as forms of expression. These items, if made by machines, are not considered handicrafts anymore in its strictest sense. Handicrafts are decorative pieces that are creatively made by hand using simple tools in a small shop, garage, or even the kitchen table.

Producing some type of artisan craft can be a fulfilling business while providing the opportunity to showcase your creativity. If you’re thinking about opening your own Etsy shop or selling at a farmers market, you need to come up with a distinct brand name. Here are some the best craft business name ideas that still aren’t taken yet to help kick off your business name brainstorming process. Let’s begin.

Craft Business Name Ideas

A craftsman at work.

One proven approach to naming a craft business to identify names that express care and precision. Your products demonstrate mastery of a task and you’ll want a business name that reflects this. If you’re still looking for that craft business name, here’s a list of ideas for consideration.

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  • Heavenly Crafts
  • The Craft
  • Precision Crafters
  • Careful Builders
  • Old School Wood Working
  • Slow Process Quilts
  • Old World Dexterity
  • Mind-Blowing Crafts
  • Crafted For You
  • All Season Crafts
  • Simply Crafts
  • Earth Crafts
  • Crafts Galore
  • Crafts You’ll Love
  • Crafts Out Of Habit
  • Changing Crafts
  • Desire Crafts
  • Inside Out Crafts
  • The Language of Crafts
  • Base Crafts
  • Top Craft Shop
  • Crafts Empire
  • Corner Street Crafts
  • Crazy Silly Crafts
  • Dreamworld Crafts
  • Fantasy Works Crafts
  • High Street Creations
  • Mystify Crafts
  • Crafted to Perfection
  • Passion Crafts
  • Crafty Hands
  • Blue Sky Crafts
  • Far East Crafts
  • Shared Dreams Crafts
  • Sterling Crafts
  • Dynamic Crafts

Craft Fair Business Name Ideas

Jewelry is a proven craft business.

If you and your skilled friends decide to showcase your talents, a craft fair is a good venue to do just that. If you haven’t decided yet on what to name your craft fair, here are some suggestions.

  • Asia’s Finest Crafts Fair
  • Gradma’s Craft Fair
  • Grandpa’s Wood Shed
  • Christmas Craft Fair
  • Stained Glass Crazy Bazaar
  • Pottery Crafts Fair
  • Finest Woodworks Craft Fair
  • Creative Soap Making Fair
  • Arts and Crafts Fair
  • Intricate Embroidery Crafts Fair
  • Personalized Crafts Fair
  • Holidays Crafts Fair
  • Handicraft Jewelry Fair
  • All-American Handicrafts Fair
  • Baby Crafts Fair
  • Creative Bathroom Crafts Fair
  • Digital Crafts Fair
  • Blooming Candles Fair
  • T-Shirts And Merchandise Fair
  • Good Old American Crafts Fair
  • Music And Arts Crafts Fair
  • Tableware Crafts Fair
  • Miniature World Crafts Fair
  • The Great North American Crafts Fair
  • Bedroom Matters Crafts Fair
  • Environmental Crafts Fair
  • Restored Items Crafts Fair
  • Hot Crafts Fair
  • Specialty Items Crafts Fair
  • DIY Christmas Decor Crafts Fair
  • New Ideas Crafts Fair
  • Natural Cosmetics Craft Fair
  • Creative Fabrics Craft Fair

Funny Craft Business Names

Craft businesses don’t always need to be serious.

Funny business names will surely catch the attention of your would-be customers. If you want them to remember you and your creativity, here are some funny business name suggestions related to crafts.

  • Crafts Among Us (from the popular android game)
  • Autographed Crafts
  • Justin Time Crafts
  • Candies Be Love?
  • Sweet Creations
  • James Tailoring (Tailored crafts inspired by the singer/musician)
  • Beads and Pieces
  • Second Time Around (A watch crafts business)
  • Petal Attraction
  • Tree’s Company
  • Goldirocks
  • To Home It May Concern
  • What’s Disc? (Crafts made from CD’s)
  • Shoeperman
  • Take Note (Stationery crafts)
  • Beach Bum (Beach goods)
  • The Upenders
  • Game of Stones (Stone crafts)
  • Stranger Blings
  • Mary the Potter
  • Picky Binders (Book binders)
  • Boy Toy (Crafted Toys)
  • Bo Ring (Ring makers)
  • Pushy Cat Dolls
  • Taught To Tattoo
  • Crawling Jewelers
  • Jaye Cutler Knife Makers
  • Steady Eddie Engraver
  • Mosh Pit Ceramics
  • Jittery Knitters
  • Dubious Brothers Glass Etchers
  • Etch-A-Sketch Glass Etchers

Catchy Names for a Craft Night

Fun ideas for friends.

Setting up a craft night is like setting up a party or an event, but with fewer guests and often more preparation gathering supplies. In addition to supplies there’s often a 15 – 20 minute training session to instruct guests how to make something… be it a picture, candle, or piece of jewelry. This is a fantastic way to create a memorable experience for guests and give them something they can take home a remember the event with.

  • Ear Craft Night
  • Greater Paper Crafts
  • Too Legit To Quilt
  • Head-Turning Wood Turners
  • Turner’s Wood Turners
  • Night Lamp Craft Night
  • Pottery One Night Only
  • Exciting Frame Night
  • Mind-Blowing Glass Blowing Night
  • Which Craft For You Tonight
  • Egg Shell Crafts Night
  • Ins-Beer-ational Craft Beer Night
  • Gadget Basket Weaving Night
  • Spot Art Craft Night
  • Online Floral Design Night
  • Kick Start Clay Art Nigh
  • Sipping While Knitting Craft Night
  • Rendezvous Tattoo Sessions
  • Arch