Wine tasting is the practice of inspecting and determining the quality and flavor profiles of the drink. While the method could be traced back to the history of wine production itself, it was only during the 14th century where wine tasting practice was formalized. Wine connoisseurs continue developing definitions to describe a certain taste, aroma, and attribute of a particular vintage.

There are certain stages in wine tasting namely: the appearance, the aroma of the wine (in a glass), the sensation (in the mouth), and the aftertaste (final stage). These stages combined determine the potential of the wine (wine fitness for aging and drinking), intricacy and style, and even critiques of the wine.

If you’re a wine lover, you already know that wine is best paired with food and friends. Here are some wine tasting clubs name ideas you can use for your next wine tasting event organized by category.

Red meat paired with a fine red wine.

Wine Tasting Club Name Ideas

  • Wine Connoisseurs Delight
  • The Wine Gurus
  • The Bombers
  • Mauve Orange Tasters
  • Sunday Space Turmoil
  • Gentle Mad Sippers
  • The Temecula Tasters
  • Syrah Sisters
  • New Stucco Admirers
  • Storm Connoisseurs
  • The Wine Guys
  • Wine Lovers Circle
  • Wine Craft
  • Crazy Serious Tasters
  • Grandpa’s Wine Group
  • The Mighty And The High
  • The Vineyard Dudes
  • Warm Weather Critics
  • Mouths Of Glory
  • The Islanders
  • The Westerners
  • Chardonay Sippers

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  • The Pinot Pals
  • Cabernet Critters
  • Great Taste
  • Transatlantic Sippers
  • The Malbec Mavens
  • Zinfandel Super Stars
  • Blue Crown
  • Olfactory Specialists
  • Legendary Snuffers
  • World Wine Critics
  • Story Tellers
  • Tri-Axis Connoisseurs
  • The Wiser Wine
  • The California Vintage
  • Taste Challengers
  • The Methodologists
  • Sniff Masters
  • Wine Skippers
  • Spectrum Of Senses

Wine Tasting Group Name Ideas

  • Dead Serious Tasters
  • Never Enough
  • Interstellar Wine
  • Wine Friends
  • On Cloud Wine
  • The Cork Group
  • One World Wine Tasting Group
  • Creative Mouths
  • Heavenly Tasters
  • Fantastic Snuffers
  • Flavor Hunters
  • Wine Aromatherapy
  • Malbec Masters
  • Sniffology
  • Pour Me Another
  • Wine Aficionados
  • Grandma Wine Club
  • Finest Wine Enthusiasts
  • Fine Young Connoisseurs
  • Savor Searchers
  • Exquisite Palates
  • Aromatic Hunters
  • Pour Me!
  • Wine Doctors
  • Flavor Masters
  • Eccentric Wine Specialists
  • Wine Dilettantes
  • Aromatic Freaks
  • Critical Essences
  • Wine Wanderers
  • The Pinot Noir Pack
  • Simply Red
  • Cork Soakers
  • Grape Me
  • Wine Junkies

Pour me another!

Wine Tasting Event Name Ideas

  • Art Of Wine Tasting
  • Wine Tasters Tech
  • Wine Drive
  • Thirsting For Great Wine
  • The Syrah Event
  • Map of Merlot
  • Transfixed On Wine
  • A Tour of Italy
  • Wine On Demand
  • Wine Not?!
  • Please, Tell Me Wine.

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  • Swirling Sisters
  • Wine A Lot
  • Thank God It’s Wine
  • Bring Me To Wine
  • Wine Is Life
  • Sipping in Spain
  • Meant To Sniff
  • Wine Criticized
  • Stop Wining!
  • Wake Up And Smell The Wine!
  • It’s All About The Wine
  • It’s Wine Time!
  • Experiencing Great Wine
  • The Argentina After Taste
  • Let’s Wine About It
  • A Taste Of Sweet Life
  • Wine, Exposed
  • How About Wine?
  • Pocketful Of Connoisseurs
  • Focus On Wine
  • Talkin’ ‘Bout Wine
  • Critical Point
  • Silent Wine Tasting
  • SouthSide Wine Tasting
  • Wine Tasting Finds
  • Passport To The Finest Wines

Wine Bowling Team Name Ideas

  • Wine Chasers
  • Wine Rollers
  • Frantic Winers
  • King Pins
  • Pin Busters
  • Spare Fair
  • Line Crossers
  • Wannabe Bowlers
  • Oddballs
  • Pin Pals
  • Obviously Not Winers
  • Wine Pounders
  • Bowling Pin Winers
  • Strikes And Wines
  • 2 Legit 2 Wine
  • Winers And Bowlers
  • Alley Winers
  • Lucky Strikes
  • The Slackers
  • The Wineabes
  • Alley Masters
  • Babes And Balls
  • Thunder Balls
  • Winers And Rollers
  • Life Bowlers
  • Bowler Kings
  • The Brunswicks
  • @ The Alley
  • Alley Dudes
  • Balliners Crew
  • Double Impact

Go team!

COVID Survivor Wine Team Names

  • The Quaranteam
  • Stay At Home Wine Masters
  • The Quarantine Sniffers
  • Masked Wine Connoisseurs
  • Gone Viral
  • Living With A Cause
  • Winin’ And Survivin’
  • Busy Survivin’
  • Covid Survivor Connoisseurs
  • Beyond Covid
  • Wine Life
  • Live Like Wine
  • Life Connoisseurs
  • Masked Winers
  • Mad Winer
  • Zoom Zoom Quaranteam Champs
  • Three Masked Wine Drinks
  • Pandemic Survivors
  • Wine Lockdown
  • Lockdown Sniffers
  • Lockdown Ladies
  • Lockdown And Out
  • Quarantine Wine Club
  • Wine Immunity
  • Flu Fighters
  • Pandemic At The Disco
  • Wine Support Group
  • Billy Ray Virus
  • Covid Winers
  • Wine And Life Survivors
  • Wine Zoomers
  • Wine 365

Tips for Organizing a Wine Tasting Group

Organizing a wine tasting group can be a daunting task to others, however, knowing what and how to prepare can help reduce the stress around organizing one. Here are some tips on how to organize a wine tasting group.

1. Find a format that best suits your group. In organizing any group event, it would almost always be wise to start with what format that matches the interests of the group. As an example, you could start by sampling five red wines per month in your group. Another approach is to focus on a certain region each month from American wine to South American to Italian.

Test the format that works best for the members of your group. You may change the organization from time to time to invigorate your group to continue to participate and keep things fresh.

2. Nominate a Head. Every group needs a leader, one that would set the tone and guiding principles for members. Strategies like preparing what wine to serve a day before the actual wine tasting event are one of the strategies the head or leader can do or assign to certain personnel.

3. Deliberate tasting expenses. One of the most critical parts of tasting events that goes under appreciated is cost. High-end wine doesn’t come cheap and neither do cheeses or meats that pair best with the beverage. This is especially true with smaller groups that may not realize what costs are involved in this type of affairs. It would be best to discuss the expense of food and drink before members join to be transparent on the prices. One smart approach is to charge a fixed rate each month to attend. Knowing what monthly fee the members are willing to pay will determine the quality of wine that will be enjoyed.

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4. Consider the size of the group. Doing the math, larger groups mean larger costs. For larger groups of 20 or more members, consider purchasing wine at bulk retailers like Costco to save money. The grocery chain Trader Joe’s also carries a large selection of wines under $20 per bottle. Streamlining your choices can help you in managing your tasting group much better than indiscriminately inviting everyone you know.

5. Uphold respect. Most good tasting groups foster respect amongst members. The goal is to debate while sharing ideas and learning. Fostering one-sided opinions almost always create unhealthy relationships and ends up being a biased group of people. Be sure everyone in the club has the time and comfort level to share their ideas with the group. No one wants to be part of a club where one of two members dominate the conversation each month.

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