An aromatic beverage that originated in China almost 5,000 years ago, tea has become one of the world’s most popular refreshing drinks. And while tea drinking is still more popular in China than anywhere else the beverage has grown into a global favorite whether it is for traditional teas or the more recent blends with health and mood benefits. In the United States, tea is a $12 billion dollars a year in annual value. This juggernaut of an industry is projected to grow 5.7% annually.

The increase in tea consumption in the United States, has opened the opportunity of tea shops and teahouses. The trend also opens the door for artisan tea brands as well to compliment the big companies who dominate the market like Unilever Group and Nestle S.A.. So if you are considering opening your own tea-based business these brand name ideas to help you get started.

Tea Company Name Ideas

Fresh tea leaves.

Here are some of our all-purpose name ideas applicable for a teahouse or CPG brand. Like the rest of the broader food and beverage industry, highlighted ingredient benefits like organic or caffeine free can appeal to niche groups of drinkers.

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  • Aravalli Aromas
  • Artisan Tea
  • Assam Teas
  • Capital Teas
  • Terrible Teas LLC
  • Always Organic Teas
  • Dark Darjeeling
  • Tackle Tea
  • Essence Of Tea
  • Blueberry Tea Company
  • Fruity Tea for Me
  • Oriental Adventures Tea Group
  • Getaway Tea Group
  • Green Terrace Teas
  • No Caffeine Tea Company
  • Harmony Tea
  • Harney & Sons
  • Herbal Harmony
  • Hometown Teas
  • Honest Herbal Tea
  • Herman’s Tea
  • India’s Best
  • Jasmine Pearl Tea Company
  • The Yummy Tea
  • Lovely Darling
  • Magic Tea
  • Organic Leaves
  • Perfect Herbs
  • Premium Tea Leaves Co.
  • Principal Teas
  • Select Batch Teas
  • Select Batch Teas
  • Serene Aromas
  • Stash Tea
  • Tata Tea Limited
  • Tea Authority
  • Tea Mate
  • Tea Leaf Tea Store
  • Temptation Teas
  • The Hooker Tea Co.
  • The Tea Flavor Master
  • The Tea Road Tea Co.
  • Top Notch Teas
  • Trusting Tea
  • Velvet Touch Tea
  • Yorkshire Tea
  • Zee Tea

Tea Shop Name Ideas

You could open a teashop.

Tea shops are becoming more popular in America today, as the drink becomes more popular. In many parts of the world including the United Kingdom and Ireland the beverage is habitually consumed in the afternoon in what’s called “tea time.” As more residents from these countries immigrate stateside you can expect more of these establishments to go into business.

  • Afternoon Tea
  • All Natural Tea Shop
  • Biscuits And Tea
  • Renegade Tea House
  • Tradewinds Tea Shop
  • Orange Teahouse
  • Happy Cup
  • Happy Tea Center
  • Hot Kettle
  • Imperial Tea Court
  • Corner Tea Cup
  • The Tea Spot
  • Jing Tea Shop
  • Little Red Cup
  • Magic Cup Tea
  • Mermaid Tea
  • Mighty Leaf Tea Shop
  • Nature Close Tea
  • Red Rose Tea
  • SereniTea
  • Serenity Garden Tea House
  • Shanghai Teahouse
  • Soho Tea Shop
  • Spot Of Tea
  • Street Hut Sip
  • Take a Sip
  • Happy Tea House
  • Tea Bank
  • Tea Boat
  • Tea City
  • Tea Kettle
  • Tea Magic
  • Tea Pyramid
  • Tea Time
  • Teacup Time
  • Teaology
  • Tempt By Tea
  • Tempting Tea
  • The Tea Cup Boutique
  • The Tea House
  • Tranquil Tea Boutique
  • True Splash Tea
  • Trusty Teapot
  • Upton Tea
  • Brewed Expectations

Tea Room Name Ideas

Spot of tea anyone?

Tea Rooms are a more British idea dating back to the late 19th century, but have seen an increase in popularity of late. The classic tea room with its porcelain china tea cups, small cakes and scones can create offer a truly memorable guest experience. Check out our list of some of the most elegant tea room names you can use for a traditional sounding tea business.

  • “T” Time
  • 52 Teas
  • Anna Marie’s Teas
  • Art of Tea
  • Assam Secret
  • Old School Tea Shop
  • Blue Scene Tea
  • The Lemon Tea
  • Cafe Bonaparte
  • Cuty Tea house
  • Enjoy Tea
  • Essence Of Tea
  • Hometown Teas
  • Honest Herbal Tea
  • Jolly Tea
  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge
  • Last Cup Tea Room
  • Mr.Tea
  • Palm Tea Place
  • Pouring Tea
  • Quintessential Tea
  • Select Morning Teas
  • Tea Blend
  • Tea Castle
  • Tea For Me
  • Tea Ma’am
  • The Lime Tea
  • Tea Notch Teas
  • Tea Palace
  • Tea Paradise
  • Tea Treat
  • Tea Turban
  • TeaTime
  • The Garden Gate Tea Room
  • The Superia Sip
  • The Tea Rooms
  • The Temptery
  • True Taste
  • Victoria’s Tea
  • Windsor Rose Tea Room
  • Wisteria Tea Room
  • Yellow Tea Spot
  • Yogi Tea Rooms

Witty Tea Names

A morning tea with a muffin.

Modern tea shops and brands have moved a little away from the classic naming ideas and given their brands some wittier names. And our tea experts have come up with a selection of funny names you can use, whether it’s a shop or a brand.

  • All Indian
  • Assam Secret
  • BlacTea
  • Brewstar Tea
  • The Herbal Hut
  • Briteash
  • Cantalope Tea
  • China’s Taste
  • Cuppa Teas
  • Dark Tea Wonders
  • Earl’s Grey Teas
  • Ephavescence
  • HappyBrews
  • HonesTea
  • Honey Teahouse
  • Infusion Tea
  • It’s Tea Time
  • Lapsang’s Souchong
  • Matcha Teas
  • Mr. Dream Tea
  • Oolong Teas
  • Porcelain Tea
  • Potsa Tea
  • Pu’er Teas
  • Subtle Tea
  • Subtletea
  • T – Brew
  • Tappy Tea
  • Tea for Me
  • Tea O’Clock
  • Tea Tales
  • Tea with Milk
  • Teacnic
  • Tealiteful
  • Teaspire
  • Teathnicity
  • Teatopia
  • TeaZilla
  • The China Pot
  • The Green Teacup
  • The Tea Tree

Names Associated with Tea

Freshly made Iced tea.

Other naming ideas can come from ingredients, glassware, or the process used to brew tea. There’s an enormous number of words and phrases associated with tea drinking, brewing, and branding that you could use to draw a logical connection to the brand.

  • About The Brew
  • Aroma Corner
  • Awaken Aromas
  • Better Brews
  • Black Tea
  • The Tea Tray
  • The Tea Kettle
  • Blended Brews
  • The Tea Mug
  • Brew Fest
  • Brewed Aromas
  • Bring it to Boil
  • Brewverse
  • Caring Cuppa
  • The Tea Biscuit
  • Ginger Drinkers
  • Chelsea Tea Rooms
  • Medicinal Tea Lovers
  • China Porcelain Perfection
  • Effervescents
  • English Breakfast
  • Iced Tea Drinkers
  • Citrus Teas
  • Pour the Teas
  • Full Cuppa
  • Green Leaves
  • Chat with Tea
  • Herbal Delight
  • Herbal Magic
  • Infused
  • Kenyan
  • Kettle Calls
  • Let’s Brew
  • Mandiocar
  • Matcha Mastery
  • Mombasa
  • Morning Brew
  • One more Cup
  • Perfect Blend
  • Perfect Herbs
  • Rich Aroma
  • Rose and Lotus
  • Specialty Leaves
  • Splendid Sips
  • Tasty Pot
  • Tea Leaves
  • Tea Time
  • Teapot Time
  • Tips Tea
  • Trusty Teapot
  • Wild Sippers

Steps to Come Up With Your Own Tea Company Name

A box of tea options.

If you don’t have a brilliant name idea yet, the first thing to do is put on your research cap. You know what you are selling, but you don’t want to encroach on someone else’s trademark. Do your research on other brands, both locally and nationally, so you can be confident the name idea is unique.

One of the best places to start the name validation is on Google. Search your brand name idea and see what else pops up? If the name idea passes this first vital step head on over to the United States Patent and Trademark Office database. This tool works similar to Google and sees who has officially registered for a trademark, but not be easy to find through a regular website search.

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Here’s where a lot of new beverage founders get things wrong. Remember you’re creating a brand for the business, not describing a single product or beverage. If you name yourself the Raspberry Herbal Tea Emporium as an example, many consumers perception will be that you only make raspberry flavored teas. Make sure that your name reflects the larger tea brand and doesn’t limit you future product lines and flavors.

Here are some additional best practices for naming beverage brands:

  • Avoid brand names that are hard to spell, or too complicated in their pronunciation.
  • Make the name simple and easy to remember and communicate is important for both physical and word-of-mouth advertising and memory. Make your tea brand easy for people to remember.
  • You could use rhyming to come up with an innovative tea brand. Examples: The Tea Plea, The Tea Bee, Tea and We.
  • Use your own name to differentiate the brand. Example: Tom’s Tea & Toast, Kelly’s Tasty Teas
  • Use a town or other location name to create a distinct brand. Example: The New York Tea Company and North Dakota Tea Traders
  • Brainstorm ideas in a notebook. Carry around a pen and notepad in case you come up with ideas while you’re out on a walk.

With tea brands, the names can be associated with the varieties of tea that exist. There’s no shortage of options if you’re a little bit creative and use a few of the guidelines described above. Just remember to stay clear of names that already in use and you’ll be positioned well to enter this $12 billion market.

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