In this era of health-conscious people, supplements are an important way consumers are getting the nutrients they need to feel their best. In 2019 alone, the supplement industry was valued at more than $16.6 billion dollars. The onset of the pandemic has boosted sales of these products further. Sales increased by 12.1% in 2020 with about one third of consumers increasing their intake of dietary supplements.

There are few times when it has been better to start a supplement brand than right now with a massive projected global growth expected to reach more than $349 billion. For better or worse in the supplement and vitamin industry, a compelling brand name and story is one of your most powerful tools as the owner. Here are the best available brand names ideas you can use for a supplement company.

Supplement Brand Name Ideas

Supplements… it’s what’s for dinner.

Dietary supplements are suggested for many people, since it’s difficult to the right levels of zinc, vitamin D, and other nutrients in every meal. Vitamins and supplements make it convenient to get the get these nutrients. Here we have come up with the best in all-purpose supplement brand names just for you.

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  • Aptcore
  • Better Boost
  • Body Care
  • Man Boosters
  • Supplement Your Kids
  • Kid Power Vitamins
  • Daily Needs
  • Tribal Living
  • Rock and Rejuvenate
  • 24 Hour Power Source
  • Diet Boost
  • Lifestyle Enhancers
  • Diet Duty
  • One Pill Power Up
  • Optimal Man
  • Simple Solutions
  • Elevit
  • NutriBest
  • Nutridrops
  • True Woman
  • NutriMax Tabs
  • Nutrisentials
  • Nutrisure
  • Nutrizen
  • Optimal Capsules
  • Optimal Capsules
  • Maxed Out Man
  • Primal Intake
  • The Daily Refresh
  • Superb Supplements
  • Renew
  • Revive Tabs
  • Revive Tabs
  • Smoothix
  • Tophealth
  • Ultra Health
  • Vi Size
  • The Daily Reset
  • Vidamins
  • Vigor Boost
  • Vigor Caps
  • Vita Dose
  • Vitafit
  • Vitamust Capsules
  • Vitawin
  • Zenith Fit

Vitamin Company Name Ideas

Power up with some vitamin C.

Vitamins now are used for everything from staying healthy to better skin. If you’re starting a new vitamin company, here are some of the best of the available names you can use to brand products.

  • Alpha Supple
  • Blossom Apothecary
  • Botanical Boost
  • Creatine Creations
  • Daily Dose
  • Golden Dose
  • Green Streak
  • Health With Harry
  • Ignited Nutrition
  • Insta Vita
  • Met Biotin
  • Natural Health
  • Nutric Wellness
  • Pacific Supplements
  • Prime Wellness
  • Raw Results
  • Renutrify
  • Savannah Vitamins
  • Savvy Supplement
  • Supplement Stops
  • The Elderly Apothecary
  • The Muscles Mart
  • The Natural Nutrient
  • The Probiotic Place
  • The Proteinz
  • The Vitality Shack
  • Vita Vermont
  • Vitalnutri
  • Vitaween
  • Vivacious Vitamins

Protein Powder Name Ideas

Help people get jacked with protein powder!

A type of nutritional supplement, protein powders originated in the world of competitive bodybuilding. But these powders have become much more mainstream since they were originally introduced. Containing enough natural proteins to build muscle and repair tissue damage, as well as aid with weight loss, protein powders are big businesses valued at more than $17 billion. These names can help launch a protein powder business that helps your customers get jacked.

  • Alive Protein
  • Balance Pro
  • Jacked Arms and Legs
  • Body Right Naturals
  • Fit Diet
  • Dead Lift Protein
  • Aggression Proteins
  • Hardy Pro T
  • Crazy Nitro Booster
  • Healthy Mood
  • Magic Supplements
  • Mad Man Powders
  • Maxhealth
  • Nonfat Diet
  • Nonfat Foods
  • Nonfat Meal
  • Maxed Results
  • Personal Best Proteins
  • Nutrient Rich
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Organic You
  • Tough Guy Powders
  • Pack The Protein
  • Power Mode
  • Pro maniacs
  • Body Built Powder
  • ProT Up
  • Pro Teen Powder
  • Wild Animal Protein
  • Protein Packers
  • Pure Ration
  • Pure Health
  • Sha – Protein
  • Supplemented Energy
  • The Beet Way
  • Unihealth
  • Vitaminute
  • Vitamuscles
  • Vitmax Powder
  • Well Diet

Nutraceutical Company Names

Food with health benefits.

Nutraceutical is a broad description of food that provides additional health benefits. Also known as medical foods, designer foods, phytochemicals, functional foods and nutritional supplements, these nutraceutical products are still relatively new in the supplement markets, but growing in popularity. A nutraceutical business is the perfect opportunity in today’s market especially when tied to specially diets like keto. Below are some brand name ideas you can use to promote a nutritionally functional product.

  • BioDiet
  • Biorich
  • Botanitacular
  • CogGen
  • Cognigenetic
  • Cutting Edge
  • Get Vita
  • Nutty for Nutraceutical
  • Novel Nutraceutical
  • Healiconic
  • Herbaliving
  • Kurai Rob
  • Natura Wins
  • Naturate
  • Nature Nutrition
  • Neuro Pro
  • Neuro Sharp
  • Nutri Pova
  • NutriBest
  • NutriFoods
  • Nutripeak
  • Optihealth
  • Stoic Supplements
  • Vita Aptness
  • VitalizedHut
  • Vitamin Vida
  • VitaminiCa
  • Vitawin
  • Wellness Diets
  • Wellness Foods
  • Zenith Apt

Multivitamin Name Ideas


One of the most popular types of supplements, multivitamins are preferred because you can consumer a single tablet to get the same effects as taking a half-dozen individual vitamins. Generally, multivitamins contain much of the nutrient supplements you need on a daily basis to live optimally. Here are the best multivitamin company names we could come up with.

  • Active Mind
  • Biorich
  • Curcamenet
  • Full Circle Tablets
  • 24/7 Nutrition Friend
  • Health Burst
  • Healthmax
  • Life Boost
  • Old Dude Multivitamins
  • Nutri – Ate
  • Nutri Boost
  • Nutri Health
  • NutriBest
  • Nutricare
  • Nutriful
  • Nutrigold
  • Nutrimax
  • Nutriopack
  • Nutripeak
  • Nutririch
  • Nutrisentials
  • Nutritop
  • Omnium Ultra
  • Qualvits
  • Rejuvenate
  • Wimpy Guy Multivitamins
  • Renutrify
  • UltraFit Capsules
  • Ultrahealth
  • Vitabest
  • Vitaboost
  • Vital
  • Vitalnutri
  • Vitapack
  • Vitarich

FAQs about Starting Supplement Companies

Things to Consider When Starting a Supplement Company

While it is possible to start up a supplement company on as little as $5,000-$10,000, growing that company is not as easy as it may first appear in spite of strong demand. It is possible to find a number of supplement formulas that are looking for branding, but without a decent marketing budget, being noticed in the vast array of products can be hard. You only need to walk into a store like GNC and browse the isles to see there are literally thousands of supplement brands available.

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First off, you need to work out how much you are willing to spend on this new venture and where you intend to sell your products. Most successful companies now sell through online outlets and social to get maximum exposure.

You also need to consider your target market, to better determine the type of supplements that you will sell. The range is wide, from gym enthusiasts and endurance athletes to vegans, vegetarians, and even those on Keto diets. If you can identify your ideal customer then figuring out where to market your product becomes simple.

Use the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database to cross check your name of choice. A huge number of businesses fold in the first few months because the brand name was already taken and it becomes too costly to rebrand. Check, and then check again on Google to make sure your initial brand name passes the sniff test. Then consult with a legal professional to register your trademark.

Vitamin and Supplement Industry Statistics

Some people start their day with smoothies for a vitamin boost.

Globally, the vitamins and supplements industry is expected to increase to be worth $350 billion dollars by the year 2026. This is an industry with plenty of demand for a new entrepreneur. You just need to figure out where you’ll fit into this large market.

One massive submarket within the supplement industry is for dietary supplements that fight obesity. With more than 2.2 billion people being overweight in 2015 there’s an enormous appetite for quality product that serve this market. The United States is experiencing the highest percentage of obese children in the world and mounting health concerns have pushed the focus towards proper nutritional intake. Some believe dietary supplements could be part of the answer to curb this trend.

In 2019, adult dietary supplements were the most sold on the global market, but the growth rate of child supplements is expected to increase exponentially over the coming five years.

How to Come up with an Original Supplement Brand Name

The simplest way to come up with a good brand name for your supplements is to brainstorm on existing brand names that have already become successful in the market to get a sense of what marketing messages resonate with consumers. Then you can use the same formula to determine your own brand name.

Research is the key to naming any supplement brand. Without research you may end up closing because your name is too similar to something else. Conduct research on all the existing competitors in the marketplace. Find out what sorts of benefit claims they publish on the labels of these products. Make sure you document the key selling points of your competitors so you can address the same points with your future product. If all of the competitors tout the “fast acting formula” consider including this messaging on your supplement too if it’s accurate.

Finally, get to know your ideal customer before picking a name. Make sure the name resonates with your person. The name “wimpo” for example would really standout in the protein market and help you gain PR. But would it resonate with your buff customer base? Make sure your brand matches the consumers you are targeting for sales so that they can quickly build a connection with your brand.

Testing your brand in the market is essential and it is a good idea to get basic consumer feedback on whether the name stands out and is memorable. You can learn more about test marketing and getting direct feedback on your supplement idea in this audio lesson.

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