Whether you like them sweet or sour, mild or spicy, or even flavored with horseradish to whiskey there’s a pickle to suit every taste. These briny delights are used to compliment burgers, but can be enjoyed alone as well. And with more 4.67 million Americans consuming at least at least 6 jars of pickles each year this is a market with sufficient demand.

In fact, people love pickles so much, that there are entire festivals dedicated to these sometimes sour treats like National Pickle Day on November 14. But before you can take over the pickle world, you’ve got to start with the right company name. Let me tell you in this food category you’ve got options. So why not check out this dill-lightful list (had to do it) of pickle company names we could stuff into a virtual name jar just for you.

Creative Pickle Company Name Ideas

Pickled cucumbers, known as Dill Pickles, are the #1 pickles in America

Pickled cucumbers, known as Dill Pickles, are the #1 pickles in America

Pickles have been around for more than four thousand years so the chances of them going away now are pretty much zero. Everyone loves pickles! But to make your pickle company stand out, you may need to get a little creative with the name.

Some of the top-brand pickle companies in the U.S. today have some of the most unusual names you could think of. Vlasic is a brand you can find in any supermarket. But the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. So check out these peculiar name ideas we came up with.

  • Dilly’s Fresh Pickles
  • Farm Garden Dill Pickles
  • Pickle Shikel
  • Pickle Addicts
  • Twisted Pickle
  • The Pickle Jar
  • The Pickle Factory
  • Tickle my Pickle
  • My Pickles
  • I love Pickles
  • Mommie’s Pickle’s
  • Pickle Pie Co.
  • Pickle and Pucker
  • Granny’s Homemade Pickles
  • The Pickle Dill
  • My Sweet pickles
  • Home Mad Pickle
  • Mr. Mackin Pickle
  • Herman’s Pickles
  • Bread & Pickle
  • Kruegermann Pickles
  • The Pickle King
  • Patriotic Pickles
  • Pucker Up Pickles
  • Prince of Pickles
  • The Pickle Shoppe
  • Olde Pickels
  • The Pickle Pros
  • Digital Pickles
  • The New Age of Pickles
  • Pickling Spicy
  • Moore Pickles
  • The Pickling Crew

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Funny Pickle Company Name Ideas

Funny pickle company names are just as memorable

Funny pickle company names are just as memorable

Making the name of your pickle company funny and amusing is another popular approach in this industry. Unusual is the norm here. Many of the names you can find use puns phrases to market their pickle brands. Here’s our take on these ideas.

  • Yum Yum Pickle
  • Pickled Love
  • Dr Pickles
  • Frickles Pickles
  • Khaatha Meetha
  • Amma Da Pickla
  • Grannies Pickles
  • Exploding pickles
  • Chaatkarein Pickles
  • Been Pickled!
  • Pommy Punch Pickles
  • Pickle Pockle
  • Silly Pickle
  • Pickle It
  • Dunpicklin’
  • Sweet Petite
  • Dirty Dill Pickles
  • In a Pickle
  • Tickle me Pickle
  • What the Dill?
  • We can Pickle It
  • Lord of the Pickles
  • Pickle Pirates
  • Good Dill Hunting
  • Dill With It
  • Fickle Pickles
  • SuperDill
  • Troll Pickles

Indian Pickle Company Names

Indian pickles include a wider range of pickles, as well as the more spicy varieties

Indian pickles include a wider range of pickles, as well as the more spicy varieties

India is renowned for its pickles. This may come as a surprise to Americans reading this post. But the majority of spices used in pickling originating from India. This is also the origin of the cucumber so I guess it makes sense.

Indian naming also makes your brand stand out a little more in the crowd and while there are some Indian words that are hard to pronounce, making them useless in marketing, there are plenty of easy to pronounce names you can test out. Here are the best suggestions that fit into this category.

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  • Achaar’s Pickles
  • Amla Pickles
  • Hibiscus Pickles
  • Karnataka Pickles
  • Pradesh Pickles
  • Lotus Root Pickles
  • Mesu Pickles
  • Bhoot Jolokia Achaar
  • Lingri ka Achar
  • Karivepaku Urugai
  • Brinjal Pickle
  • Akhuni Pickle
  • Amle ki Launji
  • Chana Methi Achar
  • Banana Flower Pickles
  • Orange Tholi Achar
  • Kolhapuri Thecha
  • Kamal Kakdi ka Achaar
  • Chintakaya Pachadi
  • Chemmeen Achhar
  • Sakleshpur Pickles
  • Kannimanga Kerala
  • Prabhakaran a Chennai
  • West Godavari Pickles
  • Avakaya Aam ka Achar
  • Thokku Tamil Nadu
  • Erachi Achar
  • Mahali Kizhangu
The popular pickle brands were once unknown as well

The popular pickle brands were once unknown as well

The United States consumes over five million pounds of pickles a year so this is a well established market with entrenched players. The most popular are nationally-recognized, but for most, they are only regional brand names. Becoming the local pickle leader first is recommended. Then move onto the big leagues after you’ve developed a following.

The most popular type is still the Kosher dill pickle, but other types of pickles are available, from chunky chutney-type pickles to pickled vegetables known as piccalilli. Here are some of the most popular pickle brands in America to help you draw inspiration.

  • Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills
  • B&G Whole Dill Pickles
  • Vlasic Snack’mms Kosher Dill
  • McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickles
  • Heinz Genuine Whole Dills
  • YeeHaw Pickle Co. No Frills Dills
  • Brooklyn Brine Co. NYC Deli Pickles
  • Van Holten’s Jumbo Hot Pickle-In-A-Pouch
  • McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickles
  • Wickles Original Sliced Pickles
  • Vlasic Kosher Dill Pickle Spears
  • Epic Pickles Chesapeakles Old Bay Pickles
  • Gordy’s Fine Brine Pickles
  • The Real Dill Habanero Dill Pickles
  • Woodstock Organic Bread & Butter Pickle Chips
  • Donovan’s Cellar: Nana’s Pickles
  • Fresh Crunch: Classic Dill
  • Kickin Pickle Co Sugar & Spice Pickles
  • The Pickle Guys: 3/4 Sour New Pickles
  • Tabbycat: Mother’s Pickles
  • Busy D’s: Ghost Pepper Pickles
  • Red Hop Mama: Hop Pickles
  • Stuart’s Cajun Dill Pickles
  • Branston Pickle

Memorable Pickle Slogans

Making your slogan memorable is just as important

Making your slogan memorable is just as important

Having a pickle brand is not just about the name, it is also about the slogan. Some brands are best remembered for their slogans rather than their brands. If you can pair a great name with a winning slogan then you might just have an unstoppable marketing machine on your hands. Check out these dill-ectable pickle-related slogans for yourself.

  • Serve It Like It’s Hot
  • We’re Kind Of a Big Dill
  • Think Before You Dink
  • If I had a Nickel, I’d buy a pickle
  • Not everything good tastes sweet
  • Sour is the new favorite
  • Pickle picked with love
  • Get your taste buds tickled
  • Relish the sourness
  • A bit spicy, a bit sour
  • Just dill it
  • It is kind of a big dill!
  • Perfect Pickle with perfect Taste
  • Urban pickling redefined
  • We’re the best Pickle
  • Discover the joy of natural Pickle
  • Add Sweet Memories into your Life
  • Discover a new pickle breed
  • Taste of a New Generation
  • Homemade, simple and delicious
  • The taste on your tongue
  • Close your eyes, Taste the New
  • The taste that’s calling you
  • Spreading happiness in every bottle
  • Extend your senses
  • Flavor that touches your sense
  • Welcome to the pickle nation
  • Made with nature
  • The taste that you deserve
  • Your kind of pickle
  • Fall in love with the best pickle
  • Taste the best pickle
  • The perfect blend of sweet and spicy
  • Welcome to the world of pickles

We hope this guide has at the very least given you some food for thought on how to brand your own pickle empire. If you want to go deeper, I encourage you to download our food business model canvas and sign up for our free Food Business Startup Kit here.

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