Whether you are considering opening a wholesale ice business to sell into other businesses, or want to sell snow cones and shave ice direct to consumers, there’s no bad time to get into this unique business. According to industry research firms there are 253 ice manufacturing businesses across the country as of 2020,

The ice manufacturing industry in the United States uses traditional techniques for making ice. In most areas this service is dominated by small regional players. There are a few exceptions to this, such as the American Ice Company, which had two large plants in Baltimore and served western U.S. states.

First made using metal cans, commercial ice making began back in 1869. Today, ice production is a simple process of freezing water, and many commercial ice machines can pump out tons of ice every day. Some is cubed, some tubes, and other large blocks, depending on the style required for different businesses.

While ice is an in-demand product, many companies compete on price for this product meaning there’s not much profitably for this product.

The ice manufacturing industry also supplies snow cone businesses, among others. With few ice companies in the U.S., finding a name for your latest ice venture should not be too hard. To give you a head start, here are some chill names ideas we came up with in a recent brain storm.

Ice Company Name Ideas

Ice businesses produce a variety of forms of ice in cubes, tubes, and blocks

Ice businesses produce a variety of forms of ice in cubes, tubes, and blocks.

Finding the right name for your ice production or manufacturing company can be simple since there are few companies to compete with in general. But, you still need to make sure that people will remember the brand. Our catchy ice company name suggestions are here to give you a head start.

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  • Alpine Ice
  • Arctic Glacier Ice
  • Arizona Iceman
  • Atlantic Ice Co
  • AuntyFreez
  • Bear Ice Company
  • BigIce Co.
  • Blue Springs Ice
  • Brewers Ice Company
  • Cape Cod Ice
  • Check’s Ice Company
  • Colder than Ice
  • Cool Ice Co.
  • Cool-Ass Ice Co.
  • CoolFreeze
  • Cools and Ice
  • Crystal Ice
  • Dream Ice
  • Empire Ice Company
  • Fido’s Freezer
  • Fun Time Ice Co.
  • Harris Ice Company
  • Home City Ice
  • Hot Ice Co.
  • Hott Ice
  • Ice Carriage
  • Ice Cubes
  • Ice Haven
  • Ice Ice Bobby
  • Ice Truckers
  • Icee’s Ice Delivery
  • Icy Heart Co.
  • Long Beach Ice
  • Mr. Blizzard
  • Nippy Ice Co.
  • NYC Ice Delivery
  • Southern Ice
  • Tubes n’ Cubes Ice

Shave Ice Company Names

Shave ice makes for a delicious and colorful treat

Shave ice makes for a delicious and colorful treat

Shave ice is almost comparable to natural snow, and is a fine, light, and fluffy treat. Using a specific process to make the shave ice means that your company name should be based around the product you make.

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Describing to customers what you sell is important. Potential customers are more likely to visit your establishment since your name can tell them about your business. Try out take on name suggestions below.

  • Alpine Shave Ice
  • Arctic Shave Ice
  • Bao Bings Shave Ice
  • Bing Soo Shave Ice
  • Blockies Shave Ice
  • Chua Bing Shave Ice
  • Close Shavers Shave Ice
  • Copos Shave Ice
  • Culinaire Shave Ice
  • Es Teler Shave Ice
  • Escamper Shave Ice
  • Fleeky’s Shave Ice
  • Frankfurter’s Shave Ice
  • Frozone Shave Ice
  • Gelo Relado Shave Ice
  • Granita’s Shave Ice
  • Grindz Shave Ice
  • Guido’s Italian Shave Ice
  • Himalayan Shave Ice
  • Icebreakers Shave Ice
  • Joe Cool’s Shave Ice
  • Kakigori Shave Ice
  • Milkie’s Shave Ice
  • Frozen Flavors
  • Minutas Shave Ice
  • Mughal Kings Shave Ice
  • Namkhaeng Shave Ice
  • Neapolitan Shave Ice
  • Nero’s Shave Ice
  • Oasis Cools Shave Ice
  • Patbingsu Shave Ice
  • Pinoy Style Shave Ice
  • Polar Bear Shave Ice
  • Raspas Shave Ice
  • Snow Caps Shave Ice
  • Sugary Snow Shave Ice
  • Yellow Snow Shave Ice
  • Yeti Shave Ice
  • Yun Yun Shave Ice

Snow Cone Name Ideas

Snow Cones are crunchier than shave ice, and last a little longer

Snow Cones are crunchier than shave ice, and last a little longer

Snow cone businesses use larger ice pieces than shave ice, which makes it last a little longer as a treat when coated in the flavoring and taken outside.

Having a snow cone business is a popular idea, especially in the warmer months or tropical climates. And you need to make sure that your brand can stand on its own. There are a lot of snow cone sellers across the country so you really need to get creative if you’re entering this industry.

  • Abominable Snow Cones
  • Bàobīng
  • Brain Freezers
  • Brian’s Slush
  • Cepillados
  • Chill Eatz
  • ChillBerry
  • Chomps Ice
  • Chuski
  • CochiCool
  • Coldys
  • Conez of Ice
  • Cremoladas
  • Freezies Sno Cones
  • Frío Frío
  • Gola ganda
  • Granizados
  • Gumball Conez
  • Halo-halo Snow
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Ice Gola
  • Ice Kacang
  • Icy Delights
  • Keep it Chilly
  • Kool Krunchies
  • Mermelda Con Hielo
  • Piraqua Sno
  • Raspados Snow
  • Scrambles Snow
  • Shikashika
  • Shiverz
  • Snoballz
  • Snow Cone Shack
  • Snowbiz Cones
  • Snowies Cones
  • Snowy Joey’s
  • Summer Snow
  • The Sno Biznis
  • Subzero Treats

Catchy Ice Slogans

Sogans are a great way to increase sales

Slogans are a great way to increase sales and make a more memorable advertisement.

A slogan can make all the difference in sales in the ice industry, whether you sell snow cones or tubes of ice. It lets people know what you sell, how good it is, and a variety of other ideas. But the best slogans are the catchy ones. These are more memorable, and help to bring repeat customers on the longer term.

So when choosing a memorable slogan, make sure it will ring in their heads for weeks after they hear it, just like the best jingles always did. In fact, singing a jingle is a proven way to help a marketing message stick.

  • A touch of frost
  • Chillin’ like a villain
  • Cold days in July
  • Come in for our cold
  • Cool off withour tasty treats
  • Craving our Shavings
  • From our cold live hands
  • Frozen just for you
  • Get some snow in your summer
  • Have a cold one
  • Have an Ice Day
  • Helping you stay cool in the heat
  • Ice cold for brass monkeys
  • Ice for every occasion
  • Ice is thicker than water
  • It’s only our ice that’s cold
  • Keeping it cool since (insert year)
  • Keeping your hood cool
  • Let’s break the ice
  • Low Fat Snow
  • Miniature glaciers in a glass
  • Our cold confort
  • Our ice comes slippery side up
  • Selling ice to the eskimos
  • Shaving daily since (insert year)
  • Snow joke how good our cones are
  • The Art of Shaving
  • The best people to break the ice
  • The coolest place in town
  • The Coolest Shave
  • The only cold you want to catch
  • The Poetry of Ice
  • The taste of winter clouds
  • We cut the ice
  • We’ll keep you on ice
  • You crave it, We shave it

About The Ice Industry

The last thing you want is for your profits to be frozen in this industry. To help you understand the profit potential for shaved ice or snow cones, check out our full case study on the subject. Here you’ll find the average annual revenue of shaved ice franchises and trucks to view examples of revenue from real businesses.

  • Bahama Buck’s: Average gross sales per store was $463,387 in 2015 according to the companies franchise disclosure documents.
  • Kona Ice: This is a mobile shave ice franchise. On average a Kona Ice truck generated $94,868 in annual sales. Keep in mind that many of these units operate largely during the summer months.

The attractive aspect of entering this market is that you can choose from a variety of startup paths. A larger ice manufacturing company will require high-startup costs that could reach over $1 million after purchasing equipment, but you could also start a tiny shaved ice cart that operates on weekends at farmer’s markets for under $5,000.

No matter what your means are, you can find a way to break into this business with a little creativity. If you’re starting a food business of any kind, don’t forget to enroll in our food business kit where you can get our list of 100+profitable food business ideas.

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