Hot sauce is often found in many American kitchens, not only for the pizzas but for a range of other dishes too. Believed to have been invented by the ancient Aztecs, hot sauce has come a long way from its Mexican origins. Walk into any grocery store and you will find dozens of brands of hot sauce with flavors ranging from mild and wimpy to blazing hot.

Different brands use different types of peppers in their production, and the level of spices helps dictate the heat levels, known in the business as the Scoville Heat Unit, or SHU. And the higher the SHU, the hotter the sauce.

According to industry reports, the hot sauce is a $1.6 billion dollar business in the United States alone. There’s an enormous market, but there are also are hundreds (if not thousands) brands competing for shelf space. In spite of the competition, we still believe there’s room for further flavor innovation in this space. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to hot sauce, so you can explore your own niche and SHU level.

If you’re able to identify the special recipe, we can help identify a brand with an advantage over everyone else. Here’s our list of the hot sauce names that haven’t been claimed (to the best of our knowledge) by other entrepreneurs.

Hot Sauce Name Ideas

Spicy hot sauce is the new ketchup for the new millennium

Hot sauce is considered the new ketchup.

Hot sauce names have long history of “out there” name ideas. It seems almost anything goes in this industry. From the “Kiss of Fire” and the famous “Satan’s Blood” to “Backdraft”, “Vicious Viper”, and even some as cheeky as the infamous “Anal Angst.” Hot sauce naming has become a playground of puns, cheeky names, and downright obscenities.

And while you don’t have to have some rude and obnoxious name for your own hot sauce, sometimes these can be of help to capture a buyer’s attention or generate some press. Just make sure your hot sauce product is high quality so you can earn repeat sales from customers. You may not know it, but names like “Goddess of Fire” and “Weed Killer” have helped sell plenty of bottles. Here are the top picks in this category.

  • 5 Alarm Fire
  • 911 Sauce
  • Artisan Blaze
  • Assassin Sauce
  • Bio Hazard
  • Crackin’ Heat
  • Devil’s Delight
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Fahrenheit 2750
  • Feel the Fire
  • Fiercely Fiery
  • Hades’ Hot Sauce
  • Happy’s Hot Sauce
  • Hellbenders Hot Sauce
  • Hellfire Hot Sauce
  • Hot Scorpion
  • Komodo Dragon Sauce
  • Mad Mamba Sauce
  • Mouth Melter
  • Packin’ Heat
  • Raging Lava
  • Reaper’s Keeper
  • Red Canyon Hot Sauce
  • Red Flamingo Hot
  • Red Rage Hot Sauce
  • Red Rhino Hot Sauce
  • Red River Sauce
  • Red Throttle
  • Scorpion’s Bite
  • Scorpion’s Tail
  • Scorpion’s Sting Hot Sauce
  • Smokin’ Sun
  • Styx Sauce
  • Sunflare’s Hot Sauce
  • Volcano Sauce
  • Hot Hot Robot
  • Fire Fighter’s Delight
  • Call the Fire Department Sauce

Salsa Name Ideas

Salsa is the popular Mexican spicy tomato sauce for almost every dish, and dipping

Salsa is the popular Mexican spicy tomato sauce for almost every dish.

Popular across America, salsa (the spicy tomato-based condiment, not the sexy dance) is commonly used as a table condiment for tacos, tortillas, and many other Mexican dishes. Salsa may be the Spanish word for “sauce”, but here it refers to the particular Mexican table sauce made from chunks of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro.

Salsa of course isn’t really the same condiment as hot sauce. More like a close cousin. If you’re starting a pre-made salsa brand you’ll need to invest just as much time into identifying the right business name. Competition in the salsa space is just as tough as hot sauce, especially in the more popular styles like salsa verde or mango salsa as a sweet alternative. Here are some of the best salsa name ideas we came up with:

  • 60/40 Salsa
  • Apocalypse Salsa
  • Baked Bean Salsa
  • Boston Salsa
  • Burrito Bites Salsa
  • Cold Salsero’s
  • Del Fuego’s Spicy Salsa
  • Es Una Salsa Muy Salsa
  • Eternally Damned Soulsa
  • Fire in the Hole Salsa
  • Gringo’s Spicy Salsa
  • Habanero Salsa
  • Harry’s Hot Salsa
  • Hurricane Salsa
  • Sizzlin’ Salsa
  • Spicey Strangle Salsa
  • Spitfire Salsa
  • Stan’s Salsa
  • Stella’s Spicy Sweet Salsa
  • Sticky Sweet Salsa
  • Stupidly Spicy Salsa
  • Sure Shart Salsa
  • The Salsa Bear
  • The Salsa of Saints
  • Tomato Hot Salsa
  • Tomato Tornado Salsa
  • Mighty Mango Salsa
  • Salsa Birdie

Funny Hot Sauce Name Ideas

Hot sauce brands can have some of the funniest and strangest of names

Hot sauce brands can have some of the funniest and strangest of names

Want to come up with a funny name for your special sauce? You’re not the first and won’t be the last to take this approach.

And while we’ve refrained from including crude a name ideas here (we’re sure that you can come up with those yourself), we do include some tongue tickling suggestions below that you can use for inspiration.

  • Amazin Blazin
  • Bad Dog’s Deliriously Distinctive Hot Sauce
  • Black Lizard Hot Sauce
  • Blazeing Dragon
  • Burnie’s Hot Sauce
  • Culo de Fuego
  • Diablo’s Juice
  • Fire Fountain
  • Flames Ablaze
  • Flamin Robust Sauce
  • Flaming Suns
  • Grand Scorch
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • Grim Reaper Hot Sauce
  • Heat Hounds
  • Incinerator Sauce
  • Lava Lips Hot Sauce
  • Lord of the Ringburners
  • Perfect Storm Sauces
  • Ring Buster Hot Sauce
  • Ring of Fire
  • Rippin Hot Sauce
  • Saliva Sizzle
  • Sauce del Sol
  • Saucy Inferno
  • Savage Saucery
  • Scorched Inc.
  • Scorched Shorts
  • Taste the Sting
  • Torture in the Morning
  • Hula Girl Salsa
  • Atomic Bomb Hot Sauce
  • Puckered Pecker Hot Sauce
  • Hotter than Hell Sauce
  • Center of the Sun Sauce

Chili Sauce Name Ideas

Chili sauce can be sweet or savory. Which is your style?

Chili sauce can be sweet or savory. Which is your style?

Chili sauce or chili paste, differs from normal hot sauce because it has a multitude of varieties that also include sweet flavors as well as savory. All are a little bit spicy. There are several different varieties of chili sauce, with the famous Thai Sweet Chili Sauce being one of the more well-known.

The sweeter flavors of the Filipino Agre Dulce (an ingredient of which is banana ketchup) can be more suited to those with sweeter preferences. But whichever style your brand follows, be it sweet and spicy or savory and hot, you still need to be sure it’s unique and accurately describes the flavor profile of the condiment.

  • Chernobyl Chili Sauce
  • Chillinferno
  • Curated Heat Chili Sauce
  • Cyclone Hot Chili Sauce
  • Devil’s Chili Sauce
  • Diabolick Chili Sauce
  • Dirty Sanchez’s Brown Chili Sauce
  • Fire Blaster Chili Sauce
  • Firebutt Chili Sauce
  • Flameater Chili Sauce
  • Flamin’ Dragon Chili Sauce
  • Fury Mix Chili Sauce
  • Hades’ Inferno Chili Sauce
  • Heat Eaters Chili Sauce
  • Hellshock Chili Sauce
  • Hotbot Chili Sauce
  • Infernix Chili Sauce
  • It’s Not Chilly Sauce
  • Kickin’ Pepper Chili Sauce
  • Liquid Fire Chili Sauce
  • Molten Eclipse Chili Sauce
  • Rhino Chili Sauce
  • Satan’s Fury Chili Sauce
  • Scorpion Blend Chili Sauce
  • Scorpion’s Fire Chili Sauce
  • Spice Dragon Chili Sauce
  • The Art of Heat Chili Sauce
  • Ticklin’ Typhoons Chili Sauce
  • Triple Threat Chili Sauce
A selection of the top-name hot sauce brands in America today

A selection of the best selling hot sauce brands in America today.

Hot sauce is one of the most popular condiments around the world today and was valued at more than 2.29 billion US dollars in 2018. This has increased over the past few years, as more flavors and styles enter the market and Asian and Mexican foods become increasingly popular.

Experts predict this market will exceed $3 billion dollars in sales over the next 5 – 6 years. No wonder there are hundreds of different varieties of hot sauce. Here is the list of the top 30 Popular Hot Sauce Brands today, in alphabetical order to help you get inspired.

  • Bibigo Gochujang Sauce
  • CaJohns Sling Blade Carolina Reaper
  • Cholula Hot Sauce
  • Crystal Hot Sauce
  • Dave’s Original Insanity Sauce
  • Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce
  • El Yucateco
  • Frank’s RedHot Sauce
  • Gringo Bandito O.G. Hot Sauce
  • Huy Fong Sriracha
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce
  • Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce
  • Mike’s Hot Honey
  • Nando’s Peri Peri Garlic Sauce
  • Pain 100% Hot Sauce
  • Pain Is Good
  • Pepper Plant Original Hot Pepper Sauce
  • Professor Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce
  • Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet
  • Sambal Oelek
  • Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce
  • Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce
  • Sriracha2Go
  • Tabasco Chipotle
  • Tabasco Original
  • Tapatío
  • Valentina Salsa Picante
  • Yellowbird Habanero
  • Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce

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