Honey is considered the world’s oldest natural sweetener. For centuries the natural product has been added to tea, bread, and mixed as a key ingredient in meals. But coming up with a brand name for the product can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur.

Bees, the factory workers of honey production, are often used in the logos and brand names of companies producing organic honey. And with hundreds of brands of organic honey currently on the market, it is likely that your first choices for brand names are already claimed. According to the National Honey Board, honey is the second most popular sauce in restaurants (even more popular than BBQ sauce) and represents $2.1 billion in GDP in the United States.

But fear not, with our list of 101 of the best possible suggestions for your organic honey brand, we can find the most bee-autiful name for your own delicious product. Let’s get started.

Funny Honey Name Ideas

honey jar

Jars of organic honey.

Funny name ideas are one of the best ways to make sure your brand is remembered. It’s like that joke that has been rattling around in your head since you were a kid. It never goes away, and always pops up when you think “jokes”.

  • Funny Hunny
  • The Laughing Bee
  • Jelly Bee
  • To Bee, or Not To Bee
  • Buzzin’ Hunny
  • Misbeehavin’ Honey
  • Honeyholic
  • Sweet Tooth Honey
  • The Bee’s Knees
  • Just Bee-cause
  • Why Bee-have
  • Bee Organic
  • Buzz Off Bee
  • The Buzzy Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • Bumbling Bee
  • Bee-witched
  • Crazy Bees
  • Honey Galore
  • Beeswax
  • Bee Natural
  • Bee Sting
  • Blissful Buzz
  • Thriving Hive
  • Hi Honey
  • Hive Five
  • Stinger’s Honey
  • What’s the Buzz?
  • Yummy Hunny
  • A Bee’s Life
  • Let Them Bee
  • Buzzing Bees
  • Bee Crazy
  • The Stingin’ Bee

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Bee Cute Honey Name Ideas

honey bee

A group of worker bees.

Everyone loves the cute kids, and bees are often shown as cute, though not always cuddly. Cute names bring up images of childhood and catch the eye and ear when seen or heard. And they are usually easy to remember, which makes them great for branding.

  • Honey Bee
  • The Hunny Pot
  • Bee My Honey
  • Bee Sweet
  • The Honey Well
  • The Queen Bee
  • Honey Bee Good
  • Better Buzz
  • Pollinators Honey
  • Happy Bee
  • Jolly Bee
  • Busy Bees
  • The Beehive
  • The Bee Palace
  • The Honey Beesness
  • Blissful Buzz
  • Honey Drops
  • The Honeycomb
  • The Honeymoon
  • Summer Bee
  • Trained Bees
  • Cheery Bees
  • Honey Crush
  • Radiant Bee Honey
  • The Bee Garden
  • The Helpful Hive
  • Honey Haus
  • Bunches of Honey
  • Sweet Nectar
  • The Humble Bee
  • Powers that Bee
  • Sticky-Sweet Honey
  • Sweetie Honey
  • Honeybun’s

Organic Name Ideas

small batch honey

Small batch honey.

While cute and funny can be great ways to be remembered, sometimes it is a good, old-fashioned organic name that gets you noticed. Since you are selling organic honey, giving it that more classical twist to the name, and including the fact that your honey is organic as well, can be a great way for your brand to be recognized.

  • Honey Glow Organic
  • Honey Heaven Organic
  • Pure Organic Hunny
  • Bee Organic
  • Bee More Organic
  • Beeyond Organic
  • Natural Forest Organic
  • Honey Creek Organic
  • The Organic Hive
  • Sunflower Organic
  • Organic Golden Drop Honey
  • Wild Bee Organic Honey
  • Bottled Dew Organic Honey
  • Royal Jelly Organic
  • The Organic Hive
  • Organic Honey Keepers
  • The Organic Honey Emporium
  • The Organic Bee Hive
  • The Haus of Honey
  • Flower Fields Organic
  • Honeysuckle Organic
  • Home of Organic Honey
  • Organic Honey House
  • Flowers Hive Organic
  • Summer Fields Organic
  • Organic Nectar
  • All Things Honey
  • The Honey Grove
  • The Honey Hive
  • Organic Honeycomb
  • Nectar Valley Organic
  • Organic Blooms
  • Flowers Organic Honey

How to name your honey company

Naming your company so that you can be taken seriously in the business world is important, but so is making sure that your brand is well recognized, very noticeable, and easy to remember. You want to come up with a name that stand the test of time.

If the lists of names we have come up with are not to your liking, no worries! You can always your own name. Funny names and cute names may be easy to remember, and stick in the mind, but your honey brand doesn’t even have to have the words “bee” or “honey” in it, if you prefer not to use them.

One appealing aspect of using these words is they plainly describe what the product. When naming a brand, it’s beneficial to be clear with potential customers what it is your sell. You’ve only got a split second to capture the attention of a new customer whether it’s online or in the grocery isle.

Fit in or stand out

honey comb

Honey sweetens a variety of beverages.

Names that stand out from the crowd can be a good option in branding to get some recognition among the many brands of organic honey on the market. As a small business, you can afford to be bolder in your choice of names, so using wordplay can be an effective way to get your brand noticed and be more recognizable.

When starting out, you can take more risk with your name selection. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Another point to remember about naming your honey business is to keep it easy and avoid hard-to-spell names. This can have a major impact on your success. And the name should not be too limiting, unless you are not planning on expanding into other areas. If your main product is organic honey then there’s no need to broaden the scope for the future.

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Checking you can buy the right domain name is another consideration in the search. You don’t want your web address to be too long, so consider one or two-word names for your brand to be easier to spell and search online.

And if you can’t get the .com domain for your brand, don’t get too stressed. Alternatives such as .net, .org, .io and .biz are often used days by startups. Play around with phrases as well when considering your name. Using a term that conveys the same meaning can sometimes be better than using the word itself.

It is also important to try not to go with a name that is similar to brands that are already well established. Originality is much better for your business. Do a good Google search for your chosen name, and you will find that other similar names will crop up on the search. When you find one that has few similarities with other brand names, you can be confident that yours will not be mistaken for another brand.

Go Local

mustard on display

Promoting at a local farmer’s market.

Location-based names are a great way of showing where you come from, and can make the difference between various brands, especially when you are talking about organic honey. If you are from an area where honey is well-known to be made, then including the location in the name can give you a boost at the start.

People recognize well-known locations for products, and are more likely to buy products from somewhere they know. There’s also a growing awareness among consumers about the importance of supporting locally made products. According to the Agricultural Resource and Management Survey (ARMS) local food sales totaled $6.1 billion in the United States. It’s clear local food is differentiator that appeals to consumers.

Don’t be concerned if your ideal brand name isn’t discovered for days or weeks. Take your time, and don’t rush the branding process. Stick with it and you will discovery the brand name you’re excited to build a business around and resonates with consumers.

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