The United States today is produces 64 billion disposable cups each year. Sales from mugs, tumblers, and ceramic cups is more than $25 billion a year. The national drinkware market is expected to increase by 29% over the next five years so there’s never been a better time than right now to get into the business.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of brand name suggestions that work whether you’re planning to produce paper cups, handmade coffee mugs, or dinky ceramic teacups. Grab your preferred glass for enjoying a coffee or tea and let’s get started.

Tumbler Cup Company Name Ideas

Brown tumblers.

Usually used for cold drinks, such as lemonade, water, iced tea, smoothies, tumblers can be found in just about every American household. This list of name ideas will give you chills when you add ice.

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  • BrettMan Cup
  • Bruto Boy Cup Co.
  • Casual Cups
  • Frozen Tumblers
  • North Pole Tumblers
  • Cosmix Cup Co.
  • Crysten Cup Co.
  • Cup and Company
  • Custom Cup World
  • Penguin Tumblers
  • Polar Bear Tumblers
  • North Pole Tumblers
  • Ever Freeze Tumblers
  • Arctic Tumblers
  • Drinks As Usual
  • Ethics Cup
  • International Cups Inc
  • Madera Cup Company
  • Maximon Cup Co.
  • Merilyn Cup Co.
  • Midland Cup Co.
  • Santas Tumblers
  • The Alps Tumblers
  • Iceberg Tumblers
  • North Country Tumblers
  • Model Cups
  • My Carry Cup
  • Oakbrook Cup Co.
  • OutRigger Cup Co.
  • Pentalark Cup Co.
  • Ultymate Cup Co.
  • Woodwield
  • Zolorio Cup Co.

Coffee Mug Company Name Ideas

A red coffee mug.

What does your coffee mug express about your personality? From the mugs proclaiming everything from “Best Dad Ever” to “Momma” your cup can say a lot about you as a person. Here are some name ideas perfect for a coffee mug company.

  • Affluent Mugs
  • BluBrox Mug Co.
  • Compell Mugs
  • Freedom Mug
  • Recycled Mugs
  • George Mugs
  • Charity Mugs
  • Rebel Beans
  • Last Drop Mugs
  • Group Mug!
  • Hunk Ryder Mug Co.
  • Metro Mug
  • Mettle Mug
  • Mug In Motion
  • Mug LIfe
  • New Crew
  • Orion berry
  • Re-Mugged
  • The Business of Mugs
  • The Cup & Mug Co.
  • The Mug Co.
  • The Mug Men
  • The Source Mug
  • Thinking Mug
  • Trendy Mug
  • Woodberg Mugs
  • Unlimited Coffee Cup Company

Funny Cup Company Name Ideas

A heart shaped mug.

We’re not talking about funny cups here, just funny names. Giving your brand a humorous name captures the attention of buyers and makes a brand easier to remember. So check out our take on cup brand names with a silly twist.

  • Clearly Just Cups
  • The A Cups
  • The DD Cups
  • Cracked Up Cup Company
  • Cup it
  • Cup of joy
  • Not Your Cup of Tea
  • Silly Cup Company
  • Old Dude Glass Co.
  • Grandma’s Cup Factory
  • Your cup Overflows
  • Cup of Bliss
  • Cup Operation
  • Tequila Shot Glass Makers
  • Cup Ability
  • Cupping it!
  • Busted Cups
  • Cupping You
  • CUPS
  • Diva Cup
  • Encore Cup
  • FunnyCup Inc.
  • Hot Cup Factory
  • Bent Cup Company
  • Imagine Cup
  • Lick a Cup Company
  • Little Red Cup
  • My Carry Cup
  • Only Cups Here
  • Put a Cup in It
  • Small Cups Co.
  • Sweetheart Cup
  • The Cup People

Paper Cup Company Names

Paper cup company names.

Paper cups are produced in the billions for use at events, parties, and even regular use. Most households have them on hand for large group events like birthdays or at college keg parties. Here are the best name ideas for disposable cup brands.

  • American Paper
  • Cardboard Cup Co.
  • Destiny Paper Cups
  • Green Paper Cups
  • Greenline Paper
  • Molly’s Paper Cups
  • Recycled Party Glasses
  • Bio-Friendly Paper Cups
  • Tree Friendly Disposables
  • Mugs of Card
  • Mugs of Paper
  • Northbay Cup Co.
  • Not Plastic
  • Paper Cup Company
  • Paper Drinkers
  • Daddy’s Disposables
  • Pink Paper Cups
  • College Campus Drinkware
  • The Green Glass
  • Paper Mates
  • Paper MC
  • Paper Trail
  • Tap the Keg Glasses
  • Paper Made Cup
  • Paper Desire
  • Paper Motion
  • Reams of Cups
  • The Paper Cup
  • Varsity Paper Cups
  • White Macho Paper Cups

Personalized Glass Company Name Ideas

A personalized glass with RHK initials engraved.

Personalized glasses are popular as gifts and can be a viable business thanks to the availability of print on demand services. From names to images and photos of dad, all kinds of things can be printed on glassware. Here is our list of name suggestions that come with a personal touch.

  • Bespoke Gears
  • Cup Print
  • Designed Glass
  • Designer Glasses
  • Fast Glass
  • Get Your Glass
  • Glass Class
  • Memory Imprints
  • 100% Unique Drinkware
  • Your Face, Our Mugs
  • Glass Designs
  • Glass Experts
  • Glass Personas
  • Glass Prints
  • Glass Pros
  • GP Professional
  • Imperial Dad
  • One Cup
  • Printed Cup Company
  • Printed Glass
  • Kings Cups
  • Rock Drift Glasses
  • Sand to Glass
  • Secret Standard
  • Silver Stone Glass.
  • Stick it on Glass

Ceramic Cup Name Ideas

Traditional ceramic tea cup.

Ceramic cups are traditionally used to drink tea. Having a ceramic cup business means branding that shows class and beauty in the name as much as in the products. We think there’s the opportunity to enter this market with some more innovative and up-to-date designs.

  • Abel Ceramics
  • Amazing Glaze Cups
  • Amber Ceramics
  • Blossom Ceramics
  • Cappacale Cup Co.
  • Ceramic Cups
  • Ceramic Designs
  • Ceramic Paradise
  • Country Shine Ceramics
  • Crescent Cup Co.
  • Elegant Cup
  • EliteEast Cup
  • Flamboyant
  • Flora Ceramics
  • Grava Ceramics
  • Lily Tulip Cups
  • Pottery Persuasion
  • Royal Cup
  • Sippy Cup
  • Solely Ceramics
  • The Crafted Cup
  • The Teacup Co.
  • Upper Cups
  • Vice Cups

Glass Cup Name Ideas

A cup of coffee beans.

Glass cups are a timeless subset of the glass and drinkware industry. If you’re planning to open a business that specializes in glass, here are a few suggestions.

  • Bright Mate Cup
  • Glass Blowers
  • Blown Glass Co.
  • Clear As Crystal
  • Clear As Glass
  • Clear As Ice
  • Clear Choice
  • Clear Cups
  • Crystal Clear
  • Crystal Cups
  • Crystal Cut Glass
  • Crystal Glasses
  • Diamond Glass
  • EliteLeads Cup Co.
  • Glass At Last
  • Glass Houses
  • Glass Pass
  • Glorious Glass
  • Hexaden Cup
  • HexaWorks
  • Muskoka Cup
  • SilverSmart Cup Co.
  • SkyVista Cup Co.
  • SoloMaster Cup Co.
  • Virgon Cup
  • WhiteOak Cup

Where to sell cups online?

Start an online store.

If you’re planning to start a cup company, generating sales through your online store is an obvious path you’ll want to consider. It can be tough to get your cups placed alongside entrenched brands in retailers like Target or Walmart. Most will require a proven record of sales before granting you access to their shoppers. In addition to starting a Shopify store, here are a few online sales channels anyone can use to generate their first few sales.

eBay is one of the obvious choices, and allows you to promote your own online shop and sell products. Seller’s fees are relatively low, and the millions of users worldwide mean you get better options for international sales. However, with PayPal as the only acceptable payment gateway, it can be open to abuse by some buyers.

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Amazon is actually listed as the number one site for online sales, and its huge size and international or national options make it a viable option. Fees are average for such sales, and the payment gateway is managed internally by Amazon themselves. If you’re launching a new cup brand this is one of the best places to start getting customers.

Etsy is one of the newest peer-to-peer sales sites on the web, and is open to sales from anyone with a business. Not as popular as the larger sites, it does have a growing market size. If you plan to sell a more customized cup with name engraving this is the ideal marketplace for your drinkware.

Facebook is no longer just a social media site, and selling on Facebook has become a big business. Facebook Marketplace has more than 800 million users who shop regularly and has no listing fees or commissions. Buying / selling through the website is a little bit like working with people on Craigslist. Facebook has no payment gateway so accepting payment is not as seamless as other options. Still.. the platform is free to use and has an incredible base of users to make it worth your while.

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