We can thank the fast food industry for some of the catchiest slogans and jingles of all time. From “I’m Lovin’ It” by McDonald’s to a Spanish speaking chihuahua proclaiming “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” some taglines stick in our minds decades after the commercials stop running.

In today’s post, we highlight the 101 greatest slogans ever cooked up by fast food restaurants. Stick around to the end of the article and we’ll share our favorite jingle in the history as determined by our french fry loving staff. Let’s do this.

A catchy fast food slogan is easily remembered.

Repetition is one of the most important factor for a slogan to be remembered. According to research if you hear a message seven times or more the idea is more likely to stick. When marketing messages are paired with a catchy jingle they can be even more effective. Sure… the jingle for McDonalds might be annoying to you. But you can still hum it and that’s the point. I bet many of the popular slogans listed below are already familiar to you.

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  • “Happy tastes good.” – Dairy Queen
  • “America runs on Dunkin’’” – Dunkin’ Donuts
  • “The crave is a powerful thing.” – White Castle
  • “Eat Mor Chikin.” – Chik-fil-A
  • “Love that chicken from Popeyes.” – Popeyes
  • “We have the meats.” – Arby’s
  • “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” – Papa John’s
  • “This is how we Sonic.” – Sonic
  • “Food with integrity.” – Chipotle
  • “Food as it should be.” – Panera Bread

Funny Fast Food Slogans

Make your customers laugh with funny slogans.

To laugh is to remember. Here are a few funny fast food slogan examples we like.

  • “It takes two hands to hold the whopper” – Burger King
  • “Mmmm… Toasty.” – Quiznos
  • “Come hungry. Leave happy.” – IHOP
  • “Where the food’s as good as the root beer” – A&W
  • “From a hot dog to a national habit.” – Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs
  • Hungry people die first.
  • Eating is everything.
  • Fast food doesn’t need to be bad food.
  • Yummy Yummy in Your Tummy!
  • Heaven in a hamburger.
  • These are freedom fries!

McDonald’s Slogans

Are you lovin’ the McDonald’s slogans?

McDonald’s has gone through dozens of taglines and slogans over the years. Some of them were a crowd favorites while others were quickly replaced. They might be able to get away with a few duds with revenues exceeding $21 billion worldwide in 2019. Here are a few of McDonald’s best slogans through the years.

  • “I’m lovin’ it”
  • “There’s a little good around every corner.”
  • “Look for the golden arches”
  • “We Love To See You Smile”
  • “Have you had your break today?”
  • “Where quality starts”
  • “You deserve a break today.”
  • “Did somebody say McDonald’s?”
  • “The closest thing to home.”
  • “Get down with something good”
  • “It’s Mac Tonight”
  • “Do you believe in magic?”
  • “Put a smile on”
  • “Good is Brewing”
  • “It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s.”
  • “My McDonald’s”
  • “Lovin’ beats Hatin’”
  • “We do it all for you.”
  • “The simple joy of McDonald’s”
  • “McDonald’s and You”

Burger King Slogans

Burger King takes pride in their flame grilled burgers.

Did you know that Burger King has over 18,000 restaurants worldwide? That’s a lot of branches carrying the always delicious Whopper. Burger King is well known for their flame-grilled burgers and they never pass on an opportunity to remind you of them in their marketing as you can see from the examples below.

  • “Be Your Way”
  • “Home of the Whopper”
  • “We do it like you’d do it.”
  • “America loves burgers and we’re America’s Burger King”
  • “Best food for fast times”
  • “Your way, right away”
  • “Got the urge?”
  • “At BK, you got it!”
  • “Make it special, make it Burger King”
  • “Who’s got the best darn burger in the whole wide world?”
  • “The bigger the burger the better the burger”
  • “Sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules”
  • “The fire’s ready”
  • “Get your burger’s worth”
  • “Go on. Say it.”
  • “Flame grilled goodness”
  • “A meal in itself”
  • “We know how burgers should be”
  • “Quality just tastes better”
  • “Taste is king”

Taco Bell Slogans

Have you tried a taco at Taco Bell?

Once a week over 150 million people see a Taco Bell ad. That’s a lot of people seeing their slogan over and over again. If you’re one of these people, chances are the slogan rings in your head the minute you drive by a Taco Bell. With that said, these slogans below are probably very much familiar to you:

  • “Think outside the bun”
  • “¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!” (I want Taco Bell!)
  • “Live Más” (Live More)
  • “The fresh food place”
  • “Make a run for the border”
  • “Nacho Fries are back at the Bell.”

Wendy’s Slogans

Classic burgers only at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s has been around since 1969 and through the years, they’ve introduced several slogans that stay true to the menu items they sell: Old Fashioned Hamburgers. They’ve offered different items since then including healthier menu alternatives kid meals, chicken sandwiches, and salads. But the classic hamburgers and fries are always what they’re known for. Here are some of Wendy’s slogans over the years:

  • “Fresh, never frozen.”
  • “Old fashioned hamburgers”
  • “Wendy’s has the taste.”
  • “You’re Wendy’s kind of people.”
  • “Where’s the beef?”
  • “The best burgers in the business.”
  • “Here’s the beef.”
  • “Quality is our recipe”
  • “Made to Crave”
  • “You up for this?”
  • “Always great, even late.”
  • “That’s fresh, that’s class, that’s Wendy’s.”
  • “It’s hamburger bliss”
  • “It’s better here.”
  • “It’s way better than fast food… It’s Wendy’s.”
  • “You know when it’s real”
  • “Now that’s better”
  • “We got you.”
  • “Ain’t no reason to go anyplace else”
  • “Deliciously different”

Subway Slogans

A sub sandwich.

Subway is known as the “leading sandwich chain” in the United States for a lot of reasons. From the bun to the vegetables, meat, and dressing, a customer has hundred of sandwich combination options to choose from. Subway positions themselves as a “fresh” fast food experience. Many of the Subway slogans convey this freshness of ingredients.

  • “Eat fresh.”
  • “Where fresh is the taste”
  • “Make it what you want.”
  • “Big on taste, not on fat.”
  • “No ordinary wraps.”
  • “Search for better.”
  • “Founded on fresh.”
  • “Fresh is what we do.”
  • “Make it what you want.”
  • “Keep Discovering.”
  • “Subway My Way.”
  • “The way a sandwich should be.”
  • “Fresh is best.”
  • “Choose Well.”
  • “When you’re hungry, make tracks for… Subway”
  • “$5 Dollar. $5 Dollar. $5 Dollar Foot Long.”

Fast Food Slogan Ideas

Here are some slogan ideas.

Slogans or taglines help your customers understand what your business is all about. Business names on their own are often too short to express the information you want to convey to customers. But a catchy slogan can articulate what you’re all about. Here are a few ideas you can use when coming up with your own food slogan.

  • Taste goodness every day!
  • The healthy fast food.
  • Recharge with every bite.
  • Slurp it up!
  • Fresh and hot as always.
  • Fast but delicious.
  • Great without the grease.
  • Food that’s quick it only takes a minute.
  • Hungry tummies satisfied.
  • Fast and yummy!
  • Fast food with a twist.
  • From our kitchen, with love.
  • Cooked with love.
  • Filling you up nicely!
  • Feed your belly.
  • Bite into amazing taste.
  • Mouthwatering delights.
  • Serving delicious meals always.
  • Cravings satisfied.
  • Dine and relax.
  • Never go hungry.

Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. These days, many fast food chains have healthy options. Panera Bread is one fast food chain that caters to healthy people. They offer light sandwiches, noodle bowls, salads, and soups. Though admittedly some menu items healthiness is debatable.

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If you’re getting started on a fast food business, remember that slogans play a huge role in advertising within the fast food industry. This strategy has been proven for decades and the basic concepts still work in the era of social media. A great and catchy slogan will get your customers to remember your business for years in the past few years. If you can come up with a catchy jingle to use as a companion to a tagline, even better!

In conclusion, whether you’re selling greasy burgers or light salads, you need to invest in a good fast food advertising strategy that includes coming up a memorable slogan. But make sure to stay committed to good tasting and consistent served meals as well. These are the tenants a long-lasting fast food brand.

So what’s our favorite slogan of all-time? Click on the video below to check out the beloved chihuahua we all love from the 1990s. In my opinion, this dog belongs in the fast food advertising hall of fame.

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