Hand washing is one of the simplest steps we can take to prevent the spread of germs. If you operate a food truck, restaurant, or catering business, encourage employees to wash their hands thoroughly is actions you can take to ensure customers feels comfortable eating at your establishment.

Did you know that only 1 out of every 5 people globally wash their hands after using the restroom? Statistics also show that about 39% of people don’t wash their hands after coughing, sneezing, or even after blowing their nose. We can encourage people to do better than that by helping promote proper hygiene through hand washing.

In this article, we share more than 100 inspirational quotes and slogans to encourage everyone wash their hands for at least 20 seconds using warm water and soap. These quotes are ideal to be hung inside the restroom and kitchen of your restaurant or food truck as a reminder to maintain clean hands.

Hand Washing Quotes

100+ (Actually Memorable) Hand Washing Awareness Quotes and Slogans.

Hand Washing Awareness Quotes and Slogans.

“Proper hand-washing with the soap, water, and paper towels, we believe, is the key” – Steve Troxler

“We need to create a culture where hand-washing is the thing to do, … If we can just wash our hands, we will have an impact on some of the most common problems, as well as some of the most serious health problems we face.” – Julie Gerberding

“The hand-washing stations have always been popular.” – Patsy Brooks

“It only takes as long to wash your hands well as it takes twice to sing “Happy Birthday”. – Ignaz Semmelweis

“That’s why the best recommendation is thorough cleaning and frequent hand-washing and good general hygiene.” – Thom Berry

“Virus infection cannot be avoided by simply rubbing hands underwater. Washing your hands with soap for 20 to 40 seconds is the right way.” – Ignaz Semmelweis

“Lack of handwashing can also be a cause of fever.” – Ignaz Semmelweis

“I wash the clothes, rinse them and then scrub them again. Will that square little box do that? I am not using any fancy machines when my hands will do.” – Renita D’Silva

Washing hands helps prevent the spread of Germs.

Washing hands helps prevent the spread of Germs.

“The contempt of money is no more a virtue than to wash one’s hand is one; but one does not willingly shake hands with a man that never washes his.” – Horace Walpole

“So that was what the blush was for? Because he was admitting he didn’t wash his hands? I thought it was like some guy requirement to be dirty most of the time.” – Jessica Verday

“As a chef, I could not wash my hands – nor clean pots, pans, utensils, meats or produce, nor make soups and sauces – if I did not have clean water. Were this to happen, of course, these would be the least of my concerns. Because water is the linchpin of survival: without it, not much else matters.” – Marcus Samuelsson

“One hand washes the other … both hands wash the face.” – Sam Giancana

“My two secrets to staying healthy: wash your hands all the time. And, if you can’t, use Purell or one of the sanitizers. And the other is hot peppers. I eat a lot of hot peppers. I for some reason started doing that in 1992, and I swear by it.” – Hillary Clinton

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“I wash my hands, wonder how an awful day could turn even worse. It seems like at some point you’d just run out of awful.” – Kathryn Stockett

“Practice good personal hygiene. Wash your hands before you eat. Be aware of good clean water and food sources.” – James Wright

“I do wash my hands in innocency, before God and the face of you, good Christian people this day.” – Jane Grey

Funny Hand Washing Slogans

Love is in the air, so is the virus. Go ahead and wash your hands.

Love is in the air, so is the virus. Go ahead and wash your hands.

  • Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere.
  • Wash your hands ya filthy animal.
  • Roses are red. Sky is blue. Wash your hands properly. Otherwise, diseases will stick to you.
  • Don’t hand out germs, Wash Your Hands.
  • Be aware, wash with care!
  • Seeing is believing, but you can’t see germs.
  • Don’t be a dope, wash your hands with water and soap.
  • Don’t take it personally. Just wash your hands.
  • In all the lands, wash your hands.
  • All hands to the pump.
  • Put your hand-washed up hands in the air!
  • Use the soap-don’t be a dope.
  • Love is in the air, so is the virus. Go ahead and wash your hands.
  • Spread the word, not the germs! Wash your hands.
  • Couldn’t wash your hands is now extinct.
  • If you’re dirty and you know it, wash your hands!

Hand Sanitizer Slogans

  • Hand sanitizers should be a must.
  • Healthy bodies begin with clean hands.
  • The virus won’t spread if you don’t.
  • Make a stand, have a sanitizer at hand.
  • It’s wise to keep your hands sanitized.
  • If you want to gratify her, bring your hand sanitizer.
  • Before you eat that appetizer, use a sanitizer.
  • Don’t dramatize, sanitize.
  • If you’re a sympathizer, use a hand sanitizer.
  • The ones who get the prize are the ones who sanitize.
  • Save lives, sanitize!
  • Be wiser, use a hand sanitizer.
  • If you just analyze, you’re better off sanitized.
  • Protect yourself and others, use a hand sanitizer.
  • There’s no other like a hand sanitizer.
  • If you sympathize, sanitize.

Timeless Proverbs on Hand Washing

Dirty water does not wash clean. - Italian Proverb

Dirty water does not wash clean.

  • When one hand washes another, both become clean. – Dutch Proverb
  • One hand washes the other, and both the face. – Dutch Proverb
  • One hand washes the other. – German Proverb
  • Whosoever eats bread without first washing his hands, it is as though he had sinned with a harlot. – Afghan Proverb
  • Indecision is like a stepchild: if he does not wash his hands, he is called dirty, if he does, he is wasting water. – African Proverb
  • One hand must wash the other, or both will be dirty. – Danish Proverb
  • A man who lives on the bank of a river does not use spittle to wash his hands. – Nigerian Proverb
  • Frequent washing makes not the crow whiter. – Danish Proverb
  • Many people wash their hands to have dinner with the bishop, only a few sit down to his table. – Bulgarian Proverb
  • Dirty water does not wash clean. – Italian Proverb
  • Wash your hands in the flowing Ganges. – Hindu Proverb
  • Hands wash each other. – Russian Proverb
  • A single hand cannot wash itself even in the Danube river. – Bulgarian Proverb
  • I have washed my hands of it. – Latin Proverb
  • Like wash-basin, like towel. – Hungarian Proverb
  • A clean hand wants no washing. – Vietnamese Proverb

Hand washing Slogans in Hindi

  • Svachchh die gae vyakti paripoorn hain. isalie paripoorn bano. Apane haath dhoen
  • Sabhee bhoomi mein, apane haath dhoen.
  • Haath dhone se beemaaree se bachaav hota hai aur baakee sabhee ko aasaanee hotee hai.
  • Haath dhona aur dekhabhaal karana saath-saath chalata hai.
  • Chaahe aap vayask hon, bachche hon ya kishor, haath dhona achchhee svachchhata hai.
  • Haath dhone se sankraman se bachaav hota hai.
  • Apane doston ko ek haath milaana, ya ek ghaatak beemaaree dena chaahate hain? sabako aaraam se daalane ke lie apane haath dhoen.
  • Sandooshan ke khilaaph haath dhona.
  • Haath dhona aapakee naukaree ka ek mahatvapoorn hissa hai.
  • Kya aap krpaya, beemaaree ko rokenge? apane haath dhoen.
  • Tune hand wash kiya kya?
  • Swatch hath, surakshit hath.
  • Ab germs se puri tarah chukara.
  • Ek kadam swachta ki or.
  • Kuch seconds main haath ke kitanu Nasht.
  • Zindgi ki value de, germs ko nahi.

Good Hygiene Slogans

Be Healthy, Wash Regularly.

Be Healthy, Wash Regularly.

  • Wash Your Hands Before Leaving.
  • Don’t Be Filthy, Be Healthy!
  • Be Healthy, Wash Regularly.
  • Spread Health, Not The Virus!
  • You Learn To Care When You Learn To Wash Your Hands.
  • Make A Statement By Keeping Your Hands Clean.
  • Contribute To Community Health By Keeping Good Hygiene.
  • Keeping Your Hands Clean Is The Way To Go Forward.
  • If We Want To End This Once And For All, Keep A Good Hygiene.
  • Be At Your Best Behavior, Keep Clean.
  • Stay Clean, Look Good.
  • Cleanliness Is Blissfulness.
  • Stay Clean, Live Longer.
  • To Click Is To Be Hygienic.
  • Health Will Always Be Wealth.
  • Be Clean By Keeping A Good Hygiene.
  • To Be Scenic Is To Be Hygienic.
  • Don’t Be A Skeptic, be Hygienic.
  • Make It A Routine To Be Clean.
  • Be Seen, Be Clean.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe and do what we can to prevent the spread of germs. By keeping everyones hands clean you’ll be preventing the spread of germs on frequently touched surfaces of your kitchen as well as keeping your employees safer. Maintaining a clean and safe food business is more important than ever right now. We hope these quotes inspire your staff to take action and stay healthy!

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