With an industry valued at more than $130 billion dollars a year and annual growth rate of 1.6% over the past five years, it’s no surprise burger restaurants are big business. There are more than 50,000 burger joints in the United States. California boasts more than 6,000 burger shops, the highest number of any state in the country. And not all of them are McDonalds, though an estimated 85% are a part of a restaurant chain.

Opening your own burger shop is a proven idea and one of the most popular restaurant opportunities in the country today. If you’re thinking about opening up a burger joint for yourself, check out this unmatched list of suggestions no matter what style of hamburger you plan to serve.

Burger Shop Name Ideas

A common sight in every town and city across the country

The old-school diner serves hamburgers as a primary menu item.

While an estimated 50,000 burger shops are already in business, not all the best names are taken yet. You can identify a compelling and unique name in this list that has yet to be claimed. Here are some of the top ideas we came up with.

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  • Anytime Burgers
  • Backyard Burgers
  • Bayside Burgers
  • Beefcakes Burgers
  • Better Burger
  • Bold Burger
  • Bravo Burgers
  • Bruce’s Burgers
  • Bugout Burgers
  • Buns Galore
  • Burger Bites
  • Burger Boys
  • Burger Buddies
  • Burger Plaza
  • Burger Stand
  • City Burger
  • Delico Burgers
  • Dungeon Burgers
  • Furious Burgers
  • Happy Burgers
  • Mister Burgers
  • Pit Master Burgers
  • PitStop Burgers
  • Riley’s Smiley Burgers
  • Roadside Burgers
  • Royal Burger
  • Sin City Burgers
  • Smokin’ Burger
  • Stacked Burgers
  • Stuffed Buns
  • The Crispy Bun
  • Buffalo Burgers
  • Bullhorn Burgers
  • Bullseye Burgers
  • Burgers and Brews
  • Organic Burger Company

Burger Restaurant Name Ideas

Burger Restaurants offer a wider choice of burgers and other items

Burger restaurants offer a wide selection of burgers and fries.

Burger restaurants are no less common than burger shops that mainly sell meals curbside or a drive-thru window. In fact, the drive-thru contributes a staggering 70% of daily sales for some fast food restaurants.

  • Big City Burgers
  • Bill’s All-American Burgers
  • Bitchin Burgers
  • Bob’s Burger Barn
  • Bravo Burgers
  • Brick House Burgers
  • Bunrise Burgers
  • Burger Basement
  • Burger Bistro
  • Burger Bonanza
  • Burger Boulevard
  • Burger Place
  • Burger Smokehouse
  • Burger Time
  • Burgers on 22nd Street
  • Hang 10 Burgers
  • Pounders
  • The Bigger Better Burger Joint
  • The Burger Bank
  • The Burger Bros
  • The Burger Experts
  • The Burger Grill
  • The Burger House
  • The Burger Hub
  • The Burger Joint
  • The Burger Pit
  • The Burgery
  • The Golden Grill
  • The Impossible Burger
  • The Smokin’ Grill
  • The Smokin’ Patty
  • We Know Burgers

Fish Burger Name Ideas

Tasty Fish Burgers are becoming increasingly popular

Fish burger are becoming increasingly popular menu option.

Fish burgers aren’t as common as their beefy cousins, but they are delicious and are growing in popularity. Fish burgers have long been seasonal menu items during the Christian holiday of Lent. They can also be positioned as a healthy alternative with less fat. Check out these name ideas listed below.

  • Cap’n Jack’s
  • Anchor Fish Burgers
  • Breaded Fish Burgers
  • Burger Ocean
  • Burgers Ahoy!
  • Burgers of the Sea
  • Crabby’s Burgers
  • Crispy Fish Burgers
  • Davy Jones Burgers
  • Fillet-O-Fish
  • Fin Burgers
  • Fish Burger heaven
  • Fish Ina Bun
  • Fishburger Docks
  • Furgers
  • King Fish Burgers
  • Neptune’s Burgers
  • Ocean Wave Burgers
  • Octoburgers
  • Pitate Burgers
  • Poseidon’s Patties
  • Saltine Sandwiches
  • Seaburger Station
  • Taste of the Deep
  • The Burger Port
  • The Cod of Burgers
  • The Little Burgermaid
  • The Plaice for Burgers
  • Tilapia Patties
  • Whale’s Burgers

Italian Burger Name Ideas

Italian burgers add that delicious Italian flavor to this American classic food

Italian burgers add that delicious flavor to this American classic food.

Burgers are distinctly American even though there is controversy on who actually invented them. Suffice to say, while they did not come from Italy, adding a little Italian flavor offers an exciting twist to the meal. Check out our Romanesque list of Italian-inspired burger shop names for your own version of Italian burgers below.

  • A Taste of Italy
  • Baresi Buns
  • Benedetti Burgers
  • Bergamaschi’s Burgers
  • Bolognese Burgers
  • Boot Burger
  • Bonacina Burgers
  • Borroni’s Burgers
  • Burgers all’arrabbiata
  • Calabrese Burgers
  • Ciabatta Burgers
  • Ciriola Burgers
  • Cremonesi Burgers
  • D’Amiano Burgers
  • D’Agostino’s
  • D’Alessandro’s
  • Fiorentino’s Burgers
  • Italian Buns
  • Italian Meatball Burgers
  • Locatelli Burgers
  • Lucchese Burgers
  • Manzo Pane Classico
  • Margherita Burgers
  • Milanesi Burgers
  • Mozzarella Burgers
  • Napolitano Burgers
  • Nebbiolo and Burgers
  • Roman Patties
  • Romano Burgers
  • Sangiovese Burgers
  • Spaghetti Burgers
  • Taste of Venice
  • Trevisano Burgers
  • Tuscan burgers

Funny Burger Name Ideas

Some funnier names can help make you more memorable

Burgatory is a clever name ideas.

While there are many seriously-named burger shops, there are surprisingly few funny names for these casual eateries. However, those that do exist are memorable enough to make them locally popular and this can be an advantage when starting a new burger brand. This list shows some of the funnier options that are still available to use.

  • Quirky Burger
  • Twerk Burger
  • Beef Buddies
  • Beefy Bros.
  • Between Two Buns
  • Bleeding Burgers
  • Brown Buns
  • Bun Buddies
  • Burger Bus
  • Burger Delight
  • Burger Me
  • Burger Obsession
  • Burgers on the Brain
  • Burgers-a-Billion
  • Cheeky Buns
  • Electric Burgers
  • Emperor Burger
  • Golden Buns
  • Juicy Lucy’s
  • Knuckle Burgers
  • Meat and Greet
  • Meaty Made
  • New Heights Burgers
  • Patty Buns Burgers
  • Plenty of Grease
  • Queen Bee Burgers
  • The Burger Builders
  • The Buzz About Burgers
  • The Grill Goddess
  • The Grounded Cow
  • The Meat Mentor
  • Thrill of the Grill
  • Warm Buns
  • Weird Burgers
  • You got Beef

List of Burger Shops

There is a gamut of burger shop names you can get inspiration from

Looking for inspiration?

Searching for inspiration on your burger brand? Here are some ideas from established players in this space. Many of these names you’ll recognize and have served your hometown for decades. These are the industry giants you’ll be competing against soon.

  • Bill’s Hamburgers
  • Bless Your Heart Burgers
  • Brooks’ Sandwich Shop
  • BurgerFuel
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Cherry Cricket
  • Chris Madrid’s
  • Culver’s
  • Five Guys
  • Fred’s Meat & Bread
  • Fuddruckers
  • Gabby’s Burgers & Fries
  • Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill
  • Grill Marks
  • Grind Burger Kitchen
  • HiHo Cheeseburger
  • Hubcap Grill
  • In-n-Out
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Jollibee
  • Keller’s Drive-In
  • Kopp’s Frozen Custard
  • Loretta’s Northwesterner
  • McDonald’s
  • Miller’s Bar
  • Nation
  • Nic’s Gril
  • Petey’s Burger
  • Pie ‘n Burger
  • Ray’s Hell Burger
  • Red Robin
  • Shake Shack
  • Sketch Burger
  • Small Cheval
  • Sonic
  • Steak ‘n Shake
  • The Company Burger
  • The Stand
  • Tookie’s Burgers & More
  • Town Topic
  • Wendy’s
  • Whataburger
  • White Castle

Building a Unique Burger Restaurant

Get Grilled Burgers

Side View of Get Grilled Burgers Truck.

As mentioned previously, burger restaurants are big business in the United States. In addition to recession-proof  consumer demand for the product, hamburgers have high-profit margins and are simple meals to prepare.  As McDonald’s has proved, even a high school kid without culinary skills can consistently assemble a decent burger. This is the ideal combination for a restaurant owner.

The hamburger also makes the ideal contactless meal to pickup through a drive-thru or takeout. The meal lends itself naturally to being eaten at home and look scrumptious after unwrapping the meal. These elements make hamburgers the ideal food to be enjoyed in the comfort of ones home during a pandemic that’s financially devastating more formal, sit-down restaurants.

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While there are literally tens of thousands of burger joints operating, the ones that have broke through to enjoy recent success find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. There are lots of ways to put a creative spin on the hamburger, including unique buns, toppings, cooking process or proteins. Here are some proven approaches you could use to further differentiate your menu.

  • Buns: Don’t settle for boring buns. Many restaurants have opted for pretzel rolls, brioche buns, or potato buns. Going local and supporting a nearby bakery is another option that customers enjoy.
  • Toppings: Adding unexpected toppings to a signature burger is another option. Pineapple on a Hawaiian burger, chili, peppers, special sauces, onion rings, and friend green tomato are distinct toppings that could be added to your creation.
  • Cheese: American or cheddar cheese is a popular choice for burgers. But you can add a creative spin by testing out pepper jack, cheese curds, or other gourmet cheese options.
  • Cooking Process: Different ways of cooking the patty and bun will result in different tastes. From flame broiled to flat tops, you’ll pull different flavors depending on the process you select. Don’t forget about your bun toasting process too!
  • Protein: One of the biggest disruptors in the food industry the past couple years has been innovation of plant-based meats. Integrating a vegetable based burger can differentiate your product while attracting a different customer base to your eatery.
  • Appearance: We look at food before we eat it. One of the ways Shake Shack has been able to differentiate their food is with presentation. By offering a unique presentation, you encourage free social media advertising from customers that decide to share food photos. Don’t overlook this important marketing opportunity!

If you plan to open a burger joint, you’re getting into a proven menu with customer demand and profitability. Find a way to differentiate yourself and market your business and you can realize success. To join our exclusive community of 40,000+ food business owners, sign up for our Food Business Startup Kit here. You’ll get immediate access to lessons from proven restaurant founders.

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