The trucking industry is the logistics backbone of our country. Trucks are responsible for almost all overland freight activity and is a $791 billion industry providing shipping for all types of businesses including grocery, restaurants, retail, construction, and many more. As so many of us have learned over the past year, when the trucking industry comes to a halt so does access to the most basic necessities we take for granted.

While the trucking industry is an enormous business, it’s also highly competitive and experiencing labor shortages. If you’re searching marketing slogans for the recruitment of truck drivers or promotion of shipping services, I’ve come up with a list trucking slogan ideas you can use. Copy and paste these or adapt them to fit your needs. Let’s take a look.

A long haul truck.

Trucking Company Marketing Slogans

  • Your Best Transport Service
  • Delivery On Time
  • Quick Delivery, Best Delivery.
  • Drive Safe. Delivery Fast.
  • Safe Goods Delivery All The Time.
  • Always On The Move.
  • We Got Your Needs Covered.
  • We Drive Safe To Keep Your Goods Safe.
  • Safe And Sound Goods Delivery.
  • Carrying Important Goods For Delivery.
  • We’ll Get Your Goods Safely Delivered.
  • Transportation At Its Best.
  • The Best Transportation Service For Your Goods.
  • Reliable Shipping for a Modern World.
  • The Only Truck You Can Trust.
  • We Have The Best Truck For Your Goods.
  • Trucking Delivery Has Never Been This Good.
  • Excellent Trucking Company At Your Service.
  • No Other Truck Is Better Than Ours.
  • Our Truck, Your Goods, All The Best.
  • Net Zero Shipping For Our Future.
  • Your Trusted Trucking Company.
  • Your Trusted Transport Service.
  • Get Loaded, Get Delivered.
  • We Get Your Goods Moving.
  • We Got The Drive To Keep Your Goods Moving.
  • No Highway Is Long Way When We Deliver.
  • Delivering Fast Goods Safely.
  • Fast. Excellent.
  • We Deliver Faster.
  • We Drive Farther.
  • We Don’t Want To Keep You Waiting.
  • Your Goods Are In Good Hands.
  • We Take The Wheel For Your Goods.
  • Shipping Goddesses.
  • Your Best Shipping Choice.
  • Taking The Load Off Your Mind.
  • Trucking Service That Makes You Smile.
  • Delivering Happiness 24/7.
  • Your Goods Will Always Make It On Time.
  • Delivering Fast And Safe.
  • Efficiently Reliable Shipping Service.
  • Trucking Is Our Past, Present And Future.
  • No Company Does Delivering Better Than Us.
  • Trucking Company You Will Never Regret.
  • Making Shipping So Seamless.

Long Haul Trucking Company Slogans

  • We Travel With Your Goods.
  • Going The Extra Mile For Your Goods.
  • Your Best Friend On Wheels.
  • Professional Trucking Company At Your Service.
  • Freeways to Freedom.
  • Delivering High Standards With Ease.
  • We Lead The Way To Quality Trucking Services.
  • Always Ready To Move.
  • Always on the Road.
  • We Move For Your Success.
  • Shipping Is Our Best Asset.
  • We Do Shipping The Best.
  • Efficient Service You Can’t Find Anywhere Else.

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  • Personalized Service For Your Goods.
  • Truckload Of Love For You.
  • Crossing Boundaries To Get To You.
  • Boundaries Have Never Been So Close.
  • Careful Hands are on the Wheel.
  • Pacing The Miles To Get To You.
  • Pacing The Miles To Your Goods Delivered.
  • The Best Moving Experience.
  • No Load Is Heavy For Us.
  • No Destination Is Too Far, We Always Make It On Time.
  • We’re Shipping For Quality.
  • No Place Too Far For A Service Too Good.
  • Food Service Shipping with Restaurants in Mind.
  • You Can Expect Careful Delivery All The Time.
  • We Deliver Groceries Faster.
  • In The Name Of Good Quality Service.
  • You Won’t Regret Choosing Us For Your Trucking Needs.
  • We Can Carry All The Load For You.
  • Carrying The Load Is Our Passion.
  • Entrust Your Product On Us.
  • Fast Service Guaranteed.
  • Delighting Trucking Service 24/7.
  • We’re Fully Loaded with Groceries.
  • Not Your Average Trucking Company.
  • Trucking Service From The Heart.
  • Your Choice for Fresh Vegetable Delivery.
  • Committed To Quality Trucking Service.
  • We Take The Journey For You.
  • Secure Journey For Your Goods.
  • Delivery Perfection Every Truck At A Time.
  • We Are Your Best Choice.
  • The Best Moving Experience.
  • We’re In It For The Long Haul.
  • The Farther The Mile, The Better We Go.
  • No Miles Too Far For Our Trucks.
  • No Attitude Truck Drivers.

Drivers need to take regular breaks while on the road.

Funny Truck Slogans

  • We Like to Move It, Move It.
  • Don’t Get Stuck, We Are Your Truck.
  • The Faster We Move, The Faster We Go.
  • We Take Care Of The Miles For You.
  • Your Goods Are Getting Delivered.
  • We Are Trucking Awesome.
  • Our Truck Is Our Best Luck.
  • Not Just Your Truck.
  • Not Your Ordinary Truck.
  • Find Luck With Our Truck.
  • You’re in Truck!
  • No Junk, But Luck Is In Our Truck.
  • We’re Big And We’re Good.
  • No Goods Undelivered With Our Truck.
  • Making Our Way Downtown Shipping Goods Through Our Trucks.
  • Truck Yeah!
  • You Need It. We Ship It.
  • Delivery Service At The Very Best.
  • Trucking Services You’ll Be Proud Of.
  • Our Trucks Go Through Hell and Keep Going.
  • No Other Trucking Service Is Better Than Us.
  • Fingers Crossed For A Timely Shipping Service.
  • We Enjoy Driving Big Trucks For You.
  • Going Through Highways To Deliver Your Goods.
  • Getting Through Traffic For Your Deliveries.

Dump Truck Slogans

  • Finding Ways To Deliver Your Junk
  • We Do The Dirty Work
  • Smash That Shit
  • We Love Junk
  • A Truck Full Of Junk
  • We Have Fun With Your Junk
  • Dumping Junk On Our Truck
  • We Got The Best Goodies
  • Throwing Junk On Our Truck
  • We Are The Best At Dumping
  • No Other Truck Can Dump

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  • The Back Of Our Trunk Is Full Of Junk
  • Dumping Junk Is Dirty Work
  • There’s Nothing Like A Good Dump
  • Getting Off The Load On Your Junk
  • We Love Getting Dump
  • Dumping And Pumping Is The Way To Do It
  • We Make Dumping Look Good
  • Dumping Never Looked This Good
  • Dump Trump In Our Truck
  • A Truck Full Of Junk Never Looked This Good
  • Keep Calm And Fill That Truck With Junk
  • Monday Is Dump Truck Day
  • We Choose Our Dump Truck 24/7
  • Dump Trucks Are The Way To Go
  • You Drive Cars? I Drive Dump Trucks
  • My Dump Truck Is Bigger Than Your Car

It’s important for truck drivers to drive safe in a variety of weather conditions.

Trucking Dispatcher Slogans

  • We Make A Promise, We Get Your Goods Delivered
  • You Called, We Answered, We Delivered
  • We Got You Covered
  • Getting The Truck On The Way
  • Promise, We’ll Get Your Goods Delivered
  • We’ll Always Answer Your Call
  • Our Trucks Are On The Way
  • We Only Deliver The Best Experience
  • We Promise Best Delivery, Best Experience
  • No Regrets: We Get Things Done On Time
  • We Go Over The Boundaries To Get Things Delivered
  • Delivering Solutions To Your Problems One Truck At A Time
  • Delivering In Motion For Perfection
  • We Only Promise What We Can Deliver
  • Finding Ways To Solve Your Trucking Problems
  • No Truck, No Problem. Give Us Your Truckload 

Trucks in a row.

Good Motto’s for Professional Truckers

  • We Are Your Best Truck Partner
  • We Go Over And Beyond To Deliver
  • Your Number One Logistics Partner
  • Tracking Your Business On-The-Go
  • We Make Things Happen. We Deliver On Time
  • Changing The Way We Do Business
  • Trucks For The Big Boys

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  • Moving Your Business To Success
  • Professional Moving Service
  • I Drive The Truck To Get Your Products Luck
  • Moving Our Way To Your Products
  • Your Products, Our Truck, We Deliver
  • Finding Ways To Deliver On Time
  • We Rule The Road, We Get Our Truckload
  • Shipping Is Our Specialty
  • Delivering Your Goods In A Timely Manner
  • We Only Know Perfection
  • Finding Love In Every Delivery

Trucking Company Tagline Ideas

  • Perfection On Four Wheels
  • The Biggest Truck On The Road
  • No More Hassle While We Hustle
  • Delivering Quality Standards On The Road
  • Trust Us To Move Your Load
  • Trustworthy Truck Full Of Love
  • We Love Driving Trucks To Deliver Your Goods
  • Ready To Move 24/7
  • Move Today, Move Tomorrow, Move Everyday
  • Moving Goods Wherever They Should Be
  • Keeping Goods On The Move
  • Moving Your Goods For Success
  • Shipping Quality That Never Fails
  • The Only Trucking Company That Does It Best
  • Expert Trucking Company
  • The Best Truck There Is
  • The Best Truck Service You’ll Ever Find
  • Trucks At Your Service
  • We Downshift To Deliver.
  • Driving Trucks One Delivery At A Time
  • Keeping Your Goods Safe And Sound
  • Making Move One Road At A Time
  • Safe Delivery, Best Trucking Service
  • The Trucking Company You Can Trust
  • Trustworthy Trucking Company At Your Service
  • Truck Your Luck On Us
  • We Track Our Truck For Your Junk
  • Delivering Goodies Is Our Hobby
  • We Love Goodies Getting Delivered
  • We Promise Quality Service And Excellent Experience
  • Your Goods Are Making Their Way To You
  • Fast Service Is Best Service
  • We Promise No Disappointments
  • Delivering Goodies Is What We’re Good At
  • Your Goods Will Arrive On Time
  • Shipping Made With Love

Budweiser truck.

USA Trucking Company Slogans

  • Ride With Us.
  • Expert In Delivering Goods.
  • Red, White and Blue Trucking.
  • We Deliver Your Goods.
  • We Ship Anywhere.
  • We Take Your Goods Where They Should Be.
  • Think Logistic, Think Us.
  • We Drive in 50 States.
  • Logistically Perfect To Ship Your Goods.
  • The Only Trucking Company You Should Trust.
  • Making Bold Moves To Deliver On Time.
  • We Have A Truck For Your Goods.
  • Always In Motion.
  • Great Moving Experience You Can Expect.

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  • You Call, We Move.
  • Let’s Get You Headed To The Future.
  • Delivering Safety All The Time.
  • Safe Delivery All Day, Everyday.
  • Leading The Way To Delivery.
  • Perfection Delivered For You.
  • Quality Standard Delivery On Wheels.
  • Moving Naturally To Perfection.

Trucking Statistics

To give you additional perspective on how important the trucking industry is to the U.S. economy, here are key statistics to consider.

  • In 2019, 7% of goods were transported by trucks between the USA and Canada.
  • The trucking industry holds 5.8% of the total jobs in the country.
  • Commercial trucks paid $45.7 billion in federal and highway-user taxes in 2018.
  • There are nearly 5 million truck drivers in the US.
  • In 2020, the trucking industry helped in the distribution of over 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, 250,000 KN-95 masks, and helped distribute more than 1 million masks.
  • It is reported that 92% of US trucking companies think that the wages of truck drivers are the most difficult challenge to deal with.
  • The number of female long-haul truck drivers is 200,000 and growing.
  • Walmart employs over 8,600 truck drivers.
  • In 2019, 5% of all freight transported which weighs about 11.84 billion tons was delivered through the trucking industry.
  • The US trucking industry invests more than $9.5 billion for highway and workplace safety.
  • There are 3 million trucking companies in the country – 46% is the private carriage and 54% is for-hire trucking.
  • In order to stay safe on the road, truck drivers start slowing down at least 360 feet in advance. This is about the same length as a football field.
  • FedEx reportedly has the highest number of employees at 99,999 drivers following UPS with 47,799 drivers.
  • Large trucks are accounted for 10% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes.
  • The long-distance freight trucking industry in the US has over 3 million employees.
  • Fuel is one of the biggest factors that are accountable for the expenses of trucking companies.
  • One in every 15 people in the country is employed in the trucking industry. This is an integral part of good paying U.S. jobs.

The trucking business in the United States is an essential industry and will continue to provide job and profit opportunities for years to come. Delivering the best service and customer experience can help you independent truck driving business stand out.

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With the help of slogans, you can show support for our essential truck drivers serve everyone in America or promote a truck logistics company. You can even help recruit new truck drivers into the industry with these taglines. No matter your goal, these slogans help encourage us all to keep America rolling and moving forward.

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