Spending time in the kitchen with your mom or dad is a shared childhood experience. In addition to bonding, there are important lessons kids can learn in the kitchen that will last a lifetime and eventually be passed down to their own offspring.

Inspire your kids interest in cooking and join them as they whip up something new with these little chef cooking quotes. These quotes are organized by category below. Enjoy!

Little Chef Quotes

Inspire little chefs to become the best chef in the world.

  • When you dream of your child’s successful future, don’t just dream of them being a CEO, a lawyer or a doctor. Dream of them being a chef too.
  • You can tell if your child has a future in becoming a chef when they spend more time in the kitchen helping you cook than playing outdoors.
  • Little ones can make a mess in the kitchen. But that’s only because they enjoy cooking with you.
  • If you have a little chef in the making, encourage them.
  • Teaching little ones how to cook requires a ton of patience but the rewards are great.
  • Bonding time with your children means baking cookies with them once in a while.
  • Cooking with your little ones lets them learn about basic math.
  • Encourage and inspire little chefs so they can become the best chef they can be when they grow up.

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  • Little chefs play a big part in the kitchen. They may not be the ones doing the cooking but they’re the ones teaching you about the value of patience.
  • The chefs you look up to now were once little chefs too.
  • Teach the unspoken of love by allowing your little ones to help you out in the kitchen.
  • Nurture a child’s love for cooking by getting them involved in the kitchen.
  • Big things came from little hands.
  • It’s the little ideas that blossom into powerful ones.
  • Inspiring young minds can result to big changes.
  • Teach little chefs the basics and they’ll grow up to master the art of cooking.
  • “In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.” – Barbara Costikyan

Daughter Cooking Quotes

Teach your daughters to have fun in the kitchen.

  • Impart your recipes to your children so they can carry on the tradition of homemade cooking.
  • Let your daughters know they can be anyone they want to be when they grow up. Be it a lawyer, a doctor, a chef, or even a president.
  • Teach your daughters that they don’t strictly belong to the kitchen but in the gardens, and farm houses, to the big city, across the seas, high above the mountains, and to the rest of the world too.
  • Women chefs are built tougher than anyone else.
  • Teach your daughter how to cook. Not for any man but for herself.

If you have a daughter, teach them that enjoying how to cook doesn’t mean they’re weak. There is nothing weak about knowing how to handle knives and fire.

  • Build strong daughters so that the world is filled with them.
  • Daughters make the home vibrant.
  • Cooking between moms and daughters create memories that will never be forgotten.
  • To cook with your daughter means to show her what love really is.
  • Daughters are little versions of their moms with twice the fierceness only moms can handle.
  • Teaching your daughter how to cook is teaching them about life.
  • Daughters are a blessing.

The simplest way to show how much you love your daughter is to let her join you in the kitchen while you’re cooking.

  • Encourage your daughters to cook for it teaches them about patience.
  • Daughters will never outgrow their favorite food cooked by you.
  • Food is more delicious when cooked with someone you love.

Son Cooking Quotes

Let your son learn his way around the kitchen.

  • Teach your sons how to cook so they can learn what it means to be tender and loving.
  • A man that grew up cooking in a kitchen will learn that every little thing in life is important just as every ingredient plays a part in the dish.
  • When your son cooks, he’s not only a chef in the making but an artist too.
  • Teach your son how to cook and your daughter how to fix a car. They’ll thank you for it in the future.
  • A man cooking in the kitchen makes him ten times more handsome.
  • Sons make great chefs too.
  • Let your son learn at a young age that cooking food is meant to be shared to others so that he’ll understand what love is.

It’s great to follow a recipe but also teach your son to follow his instincts on what makes a dish taste even better.

  • When you cook in front of your son, it builds up these memories he will cherish and remember every time he cooks too.
  • Your son’s comfort food will probably be a dish you’ve made for him more than once in your life.
  • Let your son know that failing once doesn’t mean you have to give up. It just means that the first try was only part of the lesson. The learning continues.
  • Cooking is a form of respect for the gifts that Mother Nature gave us. Let your children know that.
  • Teach your son that the secret ingredient to cooking the most delicious meal is to cook with love and care.

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